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Kevin Abourezk: Kalyn Free puts end to INDN's List after 5 years (12/21)
Mark Trahant: A new standard for the federal-tribal relationship (12/20)
Official announcement for UN declaration on indigenous rights (12/17)
Bill resolves long-running boundary dispute with Quileute Tribe (12/17)
CNC: Tribes applaud backing for indigenous rights declaration (12/17)
Land-into-trust fix in limbo amid dispute on appropriations bill (12/17)
Native Sun News: Lovejoy discusses bid for Navajo presidency (12/17)
President Obama's remarks at White House Tribal Nations meet (12/16)
APRN: Tribal leaders in Alaska bring their issues to White House (12/16)
Ken Salazar: Working to meet our obligations to First Americans (12/16)
Small group of tribal leaders meets with Obama at White House (12/16)
ICT interview with Pete Rouse, chief of staff to President Obama (12/16)
Crow Creek Sioux chair remains in office despite bribery charges (12/15)
Tribes head to DC for 2nd White House Tribal Nations Conference (12/15)
Congress approves bill to secure a safe reservation for Hoh Tribe (12/15)
Land-into-trust fix not included in Senate version of spending bill (12/15)
CNC: 2010 a busy year for American Indian issues in Washington (12/15)
Gale Norton claims 'millions' wasted for corruption investigation (12/14)
No charges over Democratic feeds on South Dakota reservations (12/14)
New president of Seneca Nation ready to meet President Obama (12/14)
KCAW: Leaders of Sitka Tribe get an earful at eight hour meeting (12/14)
Former Interior secretary Norton won't face corruption charges (12/13)
Sen. Murkowski seeks answers for sex abuse case of Native girl (12/13)
Editorial: Let's hope county commissioners learned their lessons (12/10)
Congress renews Special Diabetes Program for Indians till 2013 (12/10)
Narragansett Tribe still optimistic on fix to land-into-trust ruling (12/10)
Alaska Federation of Natives funneled donations in 2010 election (12/09)
Pueblo water settlements become law after decades of litigation (12/09)
Sen. Baucus press release on Cobell and Crow water rights settlements (12/09)
Rep. Cole authored land-into-trust provision in appropriation bill (12/09)
Land-into-trust fix passes House as part of continuing resolution (12/09)
Indian voters help Yurok man win county position in close election (12/08)
Alaska Native corporations spent $1.6M to support Lisa Murkowski (12/08)
Cartoon: US enlists Navajo Code Talkers for yet another campaign (12/08)
Sen. Dorgan delivers farewell speech on Senate floor on Thursday (12/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets hearing in IHS investigation (12/07)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe swears in Kevin Keckler as new leader (12/07)
Oglala Sioux Tribe to inaugurate new president and other leaders (12/07)
Recall against chairman of Southern Ute Tribe lacks enough votes (12/07)
Interview: Lance Morgan on proposal to change the 8(a) program (12/07)
Alaska InterTribal Council elects new chairman and other leaders (12/06)
Tentative schedule for White House Tribal Nations Conference (12/06)
Legal group behind voting rights case known as 'Indian fighters' (12/02)
Pueblo tribes in New Mexico win approval for water settlements (12/01)
Claims Settlement Act authorizes $460M Crow water settlement (12/01)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe sets swearing-in for leaders (12/01)
Rep. Frank Pallone press release on Claims Settlement Act (12/01)
Sen. Max Baucus press release on Claims Settlement Act (12/01)
APRN: Sitka Tribe removes council member after closed session (11/30)
House passes package with Cobell and tribal water settlements (11/30)
Audio for White House conference call on Claims Settlement Act (11/29)
Opinion: Alaska Natives show their political clout in Senate race (11/29)
Delaware Tribe makes history with first woman elected as chief (11/29)
Incoming New Mexico governor picks Indian affairs review team (11/24)
White House Tribal Nations Conference takes place at main DOI (11/24)
Attorney General Holder addresses Indian Heritage Month event (11/23)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe of Alaska fails to certify results of last election (11/23)
Mark Trahant: Alaska Natives run a successful political campaign (11/23)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux vote certified despite complaint (11/23)
WPR: Wisconsin tribes preparing for another summit with Obama (11/23)
Press Release: NACA statement on 8(a) legislation (11/22)
Muscogee Nation chief to ask Obama for apology at tribal summit (11/22)
Senate passes water rights settlements for tribes in three states (11/22)
Editorial: The tally is in and Lisa Murkowski won the Senate race (11/19)
Sen. McCaskill takes aim at Alaska Native corporation contracts (11/19)
Narragansett chief on Capitol Hill to lobby for land-into-trust fix (11/19)
Ousted Santa Ysabel Band leader won't accept election results (11/19)
NPR: Tribal leaders set national agenda at annual NCAI meeting (11/19)
Lisa Murkowski declares victory after historic write-in campaign (11/18)
Tribes ready for another White House Tribal Nations Conference (11/16)
Count of write-in votes gives Lisa Murkowski lead in Senate race (11/16)
Tribes weigh Congressional agenda at NCAI meet in New Mexico (11/16)
Lobbyists worried about a rival land-into-trust fix on Capitol Hill (11/16)
Peterson Zah leaves tribal affair job at Arizona State University (11/16)
Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation prepares for new chairman (11/16)
Interior Secretary Salazar delivers remarks at NCAI conference (11/15)
Obama hosts second Tribal Nations Conference on December 16 (11/15)
Mark Trahant: Eliminating tax credit will hit Native communities (11/15)
Supreme Court declines South Dakota Indian voting rights case (11/15)
Native Sun News: After victory, Kristi Noem wants to meet tribes (11/12)
Murkowski campaign pleased as write in votes counted in Alaska (11/11)
No charges over Democratic meals on South Dakota reservations (11/11)
Irregularities alleged in Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation vote (11/11)
Robert Odawi Porter installed as new president of Seneca Nation (11/10)
Paula Pechonick elected as first female leader of Delaware Tribe (11/10)
Oklahoma vote against Islamic law could impact tribal activities (11/10)
Ute Mountain Ute man working with Colorado governor's transition (11/09)
State Department response to United Nations human rights council (11/09)
Voters in Alaska Native villages critical for Lisa Murkowski victory (11/08)
