Medicaid brings more money into the Indian health system. Why aren't more states expanding the program?
A high-stakes bill renewing Montana’s expanded Medicaid program sputtered forward in the state Senate Monday, picking up the single vote it needed.
The Muscogee (Creek) Nation's sovereign boundaries and the Crow Tribe's treaty rights are at stake before the highest court in the land.
From 2002 to 2013, the list price of insulin nearly tripled, causing patient out-of-pocket expenses to double.
Conservative politicians in Montana are vowing to defeat a Medicaid expansion bill sponsored by an Indian lawmaker.
Lower vaccination rates are putting Arizona at risk for an outbreak of measles, mumps and other preventable diseases.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

Drug overdoses among rural Native Americans and Native Alaskans increased by 519 percent, more than twice the national average.

She slowly stepped out of the house into the hot summer sun. She was thin and pale and I didn’t recognize her until she spoke.

I’ve introduced a number of bills to help provide additional help for patients struggling with mental health issues.

The Indian Health Service is back in the spotlight on Capitol Hill as the Trump administration struggles with old and emerging controversies.

Jason McNees benefited from services provided by the Helena Indian Alliance. Now he's helping others.

Fighting opioid addiction always is tough, but it’s even tougher for rural residents who live miles from treatment clinics.

If we add up all the ways that Canadian governments have oppressed Indigenous peoples over the centuries, those governments bear a weighty burden.

I will continue to stand with my Republican colleagues in defending life for the most vulnerable, whether those individuals are unborn or born.

Warning of 'devastating effects for Indian Country,' tribes are rebuking the Trump administration for failing to defend the health care promised to their people.

These early Native traditions spur physical well-being.

Trisheena Kills Pretty Enemy still remembers the ambulances parked in front of her house, the long trips to Denver for treatment and the doctor's announcement on Christmas Eve.

A little known official at the White House is playing a key role in the future of the Indian Health Service.

'These predators will find a way to infiltrate organizations to get positions where they have access to kids,' one advocate said.

The White House has started an all out attack on the Affordable Care Act, including the Indian Health Care Improvement Act.

An Indian Health Service pediatrician abused young patients on two reservations for years without being held accountable.

A federal law that makes key improvements at the Indian Health Service is on the chopping block in the Trump era.

A new task force will investigate how the Indian Health Service failed to protect children on the Blackfeet Nation and the Pine Ridge Reservation.

A pilot program that has provided assistance for those in need of mental and addiction care runs out of funding at the end of the month.

In the wake of unprecedented flooding, the Santee Sioux Tribe is seeking donations of bottled water and baby supplies, even as it continues to make repairs to damaged infrastructure.

The youth-led movement builds on the momentum of the increasingly Black and Brown leadership behind the Green New Deal.

Sherry Wounded Foot was taken to an Indian Health Service hospital with severe injuries but treatment was slow to arrive, according to a new lawsuit.

But there is growing support for the Indian Health Service and the Bureau of Indian Affairs to receive advance funding.

The House Committee on Appropriations continued an annual tradition by inviting Indian Country leaders to share their funding priorities with key members of Congress.

The Trump administration finally released its fiscal year 2020 budget and the numbers aren't looking good for Indian Country.

'Where Are They Now' sounds like an old cable television show, only this week it's about the trust and treaty responsibility.

Stanley Patrick Weber worked at the Indian Health Service for two decades before being indicted for abusing young male patients.

South Dakota is the only state in the union that brands drug addicted individuals with a felony conviction through ingestion.

Representatives of tribal nations, Indian organizations and urban Indian providers from across the U.S. are presenting their funding priorities to Congress.

What border communities really need are solutions to address economic, health and climate problems — and the mesquite tree can help.

The San Manuel Band of Mission Indians is strengthening its relationship with the Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital.