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Illegal Mashpee Wampanoag donations traced (12/18)
Obama vows Salazar will fulfill trust responsibilities (12/18)
Mille Lacs Band elects new chief executive (12/18)
Obama pressed for $2B in Indian Country funding (12/17)
8th Circuit backs Indian voters in South Dakota case (12/17)
Washington Watchdogs: Meddling at Interior (12/17)
Ken Salazar being announced as Interior nominee (12/17)
New Republic: Coal, casinos and cocaine at DOI (12/17)
Opinion: A Republican for Interior Secretary (12/16)
Outgoing Grand Traverse chair sued over salaries (12/16)
Report finds political influence by Interior official (12/16)
Sen. Dorgan remains chair of Indian Affairs panel (12/16)
Reports: Sen. Ken Salazar slated for Interior (12/15)
New York governor expected to sign tribal tobacco bill (12/15)
Obama creates tribal liaison post for transition (12/15)
Jodi Rave: Montana Natives flex power at polls (12/15)
Group seeks recall of Santa Ysabel chairman (12/12)
Jodi Rave: Senators seek $2B for Indian Country (12/11)
Obama to name four to environmental posts (12/11)
Rep. Young forced from top Resources position (12/11)
Potential Interior picks pressed on disenrollment (12/10)
Gover now calls potential Interior nod a 'rumor' (12/10)
Mille Lacs Band made $1K 'stimulus' payment (12/10)
Wisconsin tribe fears last-minute rejection of casino (12/09)
Magazine: Dirk Kempthorne's amazing race (12/09)
Karuk Tribe backs Rep. Thompson for Interior (12/09)
Native Hawaiian supporters hopeful under Obama (12/09)
Gover not expecting to hear from Obama transition (12/09)
Grist: Kevin Gover up for Interior Secretary (12/08)
BIA finalizes gaming compact process rule (12/08)
Grand Traverse Band election finally settled (12/08)
Series on Robinson Rancheria disenrollments (12/08)
Oglala Sioux candidates win state House seat (12/08)
In the Loop: Interior Secretary pick next in line (12/05)
Cobell lawyer leads Interior transition for Obama (12/05)
Oglala Sioux Tribe to inaugurate leaders (12/04)
Tribal-friendly Republican wins close House race (12/03)
Bill Richardson being named for Commerce post (12/03)
One Senate seat settled with Republican victory (12/03)
Internal tribal disputes an issue for Obama nominees (12/02)
Lawyer in tribal jurisdiction case up for DOJ post (12/02)
Obama makes formal Cabinet announcements (12/02)
Jodi Rave: NCAI studies 2008 Indian voter turnout (12/02)
Grand Traverse Band election results in dispute (12/01)
Obama's support sought for Indian health bill (12/01)
Cherokee Nation chief plans bid for re-election (11/26)
Commentary: Native villages voted for Mark Begich (11/26)
No Navajo water settlement in lame-duck session (11/25)
Arizona tribes contributed to Napolitano PAC (11/25)
Tribes await naming of Indian post at White House (11/24)
Interior employees disciplined in ethics scandal (11/24)
Obama administration seen as boost for Indian Country (11/21)
Tribal judge dismisses charges against Hopi chair (11/21)
Washington Sketch: Ted Stevens says goodbye (11/21)
Jodi Rave: Natives on Obama transition team (11/20)
Rep. Cole drops bid for GOP leadership post (11/20)
Obama makes more Cabinet secretary choices (11/20)
Tom Daschle tapped for Health and Human Services (11/19)
Sen. Thune asks Bush for $2B in Indian funding (11/19)
NIGC chairman stresses independence to Obama team (11/19)
Oglala Sioux Tribe releases official election results (11/19)
EPA plans to weaken clean air rules near parks (11/19)
Lumbee Tribe goes to polls for council seats (11/19)
Obama settling on choice for Attorney General (11/19)
Sen. Stevens loses re-election after conviction (11/19)
Minnesota tribes saw record voter turnout (11/18)
Interior shifts political hires into career jobs (11/18)
Indian gaming up for review by Obama team (11/18)
Navajo water settlement included in lands bill (11/17)
Hopi tribal court suspended in political dispute (11/17)
Unofficial Oglala Sioux Tribe election results (11/14)
AP declares Rep. Young the winner in Alaska (11/13)
Sen. Stevens now trailing as more votes counted (11/13)
'Plum Book' lists federal government jobs (11/13)
Bush administration finalizes probate rule (11/12)
Tonto Apache Tribe elects brother of ex-chair (11/12)
Obama restricts role of lobbyists in transition (11/12)
Turtle Talk: Obama's Supreme Court nominees (11/12)
Jodi Rave: Trust reform an issue for Obama (11/12)
Dirk Kempthorne to stay on board until January 20 (11/11)
Indian issues await Obama in Washington (11/10)
Nighthorse Campbell could have voted for Obama (11/10)
Wind River Reservation backed Obama for president (11/10)
Sen. Inouye set to take over appropriations panel (11/10)
Jodi Rave: NCAI excited about Obama transition (11/10)
Red Lake Nation reports record turnout in 2008 (11/07)
No mention of tribes on Obama transition website (11/07)
Navajo voters excited about election of Obama (11/07)
Democrats pick up another seat in the Senate (11/07)
Turtle Mountain Band elects new chairman (11/07)
Yurok Tribe holds run-off for two council seats (11/07)
Indian vote mixed in historic presidential race (11/06)
Newcomer elected Northern Cheyenne president (11/06)
Oglala Sioux Tribe finalizing election results (11/06)
County in Arizona elects its first Indian sheriff (11/06)
Navajo voters hail election of Obama as historic (11/06)
Oklahoma tribes hopeful after Obama victory (11/06)
Democrats pick up more seats in Senate, House (11/06)
Sen. Obama launches White House transition team (11/06)
Young Indian voter counts on Obama for change (11/06)
Sen. Stevens holds onto slim lead in close race (11/06)
Chippewa Cree primary election in dispute (11/05)
Jodi Rave: Denise Juneau wins Montana education post (11/05)
Challenger wins Navajo chapter race by 68 votes (11/05)
Sen. Johnson easily wins re-election in South Dakota (11/05)
Democrats take Congressional seats in New Mexico (11/05)
United Keetoowah Band re-elects two top leaders (11/05)
Sen. Dole, Lumbee supporter, loses to Democrat (11/05)
Indian Republicans ditched McCain for Obama (11/05)
Sen. Obama wins historic presidential election (11/05)
WSJ Blog: Crow Creek cousins cast their first votes (11/05)
Shinnecock Nation turns out the vote in New York (11/05)
Commentary: A powwow for change in Montana (11/04)
Kevin Abourezk: Native voters flex power at the polls (11/04)
Lobbying firm hired in Apache leadership dispute (11/04)
Lummi Nation re-elects four incumbents to council (11/04)
Oklahoma tribes donate nearly $900K to campaigns (11/03)
Crow Tribe re-elects all four council incumbents (11/03)
Longtime Mashantucket leader voted out of office (11/03)
Ron Allen: No longer endorsing Sen. McCain (10/31)
Poll finds Native voters strongly backing Sen. Obama (10/31)
Sen. Murkowski won't abandon Sen. Stevens (10/31)
Jodi Rave: NCAI leads voter protection effort (10/31)
Jodi Rave: Tribal enrollment a touchy issue (10/31)