Dry Creek Rancheria re-elects Harvey Hopkins to chairman's post (11/08)
Recall election scheduled against chairman of Southern Ute Tribe (11/05)
Wyoming county proceeds with appeal in Indian voting rights suit (11/05)
Criminal case could lead to removal of new Navajo Nation leaders (11/05)
Sen. Tester worried about finding money to pay Cobell settlement (11/05)
Turtle Mountain Band elects nearly an entirely new set of leaders (11/05)
Two Indian lawmakers win campaign for reelection in Washington (11/05)
San Manuel chairman wins election to college's board of trustees (11/04)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe waiting on official results for chairman (11/04)
Indian lawmakers lose elections on three reservations in Montana (11/04)
Chippewa Cree Tribe chooses two incumbents and two challengers (11/04)
Rep. Hastings poised to chair House Natural Resources Committee (11/04)
Lynda Lovejoy won't concede loss in Navajo Nation president race (11/04)
Native Sun News: Yellowbird Steele wins Oglala Sioux presidency (11/04)
Kevin Abourezk: Rebecca White is first woman to lead Ponca Tribe (11/03)
Tex Hall wins chairmanship of Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (11/03)
Rep. Stephanie Herseth Sandlin loses election bid in South Dakota (11/03)
Navajo Nation presidential candidate wins race amid fraud charge (11/03)
Nine Minnesota tribes contribute nearly $1.2M to state politicians (11/03)
Cliff Cultee chosen as chairman of Lummi Nation business council (11/03)
Lisa Murkowski poised to win historic write-in campaign in Senate (11/03)
Republicans gain majority in House while Democrats keep Senate (11/03)
Seneca Nation voters elect Robert Odawi Porter as new president (11/03)
Mark Trahant: We, the American people, are united by our division (11/03)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation offers gas cards for rides to vote sites (11/02)
Chippewa Cree Tribe heads to polls amid dispute over candidates (11/02)
Rep. King says protesters don't know what 'they're talking about' (11/02)
Oglala Sioux Tribe court places candidates back on election ballot (11/02)
Republican candidate takes different approach to Native issues (11/01)
Navajo presidential candidate dismisses indictment as 'political' (11/01)
Protest targets Rep. King for voting against Tribal Law and Order (11/01)
NPR: Gender an issue as Navajo Nation voters pick a new leader (11/01)
Alaska Native committee spends $1.26M to back Sen. Murkowski (10/29)
Seneca Nation singles out lawmakers as 'foes' in election mailing (10/29)
County sets up two polling places for Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation (10/29)
Navajo Nation heads to polls amid charges facing one candidate (10/29)
Recall petition submitted against chairman of Southern Ute Tribe (10/29)
South Dakota governor candidates promise to work with tribes (10/28)
Solve Climate: Congress taking interest in tribal green energy (10/28)
Color Lines: US not accountable for rights of indigenous people (10/28)
Nez Perce Tribe brings more technology into council chambers (10/27)
CNC: Tribes wary of a Republican take-over in Washington, DC (10/27)
Appeals court strikes down voter identification law for Arizona (10/27)
Sen. Baucus to meet Chippewa Cree Tribe over storm recovery (10/27)
Little Traverse Bay Bands votes down change in council salary (10/27)
Bill approves Alaska Native corporation project in national park (10/26)
Paper asks candidates about reform of Alaska Native contracts (10/26)
Sen. Murkowski might buck the odds and win write-in campaign (10/26)
Seneca Nation contributes $220K to New York Republican Party (10/26)
GOP who criticized Alaska Native corporations shows up at AFN (10/25)
Democratic hopeful suggests racism behind subsistence battle (10/25)
Mark Trahant: Don't overlook Native vote in the 2010 elections (10/25)
Oglala Sioux man runs as independent for South Dakota Senate (10/25)
Rep. Herseth Sandlin questions complaint on reservation feeds (10/25)
Kiowa woman hopes to unseat Republican for Oklahoma House (10/25)
Candidates for Seneca Nation president make pitch before vote (10/25)
Judge backs Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation in voting rights dispute (10/25)
Paper asks candidates about role of tribal government in Alaska (10/22)
Paper asks candidates about Native 8(a) government contracts (10/22)
Alaska Federation of Natives endorses Lisa Murkowski in Senate (10/22)
Navajo Nation vice president among group facing fraud charges (10/22)
Turtle Mountain voters oust chairman and four council members (10/22)
NPR: Navajo Nation could make history with first woman leader (10/22)
Republican wants to repeal health law except for IHCIA portions (10/21)
WPR: Judge questions moving child welfare cases to tribal courts (10/21)
Report: Public radio station airs Alaska Native political message (10/21)
Republican accuses Alaska Native corporations of violating laws (10/21)
Ute Tribe prepares for special election to choose a new chairman (10/21)
Washoe Tribe makes history with first female elected as leader (10/20)
Alaska Federation of Natives cancels Senate candidate debate (10/20)
Native Sun News: Rep. Herseth Sandlin campaigns at Pine Ridge (10/20)
Republicans file complaint on Democratic feeds on reservations (10/20)
Ruling expected in Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation voting rights case (10/20)
Indian farmers reach $760M settlement for USDA discrimination (10/20)
Tribes donate nearly $28K to Democratic candidate in Louisiana (10/20)
NCAI statement on settlement in Keepseagle lawsuit (10/20)
Navajo Nation responds to State Department on human rights (10/19)
Mohegan Tribe returns former chairman to top leadership post (10/19)
David Gipp: Indian voting rights abused in North Dakota county (10/19)
Tribes in some states losing on Indian Reservation Road funds (10/18)
New York governor hints of resolution for tribal tobacco battle (10/18)
Four candidates in running to lead the San Carlos Apache Tribe (10/18)
Stephanie Herseth Sandlin: Seeking Indian Country's support (10/18)
GOP questions Democrat 'feeds' on South Dakota reservations (10/18)
CNC: Tribes press Obama to back indigenous rights declaration (10/18)
Judge extends temporary restraining order for Seneca tobacco (10/15)
Former Ione Band chairman reports being stabbed at his home (10/15)
GOP candidate says Alaska Native firms trying to 'buy' election (10/15)
Mohegan and Pequot tribes hold elections for council positions (10/15)
Briefs due in dispute over taxation of Chehalis Tribe water park (10/15)
