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President Obama signs Bridgeport land and Pascua Yaqui bills (12/21)
House approves bill to help Quapaw Tribe resolve trust dispute (12/20)
S.E. Ruckman: White House budget office using old tribal data (12/19)
Anderson Law: Republican VAWA bill a deal breaker for tribes (12/19)
Native Sun News: South Dakota to exclude poor from Medicaid (12/19)
President Obama statement on the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye (12/17)
Blog: Tribal bills that didn't get passed during 112th Congress (12/17)
Blog: Navajo woman Republican heads to New Mexico Capitol (12/17)
Native Sun News: Another year for Lakota Nation Invitational (12/17)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe remains in dispute over council election (12/14)
Blog: Few Indian bills enacted into law during 112th Congress (12/14)
NCAI remains hopeful on legislation to protect Indian women (12/13)
Sen. Maria Cantwell to chair Senate Indian Affairs Committee (12/13)
Interview: Joey Jayne, first Indian woman judge in Montana (12/11)
FiveThirtyEight: Alaska could become a 'swing' state in future (12/07)
Picayune Rancheria continues enrollment purge with another 43 (12/06)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe prepares for inauguration (12/06)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe election lawsuit dismissed (12/06)
Jodi Gillette: White House report on progress in Indian Country (12/05)
NCAI warns of negative effects of fiscal cliff on tribal programs (12/05)
Charlie Galbraith: President Obama to host tribal leaders in DC (12/04)
Crow Tribe holds inauguration ceremony for new set of leaders (12/04)
Rep. Darrell Issa introduces Violence Against Indian Women Act (12/04)
House Resources Committee markup for Barona Band land bill (12/04)
Land-into-trust fix remains in limbo as end of year approaches (12/04)
Navajo Nation vice president attending White House meeting (11/30)
Sen. Daniel Akaka presides over his last Indian Affairs hearing (11/30)
Chris Wondolowski discussed Indian health issues on Hill visit (11/30)
Potential nominee holds stock in company behind Keystone XL (11/29)
Sen. Reid cites continuing negotiations for a land-into-trust fix (11/27)
ICT interview with Kevin Gover on the perils of running the BIA (11/27)
In The Loop: A possible candidate for Interior Department post (11/27)
Land-into-trust fix could come up for consideration in Senate (11/26)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing on November 29 (11/21)
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes consider per cap vote (11/20)
Dry Creek Rancheria calls off election amid enrollment dispute (11/19)
County lobbies BIA against Mishewal Wappo Tribe recognition (11/16)
Denise Juneau declares victory in Montana schools election (11/15)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe in Alaska elects first new chair in 20 years (11/15)
Northern Arapaho Tribe schedules new election after dispute (11/15)
Ousted Crow Tribe chairman challenges outcome of election (11/15)
Editorial: Secretary Ken Salazar apologizes for making threat (11/15)
Some leaders of Lac du Flambeau Band haven't taken drug test (11/14)
Lumbee Tribe re-elects Paul Brooks according to latest results (11/14)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe election audit yields little (11/14)
Editorial: Secretary Salazar should apologize for making threat (11/14)
Leaders of Omaha Tribe put priority on economic development (11/13)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe in Alaska holds election for chairman, council (11/13)
WyoFile: Indian voters exercise power after voting rights case (11/13)
Denise Juneau confident as race in Montana heads for a recount (11/12)
Fallon Paiute Shoshone Tribe to swear in new council members (11/09)
Thomas O'Rourke secures re-election as Yurok Tribe chairman (11/09)
NCAI optimistic on a land-into-trust fix, VAWA during lame-duck (11/09)
Northern Cheyenne Tribe elects John Robinson as new president (11/08)
Denise Juneau maintains slim lead in Montana public school race (11/08)
Navajo woman defeats Navajo incumbent in New Mexico House (11/08)
WyoFile: Long lines and large turnout at Wind River Reservation (11/08)
Navajo Post: Indian Country gets four more years under Obama (11/08)
Speculation begins on makeup of Obama's second term Cabinet (11/08)
President Barack Obama wins a second term in the White House (11/07)
Democrat Raul Ruiz beats Rep. Mary Bono Mack (R) in California (11/07)
James Ramos, former San Manuel chair, wins California election (11/07)
Barry Snyder elected as president of Seneca Nation for fifth time (11/07)
Denise Juneau holds lead in election for Montana public schools (11/07)
Democrat Jon Tester wins re-election bid for Senate in Montana (11/07)
Indian vote fails to sway outcome of House race in South Dakota (11/07)
Native Sun News: Bryan Brewer wins Oglala Sioux Tribe election (11/07)
Democrat Martin Heinrich wins open Senate seat in New Mexico (11/07)
Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri wins re-election to Senate (11/06)
Democrat Elizabeth Warren wins Senate seat for Massachusetts (11/06)
GOP Markwayne Mullin, Cherokee, wins House seat in Oklahoma (11/06)
Democrat Chris Murphy secures U.S. Senate seat in Connecticut (11/06)
APTN: Indian voters could tip election outcomes in key states (11/06)
Mescalero Apache man sentenced for sexual abuse of a minor (11/06)
Chairman of Yurok Tribe facing run-off election on Wednesday (11/06)
George Wickliffe re-elected as United Keetoowah Band leader (11/06)
WyoFile: Getting out the votes on the Wind River Reservation (11/06)
Navajo Nation Council offers Internet streaming of fall session (11/06)
Rodney Butler wins second term as Mashantucket Tribe chair (11/05)
Cedric Black Eagle loses re-election bid as Crow Tribe leader (11/05)
President of Navajo Nation backs Richard Carmona in Senate (11/05)