Sen. Obama reaches out to Navajo grandmothers (10/31)
Blog: 'Lavish' spending by Rick West at NMAI (10/31)
Oneida Nation donated $4600 to Sen. Obama (10/31)
Gila River Indian Community to elect governor (10/31)
Kevin Abourezk: Means shifts sovereignty stance (10/30)
Oneida Nation seeks to increase voter turnout (10/30)
Puyallup Tribe holds rally for Gov. Gregoire (10/30)
Sen. Stevens helped Alaska Native corporations (10/30)
Voter: Gov. Palin a 'freezer' in Indian Country (10/30)
Oglala Sioux Tribe holds presidential debate (10/29)
Tulalip Tribes encourage members to vote (10/29)
Jodi Rave: Racial overtones in Montana campaign (10/29)
Report clears former NMAI director for travel costs (10/29)
Vicki Vasques: Sen. McCain keeps promises (10/29)
Appeals courts shift to conservative grounds (10/29)
McCain-Palin call on Sen. Stevens to resign (10/29)
Sen. Clinton touts Obama on Indian issues (10/28)
Audrey Bennett: Re-elect Sen. Norm Coleman (10/28)
Election day victory for Chippewa Cree man (10/28)
Editorial: Sen. Johnson proven on Indian issues (10/28)
Indigenous Peoples Caucus meets in Geneva (10/28)
Indian bar association offers election day help (10/28)
Mother Jones: Obama's play for Indian Country (10/28)
Rival's ad links Sen. Cornyn to Abramoff scandal (10/28)
Indian Country Today: Obama for president (10/28)
Sen. Stevens vows to fight guilty verdict (10/28)
Michigan tribes seek to increase voter turnout (10/27)
Alaska halts Native voter language assistance (10/27)
Suzan Shown Harjo: Sen. Obama's words matter more (10/27)
Jodi Rave: Chippewa Cree election in tribal court (10/27)
Blog: MMS plans 'massive reorganization' (10/24)
Gov. Palin fails to impress Alaska Natives (10/24)
Russell Means challenged rival's eligibility (10/24)
Editorial: Denise Juneau for Montana education (10/24)
Indian staffer says McCain following Obama (10/24)
Tribal Leaders: Republican Dino Rossi not one of us (10/24)
Reports on BIA schools, Indian royalties in store (10/24)
Sen. Obama: A full partnership with Indian Country (10/24)
Election Road Trip: Tribal pride at Poarch Creek (10/24)
Washington tribal rally supports Democrats (10/23)
Navajos ask what Sen. McCain has done for tribe (10/23)
Blog: Indians don't seem to be priority for McCain (10/23)
Lobbyists: McCain's blueprint for Indian economies (10/23)
Blog: Why DOJ won't prosecute ex-Interior officials (10/23)
Gyasi Ross: Why Indians support Sen. Obama (10/23)
McCain and Obama deliver video messages to NCAI (10/22)
Village 'ticked off' with Gov. Palin over mine (10/22)
Ousted Mille Lacs leader to run for office again (10/22)
Deron Marquez: McCain's actions matter more (10/22)
Gov. Palin on schedule for AFN annual convention (10/21)
Indian president of Bolivia to seek one more term (10/21)
Column: Sen. Stevens doesn't own the witness chair (10/21)
McCain's Indian backers to meet in Minnesota (10/21)
Todd Palin's grandmother happy to campaign (10/20)
Franken campaigns on three reservations (10/20)
Alaska Natives feel neglected by their governor (10/20)
Jodi Rave: Native people should be first to vote (10/20)
The Atlantic: McCain cabin not on sacred site? (10/17)
Gov. Palin supports Alaska Native road project (10/17)
Navajo president to lead rally for Sen. Obama (10/17)
Hopi judge issues warrant for tribal chairman (10/17)
Backers cite Sen. McCain's Indian Country history (10/17)
Indian 'Obamacans' ditch GOP for Sen. Obama (10/17)
Kevin Abourezk: Sen. Obama's Indian health plan (10/17)
Bush signs Code Talker recognition into law (10/17)
Column: Wife of Sen. Stevens takes the fall at trial (10/17)
New West: Who will lead the Interior Department? (10/17)
Tonto Apache Tribe to hold special election (10/16)
Mille Lacs court upholds removal of top leader (10/16)
Chippewa Cree Tribe denies election protest (10/16)
Indian lawmaker apologizes for spam e-mail mishap (10/16)
Indian housing act finally signed into law (10/15)
Editorial: Elect Denise Juneau to top education post (10/15)
Gov. Palin shifts Alaska Native to another post (10/15)
Judge blocks recall vote against Indian sheriff (10/15)
The Native Voice: Who is the real John McCain? (10/15)
Sen. McCain to deliver video message at NCAI (10/15)
Interstate Indian Council hears from South Dakota AG (10/15)
Arizona tribal leaders back Democrat in election (10/14)
First Nations leaders concerned about voter IDs (10/14)
Sen. Baucus names health advisory council (10/14)
Oglala Sioux Tribe ousts incumbent president (10/14)
Bush signs Pechanga land transfer bill into law (10/14)
Gov. Palin urged to appoint more Alaska Natives (10/14)
Congress fails to pass critical Indian health care bill (10/13)
Penobscot Nation elects new legislative delegate (10/13)
Crow chairman easily survives primary challenge (10/13)
Sen. Obama going after Indian vote in the Plains (10/13)
Oregon tribal land bill signed into law by Bush (10/13)
Oglala Sioux Tribe primary results not ready (10/10)
Sen. Inouye backs Sen. Stevens at trial (10/10)
New Lac du Flambeau president rejects audit (10/10)
ICT Interview: Sen. Obama's Indian vote director (10/10)
Sen. McCain was planning tribal event in Arizona (10/10)
Ousted Mille Lacs leader to challenge removal (10/10)
Oglala Sioux Tribe finalizing election results (10/09)
PBS: Getting out the Native vote in Washington (10/09)
Mille Lacs Ojibwe leader removed from office (10/09)
Puyallup Tribe seeks to increase Native turnout (10/09)
San Carlos Apache Tribe endorses Sen. Obama (10/09)
Lac Du Flambeau Band ousts incumbent president (10/08)
Chippewa Cree Tribe heads to general election (10/08)
Former governor Janklow pleads to accident (10/08)
Cherokee Nation prepares guide for tribal voters (10/08)
Tonto Apache chair quits rather than face removal (10/08)
Lac du Flambeau election marked by controversy (10/07)
Crow chair says race behind recall of Indian sheriff (10/07)
Elders praise Sen. Murkowski, mum on Gov. Palin (10/07)
Commentary: Gov. Palin's family eligible for IHS (10/07)
White Mountain Apache water bill sent to Bush (10/06)
Off-reservation gaming policy survives lawsuit (10/03)
Pember: Republiskins aka Indian Republicans (10/03)
Jodi Rave: Montana Democrats target Indian vote (10/03)
AlterNet: Montana Republicans challenge Indian voters (10/03)
Sen. Stevens loses bid to dismiss corruption case (10/03)
BIA seeks to improve tribal labor force report (10/02)
Native contracting rider removed from bill (10/02)
New Jersey tribes closer to state recognition (10/02)
Daschle campaigns for Sen. Obama in New Mexico (10/02)
Mille Lacs Band to consider removal of top leader (10/01)
White House tied to firings of US Attorneys (10/01)
Senate passes Code Talker recognition bill (10/01)
Oregon tribal land bill awaits Bush's signature (10/01)
US Attorneys targeted for Indian Country work (09/30)
Navajo leaders endorse Sen. Obama for president (09/30)
Prosecutor named for US Attorney firings (09/30)