Oneida Nation hopes to negotiate tobacco taxes with New York (10/15)
Lac Vieux Desert Band banishes woman for being a 'disruption' (10/15)
Obama signs Indian Veterans Housing Opportunity Act into law (10/14)
Native Sun News: Pumpkin Seed runs Oglala Sioux Tribe election (10/14)
Echo Hawk to testify at hearing on Indian transportation issues (10/14)
Ute Tribe leaders remove chairman after second recall election (10/14)
US Attorney recused in Crow Creek Sioux Tribe chairman's case (10/14)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court could be left with just one justice (10/13)
Duane Big Eagle, chairman of Crow Creek Sioux Tribe, arrested (10/13)
Tribes and Alaska Natives fail to report spending from stimulus (10/13)
Sen. Dorgan backs Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation in voting dispute (10/13)
Alaska Native corporations spend $595K for Sen. Murkowski (10/12)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation sues county for voting rights again (10/12)
Seneca Nation hopeful vows war with sovereignty opponents (10/12)
Candidates for New York governor back tax on tribal tobacco (10/11)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on transportation (10/11)
Indian lawmaker in Montana faces opponent in reelection bid (10/11)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation files suit over lack of polling sites (10/11)
GOP candidate says Native corporations not helping villages (10/11)
Little Traverse Bay Bands debate changes in council salaries (10/11)
GOP candidate supports reform of Native contracting programs (10/08)
Sen. McCaskill plans bill to restrict Native contracting programs (10/08)
Chippewa Cree voters narrow the field for four council positions (10/07)
Seneca Nation to spend up to $1M on mailers for state election (10/07)
Lac du Flambeau Band returns former president to top position (10/07)
Column: Navajo Nation candidate blasts alcoholism allegations (10/07)
Grand Traverse Band seats council members long after election (10/06)
Native Sun News: Unofficial results of Oglala Sioux Tribe primary (10/06)
Senate hopeful promises support for Alaska Native sovereignty (10/06)
Sen. Feinstein reportedly drafting a different land-into-trust fix (10/06)
Alaska Native group endorses Sen. Murkowski for re-election (10/05)
Candidates for New Mexico seat receive tribal endorsements (10/05)
Video: Jackie Johnson-Pata of NCAI at One Nation event in DC (10/05)
Alaska Native firms propose government contracting reforms (10/04)
Little Traverse Bay Bands considers change in council salaries (10/04)
Grand Traverse court disqualifies winning candidate from office (10/01)
Hoh Tribe moving closer to new reservation with Senate action (10/01)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux candidate opposes rule changes (09/30)
Native Sun News: County back to normal after uncertain summer (09/29)
IHS deputy director draws $125K salary on administrative leave (09/29)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to hold field hearings in October (09/29)
Indian Veterans Housing Opportunity Act heads to White House (09/28)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee investigation of IHS (09/28)
Yavapai-Apache Nation reports record turnout in council election (09/28)
Sen. Murkowski wrong on claim about Aleut word for 'impossible' (09/28)
IHS to face scrutiny at Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing (09/28)
Costs for Indian voting rights lawsuit in Wyoming pass $1M mark (09/27)
Alaska Native groups back Sen. Murkowski for write-in campaign (09/27)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing into IHS (09/27)
Catawba Nation leader challenges removal by tribal membership (09/27)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to consider four bills at meeting (09/27)
Grand Traverse Band tribal court sets hearing in election dispute (09/24)
Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation holds primary for chairman (09/23)
Federal Diary: Interior faces investigation on workforce diversity (09/23)
Republicans leave Sen. Murkowski in top energy committee post (09/23)
Voters tired of endless Colorado River Indian Tribes recall efforts (09/23)
Native Sun News: Volesky stakes himself to state's Indian issues (09/22)
Native Sun News: Disenfranchisement looming for Indian voters (09/22)
Four Native candidates campaign for public office in Washington (09/22)
California tribes address reauthorization of Older Americans Act (09/21)
Another complaint filed in Grand Traverse Band election dispute (09/21)
Tribes contribute $815K to gubernatorial candidates in California (09/21)
Sen. Murkowski launches write-in campaign after losing primary (09/20)
San Carlos Apache Tribe fights mine development at sacred place (09/17)
House subcommittee holds hearing on two tribal water measures (09/17)
Native Sun News: Candidates in line for Oglala Sioux Tribe primary (09/16)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hosts field hearing on schools (09/13)
Lac Vieux Desert council members out of jail after court ruling (09/13)
Penobscot Nation chief and vice chief win reelection campaign (09/13)
Interview: Dorgan 'enormously proud' of Indian health, law bills (09/13)
Editorial: Racial issues affecting county's business in South Dakota (09/10)
Navajo Nation warns chapter about interfering with Shiprock Fair (09/10)
Lac Vieux Desert council members remain in jail over contempt (09/10)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs field hearing on BIE schools (09/10)
Crow Tribe seeks removal of IHS doctor who has a criminal record (09/10)
White House official discusses FY2011 budget at tribal summit (09/09)
State authorities looking into charges for sex abuse of Native girl (09/09)
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community re-elects president (09/09)
Cow Creek Band chooses leader to replace longtime chairwoman (09/09)
Lac Vieux Desert council members arrested in leadership dispute (09/09)
At least three candidates run for principal chief of Cherokee Nation (09/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets field hearing on BIE schools (09/08)
Poarch Creek council incumbents hang onto seats in runoff election (09/08)
Suspended chairman of Ute Tribe narrowly survives recall election (09/08)
Wyoming county files notice of appeal in Indian voting rights case (09/07)
GOP candidate takes hard stance with Seneca Nation over taxes (09/03)
Chad Smith campaigns for fourth term as Cherokee Nation chief (09/03)
City council won't sell drinking water for ski resort at sacred site (09/03)
