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Grande Ronde Tribes await decision on flying flag at high school (05/22)
The school board has come up a flag policy -- seen as a first step towards a decision -- but it was apparently developed without tribal consultation.

Native Sun News: Northern Cheyenne student receives top honor (05/22)
Although she was happy to mark the end of a three year journey leading to a second master’s degree in education, Alvera Cook didn’t realize until the May 9, 2015 commencement ceremonies that she was selected as the Outstanding Graduate Student.

Haskell University announces cuts to troubled athletics program (05/21)
The football program will be suspended for the upcoming season and four of 10 sports are due to be eliminated.

School apologizes for teaching song about brutal Indian mission (05/21)
A young man from the Wukchumni Tribe refused to sing the words to 'Twenty-One Missions' out loud.

Heroin blamed for crash near Saginaw Chippewa Tribe's school (05/21)
The tribe declared a war on substance abuse and heroin has been of particular concern.

Judge won't require school to allow eagle feather at graduation (05/21)
Hayden Layne Griffith is graduating from high school in Oklahoma today and will likely have to walk without her eagle feather.

Indian schools go without fixes while military schools see $5B (05/20)
Indian school construction ground to a halt during the Bush administration but the effort appears to be back on track as lawmakers from both parties put focus on the issue.

Indian student in federal court over right to wear eagle feather (05/20)
Hayden Layne Griffith is due to graduate tomorrow and has been told she can't wear an eagle feather in her cap.

Mary Pember: New allies in battle against Indian youth suicide (05/20)
Desperate to stem the recent spate of youth suicides in their community, citizens of Pine Ridge reservation have turned to an unlikely ally, crowdfunding.

Harlan McKosato: It's time to change school policy on feathers (05/20)
Every year during graduation season the issue of wearing eagle feathers comes up among Native students and their schools.

Rosebud Sioux student to wear eagle plume for graduation (05/19)
School officials initially balked at the request but the student's sister and other Native students came to her defense.

Chickasaw Nation astronaut meets with Hopi Tribe students (05/19)
John Herrington spent 13 days, 18 hours and 47 minutes in space as part of a 2002 mission to the International Space Station.

Appeals court rules against tribal jurisdiction in school cases (05/18)
The 8th Circuit Court of Appeals held that two tribes in North Dakota lack authority over disputes involving public schools.

Navajo Nation Head Start teachers receive master's degrees (05/18)
Samantha Johnson, Rolanda White and Percilla Shortman graduated from Arizona State University as part of collaborative program with the tribe.

Column: Pueblo student takes to street to raise college funds (05/18)
Panhandling was never something Darren Booqua liked or did very often. It was embarrassing, he said. Humiliating. Weird.

Frank Black Cloud: Spirit Lake Nation supports 'Fighting Sioux' (05/18)
I, for one, am a proud Dakota Sioux and a very proud Fighting Sioux supporter as are many, many other members of the Spirit Lake Sioux Tribe.

Gyasi Ross: A message of encouragement to Native graduates (05/18)
Native people are the only people on this continent who have a home to go home to on this continent.

School doesn't want to display flag from Grand Ronde Tribes (05/15)
Chairman Reyn Leno wants to know why the Willamina school board has balked at a seemingly-simple request.

First Shoshone-Bannock Tribes member earns doctoral degree (05/14)
Cleve Davis received his doctoral degree in science from the University of Idaho.

Vi Waln: Vote in school board election to help Lakota children (05/14)
As the end of another academic school year comes to a close, I want to address the importance of education.

Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on schools (05/13)
Bureau of Indian Education Director Charles Roessel offered a strong defense of the Obama administration's efforts to restructure the agency.

Indian student told to hide eagle feather for graduation walk (05/13)
Waverly Wilson wants to wear an eagle feather on her tassel but her public school in Washington won't allow it.

Lakota Country Times: Tribal students win Gates scholarships (05/13)
The official announcement was out on Friday, May 1 from the American Indian Graduate Program that 11 students in South Dakota had been selected for the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship.

A record 10 Pueblo students earn doctoral degrees in Arizona (05/12)
The students received Ph.D's in Justice Studies and Social Inquiry from Arizona State University.

Witness list for SCIA's hearing on Bureau of Indian Education (05/12)
The Obama administration is pursuing a restructuring of the agency amid Congressional scrutiny.

Delaware Tribe backs student's right to wear eagle feather (05/12)
Hayden Layne Griffith, 18, wants to wear an eagle feather on her graduation cap next week.

Deadline extended for White House Tribal Youth Gathering (05/11)
Native youth have until Friday to submit applications and become a part of the historic event in Washington, D.C.

Senate Indian Affairs Committee sets meeting and hearing (05/11)
A land-into-trust bill for the 19 Pueblos of New Mexico and the Bureau of Indian Education are on the agenda this week.

Jay Daniels: Haskell University in danger of losing athletics (05/11)
After more than 130 years of existence, Haskell is experiencing extreme funding shortfalls and reducing the necessary funding to provide educational as well as student extracurricular activities, such as athletics.

Stanley Heller: Still a ways to go on mascots in Connecticut (05/11)
There’s been some small progress in Connecticut in getting rid of Indian mascots, but not enough.

American Indian Cultural Center and Museum stuck in limbo (05/08)
The facility sits unfinished in Oklahoma City and needs another $80 million before it can open to the public.

Robert Cook: Racism remains a problem for Native students (05/07)
Native people aren't alone in being victims of racial slurs. Many people suffer the perils of racism and bigotry.

Organizer changes mind on mascot after hearing from tribes (05/06)
The Penobscot. Passamaquoddy, Maliseet and Micmac tribes are united in their opposition to the Skowhegan Indians.

Secretary Jewell to deliver Haskell University commencement (05/06)
Over 200 students are graduating this year, as Haskell celebrates its 130th anniversary.

Court orders more time for abuse at Native residential school (05/05)
A dormitory supervisor who was sentenced to three years for abusing Native boys will have to serve eight years instead.

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