McCain's circle targeted tribes in Abramoff scandal (09/29)
Indian county sheriff faces recall election (09/29)
No action on Indian Health Care Improvement Act (09/29)
The Fives: Why the media misses Bill Janklow (09/29)
Gov. Palin too busy to meet with tribal leaders (09/29)
DOJ to release report on firings of US Attorneys (09/29)
NAHASDA clears Congress with Freedmen provision (09/26)
NBA star urges Indian voters to choose Sen. Obama (09/26)
Gov. Palin accepted gifts from Alaska Native exec (09/26)
Grand Traverse Band ousts chairman in election (09/26)
House passes Code Talker recognition bill (09/26)
Column: Sen. Stevens says wife controls 'tepee' (09/26)
Utah tribes sign consultation agreement with state (09/25)
Former governor Janklow cited for traffic accident (09/25)
Indigenous Peoples Caucus meets in Geneva (09/25)
House Resources hearing on three Indian bills (09/25)
Senate business meeting and recognition hearing (09/25)
Alaska governor loses subsistence rights appeal (09/24)
Grand Traverse Band holds another election (09/24)
Congressional Black Caucus to host Freedmen panel (09/24)
Lawmakers seek more answers on Interior corruption (09/24)
Bush threatens veto of Pueblo water rights bill (09/24)
Senate committee to take up four recognition bills (09/23)
House passes Trail of Tears Documentation Act (09/23)
Alaska Natives on witness list for Sen. Stevens trial (09/23)
Book Review: Abramoff and conservative GOP rule (09/23)
Hopi chairman disputes suspension as illegal (09/23)
Alaska's 'First Dude' active in state business (09/22)
Newsweek: Gov. Sarah Palin's pipeline to nowhere (09/22)
House Resources hearing on three Indian bills (09/22)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting on Tuesday (09/22)
Jodi Rave: Corruption 'nothing new' at Interior (09/22)
DOJ won't provide Indian crime data to Senate (09/19)
Sen. Obama meets tribal leaders in New Mexico (09/19)
Interior investigators pulled from Abramoff probe (09/19)
No recount in Alaska Republican primary (09/19)
In the Loop: Interior's laminated ethics (09/19)
Gila River governor survives primary challenge (09/18)
Interior official won't confirm Indian royalty probe (09/18)
Probe of Alaska Native official's firing awaits testimony (09/18)
Indian Affairs hearing on prosecution rates (09/18)
House hearing on corruption probe at Interior (09/18)
Rep. Young wins primary challenge by 304 votes (09/18)
Tucson Weekly: Former Yaqui chair fights back (09/18)
Witness list for Senate hearing on declinations (09/17)
Sen. McCain returns Cherokee Nation donation (09/17)
Congress was warned about corruption at Interior (09/17)
Lumbee board finds money to hold council election (09/17)
Gov. Palin attacks Alaska Native official's work (09/16)
Kempthorne to testify at hearing on DOI scandal (09/16)
Freedmen descendants to protest at BIA office (09/16)
Southern Ute chairman praises Sen. Obama (09/16)
House passes bill to study Tule River Tribe reservoir (09/16)
Navajo man chairs community relations commissionn (09/15)
Blog: Interior received award for ethics manual (09/15)
Congressional Black Caucus to discuss Freedmen (09/15)
Senate hearing on Indian Country declination (09/15)
House Resources hearing on Interior investigation (09/15)
Osage Nation's newspaper faces funding cut (09/15)
Alaska Native named public safety commissioner (09/15)
Rep. Rahall calls hearing on Interior corruption (09/12)
Navajo Nation Council fails on tobacco override (09/12)
Former McCain staffers turn into tribal lobbyists (09/12)
'A culture of ethical failure' seen at Interior (09/11)
BIA seeks to resolve Apache Tribe leadership dispute (09/11)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on three bills (09/11)
Montana governor embellished reservation vote story (09/11)
Crow candidate plans to sue tribe to get on ballot (09/11)
New Inspector General reports on ethical lapses (09/10)
Judge asserts jurisdiction in Snoqualmie dispute (09/10)
Witness list for Indian Affairs Committee hearing (09/10)
Apache leaders force takeover of tribal building (09/10)
Former Abramoff clients still donating money (09/09)
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe re-elects Jandreau as chair (09/09)
Attorneys: Gov. Palin's record on Alaska Natives (09/09)
Palin billed state for living at home and family travel (09/09)
Jodi Rave: Biden touts Indian Country priorities (09/09)
Kevin Abourezk: Do Native Republicans exist? (09/08)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Thursday (09/08)
Great Plains tribes endorse Obama for president (09/08)
Nighthorse Campbell snubbed by RNC planners (09/05)
McCain cites tribes in GOP acceptance speech (09/05)
California tribes back events at Republican convention (09/04)
Gov. Palin claims trooper disparaged Natives (09/04)
Red Lake veterans present colors at GOP convention (09/03)
ICT interview with David Gipp, following DNC speech (09/03)
Governor's husband takes on role as 'First Dude' (09/03)
Fired Alaska Native cop not contacted by McCain (09/02)
Seminole Nation to vote on government reform (09/02)
No charges for former attorney general Gonzales (09/02)
Data shows no disparity in police stops in Montana (09/01)
San Manuel Band donates $145K to Democrats (09/01)
McCain picks Alaska governor for running mate (09/01)
Choctaw man heads to Republican convention (09/01)
Sen. Dorgan weighs strategy for passage of IHCIA (08/29)
Native Democrats drop McCain-Abramoff resolution (08/29)
Blog: Rosebud Sioux leader delivers proud moment (08/28)
Spiritual leader of Oregon tribe resigns abruptly (08/28)
Arapaho man denied time to deliver votes at DNC (08/28)
White Earth chair works on Indian policy at DNC (08/28)
Opinion: No one pays attention to Indians at DNC (08/28)
Sen. McCain to announce vice presidential pick (08/28)
Gipp addresses Indian issues at Democratic convention (08/27)
Blog: Tribes knew what they got with Abramoff (08/27)
California tribes a presence at Democratic convention (08/27)
Alaska Native woman won't face Rep. Young (08/27)
Howard Dean slams McCain for treatment of Cobell (08/26)
Jodi Rave: UTTC president to address convention (08/26)
Native Democrats tie Abramoff to McCain campaign (08/26)
Barona Band drops support for trespassing bill (08/26)
Kalyn Free excited to attend Democratic convention (08/26)
Quapaw chair on historic preservation council (08/26)
Obama and McCain differ on Native Hawaiians (08/25)
More than 140 Indian delegates in Denver for DNC (08/25)
Mankiller: Obama an advocate for Indian Country (08/22)
UTTC president to speak at Democratic convention (08/22)
Sen. McCain doesn't know how many homes he owns (08/22)
Navajo Code Talkers to present colors for Democrats (08/21)
Rosebud Sioux leader to sing national anthem at DNC (08/21)
North Dakota tribe headed to Democratic convention (08/21)
Sen. Stevens loses motion to move trial to Alaska (08/21)
Alaska Natives rally for Sen. Obama in Fairbanks (08/20)
