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Editorial: Other tribes in Virginia deserve federal recognition too (07/03)
For Virginia’s American Indian tribes, July 2 likely will go down in history as a red letter, to be remembered as the day the first Virginia tribe gained official recognition from the federal government.

Delphine Red Shirt: Speak the Lakota language to carry on culture (07/03)
When I was small, I thought the language would be around forever. It was the only language I heard at home.

Editorial: Gila River Indian Community to blame for highway path (07/02)
The best way to avoid altering South Mountain would have been to route the highway through the Gila River reservation.

Marc Simmons: Legend of Catholic priest saved by grateful tribe (07/02)
Here and there in the scattered Pueblo towns, religious leaders plotted a new rebellion.

Brandon Ecoffey: Delivering stories that matter to Indian Country (07/02)
In the world of journalism, praise is limited, and critiques are a dime a dozen.

Ivan Star: Creating a culturally appropriate economy at Pine Ridge (07/02)
Pine Ridge is still in need of regular demographic polls or surveys to keep up on our economy. If we are to improve our joblessness, then we need solid data.

Elizabeth Hawksworth: Being patriotic and being Native in Canada (07/02)
Natives often have issues with patriotism because so much of Canada was built on colonialism and on fear, trickery, and massacre.

Micah A: My blood quantum does not make me less of an Indian (07/02)
I may be pale-skinned, but I honor my traditions through the telling of my people’s stories, by speaking my people’s language and even by creating the traditional art.

Steve Russell: Professor outed as Cherokee fraud once again (07/01)
How can you be an Indian without knowing which of your relatives is Indian?

Column: Native Code Talkers defended nation with languages (07/01)
So many have suffered much for the sake of our freedom and some are ones we so often overlook, like minorities, who also answered the call to duty and did what they could to preserve the great freedoms of our country.

Marshall Matz: Fight for $380M in Keepseagle funds continues (07/01)
Do you remember the class action litigation Keepseagle v. USDA claiming discrimination against Indian farmers and ranchers?

Harlan McKosato: Indian people survive despite mistreatment (07/01)
Do you ever get tired of hearing about how pitiful it is to be Native American from our own Native writers, the mainstream American press, and international media outlets?

Yvette Roubideaux: Making progress at Indian Health Service (06/30)
I joined the Indian Health Service knowing that there was much work to do and there were no quick fixes available.

Sarah Sunshine Manning: Even toys carry harmful messages (06/30)
It is exhausting explaining why Indian mascots or the Confederate flag are degrading and harmful to our children.

Alex Jacobs: Fake Indians damage the real Indian community (06/30)
Native Americans and Skins in general know all about people passing and posing as Indians, there’s a long history of the characters appropriating their way into our cultures.

Bryan Terry: Honor Sequoyah with statue at Tennessee capitol (06/29)
As a Tennessee legislator with membership in a federally recognized tribe, I have a unique perspective on the situation and I feel that it is my duty to step up during this debate and offer another point of view.

Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Race frauds are not new in Indian Country (06/29)
The American obsession with black authenticity is related to Indian authenticity, and it is tied to 'blood' purity.

Terese Marie Mailhot: Let Native people speak our own voices (06/29)
There’s a long history of people who come into our communities to save us.

Steven Newcomb: Indian law and policy based on domination (06/29)
Federal Indian law and policy is a language and idea system predicated on the U.S.’s domination of our nations and peoples.

Mark Trahant: Action plan needed for health in Indian Country (06/29)
The Supreme Court once again affirmed the legality of the Affordable Care Act.

Editorial: County stonewalling Chumash Tribe on development (06/26)
The U.S. Congress is trying to do something folks in Santa Barbara County have been unable to do — start a useful conversation between local governments.

Michael Connor: Making informed decisions for land buy-back (06/26)
This week, the Department of the Interior hit a significant milestone, paying more than $500 million to approximately 30,000 individual landowners through the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

Lorie Graham and Kathryn Fort: The truth about Indian children (06/25)
Forcible removal of indigenous children from their families dates back to colonial times, when missionaries set out to 'Christianize' and 'civilize' Indian children under the guise of educating them.

Vicente Diaz: Legacy of racist Indian mascot lives at university (06/25)
So, while the dust has yet to settle, there is a fifty-fifty chance right now that come this fall, American Indian Studies at UIUC would be reduced to a single faculty member.

Clara Caufield: Welcoming riders to Little Bighorn anniversary (06/25)
In 2015, we celebrate and observe the 139th anniversary of both the Rosebud Battle (the Cheyenne call it Where the girl saved her brother) and the Battle of the Little Big Horn which we call the Custer Fight or Greasy Grass Fight.

Delphine Red Shirt: Generous stranger returns land to Pine Ridge (06/25)
A few years ago, I met a non-Lakota person who said he owned 160 acres of land on the reservation, near Kyle.

Jay Daniels: Energy mismanagement at BIA isn't anything new (06/23)
After more than 118 years, we are still experiencing problems and difficulties in oil and gas development on Indian land.

Joel Reynolds: Saying goodbye to Native elder Bobby Andrew (06/23)
I didn't expect the Pebble Mine would outlast Bobby Andrew. He was a fighter who never seemed to get tired.

Elizabeth Hawksworth: Church owes apology to Native people (06/23)
I stand up now for the thousands of my brothers and sisters who were killed in the Canadian residential school genocide.

Mark Trahant: National Aboriginal Day stirs new hope in Canada (06/23)
For nearly two decades, Canadians have celebrated June 21 as a national holiday to honor the Inuit, First Nations and Metis people.

Steven Newcomb: System of dominance thrust on our nations (06/22)
Nowhere in the text of the UNDRIP is the counter-argument made that nations and peoples called 'indigenous' have not been successfully conquered, but instead have been wrongfully forced to exist for centuries under unjust forms of domination.

David Walker: IHS fails to recognize and respond to oppression (06/22)
The Indian Health Service doesn’t acknowledge the reality of oppression within the lives of Native people.

Elizabeth Morris: More funding won't stop Indian child abuse (06/22)
Handing additional funding and control to corrupt tribal leaders is not the best way to help victims.

Brit Bennett: Terrorism's roots reach deep into White America (06/22)
In America’s contemporary imagination, terrorism is foreign and brown. Those terrorists do not have complex motivations.

Chris Rickert: Wisconsin school made right call on racist images (06/22)
If a shirt featuring, say, Little Black Sambo can be considered a racially harassing 'disruption or distraction' then a shirt with the absurdly smiling face of the Cleveland Indians’ Chief Wahoo seems just as objectionable.

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