Native Sun News: Indian voters lobby for local polling station (11/05)
Winnebago Tribe backs Bob Kerrey for Senate seat in Nebraska (11/02)
Seneca Nation contributes $350K to politicians from New York (11/02)
Chickasaw Nation contributes $300K to state campaign groups (11/01)
Tribes working to boost turnout among Native American voters (11/01)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux candidates make their final push (11/01)
Judge won't require state to open voting offices on reservations (10/31)
Navajo Nation leaders endorse both candidates for US Senate (10/30)
Mark Trahant: Hurricane Sandy could affect outcome of election (10/29)
Native Sun News: Pine Ridge man seeks 3rd term in S.D. House (10/26)
Aide to Sen. Akaka confident on support for a land-into-trust fix (10/25)
Blog: Indian voters could turn Arizona into battleground state (10/24)
NCAI report cites concerns about voter ID laws in certain states (10/23)
The Nation: Navajo elder Agnes Laughter tries to get a state ID (10/23)
Native Sun News: Kristi Noem and Matt Varilek meet for debate (10/22)
Cherokee Nation to shut office in Washington DC at end of year (10/19)
Radio: Tribal water rights at issue in Senate election in Arizona (10/19)
Gila River Indian Community donates $30K for local campaign (10/19)
Agua Caliente Band slams Rep. Mary Bono Mack for comments (10/19)
Obama administration trying to revive Hopi-Navajo water deal (10/18)
Narragansett Tribe aims to improve relationship with governor (10/18)
Native Sun News: Official results for Oglala Sioux Tribe primary (10/18)
ICT asks Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid about tribal issues (10/18)
Tribes donated $400K to 2012 Democratic National Convention (10/18)
Stephanie Woodard: Tribal members file suit over early voting (10/17)
Mark Trahant: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney in sharp debate (10/17)
Crow Tribe reports results of primary vote for executive seats (10/16)
APRN: Sen. Coburn calls Alaska Native ferry a waste of money (10/16)
Rep. Mary Bono Mack blasts opponent for 1997 Native protest (10/16)
Mark Trahant: Barack Obama and Mitt Romney head to debate (10/16)
Supreme Court to review Arizona voter law that tribes oppose (10/16)
Sen. Akaka to push land-into-trust fix after November election (10/12)
Native Sun News: Keystone XL foes target Obama and Romney (10/12)
Indian voters in Montana seek satellite offices on reservations (10/12)
Mark Trahant: Senate and House do battle candidates debate (10/11)
Native Sun News: Results of Oglala Sioux Tribe primary election (10/11)
ICT Q&A with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney (10/10)
Column: Indian state lawmaker in probe over 'double-dipping' (10/10)
Native Sun News: Salway seeks return to Oglala Sioux politics (10/10)
Mark Trahant: Nation remains divided as election approaches (10/10)
Obama signs Minnesota Chippewa Tribe trust fund bill into law (10/09)
North Dakota tribe seeks a bigger share of energy tax revenue (10/09)
S.E. Ruckman: Working to increase Indian vote turnout in 2012 (10/08)
Romney adviser claims no federally recognized tribes in state (10/05)
ICT's interview with President Barack Obama on Indian Country (10/04)
The Nation: Indian vote could keep Senate in Democratic control (10/04)
Native Sun News: Oglala Lakota College starts voter drive effort (10/04)
Mark Trahant: Recalling George W. Bush's 'sovereignty' moment (10/02)
Scott Brown refers to Elizabeth Warren as 'white' in 2nd debate (10/02)
Cherokee Nation won't question Elizabeth Warren heritage claim (10/01)
Native Sun News: Q&A with Ryan Wilson, Oglala Sioux candidate (10/01)
Fact Checker: Scott Brown, Elizabeth Warren and Indian claim (09/28)
Mark Trahant: Indian voters are invisible in election year polls (09/28)
Vice chairman of Pala Band jailed in public intoxication incident (09/27)
Mark Trahant: Indian issues play big role in South Dakota race (09/27)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux man seeks 12th term on council (09/27)
Sen. Brown was inside bar as aides were doing tomahawk chop (09/27)
Sen. Brown warns staff over war whoops and tomahawk chops (09/27)
NCAI criticizes both sides in hot Senate race in Massachusetts (09/26)
Cherokee chief wants Sen. Brown to apologize for 'racist' acts (09/26)
Cherokee Nation sends top officials to Democratic convention (09/26)
Minnesota Chippewa Tribe awaits $28M payout in land dispute (09/25)
Radio: Tribal provisions in VAWA caught up in partisan debate (09/25)
Kevin Washburn confirmed to BIA job but not yet at work in DC (09/25)
Elizabeth Warren responds to attack on Indian ancestry claims (09/25)
Tribal campaign contributions on the rise in 2012 election cycle (09/25)
Senate passes three Indian measures during late night session (09/24)
Obama nominates Vince Logan, Osage, as new Special Trustee (09/24)
Senate confirms Kevin Washburn as Assistant Secretary at BIA (09/24)
Press Release: Secretary Salazar on Vincent Logan, Special Trustee Nominee (09/21)
America's Wire: Native women left vulnerable to violent crime (09/21)
Kevin Washburn nears confirmation as BIA Assistant Secretary (09/21)
Elizabeth Warren defends claim of Indian ancestry at debate (09/21)
NCAI calling attention to voting rights as election approaches (09/21)
Mark Trahant: Native students protest abortion posters at UNM (09/20)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves Indian energy bill (09/20)
House backs Mescalero Apache Nation water leasing measure (09/20)
Obama to declare Puebloan site in Colorado a new monument (09/20)
House backs bill to recognize disaster declarations from tribes (09/20)
IRS official questioned about taxation of per capita payments (09/19)
Bank not allowed to close Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes account (09/19)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider 5 bills at meeting (09/19)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on the federal-tribal relationship (09/19)
