Tribal leaders went before Congress to demand the government address longstanding problems in Indian Country – and not for the first time.
Plans for the 25,000-square-foot American Indian Hall at Montana State University are moving forward.
These places literally embody human lives, and are the only records we have of prehistoric indigenous peoples of the New World.
Following his retirement from the U.S. Marine Corps, Dion Reynolds brought his military experience back to Rosebud to change the lives of reservation youth.
The Native community is outraged after police officer struck a Native middle school girl while trying to break up a fight.
Funding for the popular Johnson O'Malley Program might actually increase thanks to a new count of Indian students.

Racial taunts directed at a girls volleyball team from the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community reflect the larger societal issue of Native American oppression.

Emphasizing wellness and culturally based curriculum in the classrooms is what the newly established Sovereign Community School prioritizes.

Montana State University has launched a planning initiative that will involve Montana tribes in a 'true equitable partnership' during every step of research that involves Native entities.

Our language is the glue that holds our culture together. It creates a feeling of unity and hope among our people.

I salute those professors who created Native American Studies. They had to start from scratch.

The University of Wyoming College of Law is hosting two public events focusing on water contamination on one reservation and and a treaty rights case recently decided by the Supreme Court.

An audience at the Tennessee State Museum was reminded that the Cherokee war chief, the redoubtable Dragging Canoe, fought battles on the very ground they were standing on.

Nizhoni Tallas, who grew up on the Navajo Nation, says her passion for the environment started at a young age.

Montana State University will commemorate Indigenous Peoples Day 2019 with a series of educational and cultural events throughout October.

Everyone knows that our language, culture, and history, have been targeted for eradication by the federal government.

When Carla Douglas was born, her mother wanted a daughter so badly she named the young child Carla Georgina and began dressing her in girl's clothing.

The Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community is telling is own story at a new cultural center and museum on the reservation.

Bridgett Wheeler, the director of cultural and education programs for the Coquille Tribe, plans to focus on implementing historically accurate, culturally appropriate Native curriculum in every public school district.

A bipartisan group of lawmakers wants to fund the Bureau of Indian Affairs, the Bureau of Indian Education and the Indian Health Service ahead of time.

For the last couple of semesters, students and staff at Western Dakota Tech have been gathering for a prayer circle to begin the semester.

The Wind River Reservation and the University of Wyoming are growing partnerships across the board and it’s all having a positive effect on Indian student enrollment.

While there has been a recent growing awareness of Indigenous cultures at Canadian universities, racism, violence and dismissal still dominate conversations on campus.

An 'anonymous farmer' mowed down a 2-acre plot of corn on the Winnebago Reservation, threatening programs for Indian students.

Whitnee Pearce has hit the ground running in her new position as head of Indian education in Rapid City, South Dakota.

A new farmers market represents another step toward food sovereignty for the Winnebago Tribe.

Stone tools and artifacts unearthed from an archeological dig in Idaho suggest that people lived in the area 16,000 years ago, more than a thousand years earlier than previously thought.

Modernizing the Johnson-O’Malley Program for Indian students is going to take a lot of work.

From freeing Indian activist Leonard Peltier to improving Indian health care, the 2020 candidates for president didn't run from the difficult issues at the historic Frank LaMere Native American Presidential Forum.

The educational system on the Indian reservations across America have always operated at the whims of the federal government.

Prior to European contact, North America was home to speakers of around 400 Native languages.

Bacone College in Oklahoma continues to gain support from Indian nations.

For Indigenous peoples, language is truly the breath of life.

A Catholic school student plans to appeal after a $250 million libel lawsuit against The Washington Post was thrown out of court.

Denise Lajimodiere has kept her promise to Indian boarding school survivors with this sacred oath of a book.

The $725 million backlog in maintenance at Indian schools is just the tip of the iceberg.