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Regina Brave: Oglala Sioux Tribe cites treaties in Keystone fight (04/11)
A prayer ceremony was conducted by our spiritual leaders for all the people who committed to protect treaty lands through peaceful, non-violent action against the Keystone XL Pipeline.

John Christian-Hopkins: Searching for compromise with a friend (04/11)
Can liberals and conservatives be friends, even when it comes to conflicting views on assimilation?

Ruth Hopkins: Don't play into Hollywood's white privilege game (04/11)
Ruth Hopkins says Native people should tell their own stories and not rely on the mainstream media.

Column: Moapa Band makes good deal for solar energy panels (04/10)
The Moapa Band of Paiute Indians in Nevada used a High Energy Cost Grant from the Agriculture Department to install solar arrays at a tribal business.

Opinion: City looking for agreement with tribes over sales taxes (04/10)
Keith Hall, a commissioner in Shawnee, Oklahoma, says the city wants to reach agreement with tribes over the taxation of goods sold to non-Indians.

Opinion: A clash of worldviews after arrival of Columbus in 1492 (04/10)
Writer discusses how genocide, wars and treaties were used to remove Native people from their homelands.

Gyasi Ross: Native people were just people on popular TV show (04/10)
Gyasi Ross pays tribute to the Native actors who helped make Breaking Bad a popular and critically-acclaimed show.

Opinion: Cedarville Rancheria shooting changed my life forever (04/10)
Philip Russo, whose wife, Shelia, was killed in a mass shooting on the Cedarville Rancheria of California, calls for change in wake of gun violence.

Opinion: First Nations aren't standing in the way of developmentW (04/09)
Writer disputes claim that Native land rights and claims are hindering energy development across Canada.

John Kane: New York governor keeps secret tribal tobacco rules (04/09)
John Kane says New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) won't disclose its tobacco taxation policy despite requests for information dating back years.

Lalo Alcaraz: 2002 cartoon foretold 'Chief Wahoo' confrontation (04/09)
Cartoonist Lalo Alcaraz notes eerie similarities between his 2002 cartoon and a 2014 protest against the Chief Wahoo mascot.

Dina Gilio-Whitaker: Indigenous thinking at odds with capitalism (04/09)
Dina Gilio-Whitaker says tribes must address the limits of capitalism when pursuing economic development.

Kyle Edwards: Racial tensions common on hockey rink in Canada (04/08)
Student Kyle Edwards, a former hockey player from the Lake Manitoba First Nation, says racial tensions were common on the rink.

Steve Russell: Payday loan donations funneled to Utah politician (04/08)
Steve Russell on corruption in Utah, with the help of a politician and the payday lending industry.

Editorial: Secretary Jewell makes bad call on Native village road (04/07)
Newspaper criticizes Interior Secretary Sally Jewell for rejecting a road that would benefit an Alaska Native village.

Jeromy Sullivan: Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe continues to survive (04/07)
Jeromy Sullivan, the chairman of the Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe, discusses how relocation affected the S'Klallam way of life.

Gabe Galanda: Internet lending industry erodes tribal sovereignty (04/07)
Attorney Gabe Galanda says it's only a matter of time before the Internet lending industry in Indian Country closes up shop.

Marc Simmons: Delaware warriors found their way to New Mexico (04/07)
Marc Simmons describes how the Delaware people were pushed out of their homelands and how some even ended up in New Mexico.

Brian Cladoosby: Foundation won't fix Indian Country's problems (04/07)
Brian Cladoosby, the president of the National Congress of American Indians, calls on Dan Snyder to do the right thing and get rid of his football team's racist mascot.

Lynn Armitage: Always teach your children the value of hard work (04/07)
Lynn Armitage shares some tips from being a single mother.

Steven Newcomb: US already limits indigenous rights declaration (04/07)
Steven Newcomb discusses how the United States has already taken a limited view of the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples without the input of indigenous leaders:

Clara Caufield: Racist mascots, or standing up for what's right (04/04)
Dimly aware of the Redskins mascot controversy, it has not been a burning issue for many of us Northern Cheyenne.

Kenneth Deer: Mohawk sovereignty versus Quebec separation (04/04)
Kenneth Deer discusses the dilemma Mohawk people face in an upcoming election that could lead to Quebec leaving Canada.

Loretta Tuell: Back to Indian law after a year of voluntary 'exile' (04/04)
Attorney and former Capitol Hill staffer Loretta Tuell shares what she learned after a year of enlightened exile around the world.

Opinion: Deal with Crow Tribe helps meet world's energy needs (04/03)
Colin Marshall, CEO of Cloud Peak Energy, touts a coal exploration agreement with the Crow Tribe of Montana.

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