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Delphine Red Shirt: Culture of fear impacts our Indian children (02/20)
In the wake of the disturbing Jan. 24 events at the Rapid City hockey game, people on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation were further stunned by a series of suicides by very young and beautiful children.

Wendsler Nosie: US government approves theft of sacred land (02/20)
The taking of property without the laws that apply normally. Isn’t that called stealing?

Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne and Crow hold long rivalry (02/20)
The Northern Cheyenne and Crow Tribes have had a long rivalry. From what we know it goes way back to the traditional days when to our people were still living freely on the Great Plains.

Mark Trahant: Alaska's unfinished business is tribal sovereignty (02/20)
Do Alaska Native tribes posses sovereignty? A simple question. And, in Indian Country, the answer is usually a quick 'yes.'

Peter d'Errico: San Carlos Apache Tribe fights hostile takeover (02/20)
The San Carlos Apache battle cry to prevent the hostile takeover over of Apache lands by the United States and Rio Tinto mining corporation, goes to the core of U.S. neo-colonialism against Native nations.

Opinion: Let's rethink federal policy toward tribal sovereignty (02/19)
The Enrolled Tribe says it is sovereign and above the rule of law. All other citizens do, and will, bear the burdens of the Tribe’s actions.

Chase Iron Eyes: Man assaults our kids and gets away with it (02/19)
Disorderly Conduct is not going to suffice. There needs to be a charge, an element of which includes or relates to the racially motivated nature of this crime.

James Giago Davies: A Lakota mother fought the law and won (02/19)
A quarter mile west of Maverick Junction the Fall River carves a bold, artistic groove through solid rock.

Alex Jacobs: Self-censorship in the age of freedom and liberty (02/19)
What Charlie Hebdo represents is freedom and liberty, but not fraternity and not quite equality, and what it did was perceived as racist and dehumanizing in some quarters.

Gyasi Ross: Native Americans and African Americans share ties (02/19)
I literally didn’t realize I was a quarter black (actually a bit less than a quarter, but I’ll claim a quarter for easy math) until I was almost 13.

Robert Heyano: Alaska tribes committed to fight against mine (02/18)
Bristol Bay is a unique and valuable treasure that cannot be put at risk.

Opinion: America's unjust efforts to preserve White privilege (02/18)
As I pass through the Navajo Nation on my 4,000-mile drive across America, I catch a disturbing glimpse of a white-power insurgency happening in all regions.

Mohawk Council of Akwesasne: Concerns about US border bill (02/18)
When 9/11 happened, the national media was quick to point to Akwesasne as the route terrorists used to enter the country, and for weeks this information was shared around the world erroneously.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Mohawk man stands up for his people (02/17)
Kanaharonton-Alvin Jock is a Mohawk businessman, known throughout Akwesasne for this towing service and car parts.

Opinion: Eliminating racist mascot was the right thing to do (02/17)
When I raised my hand to vote in a classroom at Neshaminy High School nearly 18 months ago, I was unaware of the battle I was about to ignite as editor-in-chief of The Playwickian, my school's newspaper.

Cedric Sunray: BIA played role in tribe's racist marriage policy (02/17)
The Pamunkey Tribe has recently come under fire by the Congressional Black Caucus for, until very recently, their constitutional prohibition of intermarriage with black people.

Opinion: Indian Country continues to suffer in media silence (02/17)
What Indians lack today is an Indian version of Al Sharpton who would pop up here and there in an instant and start angry marches, fiery debates, inflaming emotions and cause tons of publicity.

Opinion: Native people 'airbrushed' out of American society (02/16)
You get the impression that the USA had all of its native population killed off by disease or war, as Europeans from the east to west settled the lands from the 1600s onward.

Opinion: Vast opportunities for tribes and marijuana industry (02/16)
The federal government’s newly liberal policies regarding cannabis on tribal lands could be a financial boon for a large number of tribes.

Steve Russell: Rumblings from a world leader with odd views (02/16)
Turkey used to be the only majority Muslim nation that appeared to get the separation of mosque and state right.

Tim Giago: Racism continues to be tolerated in South Dakota (02/16)
South Dakota in general and Rapid City in particular, appear to have cornered the 2015 market on racism, inequality and lack of justice.

Opinion: Tribute to the late Blackfoot scholar Narcisse Blood (02/16)
There are so many people in Indian country processing the loss of our Blackfoot scholar, philosopher, activist, teacher, ceremonialist, healer, family member and friend, Tatsikiistamik (Middle Bull) Narcisse Blood.

Cedric Sunray: Tribes turn blind eye to racism in enrollment (02/16)
Census records of Chitimacha Indians clearly identify the ancestors of today’s black Chitimacha families.

Zoltan Grossman: The global war on tribal nations continues (02/16)
If the 'Global War on Tribes' is as old as European colonialism, in the United States it is as old as the doctrine of Manifest Destiny, and we can trace it back to the Indian Wars.

Tara Houska: Congress continues tradition of taking from tribes (02/13)
Congress is again poised to significantly and negatively impact tribal lands via must-pass legislation.

Dean Suagee: Keystone XL Pipeline and climate change debate (02/13)
Climate change is real, and the fact that Keystone XL has moved as far along toward approval as it has is a source of distress.

Editorial: Let's respect tribal spiritual beliefs about autopsies (02/13)
Two incidents since Saturday have made big news and have sparked much discussion and debate, as they should have — though, apparently, not yet among the right people.

Mark Trahant: Tribal colleges essential to develop economies (02/13)
Congress has recognized the importance and the value of tribal colleges.

Gyasi Ross: Faith Spotted Eagle discusses Keystone XL battle (02/13)
As a grandmother and Chair of the Ihanktonwan Treaty Council I am deeply opposed to the intrusion into our land of the Ft. Laramie Treaties of 1851 and 1868.

Robert Flying Hawk: Hate and racism too common in Rapid City (02/12)
The Yankton Sioux Tribe wishes to express its extreme disdain for what can only be described as hate-fueled and racist conduct directed at a group of Lakota youth.

Opinion: MazaCoin offers economic freedom for Indian Country (02/12)
Cryptocurrencies like MazaCoin threaten to undermine the imposed Western-dominated capitalist structure that has long trapped indigenous peoples in a cycle of poverty and exploitative violence.

Editorial: Navajo Nation sees progress in border town relations (02/12)
Testimony at a Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission hearing in Farmington last week provided reason for hope.

Clara Caufield: Northern Cheyenne Tribe leaves elders in lurch (02/12)
Sometimes it grows wearisome to be a poor Indian living on a reservation, barely skating by, living from the first to the first.

Peter d'Errico: Obama touches sore spot with Christianity remark (02/12)
Historical records show that Christianity was very violent during long periods of its development.

Brian Pierson: State law still matters as tribes pursue marijuana (02/11)
The Department of Justice policy does not provide a complete legal foundation for tribal commercial marijuana enterprises.

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