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Gyasi Ross: Interview with fashion designer Bethany Yellowtail (04/10)
Beth is a badass Northern Cheyenne and Crow woman, creator and clothing designer.

Review: Masterpieces of Native art at museum in New York City (04/08)
Curator Gaylord Torrence set an ambitious agenda for The Plains Indians: Artists of Earth and Sky – distill 2,000 years of artistic achievement by Plains Indians, with a particular focus on the changing culture of the last three centuries.

Film documents Eastern Cherokee efforts to preserve language (04/07)
The film, First Language – The Race to Save Cherokee, follows students at the New Kituwah Academy, the tribe's immersion school.

Julianne Jennings: Muscogee artist shows 'Bloodlines' in China (04/07)
Toni Scott is an American and a citizen of the Muscogee Creek Nation. She also descends from African and European ancestry.

German photographer earns trust on Fort Belknap Reservation (03/31)
Felix von der Osten secured permission from the tribal council before embarking on his journey.

Ojibwe author Louise Erdrich receives Library of Congress prize (03/17)
The writer from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians will receive the award at the National Book Festival in September.

Review: Indian art pieces taken from U.S. return home for exhibit (03/13)
Some of the earliest surviving art by native North Americans left America long ago. Soldiers, traders and priests, with magpie eyes for brilliance, bundled it up and shipped it across the sea to Europe.

Annual Trail of Tears art show returns to Oklahoma next month (03/11)
The event runs April 18 through May 23 at the Cherokee Heritage Center.

Opinion: True history of Pocahontas much darker than you think (03/10)
Despite popular belief, the young girl was actually 10-years old when the settlers arrived in 1612 and she was mercilessly taken prisoner at Jamestown for over a year.

Peter d'Errico: Book details US defeat at hands of tribal nations (03/10)
Professor Colin Calloway's new book chronicles how a confederation of Native nations defeated the U.S. Army when it invaded Indian lands across the Ohio River in 1791.

Ireland town builds monument to thank Choctaw Nation for aid (03/09)
The tribe donated $170 in 1847 to help the Irish people during a time of great famine.

Karlene Hunter: Cultural appropriation is another form of racism (03/06)
These copycats create fashion designs stolen directly from Native artists. They name and create logos for their products using Native spiritual icons.

Native News News: Ojibwe flautist shares message with music (03/04)
Musician and champion of causes, Anishinabe flautist Darren Thompson performed at the Dahl Arts Center and began recording his second album.

Native Sun News: Artist Del Iron Cloud wins top award at show (02/25)
Each year during the Black Hills Stock Show an amazing event takes place that challenges the expertise of each competitor.

Sonny Skyhawk: Native Americans still underrepresented in film (02/24)
The reality is that if no scripts or films are made that include roles for Native people then we are excluded from the opportunity to participate in the yearly considerations for Golden Globe Awards, Sag Awards, and Oscars.

Indian artist blasts vandalism of murals as an 'act of terrorism' (02/24)
The Great Walls of Indian Heritage were destroyed sometime over the weekend.

Native Sun News: Del Iron Cloud brings Lakota history into art (02/18)
When viewing Hunkpapa artist Del Iron Cloud’s panoramic murals, one feels they have transcended time and are enjoying life with the Lakota’s that once roamed the Northern Plains.

Valuable prints by Kiowa artist Al Momaday found in New Mexico (02/09)
No one knows where the prints came from or how they ended up in an apartment that was a methamphetamine lab.

Interview: Author Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz on indigenous history (02/09)
Street Roots News interviews Roxanne-Dunbar-Ortiz, the author of An Indigenous Peoples' History of the United States (ReVisioning American History).

AIANTA: Acoma Pueblo potter Mary Lowden shares life stories (02/06)
Mary Lowden’s figures tell the stories of her life and the life of her village at Acoma Pueblo.

Review: 'Jingle Dress' follows Indian family in an urban setting (02/05)
The Red Elk family transitions from a relatively peaceful life on the White Earth reservation to a noisier, more crowded and more eventful urban existence.

Interview: Ojibwe author David Treuer discusses latest novel (02/05)
"Prudence" focuses on Frankie Washburn, who returns to his ancestral home in rural Minnesota before heading off to serve in World War II.

Review: Ojibwe author David Treuer spins vivid tale in 'Prudence' (02/02)
Natural-born storyteller David Treuer spins a vivid, sorrowful tale at a lakeside resort and in a nearby reservation town in northern Minnesota.

First Nations Experience to grow with $6M from San Manuel Band (01/29)
The FNX TV station's daily viewership is 120,000 households

Auburn Community buys stake in rock music festival company (01/28)
The tribe's investment in Danny Wimmer Presents was described as 'significant.'

Jennifer Denetdale: Film glosses over violence in border towns (01/27)
The film follows three Navajo characters looking for meaningful lives in a town that borders the Navajo Nation.

Navajo Nation Council delegate does double duty as metalhead (01/26)
When Edmund Yazzie isn't working on legislation he's playing drums for a popular band on the reservation.

Mateo Romero: Era of white American male rule coming to an end (01/26)
White male sniper Chris Kyle is the ideological descendant of Custer and the Seventh Cavalry.

Fire in 1865 destroyed Smithsonian collection of Indian portraits (01/23)
More than 250 historic portraits were destroyed on January 24, 1865.

Q&A with Chemehuevi artist Cara Romero on 'Last Indian Market' (01/22)
It’s a whimsical, Hollywood, celebrity style, editorial portrait of Buffalo Man and an amazing group of contemporary Indian artists.

Opinion: Indian artist Andrew Morrison creates powerful murals (01/19)
It wasn’t until I stood in front of Native American artist Andrew Morrison’s murals on a cold December morning that I really grasped how powerful — and valuable — they are.

Opinion: Fashion industry remains tied to Native stereotypes (01/13)
Many people seemingly remain tethered to the idea of a romanticized Old West -- a time of death and carnage for America’s indigenous population.

Review: Horace Poolaw exhibit captures 'love' of Indian people (01/09)
It’s an instant candidate for the long-term memory bank.

Native Sun News: Native women launch business in Rapid City (12/16)
Opened on October 10, Sage & Silver Americana is a locally owned, Native American business located in the heart of downtown Rapid City.

Native Sun News: First Peoples Fund connects artists to economy (12/15)
Native American artists have traditionally been the keepers of indigenous history and the tellers of our original stories.

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