Group urges funds to back Indian Health Care Improvement Act (09/02)
Colorado River Indian Tribes set recall for two council members (09/02)
Rep. Salazar promotes bill to pay for Indian tuition at Fort Lewis (09/02)
Alaska Native leader named chair of Federal Subsistence Board (09/01)
Sen. Murkowski concedes Republican primary race to challenger (09/01)
Chickasaw Nation donates $360K to national political committees (08/30)
New York governor cites potential for 'violence' over state taxes (08/27)
Chris Deschene, Navajo, wins primary for Arizona secretary of state (08/27)
Wyoming county to appeal decision in Indian voting rights lawsuit (08/26)
New York governor condemns 'inappropriate' remark about tribes (08/26)
Federal Diary: Interior still has a long way to go on diversity plan (08/26)
Sen. Bingaman to discuss Tribal Law and Order Act in New Mexico (08/26)
Sen. Murkowski faces loss of seat in close primary vote in Alaska (08/26)
Sen. Dorgan threatens subpoena of IHS for ongoing investigation (08/25)
New York tribes continue meetings over state tobacco tax efforts (08/25)
Mohegan Tribe names acting chairman in preparation for election (08/25)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe narrows the field for chairman's post (08/24)
DOJ won't prosecute Alaska figure for sexual abuse of Native girl (08/23)
Ask Your Government: North Dakota's Indian Affairs Commission (08/23)
New York tribes united in opposition to state's tobacco efforts (08/19)
HUD Secretary testifies at South Dakota field hearing on housing (08/18)
McCaleb accuses some states of 'still fighting Plains Indian wars' (08/18)
Cherokee Nation joins tribes in opposing Arizona immigrant law (08/18)
Seneca Nation sues to halt state taxation of reservation tobacco (08/18)
Washoe elder calls for government to return Lake Tahoe to tribe (08/18)
Santee Sioux woman wins support to work on human rights panel (08/17)
Nebraska governor disclaims responsibility over Whiteclay liquor (08/17)
Ute Tribe suspends chairman for 30 days amid dispute over recall (08/17)
Editorial: Stop Congress from addressing land-into-trust decision (08/17)
Federal Eye: Salazar launches Interior Department diversity plan (08/17)
New York mayor wants tribes shown the 'shotgun' for tax issues (08/16)
Brothers-in-law become rivals for presidency of Seneca Nation (08/13)
WyoFile: Voting rights a case of discrimination on reservation (08/12)
Mayor faces with recall for negotiating with Coeur d'Alene Tribe (08/11)
Colvile Tribes praise enhanced court sentencing under new law (08/11)
Wyoming county ordered to draw districts in Indian voting case (08/11)
Former Sen. Ted Stevens among five people dead in plane crash (08/10)
Navajo Nation candidates for president choose running mates (08/10)
California tribes donate to both candidates in gubernatorial race (08/09)
Crime statistics difficult to locate for Indian Country in California (08/09)
Interview: Jake Williams, Potawatomi, runs for office in Colorado (08/09)
Sen. Begich introduces bill to cover Alaska tribal law enforcement (08/06)
Senate votes to confirm Elena Kagan as justice for Supreme Court (08/06)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing for Northwest tribes (08/06)
Dress worn by Rosebud woman to White House comes with history (08/05)
Osage Nation inaugurates new principal chief, new assistant chief (08/05)
Voters narrow the field for revised Navajo Nation Council districts (08/05)
Alaska tribes open to officer grants under Tribal Law and Order Act (08/05)
Republican claims Tribal Law and Order Act was a 'backroom' deal (08/05)
Secretary Salazar won't commit to appeal on Goshute nuclear site (08/04)
Rep. Salazar introduces bill for Indian tuition at Fort Lewis College (08/04)
Former Crow Creek Sioux chairman joins bid for South Dakota seat (08/04)
Lynda Lovejoy and Ben Shelly to battle for Navajo Nation president (08/04)
NPR: Obama signs Tribal Law and Order Act into law at White House (08/03)
Utah politicians urge appeal on Skull Valley Goshute nuclear waste (08/03)
Attorney calls Tribal Law and Order Act a step in the right direction (08/03)
Morongo Band announces results of election for tribal council seats (08/03)
Sen. Johnson schedules hearing on Indian housing in South Dakota (08/02)
California tribes first to file a new independent expenditure group (07/30)
Another Republican complains about Tribal Law and Order process (07/30)
NPR: Tribal Law and Order Act boosts law efforts for Indian Country (07/30)
Interview: Sen. Murkowski on need for the Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Rep. Lujan statement on signing of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Rep. Kildee statement on signing of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Background on Lisa Marie Iyotte (07/30)
WH Blog: Tribal Law and Order Act a step forward for Native women (07/30)
House panel hears dispute for management of Navajo trust fund (07/29)
Schwarzenegger won't back Tule River land-into-trust application (07/29)
County in California offers a seat to tribes on lake advisory panel (07/29)
Two candidates so far for Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara chairman (07/29)
Meskwaki woman questions GOP vote against Tribal Law and Order (07/29)
Blog: Republicans ought to explain Tribal Law and Order opposition (07/29)
White House ceremony for Tribal Law and Order Act this afternoon (07/29)
Judge blocks major provisions of Arizona's anti-immigration law (07/29)
Ramona Two Shields represents tribes in Silver Haired Assembly (07/29)
Sen. Dorgan not planning to address worries on land-into-trust fix (07/29)
GOP claims Tribal Law and Order Act process showed 'disrespect' (07/28)
President Obama to sign Tribal Law and Order Act at White House (07/28)
Judge promises ruling in Indian voting rights lawsuit in Wyoming (07/28)
Tex Hall runs for chairman of Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (07/28)
Sen. Dorgan introduces bill for Missouri River compensation study (07/27)
Sen. Franken to visit Pine Ridge Reservation for powwow, housing (07/27)
Witness list for House Resources Committee hearing on three bills (07/27)
Creek Nation donated to both Democratic gubernatorial hopefuls (07/27)
House Republicans cast 92 'no' votes on Tribal Law and Order Act (07/26)
Candidates for Navajo Nation president set for primary next week (07/26)
Heather Kendall-Miller under consideration for seat on 9th Circuit (07/26)
Indian lobbyists expect a tough road ahead for land-into-trust fix (07/26)
