Lost amid the daily news cycle now focused on the impeachment of the president is the fact that money continues to roll in.
Legislation to revoke the Medals of Honor awarded to those who participated in the massacre of the Lakota people is gaining steam.
As a member of the country’s minority group, I can swear on the fact that racial intolerance is everywhere.
Methamphetamine addiction is rampant on all nine of the Indian reservations in South Dakota.
Especially during a time of great division and polarization, it is important for Americans to join in collective gratitude this year.
I am proud to embrace my Cherokee heritage and I believe that our heritage and traditions should be celebrated not only in November, but year-round.

The official proclamation of Thanksgiving, 16 years later, has its origins in slaughter, gore and carnage.

The largest tribal outpatient health facility is now open in the capital of the Cherokee Nation.

Suzan Shown Harjo, Michael Haney and I were seated in the small dining room in a hotel, waiting for a car to take us to the Oprah Winfrey Show.

Years ago, I moved from the Northern Cheyenne Reservation, the only home my children knew,, to the nation's capital.

The gap between colonized and colonizer can be bridged, although it will take a lot of work on the part of both.

Slade Gorton, a former U.S. Senator who was ousted from office after tribal leaders slammed his anti-sovereignty record, is still alive. Surprised?

Gender inclusivity is important, but so is acknowledging our Indigenous origins.

The Cherokee Nation is doubling funding for training for some of the fastest growing and highest paying jobs.

Native Americans were slaughtered and starved on their own lands in an effort to subdue them and steal their lands.

People sometimes say our kids are blessed to have us as parents. But Christie and I are the ones who feel so blessed that the Lord has given us the opportunity to expand our family.

Like many others across the nation, my family knows all too well the heartbreaking decline that takes place in those suffering with Alzheimer’s.

November is a significant time for the Cherokee Nation and other tribal nations across the United States.

It’s all about money….and land? .... And power. We are capitalists, after all.

Climate change disproportionately affects poor people and people of color. They should be compensated for their suffering.

A bar in a reservation border town once had a sign with 'No Indians Allowed' carved in wood.

Business as usual has been to wait on federal funding for our housing rehabilitation projects. Our people cannot wait any longer.

One day is not enough to thank the brave men and women who defend our freedoms every day.

Without question, we owe a constant debt of gratitude to generations of veterans, including many of our own family members, who made sacrifices to ensure the safety of our homeland and who faithfully fought to promote and preserve America’s precious freedoms.

Native music remains in a cultural ghetto, unheard by most people, unmarketed by the major music companies and alien to a world which is in desperate needs of its power and beauty.

On behalf of the 24th Navajo Nation Council, Speaker Seth Damon recognizes Navajo Veterans and all who served honorably in the United States Armed Forces.

When the Indian community doesn’t organize, and be its own watchdog, opportunists will swoop in to fill that power vacuum.

We have had bad presidents, but they didn’t have the Reverend Jim Jones cult like following this president seems to attract.

Our attention focuses upon Native Americans, a well-known fact that among all ethnic groups, our people have the highest rate of voluntary service.

Warriors who have served in every war from World War I to present day can be proud of their service.

Law enforcement should never choose protecting one of their own, over protecting children from that officer’s excessive policing.

We should know that Russian operatives and anti-American voices are on the internet daily.

Playing political games only distracts us from improving the lives of everyday Americans.

As Americans, it is indeed important to remember the role tribes and their leaders have played in our collective history.

As Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation, I know that when we work together as a family and community, we are stronger.

Recently, an elderly friend was victimized to the tune of $4,000 but avoided being taken for an additional $12,000.