Only 193 laws have made it out of the 112th Congress so far (09/19)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe term limits are ignored (09/19)
Rep. Cole, Republican, praises Obama's re-election efforts (09/18)
Former director of Ute Tribe economic arm cites 'meddling' (09/18)
Sen. McCain amused with Elizabeth Warren's Indian claim (09/18)
Group says buses from reservations are part of voter fraud (09/17)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing on Thursday (09/17)
SoundCloud: Audio for Kevin Washburn nomination hearing (09/14)
SoundCloud: House hearing on taxation and per capitas (09/14)
Kevin Washburn set for confirmation hearing to run the BIA (09/14)
GOP candidate didn't look at 'details' of contracts for tribes (09/14)
Native Sun News: UN report cites violence against women (09/14)
Slain US ambassador to Libya was member of Chinook Nation (09/14)
Former US Attorneys support Kevin Washburn for BIA post (09/13)
SCIA to consider three bills before land-into-trust hearing (09/13)
Witness list for House hearing on taxation and per capitas (09/13)
Nation: Video seeks to increase turnout among Native youth (09/12)
Native Sun News: Educator throws hat into ring at Pine Ridge (09/12)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on Carcieri and Patchak rulings (09/11)
BIA to release money for Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes contracts (09/10)
Mitt Romney won't be getting rid of 'all of health care reform' (09/10)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on Carcieri, Patchak (09/10)
SCIA sets confirmation hearing for Kevin Washburn to run BIA (09/10)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs sets hearing (09/07)
Democratic National Convention includes 161 Native delegates (09/06)
Republican who criticizes stimulus received funds from stimulus (09/06)
Denise Juneau discusses Indian issues during 2012 DNC speech (09/06)
Native Sun News: Elders from Oglala Sioux Tribe continue protest (09/06)
Video: Indian Law Resource Center for reauthorization of VAWA (09/06)
Indian delegates offer ways to test Elizabeth Warren's ancestry (09/06)
Chief of Cherokee Nation endorses Barack Obama for president (09/05)
Elizabeth Warren doesn't want to address Indian claims at DNC (09/05)
Native American Council convenes for Democratic Convention (09/04)
ICT interview with Denise Juneau, speaker at Democratic meet (09/04)
Indian delegates at DNC seek a meeting with Elizabeth Warren (09/04)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe chooses new president (09/03)
Republican Party approves platform with longer Indian section (08/30)
Bank wants to close accounts for Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes (08/29)
Rally addresses use of tribal identification at polls in Minnesota (08/29)
Cherokee Nation chief shifts an adviser in employment dispute (08/29)
Navajo attorney loses bid for Democratic nomination in Arizona (08/29)
New Mexico Republican staying in post after Custer joke email (08/28)
Blackfeet Nation declares emergency amid leadership turmoil (08/28)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe debates term limit issue (08/28)
BIA 'strike team' to address child safety at Spirit Lake Nation (08/27)
Sen. Conrad loses confidence in Spirit Lake Nation leadership (08/24)
Analysis: Mitt Romney energy plan a boon for western states (08/24)
Democrats invite Eastern Cherokees to upcoming convention (08/23)
Mitt Romney wants states to control energy on federal lands (08/23)
Lobbyists say Mitt Romney met with tribal leaders last week (08/22)
Blackfeet Nation suspends council member accused of crime (08/22)
Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation back to drawing table on water (08/22)
Democrats slam Rep. Ryan's budget plan for Indian Country (08/21)
Interview: Senate candidate Heidi Heitkamp on tribal issues (08/21)
Menominee Nation welcomes Obama's team to reservation (08/21)
GOP opponent of Sen. McCaskill faces pressure to leave race (08/21)
Turtle Talk: Rep. Paul Ryan's negative record on Indian issues (08/15)
Sen. Murray still pushing for tribal jurisdiction provision in VAWA (08/15)
County provides response in Chumash Tribe land-into-trust flap (08/15)
Cherokee Nation Council bars non-Cherokees from top positions (08/15)
Tommy Thompson, HHS secretary under Bush, gets Senate nod (08/15)
Tommy Thompson, HHS secretary under Bush, gets Senate nod (08/15)
ICT Q&A: Wanda Batchelor, first woman to lead Washoe Tribe (08/13)
Native Sun News: Sen. Thune bill thwarts air pollution controls (08/13)
Spouse of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney VP pick, has Indian ancestry (08/11)
Bad River Band starts removal process for chair Michael Wiggins (08/09)
Rep. Young not planning for Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bill (08/08)
Water a major concern in controversy for Keystone XL Pipeline (08/07)
Law Article: HEARTH Act offers more flexiblity for tribal leasing (08/06)
NCAI endorses Kevin Washburn as Assistant Secretary at BIA (08/06)
NAIHC congratulates Kevin Washburn on nomination to BIA (08/06)
Northwest tribes back Kevin Washburn for BIA leadership post (08/06)
IPR: Derek Bailey, ex-Grand Traverse chair, campaigns for seat (08/03)
IREHR: Tea parties, property rights and anti-Indians in Klamath (08/03)
KVNO News: Native voters from Nebraska share their concerns (08/03)
Navajo Nation and Zuni Pueblo air dispute on surplus property (08/03)
Audio from House subcommittee hearing on tribal land issues (08/03)
Congress clears bill to allow Tigua Tribe to define membership (08/03)
Tricky timing for Senate confirmation of Kevin Washburn at BIA (08/03)
Praise for Kevin Washburn as Bureau of Indian Affairs nominee (08/03)