Interview: Carrie Garrow discusses Haudenosaunee passport flap (07/26)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee takes up two water rights bills (07/23)
House Resources Committee passes two Indian bills at markup (07/23)
Four Native American candidates seek public office in Washington (07/23)
Land-into-trust fix included in House Interior appropriations bill (07/23)
Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara leader changes mind on election bid (07/22)
BIA defends use of federal funds for ferry project in Alaska village (07/22)
Pechanga Band reelects Mark Macarro to eighth term as chairman (07/22)
Congress passes first significant Indian Country crime bill in years (07/22)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on two water rights bills (07/22)
Rep. Tom Cole Statement on Tribal Law and Order Act (07/22)
Sen. Thune Press Release on Tribal Law and Order Act (07/22)
President Barack Obama Statement on Tribal and Order Act (07/22)
Colorado River council member faces a third attempt to recall him (07/21)
County lawmaker eyes support on tax free Seneca Nation tobacco (07/21)
Land-into-trust fix still faces major obstacles in House and Senate (07/21)
Incoming Osage chief promises action on reservation status case (07/21)
House Resources Committee sets hearing next week on three bills (07/21)
Former US Attorneys support passage of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/21)
Arizona governor redirects some stimulus money to border tribes (07/20)
Tribal Law and Order Act due for consideration in House this week (07/20)
Osage Nation announces results of runoff for chief, assistant chief (07/20)
Osage Nation voters head to the polls to choose two new leaders (07/19)
Parade: Inupiat mayor from Alaska among most powerful politicos (07/19)
Santa Fe Indian School offered support to renovate famed venue (07/16)
House Resources Committee markup agenda includes Indian bills (07/16)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on two water rights bills (07/16)
Ousted Lac Vieux council members challenge results of election (07/16)
Book Review: How a Congressional staffer changed Indian policy (07/16)
Chairman of Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation won't run again (07/16)
Republican candidate didn't see 'white faces' at Pueblo ceremony (07/16)
Tohono O'odham Nation submits brief in immigration law dispute (07/15)
Tribal Law and Order Act boosts tribal court sentencing authority (07/14)
Turtle Talk: A State Department payback on Iroquois passports? (07/14)
White Earth officers arrest three during protest at headquarters (07/14)
Tribal leaders meet in DC to lobby for fix to land-into-trust ruling (07/14)
Leader of Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes survives impeachment (07/13)
School board member in Washington resigns after controversy (07/13)
White Earth group camps at headquarters to protest leadership (07/13)
Q&A: Chris Deschene, candidate for Arizona secretary of state (07/12)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court stops president from another bid (07/12)
CNC: State Department holds consultation on indigenous rights (07/12)
Dispute over Little Traverse Bay Bands recall still in tribal court (07/12)
Alaska Native corporation announces two changes in leadership (07/09)
Senate Budget Committee looks at safety of reservation roads (07/09)
Navajo Nation Supreme Court hears president's term limit case (07/09)
Cheyenne and Arapaho leader defends herself at impeachment (07/09)
Obama administration sues to block Arizona anti-immigrant law (07/07)
NCAI and USET schedule land-into-trust summit in DC on July 13 (07/07)
New Mexico governor appoints Navajo woman to state panel (07/06)
Sen. Dorgan hopes to renew Indian diabetes program this year (07/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves Indian housing bills (07/01)
House approves Pueblo jurisdiction, Creek land-into-trust bills (07/01)
Elena Kagan wraps up confirmation hearings for Supreme Court (07/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee launches investigation of IHS (06/30)
Audio for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on diabetes (06/30)
MPR: More Indian candidates run for public office in Minnesota (06/30)
Blackfeet Nation reports a record turnout for council elections (06/30)
State Department schedules consultation on indigenous rights (06/29)
Column: Republicans slam Thurgood Marshall in Kagan hearing (06/29)
Navajo Nation president loses ruling in campaign for third term (06/29)
Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs Committee business meeting (06/29)
Alaska Native leaders ready for meeting with Larry Echo Hawk (06/28)
Blackfeet Nation heads to the polls to fill five council positions (06/28)
Witness list for Indian Affairs Committee hearing on diabetes (06/28)
Senate Judiciary Committee takes up Elena Kagan nomination (06/28)
Sen. Byrd, longest serving member of Congress, passes at 92 (06/28)
Wyoming county submits plans in Indian voting rights lawsuit (06/25)
Supporters expect House passage of Tribal Law and Order Act (06/25)
Cherokee Nation judge calls for a redrawing of council districts (06/25)
New Mexico court boots Navajo woman off state commission (06/24)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee meeting, hearing on June 30 (06/24)
Senate passes Tribal Law and Order Act as part of another bill (06/24)
DOI officials tell NCAI land-into-trust applications are moving (06/22)
Kim Teehee: New White House Tribal Nations progress report (06/22)
New York tribes vow to fight attempt to collect tobacco taxes (06/22)
School board meets to consider fate of controversial member (06/21)
Sen. Barrasso hopes for vote on changes to Cobell settlement (06/21)
BIA doesn't want to interfere in Dry Creek leadership dispute (06/18)
San Carlos Apache Tribe beats White Mountain Apache Tribe (06/18)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe ends discussion on Fighting Sioux (06/18)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on NCLB Act (06/17)
Standing Rock Sioux man in another bid for attorney general (06/16)
New BIE director to testify at Senate panel hearing on NCLB (06/16)
Cherokee Nation council backs Keith Harper for 10th Circuit (06/16)
New Minerals Management Service head to oversee reform (06/16)
House Resources Committee markup for Indian, Native bills (06/16)
Hopi Tribe axes attorney, funds newspaper, suspends official (06/15)
Tulalip Tribes gain support on ouster of school board member (06/15)
Arizona governor wants tribal cooperation on immigrant law (06/15)
Tulalip Tribes threaten recall of public school board member (06/14)
