Marijuana in Canada presents a serious matter for Natives and particularly for the Mohawks of Akwesasne.
The Choctaw people suffered devastating losses in their history but still found time to help others.
This big world can be a lonely place if you’re just waiting for it to end.
As Cherokees, our elders remain the foundation of our families and communities.
South Dakota is lucky to have a new generation of tribal leaders who continue to fight day in and day for the communities in which they live.
It’s time to treat Indigenous communities with more respect and engage them as collaborators in infrastructure projects.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

Survivors of sexual assault like Christine Blasey Ford deserve our support, not our opposition.

Why do people, then, create these crisis situations where none exist?

The Supreme Court's Carcieri ruling has created an unfair, immoral obstacle to many tribes.

Failure to protect one of us is a failure to protect all of us.

Native women revitalize ceremony to resist the legacy of patriarchy that supports a long-entrenched history of abuse.

When state, federal and tribal governments work together, we have the opportunity to make real changes that will improve the lives of tribal members in our state.

The Oglala Sioux Tribe has wasted so many opportunities that it is almost impossible to list them all.

Reservations have been depicted as unworthy cultural entities, perhaps the most reprehensible characterized groups in the U.S.

Cherokee Nation has always revered and honored our Cherokee warriors, the brave men and women willing to fight for our nation and our freedom.

Donald Trump, like other tyrannical despots before him, is gambling to see how much the world and the country will tolerate.

The Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument has been jeopardized by the Trump administration.

I hope I am not considered vain for thinking back on those precious few days of the good, the bad and the ugly that have been a greater part of my life as a Lakota journalist.

How might Christine Blasey Ford fare against Brett Kavanaugh in the age of #MeToo?

The Donald Trump presidency is a train wreck, but it is not an accident.

This nation’s use of language toward Indians has been inextricably tied to its history of racism on which it was founded by white, male, Christian colonizers.

Forty years ago last spring, I lost my little brother Lloyd to a fishing accident.

We have survived and now we are searching through science and our ancestors for means to healthy lives, families and communities.

Native women are 10 times more likely to be murdered than any other ethnicity, and Native women face domestic and sexual violence at disproportionately high levels.

Teddy Roosevelt may be more responsible than most for the denigration of the powerful indigenous tribe that he called the Sioux.

Native American reservations are experiencing an epidemic of suicide that is claiming the lives of countless young people.

Adrian C. Louis, the Paiute author, poet and journalist, has passed on.

The Mohawk people thrived until the need for cheap power led to the destruction of our homelands.

It appears a majority of Oglala Sioux leaders don't want to see the tribe's constitution reformed.

Treaty tribes believe a pollution-based economy is not sustainable. No price can be placed on the value of human health or the resources that sustain us.

It was seventeen years ago, but I remember that day as if it were yesterday.

From ancient traditions to forced removal and assimilation to survival and to self-determination, the Cherokee Nation’s strong sense of identity and governance are undeniable.

Alaska tribes, despite being more than the nation's capital, know the truth about Brett Kavanaugh's agenda.

Like many Lakota I am a witness to the injustices perpetrated upon Native Americans.

We don’t have good, sound financial decisions being made by the leaders of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

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