Kevin Washburn, Chickasaw, nominated as Assistant Secretary (08/02)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe holds its primary election (08/02)
Native Sun News: Two Bulls is running for Oglala Sioux president (08/01)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs sets hearing (08/01)
Alaska Native corporation still waiting on land promised in 1971 (07/31)
Indian housing law seen as a boost to economic development (07/31)
Impasse continues on renewal of Violence Against Women Act (07/31)
President Obama signs Indian housing bill to law at White House (07/30)
Native Sun News: 'Fractivists' making case known on Capitol Hill (07/30)
Native Sun News: Group seeks Indian Child Welfare Act changes (07/27)
NAFSA slams bill aimed at regulating tribal online payday loans (07/27)
House subcommittee weighs bills affecting Oregon tribal lands (07/26)
Tribal leaders pay at least $60K for meet with President Obama (07/26)
BIA not looking to intervene in Blackfeet Nation leadership feud (07/25)
Pascua Yaqui Tribe asks Congress for right to set membership (07/25)
Criminal charges expected in Navajo Nation Council fraud case (07/25)
House fails to pass bill promoting tribal commerce with Turkey (07/25)
Bill for Hopi and Navajo water rights settlement is dead for now (07/24)
Colville Tribes to vote on $193M trust settlement per capita plan (07/24)
BIA fails to publish a list of federally recognized entities on time (07/24)
BIA to testify at House Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearing (07/23)
Thomas Jefferson was called a son of 'half-breed Indian squaw' (07/23)
Cherokee Nation authorizes $180K in contributions to politicians (07/20)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs plans hearing (07/20)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee discusses environment change (07/20)
Cherokee Nation council approves representative district map (07/19)
Opinion: Native Hawaiian recognition bill resurfaces in Senate (07/19)
Tribes in Klamath Basin see restoration agreement go nowhere (07/19)
President Obama plans to sign Indian housing measure into law (07/18)
Gila River Indian Community donates $3K to conservative PAC (07/17)
Witness List: SCIA hearing on tribes and environmental change (07/17)
NYT says founding Mormon families chased by Indians in 1800s (07/17)
Blackfeet Nation picks new council leaders after general election (07/16)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on environment change (07/16)
OPB: Warm Springs Tribes move forward with $11M school plan (07/12)
House votes to repeal health care reform law -- including IHCIA (07/12)
Oklahoma governor chooses Kaw Nation woman as tribal liaison (07/11)
House set to vote on repeal of health reform law including IHCIA (07/11)
Indian lawmaker in Montana lost re-election bid by three votes (07/10)
Native Sun News: Tribes hit by big cuts in energy assistance fund (07/09)
Background Check: Interview with leader of National Park Service (07/06)
Navajo Nation Council to take up Arizona water rights settlement (07/05)
Cocopah Tribe schedules election for chair, vice chair and council (07/05)
In a shift, Mitt Romney calls health care insurance mandate a tax (07/05)
Muscogee Nation holds rally for tribal provisions in VAWA update (07/03)
White House: Supreme Court affirms Obama's health reform plan (06/28)
Supreme Court issues long-awaited decision on health care law (06/28)
House subcommittee plans another federal recognition hearing (06/28)
Rep. Lujan serves as top Democrat on key House subcommittee (06/28)
Senate Democrats call for inclusion of tribal provisions in VAWA (06/27)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider seven bills at meeting (06/26)
Antone Minthorn, former Umatilla chairman, runs for state office (06/26)
Native Sun News: Tribes facing deadline on fracking regulations (06/26)
Judge asserts control of Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes bank account (06/26)
Voters of Quechan Nation go to polls to decide fate of president (06/26)
Blog: Sexual assault at epidemic level among Native Americans (06/26)
Still awaiting Supreme Court decision on health care reform law (06/25)
Supreme Court rules on Arizona's controversial immigration law (06/25)
Hopi Tribe council holds second vote on water rights settlement (06/22)
Cherokee women unable to get a meeting with Elizabeth Warren (06/22)
Native Sun News: Lakota woman still in race for North Rapid seat (06/22)
Suspended leaders allegedly break into Yankton Sioux building (06/22)
Sen. Akaka welcomes passage of farm bill with tribal provisions (06/22)
Commerce Secretary John Bryson leaves post after eight months (06/22)
Pueblos plan commercial development at Santa Fe Indian School (06/21)
Recount confirms results of Leech Lake Band chairman's election (06/21)
Grand Ronde Tribes oust council member facing criminal charges (06/21)
Tribes in Minnesota contribute at least $138K to state politicians (06/21)
Leaders of Yankton Sioux Tribe question suspension from council (06/21)
Agua Caliente Band of Cahuilla Indians picks Jeff Grubbe as chair (06/21)
Sen. Bingaman opposes bill for Pueblo economic development (06/20)
Fond du Lac Band plans to distribute trust fund to its members (06/20)
Yankton Sioux Tribe in 'turmoil' as most leaders are suspended (06/20)
Tulsa city council hosting Cherokee, Muscogee and Osage tribes (06/20)
House passes bill to allow Columbia River tribes to kill sea lions (06/20)
Alaska Native lands bill passes as part of controversial package (06/20)
House approves measure to allow Border Patrol to bypass laws (06/20)
Council from Hopi Tribe votes against water rights settlement (06/19)
Leech Lake Band starts recount for very close chairman's vote (06/19)
Blackfeet Nation removes Jay St. Goddard from council position (06/19)
Wyoming Legislature on the Wind River Reservation for hearing (06/19)
Alaska Native corporation land bill included in omnibus package (06/19)
