Big changes are in the works at an urban Indian Health Service hospital in South Dakota. Did you know about it?
In Oklahoma, we have the largest concentration of Native people in the U.S., and our tribal governments are strong.
I expect that the impeachment of Donald Trump hearings will closely resemble a circus by the time the head clown and his supporting clowns go into their acts.
I think we need to remind America that there are many fine, responsible, hard-working and law-abiding tribal citizens in this great country.
Indigenous people have been subjected to a disparaging existence on the Great Plains and in the He Sapa (Black Hills) for decades.
It is hard enough to do economic development on rural isolated Indian reservations without having falsehoods on top of the fraud.

Qasem Soleimani was responsible for the deaths of more than 600 U.S. service members in Iraq.

Across Cherokee Nation are places rich in Cherokee history.

One lies and the others swear to it. That is the definite MO of the Trump Administration.

The United States is losing moral capital the world over right now at an alarming rate.

While a new year often ushers in hopeful anticipation about what can be achieved over the next 12 months, it’s important to remember that the divided government which shaped 2019 will continue to influence 2020.

Looking over the 14-year record of accomplishments of the Indigenous socialist government led by Evo Morales in Bolivia, it becomes apparent why U.S. capitalist interests were chomping at the bit to see its demise.

In Australia, that semi-arid land where the sun shines most of the year, the Black Serpent has come to rest.

We are blessed at the Cherokee Nation and thankful that we can make positive changes to improve Oklahoma in both large and small ways.

The United States of America needs an honest national dialogue regarding our own history.

I often write that the more things change in Indian Country the more they stay the same.

It was still dark outside and there was a light snowfall as I took a table by the window at Vesta’s Café in Martin, South Dakota, on Christmas Eve in 1984.

The cost of prescription drugs has gotten out of control and Americans are paying way too much for life-saving treatments.

For nearly 60 years, lawmakers in both chambers and on both sides of the aisle have affirmed their bipartisan commitment to providing for our common defense.

The bells of the Catholic Church continue to call Mohawk Christians to return to mass and renew their faith.

On December 29, 1890, my grandmother Sophie was just a few miles away from the slaughter at Wounded Knee. She actually witnessed a troop of soldiers ride on to the school grounds where she worked and noticed that some of them still had blood on their uniforms.

Two years ago, tax reform was a great Christmas gift to Oklahomans and it’s a gift that keeps on giving.

When the government has a full or even partial lapse in funding, it can needlessly cause billions of dollars of damage to the economy.

For too many Native women, violence is an ever-present threat.

The story behind the story of tribal self-determination and the politics of Indian Country's remarkable journey towards self-rule cannot be told without Dr. Jim Wilson as a central figure.

We're over another Holiday - Thanksgiving. Now a short time before the BIG one - Christmas.

It was the first and last Christmas play I was ever in, but it is one I will never forget.

Lost amid the daily news cycle now focused on the impeachment of the president is the fact that money continues to roll in.

Legislation to revoke the Medals of Honor awarded to those who participated in the massacre of the Lakota people is gaining steam.

As a member of the country’s minority group, I can swear on the fact that racial intolerance is everywhere.

Methamphetamine addiction is rampant on all nine of the Indian reservations in South Dakota.

Especially during a time of great division and polarization, it is important for Americans to join in collective gratitude this year.

I am proud to embrace my Cherokee heritage and I believe that our heritage and traditions should be celebrated not only in November, but year-round.

The official proclamation of Thanksgiving, 16 years later, has its origins in slaughter, gore and carnage.

The largest tribal outpatient health facility is now open in the capital of the Cherokee Nation.

Suzan Shown Harjo, Michael Haney and I were seated in the small dining room in a hotel, waiting for a car to take us to the Oprah Winfrey Show.