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Thomas O'Rourke: Yurok Tribe is a leader in forest restoration (05/22)
As much of our lands were clear-cut by non-Indians, the Yurok tribe knows all too well that the cost of restoring forests is much higher than the quick profits from cutting them down.

Matt Remle: Tribal nations take a stand to protect Turtle Island (05/22)
With the recent mass demonstrations in Seattle, tribal Nations across Turtle Island continue to lead the larger efforts to combat climate change, ending the desecration of Mother Earth, and towards protecting the welfare of future generations.

Terese Marie Mailhot: A message to all young Native Americans (05/22)
Young Native people, it's unfortunate how much you deal with on a day-to-day basis: navigating the world, developing your own beliefs, having to listen to your parents.

James Davies: The new tactic is to pretend racism doesn't exist (05/22)
Racism was in your face, if you grew up breed iyeska in Rapid City, South Dakota. Racist teachers, racist cops, racist clergy, racist businessmen, racist neighbors.

Ivan Star: I'm finding it hard to stand for 'Star Spangled Banner' (05/21)
There was a time in my life when I actually felt relieved as I cheered for the cavalry riding in, bugle blaring, to save the settlers and their wagon trains.

Opinion: Indian Country left out of nation's economic recovery (05/21)
The U.S. economy is showing signs of recovery — a slow recovery at the very least. The Native American population, however, has largely been left in the dust.

Opinion: Putting a woman on $20 bill might not be an easy task (05/21)
All of our paper money feature white men, at least half of them slave-owners.

Crystal Echo Hawk: Indian Country still invisible to philanthropy (05/21)
A 2011 study published by Native Americans in Philanthropy and the Foundation Center that found that giving to Native Americans accounts for only 0.03 percent of all foundation giving.

Anthony Trujillo: A cultural ambassador with the Peace Corps (05/20)
As a child, the thought of living in another country was only slightly more plausible than moving to Mars.

Jay Daniels: Indian Country forced to choose among two evils (05/20)
Indian country is faced with a tremendous quandary. Live without realizing economic development in areas where development isn’t always fully viable.

Mark Rogers: Some truths of the ethnic experience in America (05/20)
No single ethnic community in America has a monopoly on unequal treatment, injustice and bigotry.

Harlan McKosato: It's time to change school policy on feathers (05/20)
Every year during graduation season the issue of wearing eagle feathers comes up among Native students and their schools.

Bryan Newland: Important context on land-into-trust process (05/20)
The lesson to be learned from Allotment and Reorganization (and Termination) is that Indians prosper when we have a homeland and that we suffer greatly when we don’t.

Opinion: Protecting sacred places should matter to everyone (05/19)
Over the last 10 years, I have traveled around the world documenting the uniqueness of indigenous cultures and the universality of values that honor the sacred spiritual dimension of land and water.

Bill John Baker: Cherokee Nation building for a brighter future (05/19)
Business is booming in the Cherokee Nation. What we didn’t expect was to what extent our economic footprint had grown—by more than 50 percent over the last four years.

Mark Trahant: Indian Country finds success in diabetes fight (05/19)
Indian Country has long faced the epidemic of diabetes with rates 2.3 times greater than the general population.

Mary Pember: Memories of racism come back in a police stop (05/19)
The public debate over police violence against unarmed black men has reminded me of the same police treatment of Native men and the palpable lack of public concern.

Column: Pueblo student takes to street to raise college funds (05/18)
Panhandling was never something Darren Booqua liked or did very often. It was embarrassing, he said. Humiliating. Weird.

Frank Black Cloud: Spirit Lake Nation supports 'Fighting Sioux' (05/18)
I, for one, am a proud Dakota Sioux and a very proud Fighting Sioux supporter as are many, many other members of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe.

Rosanna Deerchild: An iconic Buffy Sainte-Marie still inspires (05/18)
She is a musical innovator — producing her own music and adopting electronic instruments before anyone else.

Joe Flood: What's lurking behind suicides in Indian Country? (05/18)
Since December, nine people between the ages of 12 and 24 have committed suicide on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation.

Gyasi Ross: A message of encouragement to Native graduates (05/18)
Native people are the only people on this continent who have a home to go home to on this continent.

Gina Sixkiller: Just say no to dehumanization of our peoples (05/18)
I grew up being called a squaw, half-breed, white, redskin and other names—none meant in a good way.

Steve Russell: About that 'obsession' with tribal sovereignty (05/18)
Our people do not know what they want or why they want it, let alone how to state it in the simple terms—the slogans—that inspire mass action.

Raymond Coriz: Southern Ute Tribe working to save more lives (05/15)
If there is one thing I could urge all motorists - drivers, passengers, front seat, back seat, all ages - to do every time you get in a vehicle, it's buckle up.

Andre Cramblit: Indian names considered 'fake' on Facebook (05/15)
Apparently the maestros behind the scenes of your favorite online guilty pleasure-social media experience known as FaceBook think that Native Americans could not possibly have such absurd surnames as Nighthorse, ManKiller or Crazy Horse.

Turtle Talk: Analysis of subcommittee land-into-trust memo (05/14)
The Majority Staff Memo creates the perception that the BIA is an unfettered and unchecked bureaucracy that is gobbling up land for Indians at the expense of unsuspecting communities.

Vi Waln: Vote in school board election to help Lakota children (05/14)
As the end of another academic school year comes to a close, I want to address the importance of education.

James Davies: Indian Country must face the man in the mirror (05/14)
Instead of focusing on every perceived slight, why not pour all that energy into the actual nuts and bolts reality plaguing almost every reservation—violence, poverty, alcoholism, drug abuse.

Alex Jacobs: Governor strikes political deal for nuclear waste (05/14)
How can communities, Native and non-Native, stop such projects from developing, using up precious water, polluting the environment, presenting security risks that rationalize ever greater government intrusion?

Brandon Ecoffey: Evaluating our priorities in the Native media (05/13)
Over the past couple of years the Native news industry has increasingly become separated into two different camps.

Monique Vondall-Rieke: Indian victims still treated differently (05/13)
It is time, again, for us to band together to suggest ways to improve Indian Country justice at every level.

David Wilkins: Disenrollments aren't about tribal sovereignty (05/12)
Tribal politicians and jurists who work to disenroll legitimate Native citizens justify their perverted behavior by wrapping themselves in the cloak of sovereign power.

Steve Russell: Indian Country isn't divided into 'left' or 'right' (05/12)
The Democratic and Republican parties represent a very narrow lane in the autobahn of world politics.

Opinion: Incorporate Native knowledge into management (05/11)
Native ways of knowing don't always square with Western science, but they're rooted in millennia of culture and experience.

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