Rep. Boren to work for Chickasaw Nation after leaving Congress (06/19)
House backs bill for economic development on Pueblo trust land (06/19)
House approves bill to authorize land swap for Ute Tribe of Utah (06/19)
House approves bill to distribute Minnesota Chippewa trust fund (06/19)
Supreme Court decision kills California land-into-trust measure (06/19)
Mark Trahant: Turning out the Native vote for the 2012 elections (06/19)
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe leader faces recall over trust settlement (06/15)
FEMA supports bill to recognize disaster declarations from tribes (06/15)
Carri Jones makes history as first woman to run Leech Lake Band (06/15)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee questions IRS audits into tribes (06/15)
Land-into-trust bill in California due for consideration next week (06/14)
Bill affects definition of 'qualified reservation' in New York state (06/14)
Reservation turnout very low for referendum on 'Fighting Sioux' (06/14)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on self-determination and taxation (06/13)
North Dakota voters support retirement of 'Fighting Sioux' nick (06/13)
Cherokee Nation council confirms new justice for highest court (06/12)
Judge schedules hearing in Alaska Native voting rights lawsuit (06/12)
Navajo Nation leader supports Arizona water rights settlement (06/12)
Decision day for voters on future of 'Fighting Sioux' nickname (06/12)
Judge hears dispute on Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes bank account (06/12)
Obama nominates pair to serve on DC Circuit Court of Appeals (06/12)
Commerce Secretary John Bryson takes leave after hit-and-run (06/12)
Alaska Native corporation land bill ready for Obama's signature (06/07)
Witness list for House hearing on universal service fund at FCC (06/07)
Navajo Nation opposes EPA rule affecting coal-fired power plant (06/07)
Some Colville leaders support per caps from $193M settlement (06/07)
Two incumbents and four newcomers win Osage Congress vote (06/06)
Two Navajo lawmakers survive primary challenge in New Mexico (06/06)
California tribes among biggest contributors to political causes (06/06)
Voters of St. Regis Mohawk Tribe oust two of three council chiefs (06/06)
Former San Manuel Band chair headed to runoff for county seat (06/06)
House approves measure for Pascua Yaqui Tribe land-into-trust (06/06)
Native Sun News: US sees indigenous abuses in other countries (06/06)
Houlton Band to select new representative in Maine Legislature (06/05)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on USF (06/05)
Bank cites leadership battle in freeze of Comanche Nation funds (06/05)
Column: Republican activist goes after tribal sovereignty again (06/04)
Pascua Yaqui land bill, Alaska Native land bill on House schedule (06/04)
Senate and House hearings on universal service fund and tribes (06/04)
SCPR: James Ramos, San Manuel, in heated race for county seat (06/04)
Voters in California asked to approve increase in cigarette taxes (06/04)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe re-elects Francis Charles as its leader (06/01)
Quapaw Tribe seeks help from Congress in settling trust lawsuit (06/01)
Poarch Creeks hold election for vice chairman, two council seats (06/01)
County objects to legal fees after losing Indian voting rights case (06/01)
California bill bars state opposition to certain land-into-trust bids (06/01)
Elizabeth Warren faces more criticism over Indian ancestry claim (06/01)
Rep. Hastings considering hearing on violence in Indian Country (06/01)
Elizabeth Warren defends self-identification as Native American (05/31)
Governor of Alaska signs bill for Alaska Native language council (05/30)
Democrats seek hearing on domestic violence in Indian Country (05/30)
Native Sun News: Lakota woman seeks to represent North Rapid (05/30)
Governor of Oklahoma signs modified Indian liaison bill into law (05/30)
Alaska Natives seek more authority in domestic violence cases (05/29)
Robinson Rancheria chairwoman faces hearing on theft charge (05/29)
Elizabeth Warren cites mother for family's Indian heritage claim (05/25)
Rep. Cole supports Native Hawaiian recognition in campaign trip (05/25)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves report on Carcieri bill (05/25)
Native Sun News: Rep. Noem does about-face on VAWA measure (05/24)
Another poll taken after Indian identity flap shows a tight race (05/24)
Obama pushed off-shore development despite Native concerns (05/24)
Time change for Senate Indian Affairs Committee vets hearing (05/24)
Tulalip Tribes vice chair shares personal story for VAWA debate (05/23)
Poll shows a close Senate race despite flap over Indian identity (05/23)
DOJ failed to prosecute 65 percent of Indian Country rape cases (05/23)
Newspaper told to leave Shoshone-Bannock candidate forum (05/22)
MPBN: Maliseet man launches campaign for Maine Legislature (05/22)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee veterans hearing (05/22)
Rep. Young won't introduce Chumash Tribe land-into-trust bill (05/21)
Massacre wrongly blamed on Indians resonates 115 years later (05/21)
The Votes: Crossing party lines on Violence Against Women Act (05/18)
BIA disputes Republican report on Violence Against Women Act (05/18)
WBUR: Does Elizabeth Warren get to claim 'minority' status? (05/17)
House approves version of VAWA bill without tribal provisions (05/17)
GOP bill report questions data on crime against Indian women (05/16)
White House raises veto threat against Republican VAWA bill (05/16)
House Resources Committee sets markup on tribal energy bill (05/15)
Tribes increase contributions to President Obama's campaign (05/15)
Senate Finance Committee hearing on tribes and tax reform (05/15)
House considers measure to improve Indian housing process (05/15)
House to debate Violence Against Women Act reauthorization (05/15)