Jodi Rave: McCain cozies up to Abramoff associate (08/19)
Abramoff figure a no-show at Sen. McCain fundraiser (08/19)
Sen. Obama set to announce running mate this week (08/19)
Indian women organize for Obama in South Dakota (08/18)
No Native reporters on the presidential trail (08/18)
Opinion: Who is John McCain, the candidate? (08/18)
Philip Morris supports New York tobacco tax bill (08/15)
Grand Traverse Band ordered to hold new election (08/14)
Alaska governor claims Native top cop was disloyal (08/14)
McCain denies Abramoff figure works for campaign (08/14)
Indian candidate in Arizona heads towards primary (08/14)
Navajo Nation leaders agree to talk about reform (08/14)
Kempthorne to speak at Soboba Band's golf club (08/14)
Senate hopeful Franken to campaign at powwow (08/13)
Indian primary winner faces familiar rival (08/13)
No charges for illegal hirings at Justice Department (08/13)
McCain urged to kill fundraiser with Abramoff figure (08/13)
Cherokee council overrides veto on districting (08/12)
Sen. McCain snubs tribes on South Dakota visit (08/12)
Nighthorse Campbell stumps for Sen. McCain (08/12)
Interior proposes endangered species change (08/12)
Indian president in Bolivia survives recall vote (08/11)
GOP lawmaker's ad accuses tribes on taxes (08/11)
Blackeet chief loses election but gains $100K (08/11)
Sen. McCain campaigns with Abramoff associate (08/11)
Sen. Obama opens campaign office on Navajo Nation (08/11)
Winnebago Tribe hosts Senate candidate on reservation (08/08)
BIA report on detention facilities made public (08/07)
Sen. Thune to host tribal meeting in South Dakota (08/07)
Abramoff raised $30K for potential McCain pick (08/07)
HuffPo: Civil rights probe targets DOJ attorneys (08/06)
Federal judge in South Dakota takes senior status (08/06)
Potential McCain VP pick has ties to Abramoff (08/06)
Navajo Nation Council weighs override of hotel veto (08/06)
Funding an issue for Standing Rock law enforcement (08/06)
Mediator sought to resolve San Pasqual Band dispute (08/06)
Delaware Tribe hopes bill leads to federal status (08/06)
Jodi Rave: McCain's stop at Sturgis bike rally (08/06)
Sen. Stevens wants coruption trial moved to Alaska (08/05)
Senate panel holds field hearing at Standing Rock (08/05)
Navajo president vetoes purchase of Gallup hotel (08/05)
Interview: Mark Trahant on presidential race (08/05)
McCain and Obama differ on use of oil reserves (08/05)
BIA recognizes interim chief of Seneca-Cayuga Tribe (08/04)
Monument with ancient sites open to development (08/04)
Sen. McCain to campaign at Sturgis biker rally (08/04)
Senate hearing on Standing Rock Reservation (08/01)
Judge orders election assistance in Yup'ik (08/01)
IHS director criticized for property loss response (08/01)
Bill settles Pueblo water rights in New Mexico (08/01)
Soboba water rights settlement signed into law (08/01)
Native journalists cut from Obama event at UNITY (08/01)
Sen. Stevens set for quick trial on corruption charges (08/01)
Bush signs $2B boost for Indian Country into law (07/31)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting and hearing (07/31)
Freedmen dispute continues despite court decision (07/30)
More woes for GOP with Sen. Stevens indictment (07/30)
Bill provides $527M to settle Crow water rights (07/30)
House resolution offers apology for slavery (07/30)
Indian Country advocate hindered by top DOJ aides (07/29)
Sen. Ted Stevens indicted on corruption charges (07/29)
Senate candidate stumped by Navajo player question (07/29)
Business meeting added to Indian Affairs hearing (07/29)
Alaska lawmakers to probe firing of Native top cop (07/29)
Soboba Band water bill still waiting on Bush (07/29)
Republicans back Sen. Coburn and his 35 holds (07/29)
Obama addresses minority journalists at UNITY (07/28)
Report: DOJ appointees broke law on hiring (07/28)
Senate hearing this week on IHS mismanagement (07/28)
Lobbyists contribute $181,000 to Sen. McCain (07/28)
Sen. Coburn puts holds on 35 pieces of legislation (07/28)
Opinion: McCain and Obama on Native Hawaiians (07/28)
Indian Affairs hearing addresses tribal courts (07/25)
Controversy continues over new Alaska top cop (07/25)
Sen. Nelson questions IHS mismanagement (07/25)
Congress clears $2B boost for Indian Country (07/25)
Soboba water settlement cleared for White House (07/25)
S.3320, Text of Tribal Law and Order Act of 2008 (07/24)
Sen. Dorgan: Floor Statement on S.3320, Tribal Law and Order Act of 2008' (07/24)
Law and order bill wins praise in Indian Country (07/24)
NPR: Bill seeks to improve Indian law and order (07/24)
Pechanga Band re-elects Macarro as chairman (07/24)
Cherokee chief vetoes new districting plan (07/24)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on tribal courts (07/24)
Texas files response in Indian gaming case (07/23)
New Alaska top cop was accused of harassment (07/23)
Tribes Call for End to IRS Limits on Debt (07/23)
Navajo Nation Council rejects term limit measure (07/23)
House Resources markup on Trail of Tears bill (07/23)
Senate sets hearing on IHS mismanagement (07/23)
Senators to unveil law and order reform bill (07/23)
IHS criticized for $15.8M in lost property (07/22)
Probe sought into firing of Alaska Native top cop (07/22)
Minnesota Chippewa Tribe divided over trust bill (07/22)
Funding restored to Maine tribal commission (07/22)
Sen. Kyl: Tribes face public safety and health crisis (07/22)
Senate Finance hearing on Indian tax policy (07/22)
Fired Alaska Native cop cites pressure from governor (07/21)
Alaska governor defends firing of Native top cop (07/18)
Slade Gorton raising money for Sen. McCain (07/18)
Senate Finance hearing on Indian tax policy (07/18)
Leech Lake chairman fires more than 20 directors (07/18)
Jodi Rave: Tribes testify on Adam Walsh Act (07/18)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe still waiting on BIA (07/18)
Barona Band awards grants through lawmakers (07/18)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on tribal courts (07/18)
Senate backs bill with $2B for Indian Country (07/17)
Sen. Dorgan to introduce law enforcement act (07/17)
BIA to mediate San Pasqual membership dispute (07/17)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Adam Walsh Act (07/17)
Leech Lake woman runs for mayor in Minnesota (07/16)
South Carolina tribes celebrate new legislation (07/16)
Alaska Native candidate trails in fundraising (07/16)
Funding bill advances Navajo water rights project (07/15)
Cocopah chairwoman wins seventh term in office (07/15)
Bush lifts executive ban on offshore drilling (07/15)
Senate considers $2B infusion into Indian Country (07/15)
Senate hearing and House markup this week (07/14)
First Alaska Native public safety official fired (07/14)
Indian youth debate presidential candidates (07/14)
Mashantucket judge rejects tribal member petition (07/11)
