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Ruth Hopkins: Tribes must exercise sovereignty over their data (03/17)
While we were watching Netflix, organizing ITunes playlists and downloading the latest apps, the NSA was hard at work building an elaborate infrastructure that allows it to intercept the vast majority of human communications.

Aura Bogado: White racists keep Indian activists off Facebook (03/11)
The same social media network that hosts white supremacist fan pages has required Native American users to prove their identities.

Blog: Firm saves billions by exploiting Native 'loophole' at FCC (02/26)
Charles W. Ergen, the billionaire who controls the satellite TV provider Dish Network, and his company are about to make a cool $3.25 billion — courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Facebook deactivated account of Rosebud Sioux grandmother (02/13)
Vienna Elk Looks Back was locked out because her name wasn't considered authentic.

Pair on Omaha Reservation sentenced for copyright infringement (02/11)
The couple admitted they reproduced and sold over 1,800 DVDs of copyrighted material on the reservation.

Arizona conference focuses on tribal e-commerce opportunity (02/10)
The Indian Legal Program at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University is sponsoring the event.

Gila River Indian Community set to launch television service (01/15)
The Gila River Broadcasting Corporation will air tribally and Native-produced content.

Bryan Brewer: Tribal communities need better Internet service (11/24)
President of the Oglala Sioux Tribe supports FCC proposal to help close the digital divide in Indian Country.

Ancestry.com adds millions of Indian documents to database (11/04)
The documents come from the Oklahoma Historical Society and deal primarily with the Five Civilized Tribes.

FCC will consider petition to outlaw R-word on public airwaves (10/01)
A law professor is objecting to a license renewal for WWXX-FM, a Washington-area radio station whose controlling owner is Dan Snyder.

Dave Lundgren: BIA must take a closer look at rights-of-way (09/22)
Attorney calls on the Bureau of Indian Affairs to end 'piggy-backing' by utility companies on Indian Country rights-of-way.

Montana tribes receive $2M in grants for language preservation (09/09)
The Legislature created the Montana Indian Language Preservation Pilot Program last year.

Former IHS information security officer convicted for child porn (08/27)
Timothy DeFoggi, 56, will be sentenced November 7.

Radio program in New York aims to keep Kichwa language alive (08/18)
Kichwa Hatari is a weekly show featuring news, music and updates in a Native language spoken in Ecuador.

NPR: Relying on social media to keep Native languages alive (07/30)
NPR reports on efforts to keep Native languages alive on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Indian activists want to see racist emails from former judge (07/02)
Former federal judge sent hundreds of inappropriate messages but they haven't been released.

Supreme Court decision protects privacy of data on cellphones (06/26)
Decision from the often divided justices was unanimous.

Opinion: New program brings Internet to Indian school students (06/16)
Sandy Motley of Alcatel-Lucent’s Wireless Business announces project to bring high-speed Internet to Indian students.

Southern Ute Tribe's radio station raising funds for big move (06/13)
KSUT is raising $1.8 million to move into a bigger facility.

Tribe in Washington said to be victim of major hacking scheme (06/03)
Federal authorities said over a million computers worldwide were infected.

Saginaw Chippewa Tribe denounces racist message from firm (05/29)
Telecommunications executive apparently forgot to hang up the phone and made disparaging comments about Native people.

CSKT firm lands $1.8M contract to provide military equipment (04/24)
A business owned by the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes of Montana has won a $1.8 million contract.

Indian-owned online lender enters settlement with Connecticut (04/10)
An Internet lender that was owned by a member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe of South Dakota has reached a settlement with the state of Connecticut.

Editorial: Navajo reading materials only available on the Internet (03/31)
Newspaper wonders whether families on the Navajo Nation in New Mexico will be able to access reading materials on the Internet.

Blog: Tribes act as fronts for major Internet lending businesses (03/21)
WhoWhatWhy says big money interests in Wall Street and Silicon Valley are using tribes as fronts for controversial Internet lending businesses.

FCC seeks nominees for Native Nations Broadband Task Force (03/19)
The Federal Communications Commission is seeking nominations for its Native Nations Broadband Task Force.

Commerce Blog: Bringing broadband to Alaska Native villages (03/12)
Anne Neville of the National Telecommunications and Information Administration recently went to Alaska.

NPR claims 'Oglala Lakota Nation' has adopted digital currency (03/10)
National Public Radio is reporting that the Oglala Sioux Tribe of South Dakota has launched a digital currency even though its leader say that isn't the case.

Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe surprised by MazaCoin plan (03/07)
The Oglala Sioux Tribe supposedly launched its own national currency. However no one bothered to inform Tribal President Bryan Brewer or the Oglala Sioux Tribal Council.

Tristan Ahtone: Radio plays a key role in many tribal communities (03/03)
Reporting for Al Jazeera America, Tristan Ahtone looks at the role played by radio stations across Indian Country.

WXPR: Lac du Flambeau Band looks to boost high-speed Internet (03/03)
The Lac du Flambeau Band of Lake Superior Chippewa is working with local governments to improve high-speed Internet service.

Native Sun News: Suicides in military continue to escalate (01/20)
More active duty personnel in the U.S. military died by their own hand than in combat in 2012.

NTIA Blog: Helping bridge the digital divide in Indian Country (01/08)
The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, an agency of the Department of Commerce, is helping the Navajo Nation and other tribes bridge the digital divide.

Editorial: App helps users learn tribal culture in New Mexico (11/25)
Newspaper praises new app that explores tribal culture in New Mexico.

Gary Davis: Smarter plans for tribal economic development (10/07)
Gary Davis, the president and CEO of the National Council for Native American Enterprise Development, discusses how tribes are harnessing the Internet to expand economic opportunities.

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