Jodi Gillette: Restore tribal court authority in VAWA measure (05/14)
SCIA hearing on Thursday on the federal trust responsibility (05/14)
Obama backs same-sex marriage while Romney still opposed (05/10)
America's Wire: Native Americans push for their voting rights (05/09)
Chief Allan wins re-election as leader of Coeur d'Alene Tribe (05/08)
Pueblo leader accused of exploiting position on utility board (05/03)
Coeur d'Alene woman seeks Democratic nod for Idaho seat (05/03)
Senate candidate in Massachusetts defends Native identity (05/03)
Suquamish Tribe walk raises awareness of domestic violence (05/02)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearings on trust, veterans (05/01)
Senate candidate in Massachusetts has a Cherokee ancestor (05/01)
Jodi Gillette, Standing Rock Sioux, goes back to White House (04/30)
Column: Democratic candidate accused of being a fake Indian (04/30)
Mathew Tomaskin of Yakama Nation running for state seat (04/26)
Tulalip Tribes vice chair pushes for reauthorization of VAWA (04/26)
Sen. Tom Udall floor statement on tribes and VAWA measure (04/26)
APRN: Alaska Natives angry about exclusion from VAWA bill (04/26)
Obama administration against Alaska tribal VAWA exclusion (04/26)
More changes in Obama's Indian team as Echo Hawk exits (04/26)
No explanation for Alaska Native exclusion from VAWA bill (04/25)
Tribes uncover ancestral remains by solar site in California (04/24)
Alaska Natives excluded from tribal jurisdiction in VAWA bill (04/24)
White House reaffirms support for tribal provisions in VAWA (04/24)
In These Times: Lakota activists take on Keystone XL plan (04/24)
Brandon Sazue wins election as Crow Creek Sioux chairman (04/24)
Derek Bailey, Grand Traverse chairman, ends US House bid (04/24)
House Resources Committee markup for five bills of interest (04/23)
Kim Teehee: White House report on Tribal Nations Conference (04/23)
Navajo Post: Navajo voters look to presidential election (04/20)
Native Sun News: Bill seeks change in unemployment data (04/20)
Native Sun News: Political cartoonist takes bow from paper (04/20)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy (04/19)
Audio: Subcommittee hearing on fracking on tribal lands (04/19)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee hearing (04/18)
Speech by Attorney General Eric Holder at VAWA event (04/18)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy bill (04/18)
Tribes in Arizona get mixed decision in voting law case (04/18)
Oklahoma governor to get audit of Indian museum money (04/17)
House subcommittee holds hearing on Pascua Yaqui bill (04/17)
Agua Caliente Band schedules election for chairman post (04/17)
Native News Network: On campaign trail with Derek Bailey (04/16)
Sho-Ban leader joins Vice President Biden at VAWA event (04/16)
Navajo Nation hires lobbyists for water rights settlement (04/13)
In the Loop: Echo Hawk gives new job to Jeanette Hanna (04/13)
Alcohol industry spends big despite Whiteclay problems (04/12)
Navajo candidate loses lawsuit against Navajo candidate (04/11)
Echo Hawk leaves BIA to be sole Indian in Mormon leadership (04/11)
Rick Santorum suspends Republican presidential campaign (04/11)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee upcoming events in April (04/09)
Del Laverdure, Crow, to serve as acting assistant secretary (04/09)
Editorial: Big price to pay for tribal water rights settlement (04/09)
Oklahoma governor agees to audit of Indian museum funds (04/06)
Nominee dropped for racial comments about Alaska Natives (04/06)
Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation water settlement questioned (04/06)
Agua Caliente Band releases results of tribal council election (04/05)
Cherokee Nation sells plane that was criticized in campaign (04/05)
Fond du Lac chair wins primary amid harasment accusation (04/05)
Economist: Tribal governments working to build sovereignty (04/05)
Native Sun News: Standing Rock Sioux chairman still in office (04/04)
Two Navajo candidates running for New Mexico Senate seat (04/04)
Erma Vizenor wins re-election as leader of White Earth Band (04/04)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee field hearing (04/03)
Recall season proves costly for Colorado River Indian Tribes (04/03)
Group protests governor's visit to Fort Peck Tribes bison site (04/03)
Cherokee Nation criticizes bill to limit role of tribes in policies (04/03)
Echo Hawk creates new post for director under investigation (04/03)
NCAI thanks Larry Echo Hawk for 'new standard' of leadership (04/02)
BIA lists job opening for Eastern Oklahoma's regional director (04/02)
Secretary Salazar statement on Larry Echo Hawk (03/31)
San Manuel Band prepares to seat Carla Rodriguez as leader (03/30)
North Dakota tribe asks Congress to block fracking proposal (03/30)
Trio who won Chukchansi council seats told they can't serve (03/30)
Leader of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe survives removal effort (03/29)
San Manuel Band chooses Carla Rodriguez as new leader (03/28)
Native Sun News: Activists plan Keystone XL hunger strike (03/28)
In the Loop: BIA's regional director goes missing in action (03/28)
Two council members for Isleta Pueblo removed from office (03/27)
Four facing recall from Colorado River Indian Tribes council (03/27)
New Mexico tribes host candidates for state Senate district (03/27)
Sac and Fox Nation worried about Keystone XL Pipeline path (03/27)
Election fails to resolve Chukchansi Tribe leadership dispute (03/27)
Blog: Indian Country outraged at Keystone XL Pipeline push (03/26)
Obama calls southern part of Keystone XL Pipeline a priority (03/23)
BIA regional office goes without director for over two years (03/22)
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes press Obama to resolve land fight (03/22)
Indian activists to protest Keystone XL during Obama's visit (03/22)
Cheryl Seidner, former Wiyot chair, to run for county office (03/21)