House Resources Committee markup on tribal bills (07/11)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Adam Walsh Act (07/11)
ICT interview with Homeland Security Secretary (07/11)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe waiting on BIA amid dispute (07/11)
Kevin White: Opportunities for the next president (07/11)
Arizona tribes testify against land swap legislation (07/10)
Results of Seneca-Cayuga election in dispute (07/10)
Indian candidate in Montana wins race by one vote (07/09)
Bill includes funds for South Dakota water project (07/09)
Standing Rock chair to work on Democratic platform (07/08)
U.S. Attorney praises McCain but mum on Obama (07/08)
Indian candidate remains on ballot in Arizona (07/08)
Artman's decisions making waves even after resignation (07/07)
Arizona high court to consider Indian candidate case (07/07)
Lawmakers seek answers from BIA on Freedmen (07/07)
Oneida Nation reports record turnout for election (07/07)
Sen. McCain backed Lumbee recognition in 2003 (07/04)
Sen. Brownback hopeful for U.S. apology this year (07/03)
BIA proposes new rule for tribal-state gaming compacts (07/02)
Column: Obama, McCain and Indian Country (07/02)
Oneida Nation heads to polls this weekend (07/02)
Two Indian candidates survive ballot challenges (07/01)
Obama appearances in Montana, North Dakota (07/01)
Citizen Potawatomi Nation re-elects legislators (07/01)
Sandia Pueblo names new leaders for top two posts (07/01)
Navajo Nation's top lawyer survives ouster attempt (07/01)
Campbell to lobby GOP for Native Hawaiians (06/30)
Blackfeet Nation voters oust council incumbents (06/30)
Top two leaders at Sandia Pueblo abruptly resign (06/27)
Navajo president opposes ouster of top lawyer (06/27)
Bill transfers old lighthouse to Oregon tribes (06/27)
Sault Ste. Marie chairman voted out of office (06/27)
Obama hasn't fulfilled pledge for tribal town hall (06/27)
Lawsuit challenges Indian candidate petitions (06/26)
Nisqually Chair: A partnership for clean water (06/26)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on contract health (06/26)
Minnesota Chippewa Tribe divided over payout (06/26)
Blackfeet Nation ousts longtime chairman (06/25)
Witness list for Senate hearing on contract health (06/25)
Obama criticizes McCain on offshore drilling (06/25)
White House refused EPA email on greenhouse gases (06/25)
Report: DOJ broke law in hiring young attorneys (06/25)
Navajo Nation Council targets tribe's top lawyer (06/24)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on contract health (06/23)
60th anniversary of Indian voting rights ruling (06/23)
Federal prosecutor rejects criticism of Justice Department (06/20)
Colville voters oust four incumbents on council (06/20)
Obama meets Congressional Black Caucus (06/20)
Senate panel tackles crime issues in Indian Country (06/20)
House hearing focuses on future of Navajo trust (06/20)
Recall election targets Gila River governor (06/20)
Sen. McCain wasn't 'first choice' of ex-Sen. Burns (06/20)
House Resources hearing on Utah Navajo trust fund (06/19)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting and hearing (06/19)
Mohawk chief loses re-election by three votes (06/18)
Rep. Boren now says he will vote for Sen. Obama (06/18)
Bush seeks to end ban on offshore drilling (06/18)
Indian delegates look forward to DNC in Denver (06/18)
Puyallup Tribe elects new council member (06/18)
Witness list for Senate hearing on law and order (06/18)
Sen. McCain seeks end to offshore drilling ban (06/17)
Idaho Democrats have five Native delegates (06/17)
Senate committee to take up 'crisis' on reservations (06/16)
Audio: Sen. Brownback on Indian apology (06/16)
Tribes welcome attention by McCain and Obama (06/16)
Winona LaDuke supports Obama for president (06/16)
Artman wrote Freedmen letter before resigning (06/13)
House Resources hearing on Utah Navajo trust fund (06/13)
Senate Indian Affairs business meeting and hearing (06/13)
Mille Lacs chief executive wins re-election (06/12)
Montana sends five Native delegates to DNC (06/12)
Rep. Boren won't endorse Obama for president (06/11)
Rep. Watson: Speech at Freedmen conference (06/11)
Poarch Band re-elects chairman and treasurer (06/11)
Two Lac du Flambeau council members lose seats (06/11)
Blog: Sen. Clinton's Indian outreach not a failure (06/10)
UNITY to host presidential nominees in Chicago (06/09)
Navajo president pushes for government reform (06/09)
Lac du Flambeau councilors accused of disloyalty (06/06)
Sen. Dorgan presses Interior on energy development (06/06)
Congressional candidates to meet on reservation (06/06)
First Indian vice-president was '100% Republican' (06/06)
Indian candidate defeats another in Montana (06/05)
Sen. Dorgan plans subpoena over BIA jail report (06/05)
House hearing on Minnesota Chippewa trust bill (06/05)
Sen. Clinton prepares for end of landmark campaign (06/05)
Cherokee Nation starts two more Freedmen websites (06/05)
Sen. Obama expected to attend Kalyn Free forum (06/05)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on predatory lending (06/05)
Obama claims Democratic nomination after final primaries (06/04)
Pine Ridge Reservation voters turn out for primary (06/04)
Indian candidate wins nomination in Montana (06/04)
Pascua Yaqui Tribe re-elects most incumbents (06/04)
Witness list for House Resources hearing (06/04)
Indian candidate loses primary in New Mexico (06/04)
Bury the presidential campaign at Wounded Knee (06/03)
Two Lac du Flambeau council members removed (06/03)
Michigan lawmaker seeks to end tribal tuition waiver (06/03)
PBS Newshour: Indian issues in presidential race (06/03)
NCAI highlights Native vote in presidential race (06/03)
Bill Clinton campaigns on South Dakota reservation (06/03)
Sen. Obama's family 'excited' about Crow adoption (06/03)
House hearing on Minnesota Chippewa trust fund (06/02)
Senate hearing this week on predatory lending (06/02)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe re-elects chairwoman (06/02)
UK Paper: Clinton campaign dies on reservation (06/02)
Indian Citizenship Act was signed into law today (06/02)
Kevin Abourezk: Sen. McCain makes Indian pledge (05/30)
DOI superiors had 'problems' with Majel Russell (05/30)
Tribal leaders encouraged by campaign visits (05/30)
Sen. Obama started Indian outreach early (05/29)
Early voting pushed on South Dakota reservations (05/29)
Pine Ridge Republican supports Clinton over McCain (05/29)
New Mexico governor won't back Indian candidate (05/29)
Column: Indian vote courted in presidential year (05/29)
California tribes spent $179K on GOP convention (05/29)
Top BIA post filled by career employee (05/28)
Sen. Clinton interview with South Dakota paper (05/28)
NAIHC praises passage of housing reauthorization (05/28)
Sen. Clinton campaigns on Flathead Reservation (05/28)
Top positions vacant or temporarily filled (05/28)
Skibine to assume duties of assistant secretary (05/27)