White Earth candidate who lost by 28 votes seeks a recount (06/11)
House Resource Committee markup includes three land bills (06/11)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee acts on nominees and bills (06/11)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee oversight hearing on NCLB (06/11)
Judge won't allow county to avoid Indian voting rights ruling (06/11)
Two incumbents ousted in Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe election (06/11)
Puyallup Tribe holds general election for open council seats (06/10)
Yankton Sioux man runs independent bid for county sheriff (06/10)
Cherokee Nation defends donation to Republican candidate (06/10)
Audio: Resources Committee hearing on self-governance bill (06/09)
Navajo Nation Council opposes Arizona anti-immigration law (06/09)
Nominations, legislation on agenda for SCIA business meeting (06/09)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe elects a new chief and a new subchief (06/09)
Osage Nation chief prepares to pass the torch to a new leader (06/09)
Ousted chairman of Kiowa Tribe disputes results of recall vote (06/09)
Witness List: House committee hearing on self-governance (06/08)
Indian Affairs Committee business meeting set for Thursday (06/08)
Creek chief fires enterprise executives and board members (06/08)
Osage Nation ousts incumbent chief and prepares for runoff (06/08)
Marc Simmons: Kewa Pueblo returns to its traditional name (06/07)
House Resources Committee considers self-governance bill (06/07)
State Department plans consultation over indigenous rights (06/04)
Supreme Court nominee dealt with tribal issues on tobacco (06/04)
Oneida Nation representative attends White House concert (06/03)
County delaying election after losing Indian voting lawsuit (06/03)
Fond du Lac Band holds general election for district position (06/03)
Blackfeet Nation narrows candidates for tribal council seats (06/03)
San Manuel Band spends $185K on candidate for tax board (06/03)
Navajo candidates face off over seat on county commission (06/02)
Parade: Q&A with Kim Teehee, White House's Indian adviser (06/02)
Tom Cole, Chickasaw citizen, seeks re-election to Congress (06/02)
Obama remains silent on official apology to Native peoples (06/01)
Chippewa Cree man makes bid for county commission seat (05/31)
Recall vote against Little Traverse Bay Bands chairman fails (05/31)
Ousted leader of Kickapoo Tribe awaits tribal court decision (05/31)
Director of MMS resigns in response to Gulf oil spill disaster (05/28)
Navajo Nation president disqualified from seeking third term (05/27)
Oglala Sioux women reach settlement for voting rights case (05/27)
Lobbyist accuses Tennessee Indian panel of making threats (05/25)
Ousted Dry Creek Rancheria leader to challenge recall vote (05/24)
GOP candidates in South Dakota promise to work with tribes (05/24)
Oklahoma politicians balk at Indian nominee for 10th Circuit (05/24)
Navajo woman on state commission avoids jail time for crime (05/21)
Saginaw Chippewa man found guilty for intimidating leaders (05/21)
Indian veterans slam Senate hopeful for Vietnam War claims (05/21)
Tohono O'odham Nation opposes state anti-immigration law (05/21)
Law firm agrees to pay $1M to Sault Tribe to resolve lawsuit (05/21)
Red Lake Nation chairman Jourdain headed for re-election (05/20)
Sen. Brownback hosts ceremony to read apology resolution (05/20)
Senate hopeful made recent claim about serving in Vietnam (05/19)
Candidate for president of Navajo Nation identifies priorities (05/19)
Bill seeks to expedite leasing process for tribal development (05/17)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee shows new look on website (05/17)
Indian law group wants to brief Supreme Court pick on tribes (05/17)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe looking at 'Fighting Sioux' petition (05/14)
Supreme Court nominee never filled Harvard Indian law post (05/14)
Senate Judiciary Committee supports nominee to 9th Circuit (05/14)
Indian candidates seek Democratic nod for Montana Senate (05/13)
Muscogee Nation weighs stance on Arizona immigration law (05/13)
Alaska lawmakers fail to act on Native verse in state song (05/12)
Colorado River Indian Tribes treasurer faces second recall (05/12)
Interior plans to create separate royalty collection agency (05/12)
Profile: Melinda Gopher, Blackfeet/Ojibwe, eyes US House (05/11)
White Earth council rejects petition to remove chairwoman (05/11)
San Carlos Apache leader feels betrayed by Rep. Kirkpatrick (05/11)
Kickapoo leaders give ousted chairwoman another hearing (05/11)
Rep. Bono Mack 'outraged' with Torres Martinez TANF issue (05/11)
Legislation to fix land-into-trust decision remains in limbo (05/10)
Obama to nominate Elena Kagan as Supreme Court justice (05/10)
Blog: Keith Moore, Rosebud, selected as new BIE director (05/06)
Ten men and two women seek Navajo Nation presidency (05/06)
Rep. Lujan set to join House Natural Resources Committee (05/06)
8th Circuit reverses victory in Indian voting rights lawsuit (05/05)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe delays action on 'Fighting Sioux' (05/05)
Hannahville Indian Community re-elects four tribal leaders (05/05)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe inaugurates leader after close vote (05/05)
Joe Shirley to make a third run for Navajo Nation president (05/05)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to weigh 'Fighting Sioux' petition (05/04)
Plaintiffs in voting rights case seek district for reservation (05/04)
Chief Allan reappointed as chairman of Coeur d'Alene Tribe (05/04)
Lovejoy launches another run for Navajo Nation president (05/04)
Former HUD secretary for Bush won't face criminal charges (05/04)
Lower Elwha Klallam woman seeks another term as chair (05/03)
Arizona tribes worried about state's anti-immigration law (05/03)
County considers support for Yurok Tribe land legislation (05/03)
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation chairman takes personal leave (04/30)
Jodi Rave: Montana looking for new Indian affairs director (04/30)
Navajo man joins New Mexico Indian Affairs Commission (04/29)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing (04/29)
Soboba Band elects new chair to replace indicted leader (04/29)
Indian candidates fight for House Democratic nomination (04/28)
Recall election proceeds against Little Traverse chairman (04/28)
Navajo court to hear dispute over president's suspension (04/28)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee takes up bills at hearing (04/28)