Native Sun News: Russell Means goes back to his 'normal' life (03/21)
House subcommittee holds hearing for Ute Tribe land swap (03/21)
Little Traverse Bay Bands consider same-sex marriage law (03/21)
Washington governor signs Public Law 280 retrocession bill (03/20)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee's hearing (03/20)
Supreme Court to debate health care reform law next week (03/20)
Crow lawmakers call for removal of judge over racist email (03/20)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearing (03/15)
Last of defendants enter pleas in Kickapoo corruption case (03/15)
Native Sun News: Standing Rock Sioux chair faces removal (03/15)
Richard Pombo sees 'no chance' to pass land-into-trust fix (03/15)
Bill to authorize wolf hunt in Wisconsin gains final approval (03/15)
Democrats push for action on Violence Against Women Act (03/15)
Isleta Pueblo suspends two council members amid turmoil (03/14)
Bill elevates Indian affairs position to Cabinet in Oklahoma (03/14)
'Fighting Sioux' petitions approved for referendum in June (03/14)
Rick Santorum racks up two more Republican primary wins (03/14)
WUWM: Tribes in Wisconsin seek more consultation on state policies (03/13)
Navajo Nation ousts officials who gave themselves bonuses (03/13)
San Manuel chairman faces tough campaign for county seat (03/13)
Ojibwe tribes in Wisconsin oppose bill to authorize wolf hunt (03/13)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on water rights (03/13)
Leadership controversy continues within Chukchansi Tribe (03/12)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearings, roundtable (03/12)
Turtle Talk: Republicans fighting Indian provisions in VAWA (03/12)
Rep. Betty McCollum co-sponsors SAVE Native Women Act (03/08)
Remarks by SBA Administrator Mills at NCAI winter session (03/08)
DHS Secretary Napolitano supports tribal disaster requests (03/08)
Native Sun News: Bill for new South Dakota flag stirs debate (03/08)
Fueled by anti-Obama sentiments, hate groups on rise in US (03/08)
Members of Picayune Rancheria to vote in disputed election (03/08)
Chairman of Standing Rock Sioux Tribe faces removal effort (03/07)
Tribes slam 'declaration of war' on online lending businesses (03/07)
Sen. Hatch opposes bill provisions to protect Native women (03/07)
Mitt Romney claims victory in six Super Tuesday primaries (03/07)
White House official also hopeful for tribal trust settlements (03/06)
Witness list for Senate Banking Committee hearing on housing (03/06)
Remarks by NCAI President Jefferson Keel at winter session (03/06)
Cooling-off period ends for rival factions of Picayune Rancheria (03/06)
WPM: Bill requests funding for Wind River Reservation cleanup (03/06)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee budget hearing (03/06)
Witness list for House hearing on IHS and OST budget request (03/06)
ICT interview with Bill John Baker, new Cherokee Nation chief (03/05)
Bill in Oklahoma limits role of tribes in environmental process (03/05)
Leech Lake Band threatens litigation over share of trust fund (03/05)
NCAI hosts tribal leaders for winter session in Washington, DC (03/05)
Rep. Dicks announces retirement after 36 years on Capitol Hill (03/02)
Mining bill opposed by tribes in Wisconsin appears to be dead (03/02)
MPR: House panel debates Minnesota Chippewa trust fund bill (03/02)
9th Circuit to investigate judge who sent racist Obama e-mail (03/02)
Ute Tribe leader returns to job after suspension without pay (03/01)
Lisa Billy, Chickasaw, sponsors 'personhood' bill in Oklahoma (03/01)
Witness List: House hearing on Chippewa trust fund measure (03/01)
Montana federal judge admits sending 'racist' Obama e-mail (02/29)
Bill for state jurisdiction retrocession in Washington passes (02/29)
Charges dropped for Red Cliff man who drummed at capitol (02/29)
Leech Lake chairman to testify against trust fund legislation (02/29)
Mitt Romney wins Republican primaries in Arizona, Michigan (02/29)
County official's Native accent is deemed 'inappropriate' (02/28)
Obama signs bill to move Quileute Tribe to safer grounds (02/28)
TransCanada to resubmit proposal for Keystone XL Pipeline (02/28)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearings (02/27)
Opinion: Significant implications for payday loan decision (02/24)
Editorial: Don't stir racial animosity against Coquille Tribe (02/24)
Native Sun News: Sioux Nation takes stand on Keystone XL (02/24)
Bill in Utah allows sharing of health information with tribes (02/23)
Indian voters in Wyoming win decision from appeals court (02/23)
Bill in Washington allows retrocession of state jurisdiction (02/21)
Declination rate remains high for crimes in Indian Country (02/21)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee roundtable and hearings (02/21)
Hearings on Capitol Hill focus on Indian energy development (02/17)
House passes bill to approve Keystone XL and ANWR drilling (02/17)
Bill in Colorado encourages Indian languages in public schools (02/16)
New bill introduced for Northern Cheyenne Tribe's coal swap (02/16)
Bill authorizes distribution of $28M Chippewa judgment funds (02/16)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe rallies against Keystone XL (02/16)
Bill introduced to settle Hopi and Navajo water rights dispute (02/15)
Navajo Nation looks into alleged mismanagement in Shiprock (02/15)
OPB: Quileute Tribe waits on Obama to sign land transfer bill (02/15)
FY2013 budget transfers Indian Arts and Crafts Board to BIA (02/15)
Sen. Kyl will introduce bill to settle Hopi, Navajo water rights (02/14)
Lawmakers consider alcohol zone bill amid Whiteclay lawsuit (02/14)
Arizona tribes continue fight against copper mine land swap (02/14)
Senate approves bill to move Quileute Tribe to safer grounds (02/14)
Secretary Salazar to testify about budget at House hearing (02/14)
