While the debate around clean needle exchange programs continues, one organization works in a legal gray area to help stop the spread of disease.
Voters of the White Earth Nation are going to the polls to elect a new chairman.
The Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe plans to open a $20 million medication-assisted treatment facility, provided it can overcome local opposition.
Five years after a hospital for veterans made headlines for falsifying patient wait time records, officials promoted a 'tremendous transformation.'
The Oglala Sioux Tribe Nursing Home will open a new 12-bed memory wing in January 2020.
The Indian Health Service has a trust and treaty responsibility to provide proper health care to tribal members and it continues to fail in its duty.

'They are telling everyone in this country that it’s ok for people to go hungry,' Rep. Deb Haaland (D-New Mexico) said after the Trump administration announced tighter food stamp guidelines.

In a remote Alaskan village, a low-cost program gives patients something to smile about.

An innovative hospital run by the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians showcases an alternative model of health care that could have lessons for other tribal communities and beyond.

The Indian Health Service cited 'staffing changes and limited resources' when shutting down a tribe's emergency room back in 2015. That wasn't the whole story.

The newly named Oyate Health Center will be serving the Oyate, or the people, in South Dakota.

Democratic lawmakers beat back a series of Republican amendments before advancing bills to restrict mining around the Grand Canyon and on tribal lands in Arizona and New Mexico.

Are you out there, Danny? I knew your father.

Aging roads, bridges and facilities in tribal communities are in need of critical improvements, maintenance and outright replacement.

Federal recognition, tribal homelands and compensation for Native Americans exposed to uranium await further action in the nation's capital.

Indian Country has made extraordinary progress on the diabetes front even though there remains a long way to go before the disease is under control.

Urban Indian patients are hoping to reach the leader of the Indian Health Service before tribes assume control of the Sioux San Hospital in South Dakota.

A family court decision in Pine Ridge in October 2017 failed to keep a boy in the home that he was being raised in.

Democrats are holding their first presidential debates but the candidates most familiar with Indian issues are not participating.

Marty Waukazoo is arguably the greatest basketball player the Lakota nation has ever produced.

Curtis St. Cyr gained notoriety playing harmonica and singing the blues. But he also dedicated his life to his people and his family.

He wasn’t my patient, but he told his mother he was having suicidal thoughts and he needed to be seen right away.

Urban Indians continue to express concerns about a tribal takeover of an Indian Health Service facility.

The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen's Health Board will manage most operations at the Sioux San Hospital in South Dakota.

Tribal and environmental leaders urged lawmakers to protect sacred land by banning mining around the Grand Canyon.

The federal government is failing to meet its trust and treaty obligations, according to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.

Fresh off one policy strike against the Trump administration, tribes and Democrats in Congress are looking to score another.

The current movement to outlaw abortion is perceived by the Iroquois as an attempt by men to control the birthing process and to return women to their former condition of servitude.

It was one of those events that are life changing, but totally unplanned.

It is still the responsibility of the U.S. government, according to the 1868 Treaty, to provide health care.

This is our ancestral food, this is indigenous food. It’s what we need, it’s worth cooking right and it’s forever worth protecting.

More than 600 tribal health leaders are attending the 10th annual annual National Tribal Public Health Summit.

Steve Turner honors his heritage, pharmacy career, and love of country music.

For current Medicare recipients, 'Medicare for All' really means 'Medicare for None.'

A panel of federal officials and tribal leaders will talk about the budgets for the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Indian Health Service.

The Trump administration remains silent on a key issue -- forward funding for tribal programs.