South Dakota county to provide voting material in Lakota (04/27)
Maine tribes seek new leader for tribal-state commission (04/27)
Oneida Nation spent over $500K for lobbying in New York (04/27)
Echo Hawk picks Mike Black as permanent director of BIA (04/27)
Video: Obama delivers message at Gathering of Nations (04/26)
Brownback pushes White House for apology ceremony (04/26)
Lac du Flambeau president remains in power amid feud (04/26)
At least five candidates seek Navajo Nation presidency (04/26)
Clock ticking for Congress to approve Cobell settlement (04/26)
Secretary Salazar issues statement on indigenous rights (04/23)
Harry Reid: Senate needs to act on trust fund settlement (04/23)
Comanche Nation chairman wins reelection by one vote (04/23)
Hoh Tribe confronts loss of reservation without new land (04/23)
Southern Ute recall effort focuses on tribal investments (04/23)
Ousted Crow Creek Sioux chairman challenges election (04/23)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on draft energy bill (04/22)
Ruling on Little Traverse recall petitions expected Friday (04/22)
Petition seeks to oust Southern Ute chairman from office (04/22)
House passes Indian Veterans Housing Opportunity Act (04/22)
Supporters of 'Fighting Sioux' push for tribal referendum (04/22)
Audio: House Resources Committee hearing on land bills (04/21)
Witness list for Senate hearing on draft Indian energy bill (04/21)
NARF to discuss Supreme Court nominee at White House (04/21)
Bill against Indian mascots goes to Wisconsin governor (04/21)
Little Traverse leaders await decision on recall petitions (04/21)
Cow Creek Band chairwoman loses paid consultant post (04/21)
Witness list for House Resources hearing on Indian bills (04/20)
Tester introduces bill to cut BIA out of home site leases (04/20)
Senators seek funds for Indian Country emergency fund (04/20)
Obama reviews stance on indigenous rights declaration (04/20)
Crow Creek Sioux chair loses reelection bid by 11 votes (04/20)
One Indian serving on Montana redistricting committee (04/20)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy bill (04/19)
House Resources Committee to take up Pueblo land bill (04/19)
Son of late Huron Band chairwoman files for council seat (04/16)
Lac du Flambeau president disputes removal from post (04/16)
New Mexico tribes meet with governor at yearly summit (04/15)
Injunction stops filing process for Navajo Nation Council (04/15)
Supporters of 'Fighting Sioux' still hopeful for tribal vote (04/15)
Few candidates for Navajo president, council positions (04/14)
Wisconsin Senate approves bill against Indian mascots (04/14)
Snoqualmie Tribe holds election after leadership dispute (04/14)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy draft (04/13)
Alaska Native corporation land bill generates controversy (04/13)
Navajo woman on state commission convicted on felony charges (04/09)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe puts off vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (04/07)
Convicted officials removed from Crow Creek Sioux election (04/06)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe considers 'Fighting Sioux' petition (04/06)
Fond du Lac secretary-treasurer wins re-election to council (04/05)
Stevens plans to leave Supreme Court with Obama in office (04/05)
Field hearing focuses on Indian housing, veterans issues (04/02)
Obama signs cigarette trafficking bill over tribal objections (04/01)
Crow Creek Sioux Tribe removes leaders after guilty pleas (03/30)
Nebraska lawmakers reduce allocation for Whiteclay fund (03/30)
Agua Caliente Band announces results of recent election (03/30)
Video: Indian Affairs Committee hearing on youth suicide (03/25)
Lawmakers advance bill to start $100K fund for Whiteclay (03/25)
Tribes present testimony at House Appropriations hearing (03/24)
Bill for Cedar Band Paiute tax exemption 'dead' for now (03/24)
Nottawaseppi Huron Band to elect new chair next month (03/24)
GAO to look at law enforcement issues in Indian Country (03/23)
Witnesses: SCIA hearing on youth suicide, mental health (03/23)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe pushed on 'Fighting Sioux' vote (03/23)
House panel taking testimony from tribes on 2011 budget (03/23)
SCIA hearing on youth suicides, mental health resources (03/22)
IHCIA finally passes as part of national health reform bill (03/22)
Seneca Nation asks Obama to veto cigarette mailing bill (03/19)
BIA admits filling vacant officers won't meet tribal needs (03/19)
Cigarette trafficking bill sent to White House for review (03/18)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe, county agree on law enforcement (03/18)
Navajo woman named to Indian affairs post in Colorado (03/17)
Witness list for SCIA hearing on law enforcement hiring (03/17)
White House weighs stance on cigarette trafficking bill (03/16)
Witness list for House hearing on Alaska Native land bill (03/16)
San Manuel Band re-elects chairman, three incumbents (03/16)
Seneca Nation blasts passage of cigarette trafficking bill (03/15)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to get 'Fighting Sioux' petition (03/12)
House Resources Committee hearing on Alaska land bill (03/11)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on law enforcement hiring (03/11)
Alaska presses Supreme Court in tribal adoption case (03/11)
Voice of America: NCAI meets for winter session in DC (03/11)
Little Traverse Bay Bands chairman objects to recall bid (03/10)
Navajo man declares candidacy for Arizona Legislature (03/09)
Sen. Schumer warns DOI against land-into-trust action (03/09)
Hoh Tribe awaits vote on measure to acquire park lands (03/09)
Seneca Nation lobbies against cigarette trafficking bill (03/08)
Ojibwe woman named director for BIA's Midwest region (03/05)
Little Traverse leaders fight recall effort in tribal court (03/05)
Counties opposing Coeur d'Alene law enforcement bill (03/05)
Hayworth to disclose donors to Abramoff defense fund (03/04)
Senate confirms Rosebud Sioux woman to HHS position (03/04)
Mohegan Tribe chooses first woman chief since 1600s (03/04)
Oglala Sioux Tribe president targeted for impeachment (03/04)
Reporter blocked from Little Traverse election meeting (03/04)
Alaska Native lawmaker apologizes for ethics violation (03/04)
Fight continues over Native Hawaiian admission policy (03/04)
BIA seeks to resolve San Pasqual membership dispute (03/04)
Recall election set for two Little Traverse Band leaders (03/03)
Senate committee hosts listening session on education (03/03)
Standing Rock petition calls for vote on 'Fighting Sioux' (03/03)
