Another day, another mysterious departure in the Trump administration, this time the director of the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

Newly disclosed figures show Indian Country is losing ground when into comes to land-into-trust in the Trump era.

After years of work in California and on Capitol Hill, two tribes are finally getting another chance to present their homelands bills.

Tribes are making the federal government get out of the way when it comes to leasing on their homelands.

The tribal self-governance program, a key development in the self-determination era, is celebrating its 30th anniversary with some achievements.

When it comes to tribal homelands, the Senate has some catching up to do with the House.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

With land-into-trust in limbo under the Trump administration, tribes continue to turn to allies on Capitol Hill for assistance.

Here we go again. The Trump administration is defending cuts to Indian Country programs amid bipartisan fire from Congress.

A natural gas pipeline continues to operate illegally on Indian land in Oklahoma, a year after a federal judge ordered it to be removed.

Lawmakers from both parties are rebuking the Trump administration's budget cuts with the release of a $1.3 trillion spending bill that includes increases for Indian Country.

It's a snow day in the nation's capital, with the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs taking a break due to inclement weather.

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians is seeking to restore more of its homelands in Michigan.

The Trump administration is asking tribes about easing burdens in environmental reviews even as it seeks to add more hurdles in other areas.

The Red Lake Nation pulled out of a land swap with an energy company amid concerns that the deal would be held up in Washington, D.C.

The Confederated Tribes of the Umatilla Indian Reservation are getting a second shot at the Land Buy-Back Program for Tribal Nations.

The Department of the Interior has embarked upon changes to Federal Indian policy that could negatively impact our tribal nations for generations to come.

Two tribal land bills are getting their first hearing in the 115th Congress.

A bill to return ancestral lands in Tennessee to the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is moving forward in the 115th Congress.

The White Mountain Apache Tribe can sue the federal government for mismanaging its trust funds all the way back to 1946, a federal judge said in a ruling with major implications for Indian Country.

Another tribal homelands bill is taking a big step forward in the 115th Congress this week.

Jim Gray won’t forget. His parents made sure of that, naming him for a great-grandfather who fell victim to greed and racism, along with so many Osage people.

Secretary Ryan Zinke is seeking 'bipartisan' support for a major reorganization at the Department of the Interior that will impact Indian Country.

The Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians is seeing strong support for a bill to restore some of its ancestral lands in Tennessee.

Less than a month after securing his first Indian legislative achievement, President Donald Trump has signed a second tribal bill into law.

A years-long effort by tribes is coming to fruition as the Trump administration prepares to return the Office of the Special Trustee for American Indians to its familiar roots.

The Trump administration has quietly reinstated a waiting period for land-into-trust applications, reversing an Obama-era policy without consulting tribes about the change.

Another tribal homelands bill is taking a major step forward on Capitol Hill as the Trump administration considers changes widely opposed in Indian Country.

After delaying action for more than two months, the Supreme Court finally delivered victory to the Oneida Nation in a long-running land case. But there's some drama thanks to Justice Clarence Thomas.

The House Subcommittee on Indian, Insular and Alaska Native Affairs will take testimony on three tribal self-determination and land bills on November 15.

In a temporary victory for Indian Country, the Trump administration is delaying the roll-out of controversial changes to the land-into-trust process

It took years of work and prodding from Congress but the Santa Ynez Band of Chumash Indians finally reached a land-into-trust agreement in California.

Why is the Trump administration trying to make it harder for tribes to restore their homelands? Attorney Byran Newland has questions.

A bill to repeal one of the many remnants of the termination era is advancing in Congress.

Tribal leaders backed a House bill that would give them the ability to control more of their land, instead of having to get federal approval for virtually any use.

Tribal leaders and their advocates are embracing a once-controversial Indian land bill, seeing it as a means for exercising greater control of their economic futures.

The Osage Nation has cleared another hurdle its long-running dispute with a wind farm in Oklahoma but the battle is far from over.