The president is a racist, but he needs to keep that hate within himself.
Times were really tough on the reservation after the war, but these kind and gentle people found the time and the money to make Sunday nights their own.
More than 8,000 Cherokee Nation citizens living in four Arkansas counties now have a new option available for homeownership.
If we are to break the chains of 'federal trust' and colonial 'paternalism' we must know our opponents and have a strong command of our collective histories.
We cannot afford to keep kicking the can down the road and passing bills off to the next generation.
The U.S. House of Representatives wrapped up its legislative activity before heading into the August work period, and I am proud to report that lawmakers ended on a high note.

Indigenous communities are pressing politicians to see that native visibility, voices and votes matter.

Domestic violence goes against our traditional ways as Native people.

We may be in the beginning stages of the process that could remove the president.

For too long, partisan politics have taken the Native Vote and needs of Indian Country for granted.

Why are fellow Indigenous Americans being detained on their ancestral land?

The time for action is now! Our children and families depend on it.

There is no doubt about it: law enforcement is racially profiling people, and weeding out the likely loiterers from the white citizenry.

Some of my faithful readers might be interested in this new development, and also become even more convinced I am slipping.

Our military represents our nation’s strength across the globe and we cannot let politics get in the way of that.

The military deserves our full support in their mission to maintain our national security.

Indian policy throughout history was meant to exterminate us, but we are still here.

The American Indian Coalition held up signs that included 'No one is illegal on stolen land' and 'Close the fascist concentration death camps now.'

The Lakota people referred to the buffalo as their relative, either by brother or sister.

For many Native Americans, growing old is not an option, but for those who do, it is a blessing.

You can’t make this stuff up. At the end of the fossil fuel era, the plan is to transfer the liability to Native people.

I endured a war on their behalf and acquired diseases as a result, yet I am still a 'damn Indian.'

Vital funding happens when our citizens are counted. I challenge all Cherokees to participate in the 2020 Census and make a positive difference.

Leaders of the Ute Tribe and the Yankton Sioux Tribe are calling on fellow Indian nations to oppose an eagle feather petition they say weakens treaty rights and undermines sovereignty.

Throughout history, Native Americans have been subjected to federal laws that are offensive, immoral and outright racist.

Land acknowledgment is a recognition of a truth, a kind of verbal memorial that we erect in honor of indigenous peoples.

Are you out there, Danny? I knew your father.

Even on my own reservation, ignorance about Hispanic culture abounds.

Most Lakota with any common sense know that there will never be a deal struck to return all of the Black Hills to the Indian people.

It appears that the Republicans no longer have a party, they have a cult.

The Havasupai Tribe is falling behind in education, health and emergency needs because it lacks affordable, reliable and high-speed broadband.

Jace Killsback was considered one of the brightest and best. He just admitted to federal fraud charges.

The descendants of Lakota people no longer have control over their lives.

The Cherokee Nation’s website – – relaunched July 1.

The Green New Deal is nonsensical, unworkable and simply a departure from reality.