Sen. Clinton to campaign on Pine Ridge Reservation (05/27)
Eastern Shoshone teen endorses Sen. Obama (05/27)
Sen. McCain touts Indian experience over Obama (05/27)
Sen. McCain meets with tribal leaders in New Mexico (05/27)
Oneida Nation pressed insurer on universal health (05/27)
Navajo Nation settles voter ID lawsuit in Arizona (05/27)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on predatory lending (05/27)
Senate approves NAHASDA reauthorization (05/23)
Listening Lounge: Senate hearing on DOI backlogs (05/23)
NIGC cites 'broken promises' in ruling against casino (05/22)
Jodi Rave: Sen. Obama eyes Democratic nomination (05/22)
Sen. Clinton to campaign on reservations (05/22)
Artman to testify one final time before leaving office (05/22)
Indian Congressional candidate stirs controversy (05/22)
House passes Soboba Band water settlement (05/22)
Sen. Clinton courts Indian vote in South Dakota (05/21)
The Native Voice: On the trail with Sen. Obama (05/21)
Senate hearing on backlogs at Interior Department (05/21)
City opposes Pechanga Band land transfer bill (05/21)
Artman issues gaming rules as he leaves BIA ofice (05/20)
The Native Voice: On the trail with Sen. Obama (05/20)
Crow Tribe welcomes Sen. Obama to reservation (05/20)
Jodi Rave: Sen. Obama first to visit reservation (05/20)
Fort Sill Apache Tribe hires lobbying firm (05/20)
The Native Voice: On the trail with Sen. Obama (05/19)
Jodi Rave: Montana candidate endorsed by INDN's list (05/19)
Indian Congressional candidate cites experience (05/19)
Seneca-Cayuga general council meeting on hold (05/19)
Blackfeet election panel ousted, then reinstated (05/19)
Sen. Obama to hold rally on Crow Reservation (05/19)
Kevin Abourezk: Lakota man a Democratic rising star (05/16)
Sen. Clinton reiterates Indian health support (05/16)
BIA objects to Crow Tribe fractionation bill (05/16)
Sen. Dorgan touts Indian provisions in farm bill (05/16)
NCAI discusses BIA nominee with Kempthorne (05/16)
Bill Clinton campaigns on Pine Ridge Reservation (05/15)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on five bills (05/15)
Tribes back expansion of self-governance program (05/14)
Clinton and Obama eye Indian vote in South Dakota (05/14)
Jodi Rave: Clinton and Obama court Indian vote (05/14)
House Resources Committee markup on Indian bill (05/14)
Border fence blocks Tigua Tribe from sacred site (05/14)
Maryland governor signs bill for state Indian holiday (05/14)
Leech Lake woman won't run for Minnesota House (05/14)
Sen. Clinton easily wins West Virginia primary (05/14)
Bush administration opposes review of IGRA case (05/13)
Bill Clinton to campaign on Pine Ridge Reservation (05/13)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Thursday (05/13)
Senate hearing on 20 years of self-governance (05/13)
South Dakota Indians back Clinton for president (05/12)
Mississippi Choctaws watching elections closely (05/12)
House Resources Committee markup on Indian bill (05/12)
Cherokee chief praises Obama as 'good president' (05/12)
Indian superdelegate backs Obama for president (05/12)
Senate hearing on 20 years of self-governance (05/12)
Sen. Murkowski won't abandon Sen. Stevens (10/31)
Rep. Feeney apologizes for Abramoff in new ad (09/23)
Obama wants courts to resolve Freedmen dispute (05/09)
New Mexico selects Indian superdelegate (05/09)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe to replace council member (05/09)
Bush signs Mashantucket Pequot bill into law (05/09)
North Carolina Lumbee vote goes to Sen. Clinton (05/08)
Senate panel approves Navajo Nation water rights bill (05/08)
Grand Traverse Band: Land-into-trust suit 'fruitless' (05/08)
House hearing on Missouri River compensation bill (05/08)
Witness list for House hearing on Missouri River bills (05/07)
Sen. McCain vows to appoint conservative judges (05/07)
Sen. Obama and Sen. Clinton share primary victories (05/07)
Native candidate speaks about sexual assaults (05/06)
Clinton and Obama back Lumbee recognition (05/06)
Jodi Rave: Obama secures Indian superdelegates (05/06)
Sen. Obama welcomes Kalyn Free's endorsement (05/06)
Yup'ik voters seek language assistance at polls (05/06)
Appeals court judge strikes blows against Indian rights (05/05)
Superdelegate Kalyn Free endorses Sen. Obama (05/05)
House hearing on Missouri River compensation (05/05)
Senate committee sets hearing on contract health (05/05)
Cason put in charge of safety at Interior Department (05/02)
Abourezk: Crow man spreads Obama's message (05/02)
Dorgan disappointed by Artman's resignation (05/02)
California attorney general reaches out to tribes (05/02)
Artman leaves unfinished business at BIA (05/01)
Colorado passes resolution on Indian genocide (05/01)
Mississippi Choctaw vice chief disputes assault story (05/01)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe removes council member (05/01)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy (05/01)
U.S. House honors late Ponca Chief Standing Bear (04/30)
House Resources Committee markup on two bills (04/30)
Tribes and unions are top donors to Tom Udall (04/30)
Navajo president wants to reduce council seats (04/30)
Artman's tenure marked by Freedmen dispute (04/30)
Artman resigns from BIA after a year on the job (04/29)
Supreme Court upholds voter ID law in Indiana (04/29)
Bois Forte Band removes council member (04/29)
Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy (04/29)
House committees given extension on IHCIA (04/28)
House Resources Committee markup on Wednesday (04/28)
House Resources Committee hearing on border fence (04/28)
Oklahoma tribes oppose English-only legislation (04/28)
Jodi Rave: Chippewa Cree woman in Clinton camp (04/25)
Joe Kennedy addresses Navajo Nation Council (04/25)
Sen. Domenici rebuked for call to U.S. Attorney (04/25)
Senate panel approves Lumbee recognition bill (04/25)
Cherokee Freedmen dispute threatens NAHASDA (04/24)
House committee approves Alaska Native bill (04/24)
Turnout too low for Oglala Sioux election (04/24)
Rep. Cole charges 'blackmail' in Freedmen dispute (04/24)
Jodi Rave: Montana tribal leaders back Obama (04/24)
Indian Affairs business meeting, hearing (04/24)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe elects new chairman (04/23)
Clinton wins primary in Pennsylvania (04/23)
Montana governor holds tribal leaders summit (04/22)
Leech Lake woman plans run for Minnesota House (04/22)
Washington tribes launch Native Vote effort (04/22)
Oglala Sioux Tribe holds constitutional election (04/22)
Rep. Frank backs Freedmen in Cherokee funding fight (04/22)
Indian baby gets face time with Obama and Clinton (04/21)
NIGC opposes bill to mandate tribal consultation (04/21)
Kevin Abourezk: Crow man to help Obama in Montana (04/21)
House Resource Committee markups this week (04/21)
Senate business meeting, hearing on recognition (04/21)
House committee approves four Indian bills (04/18)
