Until Lakota people develop a healthy intellectual class to offset the reverence paid to holy men or high school basketball coaches, the tribe will struggle to find a place in any world, the past, the present, or the future.
I am grateful for the rich heritage of South Dakota tribes. Their history is woven deep within the fabric of our state.
As we honor the Native Nations and Indigenous Peoples' in the United States and North America, I ask, remember where you came from.
Our employees here at the Cherokee Nation are the backbone of our government and business operations.
It’s good to live off the Rez, but still be close enough to visit home.
Especially for those Americans who rely on regular prescriptions, the high cost of purchasing their vital medicine is an all too familiar burden.

As Cherokee people, we have always respected our warriors – people willing to fight for us, for our values and for our way of life.

Under no circumstances does any actual progressive get anywhere near the Oval Office.

President Trump is simply just another example of the fruit produced by our white supremacist, racist, sexist and colonial foundations.

Long before the first white settler ever set foot in the Northern Plains the Native Americans were sharing the land with their ancestral friend, the buffalo.

Everyone knows that our language, culture, and history, have been targeted for eradication by the federal government.

This is no longer a case of being a Democrat or a Republican: It is a case of being an American.

As border towns go, Sheridan, Wyoming, may be one of the best, though, in my opinion, it could improve on relationships with Natives.

On average, 130 Americans die every day from an opioid overdose.

When lawmakers returned for legislative session after the extended work period, House Democrats had an opportunity to turn a new leaf and actually get things done for the American people.

The Cherokee people have spent generations surviving and persevering through a series of federal policies that conspire to destroy our government, break up our families and relegate our people to the pages of history.

Indian-White History of America isn’t unique but the truth is, our history is not behind us and it is not forgiven.

We elderly have stories to tell. Stories about the hardships we endured.

Native American media has come a long way in the past 50 years, but in which direction it will head from here is anybody’s guess.

Our elders have been telling us to find our original teachings and to live by them.

There is no long term difference between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. They both serve the oligarchy.

As border towns go, Sheridan, Wyoming, may be one of the best, though, in my opinion, it could improve on relationships with Natives.

The federal government has treaty and trust responsibilities to tribal governments, including the protection of tribal cultural resources.

Given enough time, powerless people hammer out an empowering narrative, so that when they face the people that took their power, they can maintain their dignity, and pride, and hope.

Our ceremonies have told us to prepare for hard times. We are in those times.

Today, we acknowledge the role that the wage gap plays in the many forms of centuries-long oppression of Native American Women.

What is happening at the Sioux San Hospital in South Dakota is no longer a laughing matter.

A statue of Ponca Chief Standing Bear will be on display for years to come, and I encourage Nebraskans to look for it when they next visit the U.S. Capitol.

As we dwell upon death, especially the untimely loss of dear friends and loved ones, we must also focus upon life.

In effect, reservation life begins with the Laws of Burgos, issued by the Kingdom of Spain more than 500 years ago.

I began a healing process recently to better understand my role as a father of my own son.

We need to face some dark truths about ourselves. One, we wanted the money, not the land.

There are no true traditionalists left in Indian Country to put it bluntly.

Too many people, especially non-Natives say, 'Get over it.' If only it was that simple. One does not take centuries of trauma and get rid of it overnight.

How can one branch of the federal government have a more than 100-year relationship and sign a 30-year agreement with an Indian tribe, while another denies its very existence?

While lawmakers debate numerous issues of significance, an important matter surrounding personal freedom and national security quietly looms in the background.