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André Cramblit: Summer is a time to keep the world in balance with dance (July 21, 2017)

Barbecuing season may be in full swing, but this year’s dance season celebrates an annual rite, Andre Cramblit writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Review: Fictional book about 'Lakota' people deserves benefit of the doubt (July 21, 2017)

Readers of Quiet Until the Thaw are going to find its contents rather familiar -- it's essentially a fictional account of the Oglala Sioux Tribe.

Gyasi Ross: Wealthy white man perpetuates poverty porn in Indian Country (July 21, 2017)

Mark Zuckerberg, the co-founder of Facebook, is visiting Native communities. Is that good? Gyasi Ross has more on Indian Country Media Network.

Terese Mailhot: Go home with your racism and your rinky dink blankets (July 20, 2017)

The racist op-eds by Joffre McCleary about Natives in Canada contain an alarming ignorance of a history he professes to embrace, Terese Mailhot writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Steven Newcomb: Christian domination serves as basis for 'Indian' law (July 20, 2017)

Most Native people still do not realize that a mentally created ‘reality’ of Christian domination is embedded in the Johnson v. M’Intosh ruling, Steven Newcomb writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Mark Trahant: Republicans still unable to govern in the Donald Trump era (July 19, 2017)

With Republicans unable to govern, it’s time for new management in the Senate, Mark Trahant writes.

Arne Vainio: Dignity and respect belong to all of us and cannot be hoarded (July 19, 2017)

I see riches when I travel, but they aren’t always the ones that matter.

Doug George-Kanentiio: Religious doctrines remain at root of 'Indian' law (July 19, 2017)

Millions have died because of the Doctrines of Discovery imposed on indigenous peoples in the United States and Canada.

Harold Monteau: It's time to bring 'tribalization' to the Indian Health Service (July 18, 2017)

Indian Health Service is a mess and the time for tribes to take it over may never be better, Harold Monteau writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Mark Trahant: Buckle up as Republicans try to repeal Affordable Care Act (July 18, 2017)

So plan B, supported by President Donald J. Trump, is a repeal of the Affordable Care Act, without a plan to figure out the what’s next?

Sonny Skyhawk: America can't be proud of its treatment of Native peoples (July 18, 2017)

I am an American – not by choice, but by occupation, Sonny Skyhawk writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Mark Trahant: Republicans once again forced to delay vote on health bill (July 17, 2017)

The Republican healthcare bill looked like it was going to pass but then Sen. John McCain (R-Arizona) announced his own health crisis.

Kayla DeVault: Navajo Nation must take a stand to protect homelands (July 17, 2017)

The Navajo Nation has taken a stand on climate change, Kayla DeVault writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Tiffany Midge: Even more hilarious conversations with my Lakota mom (July 17, 2017)

Tiffany Midge, a citizen of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, is back with another installment of some hilarious conversations with her mom on Indian Country Media Network.

Terese Mailhot: Decolonization is about removing control over our peoples (July 14, 2017)

Decolonization isn’t necessarily about the reclamation of one’s singular culture, but dismantling the establishment’s control of indigenous people, Terese Mailhot writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Peter d'Errico: The Sioux Chef Sean Sherman cooks up a 'wake-up call' with first book (July 13, 2017)

Sean Sherman’s latest cookbook, The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen, offers recipes mixed among wisdom about sustainable living. Peter d'Errico offers a review on Indian Country Media Network.

David Korten: Maori people lead the way in recognizing our Mother Earth (July 12, 2017)

Humanity is slowly reawakening to the essential truth that nature is the source of human existence and is essential to our nurture, David Korten writes for YES! Magazine.

Mark Trahant: Markwayne Mullin breaks campaign pledge and becomes a career politician (July 12, 2017)

We’re almost a year away from the next House and Senate election and we’re just starting to get a look at the candidates who will be making policy.

Terese Mailhot: Don't hang a red dress for me if I go missing or murdered (July 12, 2017)

The use of the red dress to raise awareness for the plight of murdered and missing indigenous women is fraught with symbolic overtones, Terese Mailhot writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Steve Russell: 'Cherokee' artist tired of being pigeonholed as 'Cherokee' (July 11, 2017)

To steal relatives and cultures disrespects the people you come from as much as it disrespects the people you exploit for profit, Steve Russell writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Harlan McKosato: We need to educate others about our tribal histories (July 10, 2017)

Everyone knows to fire up the grill on Independence Day, but few people know the history of the Fourth of July, Harlan McKosato writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Alison Owings: Americans remain as ignorant of Native peoples as ever (July 10, 2017)

The reactions to an essay about the Declaration of Independence show how much ignorance there is about and toward Native people, then and now, writes Alison Owings on Indian Country Media Network.

Loni Romo: We owe it to future generations to keep Bears Ears protected (July 10, 2017)

We owe it to our youth to keep sites like Bears Ears protected, Loni Romo writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Harold Monteau: Republicans aim to deconstruct the federal government (July 10, 2017)

Deconstruction of the federal government has already begun with the aim creating an America run by corporate oligarchs in the near future, Harold Monteau writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Mark Trahant: Republican health care bill threatens jobs in Indian Country (July 7, 2017)

The Indian Health Service is the largest single employer in Indian Country.

Rosalyn LaPier: Climate change poses challenges for tribal communities (July 7, 2017)

Indigenous communities can be resilient and adapt their internal religious beliefs to outside challenges, as Native American tribes from the turn of the 20th century have proven.

Albert Bender: Judge waited for oil to flow through Dakota Access Pipeline (July 6, 2017)

Keeping the Dakota Access Pipeline open is a flagrant departure from long established legal procedures.

Steven Newcomb: United States plays language games with our nations (July 6, 2017)

The U.S. exhibits its purposeful and continual domination of Indians through the use of carefully constructed phrases, Steven Newcomb writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Gyasi Ross: Native Nations assert authority as guardians of the earth (July 6, 2017)

We do not have to carry the United States’ burden for being disgusting, Gyasi Ross writes on Indian Country Media Network.

Alex Jacobs: How the United States might have turned out differently (July 5, 2017)

What if the Americans sought partnership in tribal territories rather than cling to European ideas of superiority and Christian domination, Alex Jacobs asks on Indian Country Media Network.

Ray Cook: A Mohawk perspective on Canada Day and Independence Day (July 5, 2017)

Two countries that took land from indigenous nations. Two holidays that celebrate their new-found freedoms. What's a Native person to do?

Editorial: No victory for Washington NFL team's racist trademarks (July 5, 2017)

The Washington Post 's editorial board again calls on Washington NFL team owner Dan Snyder to change the name.

Charles Kader: How can President Trump really 'love' Indian Country? (July 5, 2017)

Donald Trump’s first July 4 as President sees a country being dismantled as a world leader, writes Charles Kader on Indian Country Media Network.

Mark Charles: A healthier community lasts longer than beautiful fireworks (July 5, 2017)

Every year the Fourth of July becomes harder and harder to celebrate, Mark Charles writes.

Ruth Hopkins: There would be no America without the first Americans (July 5, 2017)

European immigrants would not have survived long enough to form the 13 colonies but for the assistance of Natives, Ruth Hopkins writes on Indian Country Media Network.