Indian candidate for Congress raises $114K this year (04/17)
House subcommittee examines Indian water rights (04/17)
North Fork Rancheria chair abruptly resigns (04/17)
House Resources markup on four Indian bills (04/17)
Senate Indian Affairs oversight hearing on NIGC (04/17)
Free urges Oklahoma Indians to exercise power (04/16)
Bois Forte Band censures council representative (04/16)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe holds election on Thursday (04/16)
Rep. Cole aids outgoing lawmaker's legal fund (04/16)
White Earth candidates challenge primary (04/15)
Cherokee Freedmen issue affects debate on Hill (04/14)
Saginaw Chippewa council member fails drug test (04/14)
Senate hearing, House markup this Thursday (04/14)
Indian superdelegate weighing Clinton, Obama (04/14)
South Dakota tribal leaders endorse Obama (04/11)
NLRB chairman supports tribal sovereignty (04/11)
Indian lawmaker in Montana backs Sen. Obama (04/11)
Column: Interior employees worried about health (04/11)
Tonkawa Tribe ousts chairman after drug arrest (04/10)
House Resources hearing on five Indian bills (04/10)
Former Sen. Burns ready to lobby after cooling off (04/10)
Senate Indian Affairs oversight hearing on NIGC (04/09)
Indian Country prosecutor ousted over gay rumor (04/09)
Rep. Arcuri tried to block Oneida land-into-trust (04/09)
Grand Traverse Band vote in primary on Wednesday (04/08)
Indian lawmaker rescinds Obama endorsement (04/08)
Indian superdelegate from Montana backs Obama (04/07)
Cherokee chief to address Freedmen at conference (04/07)
Jodi Rave: Clinton and Obama make Indian pledges (04/07)
House panel threatens to cut historical accounting (04/04)
House speaker apologizes to Cherokee chief (04/04)
Black lawmakers press Senate on Freedmen issue (04/04)
Lumbees excited about Bill Clinton campaign visit (04/03)
Bois Forte Band re-elects Leecy as chairman (04/03)
Cherokee chief protests English-only hearing (04/03)
Kempthorne refuses to testify about polar bears (04/03)
Bill Clinton pledges Indian Country support (04/02)
White Earth chairwoman beats primary challenge (04/02)
House Appropriations hearings on IHS, BIA and OST (04/02)
Wilma Mankiller discusses role in tribal politics (04/01)
Tribal member faces challenge in Democratic primary (04/01)
HUD Secretary Jackson announces resignation (04/01)
Bill Clinton to campaign in Montana on Tuesday (03/31)
White Earth Band set for pimary election (03/31)
Appeals court to hear Cherokee Freedmen case (03/27)
Blotter: Minnesota Republican can't read treaties (03/27)
BIA plans to cut Indian road funding in half (03/27)
Native man from Canada given U.S. green card (03/27)
Takeover at Lac du Flambeau ends with arrests (03/27)
NYT Magazine Cover Story: Profile of Rep. Cole (03/27)
Bush pardons man from Rosebud Reservation (03/26)
Discussion: An apology for Native people? (03/26)
Rep. Young wants action on Alaska land swap (03/25)
Tulalip Tribes pass development, job bills (03/25)
Lawmakers weigh moving Forest Service to DOI (03/25)
Navajo Nation council overrides spending veto (03/25)
Sen. Johnson files papers for third Senate term (03/21)
Tribal member resigns North Dakota Legislature (03/20)
Sen. McCain releases Native American policy (03/20)
New English-only bill exempts Native languages (03/19)
Lawmakers press Artman on Freedmen issues (03/19)
Senate panel takes up Indian law enforcement (03/18)
Muscogee Nation creates secretary position (03/18)
Oklahoma tribes exempt from illegal worker law (03/17)
Lac du Flambeau members threaten takeover (03/17)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on law enforcement (03/17)
Senate budget includes $1B boost for IHS (03/14)
Senate field hearing in Arizona will be webcast (03/14)
Democrats seek Indian votes and Indian candidates (03/14)
Rep. Cole cites theft at Republican organization (03/14)
Probe clears Navajo Nation trip to Hawaii conference (03/13)
Editorial: Apology long overdue to Native people (03/13)
Bad River Band narrowly votes to recall chairwoman (03/13)
San Manuel Band names two new top leaders (03/13)
New York governor resigns after link to scandal (03/13)
Colville Tribes name new executive director (03/12)
Navajo woman at forefront of indigenous rights fight (03/12)
HUD officials sought to retaliate against subordinate (03/12)
New York governor said to weigh resignation (03/11)
Washington Legislature passes tribal policing bill (03/11)
Senate bill seeks to amend Indian gaming act (03/10)
Muscogee chief calls apology too little, too late (03/10)
Anti-Indian figure takes position in Wisconsin (03/10)
Senate field hearing on law enforcement next week (03/10)
South Dakota delegation supports Indian apology (03/07)
Sen. Baucus promotes tribal tax bond legislation (03/06)
Abourezk: Democrats have two Indian superdelegates (03/06)
Rep. Boren hopes to put Indian apology in IHCIA (03/06)
Senate hearing on facilities in Indian Country (03/06)
Tribal ally in California seeks U.S. House seat (03/05)
Sen. Clinton wins primaries in Ohio and Texas (03/05)
Sen. McCain secures GOP nomination for president (03/05)
Crow spiritual leader makes run for chairman (03/04)
Geri Small elected Northern Cheyenne president (03/04)
Oklahoma tribes donated $1M to state politicians (03/03)
Freedmen protest outside of Rep. Boren's office (03/03)
NCAI holds annual winter session in Washington (03/03)
House Appropriations hearing on BIA and OST budget (03/03)
Senate hearing on jails, schools and health facilities (03/03)
Sen. Dorgan seeks probe of Spirit Lake business (02/29)
Senate hearing on jails, schools and health facilities (02/29)
Artman suggests mileage limit for off-reservation land (02/28)
Lawsuit seeks to oust Apache chairman from office (02/28)
Groups praise passage of Indian Health Care Act (02/27)
House Resources hearing on land-into-trust policy (02/27)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on foreign aid lessons (02/27)
Senate on final day of IHCIA debate (02/26)
LaDuke not on Green Party's presidential ticket (02/26)
Senate resumes debate on IHCIA (02/25)
Sen. Dorgan vows approval of Indian Health Care Act (02/25)
Two men claim control of San Ildefonso Pueblo (02/25)
Eastern Cherokees report campaign contributions (02/25)
House Resources hearing on land-into-trust policy (02/25)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on foreign aid program (02/25)
Editorial: Rep. Renzi, under indictment, must resign (02/25)
Rep. Renzi indicted on 35 counts for land deal (02/22)
Leadership dispute stirs San Ildefonso Pueblo (02/22)
Democrats expect over 100 Indian delegates (02/22)
Iowa lawmakers weigh Native commission (02/22)
Apology resolution added to Indian health bill (02/21)
Ex-Rep. Bob Ney moved to halfway house (02/21)
New Mexico tribes in line for $1.4M in state funding (02/20)
Non-Indians question Omaha jurisdiction bill (02/20)
Obama and McCain win primaries in Wisconsin (02/20)
