Steve Turner honors his heritage, pharmacy career, and love of country music.
Dignity is fifty feet tall. Her moccasins are eight feet long. Her spirit is imperious and humble at the same time.
Wanbli Ceya is back home, making music on the Pine Ridge Reservation.
'Intervention Piece' by Edgar Heap of Birds is on display at the St. Louis Art Museum.
'The Fourth World' by George Manuel richly deserves its status as a foundational work.
The Cherokee Nation supported a state law that required 'Indian' art to be produced by citizens of federally recognized tribes.

Citizens of state recognized tribes can once again sell their goods in Oklahoma without being fined or imprisoned.

Salish artist Jaune Quick-to-See-Smith's work is centered by her strong traditional beliefs and political activism.

Native women are changing the narrative as they continue to secure safety for their sisters.

I want to speak but I cannot and the face is becoming hazy in the crowd.

The Heard Museum in Arizona highlights the personal stories of students who attended Indian boarding schools.

Since opening in 2015, HeSapa Enterprises has steadily grown in size and services provided to customers

Seven non-Indians, including three people in the Philippines, have been indicted for allegedly violating the Indian Arts and Crafts Act and other federal laws.

Bacone College in Oklahoma is reconnecting with its storied past as a center of Indian art and culture.

As is the case in many of the Oscars over the years, Native and indigenous peoples get little mention for their contributions to American storytelling.

For years, the American Indian Cultural Center and Museum has sat dormant, but construction is finally resuming.

The late Joan Mondale was an ally of the first order and one who is remembered with respect and fondness in many Native families and homelands.

'Weavings explain where we came from and who we are.'

John Wayne, the actor who rose to fame as an Indian fighter on screen, had some questionable views about the first Americans.

'Neither Wolf nor Dog' tells a story about trying to write another man’s life story, his beliefs, his history, his inner spirit.

Telling the Cherokee story – our history, our heritage – is a skill that our people have passed down from one generation to the next.

When he was 13, Bobby Von Martin lived in a hotel known by some as a drug den.

When you get a group of women together, give them each something creative to work on and let them talk, two kinds of beautiful happen.

Native artists, elders and playwrights are among the beneficiaries of $5 million in Creative Capital Awards.

Artists and culture bearers can share their knowledge and talent at the Crazy Horse Memorial in South Dakota.

Yalitza Aparicio, who is Mixtec and Triqui, has been nominated for an Academy Award for her first film role.

A documentary airing on PBS sets the record straight: Native musicians played an oversize role in the history of American music.

American Apartheid by Stephanie Woodard demonstrates that Native Nations and Peoples are alive and active today.

While the student athletes dazzled crowds during the Lakota Nation Invitational, a small group of poets gathered to express themselves in a safe space provided by organizers.

There is a long history of looting and stealing Indian burials and important cultural and sacred patrimony.

The Tulsa Artist Fellowship continues to foster Native talent.

A 'Native' handshake has a famous astrophysicist who hosts a television show under scrutiny.

Having returned from a long trip to England, Wanbli Ceya found himself back home in the land of his Oglala ancestors, needing to refocus on his art and commitment to his people.

Tommy Orange deftly captures the urban-Indigenous experience in his debut novel, There There.

A new documentary shows how one state is confronting Native American child removal.

How a young Chinese filmmaker comes to create movies in Lakota Territory that are loved both here at home and at festivals worldwide is anybody’s guess