House subcommittee sets hearing on BIA, OST budgets (03/03)
Audit looks at spending by Seneca-Cayuga committee (03/02)
NCAI hosts winter legislative summit in Washington, DC (03/01)
Wisconsin Assembly backs bill against Indian mascots (02/26)
Maine tribes welcome executive order on consultation (02/25)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds budget hearing (02/25)
Navajo council overrides veto of fundamental law bill (02/24)
New York governor proposes tobacco tax regulations (02/24)
GOP lawmaker delays Indian mascot bill in Wisconsin (02/24)
Gyasi Ross: The politics of Native people and our hair (02/23)
Navajo chapter president faces complaint at hearing (02/23)
White House officials push Indian youth to succeed (02/23)
Former BIA official headed back to Cherokee Nation (02/23)
Indian Country losing more Capitol Hill advocates (02/22)
Interior announces action plan on tribal consultation (02/22)
Witness List: SCIA hearing on tribal budget priorities (02/22)
Little Traverse chairman targeted in recall petition (02/22)
HuffPo: Palin's grandson receives care through IHS (02/22)
Tribal leaders await Year of Unity in South Dakota (02/19)
Column: Lawmaker offers to sue Whiteclay stores (02/19)
Whiteclay bill headed for floor debate in Nebraska (02/18)
Navajo president vetoes changes to traditional law (02/18)
Formerly shunned Wampanoags lose council election (02/17)
Southern Ute Tribe suspends officials' code of ethics (02/16)
Crow Nation Tea Party rallies off-reservation support (02/16)
Cherokee critic announces retirement from Congress (02/15)
Agencies miss deadline for tribal consultation plans (02/11)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe at odds with county over police (02/11)
Oglala Sioux Tribe amends employee drug test plan (02/11)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing postponed (02/10)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe law enforcement bill introduced (02/10)
Indian politician in Bolivia carries out odd sentence (02/10)
Lac du Flambeau Band names new council president (02/09)
SCIA 'negligent' for South Dakota tribes hit by storms (02/09)
USET, NIEA on schedule despite big snowstorm in DC (02/08)
Obama proposes cut in NAGPRA tribal grant program (02/08)
Oglala Sioux Tribe plans drug testing of employees (02/05)
Rep. Bono Mack calls for probe of tribal TANF program (02/05)
Coeur d'Alene law enforcement bill stirs controversy (02/05)
EchoHawk fills positions in regional offices and in DC (02/05)
Bill supports nursing home on Pine Ridge Reservation (02/04)
Man in border town wants to celebrate 'white' history (02/04)
Oglala Sioux Tribe supports detox center in Whiteclay (02/04)
Colorado lawmaker withdraws anti-Indian mascot bill (02/04)
Factions at Klamath battle for control of tribal council (02/04)
McCain faces serious primary challenge for Senate bid (02/04)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (02/03)
North Dakota tribal leaders back Republican candidate (02/03)
BIA faces leadership void among regional director level (02/02)
Mary Pember: NCAI President Keel lists tribal priorities (02/02)
Obama seeks $4.4B for Indian Health Service budget (02/01)
Secretary Salazar to announce fiscal year 2011 budget (02/01)
Yakama Nation chooses new chairman of tribal council (02/01)
Secretary Salazar offers thanks for consultation talks (01/29)
Obama administration set to announce latest budget (01/29)
Formerly shunned Wampanoags running for council (01/28)
Lakota woman goes for Senate confirmation hearing (01/28)
House Resources Committee website hit by hackers (01/28)
Witness List: SCIA hearing on Indian unemployment (01/27)
Choctaw woman headed to Obama's State of Union (01/27)
Bill seeks to boost tribal-state relationship in Maine (01/27)
South Dakota governor to set Year of Unity with tribes (01/26)
Blackfeet Nation continues work to revise constitution (01/26)
Senate hopeful, seen as anti-tribal, promises to listen (01/26)
Obama plans three-year freeze on domestic programs (01/26)
Alaska Native lawmaker faces complaint for remarks (01/25)
Seneca Nation targets Sen. Gillibrand for tobacco bill (01/25)
Senate confirmation hearing for Lillian Sparks at HHS (01/25)
Arizona governor opposes tribes in national AG group (01/22)
Colorado lawmaker 'sorry' for taking on Native tuition (01/22)
House backs three Indian water settlement measures (01/22)
Southern California tribal group re-elects key officers (01/22)
Leader of Maine's tribal-state commission leaves post (01/22)
North Dakota tribes discuss Missouri River settlement (01/22)
Video: Secretary Salazar reflects on a year at Interior (01/22)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on tribal unemployment (01/21)
Three Affiliated Tribes chairman seeks second term (01/21)
House due to consider three Indian water rights bills (01/21)
House approves update to Indian Arts and Crafts Act (01/21)
Colorado lawmaker defends Indian tuition program bill (01/20)
Bill seeks to regulate 'ceremonies' off the reservation (01/20)
Seneca Nation prepares for battle over cigarette taxes (01/20)
Obama nominates two tribal members to key positions (01/20)
Lac du Flambeau Band without president for two months (01/20)
New York governor puts Indian tobacco tax in new budget (01/19)
White House: Demanding some justice for Native women (01/19)
Tule River Tribe goes to polls to choose council members (01/19)
Cherokee deputy chief Grayson won't seek another term (01/19)
Colorado lawmakers seek cut in Native tuition program (01/18)
Sen. Dorgan describes priorities for last year in office (01/18)
North Dakota tribes commend Sen. Dorgan for service (01/18)
Colorado Indian affairs commission secretary leaves post (01/15)
Republicans oppose Indian affairs panel in South Dakota (01/15)
Minnesota gubernatorial candidates attend Indian forum (01/14)
White House silent on official apology to Native peoples (01/14)
Creek man announces campaign for Oklahoma House (01/13)
Seneca Nation aims to defeat cigarette trafficking bill (01/12)
DOI hosts final session on new tribal consultation policy (01/12)
GOP leader uses 'Honest Injun' on talk show program (01/12)
Obama to re-nominate Cherokee woman for DOJ post (01/08)
Former Congressman Pombo makes return to politics (01/08)
White House won't object to Salazar leaving Interior (01/07)
North Dakota tribe thanks Dorgan for years of service (01/07)
Tribal foe from Connecticut a possible Senate hopeful (01/06)
Dorgan announces plans to retire after 30 years in DC (01/06)

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