Washington House passes tribal policing bill (02/19)
Senate to resume debate on IHCIA next week (02/18)
House hearing on new land-into-trust policy (02/18)
California tribes accused of skirting donation limits (02/15)
Clinton finally declared winner in New Mexico (02/15)
House hearing with Kempthorne on budget (02/14)
Senate resumes debate on Indian Health Care (02/14)
California tribes meet for annual gaming conference (02/14)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on 2009 budget (02/14)
Obama wins Maryland, Virginia and DC primaries (02/13)
Kempthorne to testify on Interior's 2009 budget (02/13)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on Bush's 2009 budget (02/13)
House Resources markup on Michigan land claim bills (02/13)
House Resources field hearing next week in Oklahoma (02/13)
Oklahoma bill allows tribes to charter schools (02/12)
Navajo president vetoes trust fund measure (02/12)
Alaska Native appointed to state game board (02/11)
Chippewa Cree Tribe passes anti-slander law (02/11)
United South and Eastern Tribes host meeting (02/11)
Artman to launch inter-tribal economic initiative (02/11)
House Resources markup and hearing this week (02/11)
KBIC members debate ouster of Dakota from council (02/08)
Senate panel vows speedy action on IHS nominee (02/08)
House oversight hearing on Interior's 2009 budget (02/08)
McCain seals GOP nomination after Romney exit (02/08)
Listening Lounge: House hearing on land claims (02/07)
Petition seeks to remove Fred Dakota from KBIC council (02/07)
City voters reject peace center at Alcatraz (02/07)
Senate confirmation hearing for McSwain at IHS (02/07)
IHS budget sees cut in final year of Bush era (02/06)
South Dakota panel kills Indian charter school bill (02/06)
Indian Country takes a hit in latest Bush budget (02/06)
Bush budget ignores tribal water projects (02/06)
McCain scores big wins in Republican primaries (02/06)
Clinton and Obama share Super Tuesday victories (02/06)
Washington tribes back Lake Roosevelt agreement (02/06)
House hearing on two Michigan land claim bills (02/06)
Budget reduces funds for Mni Wiconi water project (02/05)
Tonkawa Tribe delays election for new leaders (02/05)
South Dakota panel delays tribal contribution bill (02/05)
Bush administration seeks another cut in BIA budget (02/05)
Kempthorne to testify on Interior budget (02/05)
Sen. Obama addresses Indian issues in New Mexico (02/04)
Navajo Republican won't support Sen. McCain (02/04)
West spent more on travel than fellow directors (02/04)
Secretary Kempthorne to roll out DOI budget (02/04)
House hearing on two Michigan land claim bills (02/04)
Senate confirmation hearing for IHS director (02/04)
Jana McKeag: Labor unions a threat to sovereignty (02/04)
Garcia pushes for IHCIA in State of Indian Nations (02/01)
Muscogee Nation rallies members to hit the polls (02/01)
Native America Calling to host presidential forum (02/01)
Tonkawa Tribe to elect new slate of leaders (02/01)
Sen. Obama: Campaign for change in Indian Country (02/01)
Kempthorne previews BIA's upcoming budget (02/01)
GOP lawmaker claims tribes owe $1B in taxes (01/31)
Washington bill expands tribal police authority (01/31)
Onondaga woman named to United Nations post (01/30)
Bush administration press conference on Thursday (01/30)
Clinton and Obama target votes on Navajo Nation (01/30)
Kempthorne brought major shift on off-reservation gaming (01/30)
New Mexico Pueblos gear up for Super Tuesday (01/30)
Navajo Nation Council rejects benefit increase (01/30)
McCain defeats Romney in Florida primary (01/30)
Alaska Natives seek law enforcement boost (01/29)
Pueblo Congressional candidate backs Obama (01/29)
Former KBIC chairman Fred Dakota back on council (01/28)
Obama touts Indian policy ahead of Super Tuesday vote (01/28)
NCAI State of Indian Nations speech on Thursday (01/28)
BIA modernization meeting this Wednesday in DC (01/28)
CSKT chairman gives keynote for Montana GOP (01/28)
9th Circuit affirms ex-Crow chairman's sentence (01/25)
Analysis: Sen. Obama 'big' in Indian Country (01/24)
Senate vote on IHCIA delayed until next week (01/24)
Lummi Nation council candidates debate (01/24)
Day 2 of debate on Indian Health Care Improvement (01/23)
Sen. Obama addresses Indian issues in Nevada (01/23)
Black lawmakers to meet with Artman over Freedmen (01/23)
NCAI kicks off Native Vote 2008 initiative (01/22)
InterTribal Bison Cooperative sees cut in funds (01/22)
Senate opens debate on Indian Health Care Improvement Act (01/22)
California compacts up for vote on Super Tuesday (01/21)
Clinton, McCain and Romney score primary victories (01/21)
NCAI president to deliver Indian Nations speech (01/21)
Gover thinks few will remember West's spending (01/21)
Blog: South Dakota tribes can't donate to campaigns (01/21)
Sen. Coburn won't hold up Indian health bill (01/21)
Six Indians named to Democratic committees (01/18)
Firing of Leech Lake legal director on hold (01/18)
Abourezk: GOP candidates silent on IHCIA (01/18)
California Indian Legal Services questioned by GAO (01/18)
BIA modernization meeting in Washington DC (01/18)
Little River Band members protest tribal council (01/17)
Penobscot Nation hosts state lawmakers (01/17)
Senate expected to vote on Indian Health Care Act (01/17)
Indian issues ignored in Democratic debate (01/16)
Romney wins Michigan Republican primary (01/16)
New Tigua leader hopes to stimulate economy (01/15)
Leech Lake legal director fired by council members (01/15)
Eastern Cherokees donated $103K to politicians (01/14)
New York tribe sues over off-reservation gaming rejection (01/11)
Absentee Shawnee governor abruptly resigns (01/11)
Ousted Northern Cheyenne leader sues BIA (01/11)
Rep. Doolittle to retire amid Abramoff probe (01/11)
Blog: BIA policy affects non-gaming acquisitions (01/10)
Sen. Johnson endorses Barack Obama for president (01/10)
Navajo man honored for work at Shiprock Chapter (01/10)
Idaho gas tax deals go to Legislature for approval (01/10)
South Dakota lawmaker says Indian issues ignored (01/09)
Pomo woman named director of Senate Indian Affairs (01/09)
California tribe settles political donation case (01/09)
Ousted Northern Cheyenne president arrested (01/09)
Ex-Rep. Pombo urges Rep. Doolittle not to run (01/09)
Clinton and McCain win New Hampshire primaries (01/09)
Fond du Lac chairwoman survives ouster attempt (01/08)
Congressional candidate to run half marathon (01/08)
Rep. Doolittle subject of re-election rumors (01/08)
Ousted Nothern Cheyenne leader seeks office back (01/08)
Soo Tribe chairman says he is target of removal (01/07)
Nooksack candidates call for more accountability (01/07)
Rejected tribes want casinos too far from reservations (01/07)
BIA starts new year with off-reservation gaming policy (01/07)
Carl Artman letter on off-reservation gaming (01/04)

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