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Opinion: Tribes need seat at table for border security initiatives (08/13)
Writer says tribes should be included in border security initiatives:

Native Sun News: Report outlines benefits of indigenous forests (08/04)
Charlie Taylor died defending the forests of the Bosawas Biosphere Reserve of Nicaragua on April 13, 2013.

NPR: Relying on social media to keep Native languages alive (07/30)
NPR reports on efforts to keep Native languages alive on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

Opinion: Auction of tribal property in France sets bad precedent (07/25)
Attorney Pierre Ciric denounces the sale of Hopi, Zuni, Pueblo and Navajo property at various auction houses in France.

Remote tribes facing threats from drug trafficking and logging (07/24)
At least 77 uncontacted tribes are believed to live along the border of Peru and Brazil.

Members of remote tribe receive care before heading home (07/22)
The seven members indicated they were fleeing violence along the Peru-Brazil border.

Navajo artist and Chinese artist collaborate for unique project (07/17)
Bert Benally and Ai Weiwei create 'Pull of the Moon' on the reservation.

Immigrants who speak Native languages face difficulty in US (07/14)
Native people make up a significant percentage of Mexican immigrants in New York City and many of them are running into language barriers.

Mary Pember: Federal raids slow black market of Indian artifacts (07/08)
Mary Annette Pember reports on how recent raids have slowed the global trade in Indian artifacts.

Chris Wondolowski inspires youth of Kiowa Tribe to play soccer (07/02)
The U.S. Soccer Team got knocked out of the World Cup on Tuesday but Chris Wondolowski remains a hero to the Kiowa Tribe.

Ambassador Harper thanks tribes for backing historic nomination (07/01)
Cherokee Nation citizen is first member of a federally recognized tribe in an ambassador-rank post.

Ache people file lawsuit against Paraguay over forced removal (07/01)
Tribe was forced out of homelands and onto a farm where many were beaten, sexually assaulted and sold into slavery.

Auction house in France goes ahead with sale of tribal property (06/30)
The U.S. Embassy said tribal representatives should have been allowed to look at the items prior to their sale.

Keith Harper: Eliminating violence against indigenous women (06/25)
As we prepare for the World Conference on Indigenous Peoples, we express great concern that indigenous women and girls often suffer multiple and intersecting forms of discrimination and poverty.

Ambassador Harper discusses racism against Native peoples (06/19)
Cherokee Nation citizen cited discrimination in housing, denial of religious freedoms and high rates of violence against Native women.

Boy from Guarani Tribe protests land policy at World Cup opening (06/17)
13-year-old boy carried sign that called for demarcation of tribal lands.

Mapuche people in Chile demand land and self-determination (06/13)
Nearly 10 percent of the population claims Mapuche ancestry.

Peruvian government documents tribal people killed in conflict (06/11)
Tribal members were killed for resisting a rebel group.

Study shows high rate of suicide among Guarani Tribe in Brazil (06/05)
The majority of people who take their lives were between the ages of 15 and 30.

Ambassador Harper heads to United Nations for next session (06/05)
Indian Country's newest ambassador is hitting the ground running.

Tribes praise confirmation of Keith Harper to ambassador post (06/04)
Cherokee Nation citizen is the first member of a federally recognized tribe to serve as an ambassador.

Keith Harper clears first Senate vote for ambassador-rank job (06/03)
Cherokee Nation citizen is nominated to serve as the US Representative to the United Nations Human Rights Council.

Travel: Virginia resident spent a week on a reserve in Ecuador (05/30)
Virginia resident learns a lot during his stay with the Waorani people.

Indigenous activists stage another land rights protest in Brazil (05/30)
More than 300 people took part in the protest at the nation's capital.

Indigenous activists bring bows and arrows to protest in Brazil (05/28)
One officer was reportedly shot in the leg with an arrow.

Senate to move forward with Keith Harper nomination to UN job (05/23)
Votes are due to take place on June 2.

DNA of girl found in Mexico linked to present-day Native people (05/15)
Even though researchers say the girl did not physically resemble modern-day Natives, DNA testing showed that she shared similar genes.

Dozens of Indian activists on trial over deadly protests in 2009 (05/15)
Indigenous rights leader Alberto Pizango is among those who are accused of killing police officers during a blockade.

Guatemala's Congress votes to deny genocide of Mayan people (05/14)
Resolution claims genocide against Maya people was 'legally impossible.'

Sen. Tester presses for confirmation of three Indian nominees (05/12)
Sen. Jon Tester (D-Montana) is calling on the Senate to confirm three tribal members to important posts.

Law firm to pay $15M and withdraw from tribal case in Ecuador (05/08)
The Patton Boggs law firm has agreed to pay $15 million and withdraw from a case involving a tribe in Ecuador that accused energy giant Chevron of polluting the environment.

Columbian authorities question medicine man over teen's death (05/02)
Authorities in Columbia have questioned a medicine man connection with the death of an 18-year-old tourist.

President of Ecuador threatens tribe for harboring opponents (04/30)
The president of Ecuador lashed out at an Indian community in the Amazon for allegedly harboring three of his political opponents.

KUOW: Japanese group traces historic journey to Makah Nation (04/29)
A group from Japan is retracing a historic journey to the Makah Nation in Washington.

Native activists occupy oilfield site in Peru to demand cleanup (04/25)
Native activists are occupying the largest oilfield site in Peru.

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