Witness list for House hearing on tribal energy development (02/14)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on Indian energy development (02/14)
WUWM: Bad River Band traditions threatened by mining bid (02/13)
ACLU: South Dakota trying to suppress Indian voter turnout (02/13)
OST continues a downward trend with latest budget request (02/13)
Obama proposes another increase for IHS budget in FY2013 (02/13)
BIA budget mostly staying the same under FY2013 proposal (02/13)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee sets hearing (02/13)
Secretary Salazar to release DOI FY2013 budget on Monday (02/10)
California governor names Tule River woman tribal advisor (02/10)
Craig Corn sworn in as new chairman of Menominee Nation (02/10)
It's Back: UND resumes use of 'Fighting Sioux' nick and logo (02/10)
Bill extends Tribal Law and Order Act Commission for a year (02/10)
Probe finds no wrongdoing for Keystone XL Pipeline review (02/10)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe calls Keystone XL rally (02/08)
Rick Santorum boosts campaign with victories in three states (02/08)
Rep. Markey calls for hearing on Alaska Native corporations (02/07)
House approves bill to move Quileute Tribe to safer grounds (02/07)
New Mexico Secretary of Indian Affairs hasn't been confirmed (02/07)
Witness List: House subcommittee hearing on Indian land bill (02/06)
Tribes in Minnesota shift campaign donations to Republicans (02/06)
Opinion: Tribal consultation needed for Wisconsin mining bill (02/06)
Campaign: How Bill John Baker won Cherokee Nation election (02/06)
Poll: Obama holds edge over Romney as GOP race continues (02/06)
BIA looks into mining debate that affects tribes in Wisconsin (02/03)
Candidate links San Manuel Band leader to gangs and crime (02/03)
'Fighting Sioux' supporters nearing deadline for petitions (02/02)
Native Sun News: Michael Jandreau leads tribe for 33 years (02/02)
Republicans turn Keystone XL Pipeline into election issue (02/02)
Socialist Worker: Bad River Band protests mining project (02/01)
Houlton Band representative works on legislative priorities (02/01)
Takeaway: Voters at Pine Ridge file lawsuit over elections (02/01)
Choctaw Nation gave $50K to Rick Perry before he quit race (02/01)
Tribal leaders attend 17th annual legislative day in Arizona (02/01)
Tribes donate money to re-elect Rep. Don Young of Alaska (02/01)
Mitt Romney easily wins Republican primary vote in Florida (02/01)
Witness list for hearing of Senate Indian Affairs Committee (01/31)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearing (01/30)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing on Thursday (01/30)
Cherokee Nation attorney general Todd Hembree sworn in (01/27)
Native Sun News: Tribes cheer denial of Keystone XL permit (01/27)
Navajo Nation president questioned for off-the-cuff remarks (01/26)
Duane Champagne: Maine tribes send leaders to Legislature (01/26)
Chairman of White Mountain Apache Tribe disputes removal (01/26)
Kim Teehee: 'Built to Last' blueprint includes Indian Country (01/26)
NCAI President Keel offers preview of State of Indian Nations (01/25)
NAIHC hopes State of the Union leads to more streamlining (01/25)
Navajo Nation president praises Obama's State of the Union (01/25)
Bill authorizes BIA officers to enforce traffic law in Wyoming (01/25)
Column: Bill allows shooting range by sacred site in Arizona (01/25)
Blog: 'Why Treaties Matter' exhibit goes around Minnesota (01/24)
Bill removes blood quantum requirement from state post (01/24)
Navajo Nation president thanks Rep. Giffords for her service (01/24)
Witness list for House subcommittee hearing on Indian bills (01/24)
Indian attorney making history with election in Minnesota (01/24)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe's letter to Sen. Thune on Keystone XL (01/24)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds hearings in February (01/24)
Kim Teehee of White House to host 'office hours' on Twitter (01/24)
California tribes donate $303K for governor's tax initiative (01/24)
NCAI President Keel to deliver 2012 State of Indian Nations (01/23)
Rep. Gabrielle Giffords announces resignation from Congress (01/23)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe hired lobbyist who won earmarks (01/23)
Newt Gingrich wins Republican primary vote in South Carolina (01/23)
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation reports results of council election (01/20)
Stanley Crooks wins re-election as leader of Shakopee Tribe (01/19)
Obama blames GOP for rushed ruling on Keystone XL permit (01/19)
Obama expected to reject a permit for Keystone XL Pipeline (01/18)
Reservation voters file lawsuit over lack of election services (01/18)
Native Sun News: Critic targets Oglala Sioux Tribe treasurer (01/18)
Bill in Arizona to elevate Indian Affairs post to Cabinet level (01/18)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee sets hearing (01/17)
Native Sun News: Native women meet to oppose Keystone XL (01/13)
Navajo Nation sues to protect voting rights in county in Utah (01/13)
Bill Janklow, polarizing politician in South Dakota, passes on (01/13)
NPR: Tom Perrelli to step down from Justice Department post (01/12)
Indian woman wins special election to Minnesota Legislature (01/11)
Indian voting rights an issue with shutdown of USPS facility (01/11)
Mitt Romney easily wins New Hampshire's Republican primary (01/11)
Colorado Commission of Indian Affairs names new executive (01/10)
Native Sun News: Rider forces Keystone XL Pipeline decision (01/06)
BIA extends comment period for Shakopee Tribe land-into-trust (01/05)
MPBN: David Slagger, Maliseet, is sworn in to Maine Legislature (01/05)
Mitt Romney barely wins Republican caucus in Iowa by 8 votes (01/04)
Nomination of Arvo Mikkanen to federal bench is dead for now (01/03)
Houlton Band sends first representative to Maine Legislature (01/03)

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