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Blackfeet Nation basketball standout joins Washington college (07/17)
Braylee Stone said she was influenced by her mother and other women players on the reservation.

Opinion: Washington NFL team's origins connect to Jim Thorpe (07/17)
Attorney claims the Washington NFL team's name pays tribute to the league's origins with Jim Thorpe as a player and coach.

CPR: Iroquois Nationals compete in world lacrosse tournament (07/16)
The sport that originated among the Iroquois has spread across the world.

Federal judge refuses use of name of Washington NFL team (07/14)
Judge won't allow use of name in court or in his rulings.

Simon Moya-Smith: Mascot supporters use tired arguments (07/14)
Simon Moya-Smith wants to know what Indian mascot defenders tell their children.

Andre Crambit: Apologize for mistreatment of Native women (07/14)
Andre Crambit calls on the San Francisco Giants to apologize to the public for the mistreatment of two Native women.

Shoni Schimmel thanks fans for support in WNBA All-Stars game (07/09)
Rookie from Umatilla Tribes received third highest number of votes.

Agua Caliente Band donates $175K from golf tourney to charities (07/08)
Recipients included the Nike N7 Fund.

Opinion: Teams with Indian mascots all play on stolen tribal land (07/08)
History professor notes that FedEx Field, the home of the Washington NFL team, is built on land stolen from the Piscataway people.

Blackfeet man who supports NFL team has problem with 'Chiefs' (07/07)
Family members are divided over a logo supposedly designed by a former Blackfeet chairman.

Young Navajo woman leads petition against racist trademarks (07/03)
Navajo lawmaker says more young people are fighting the mascot.

Chris Wondolowski inspires youth of Kiowa Tribe to play soccer (07/02)
The U.S. Soccer Team got knocked out of the World Cup on Tuesday but Chris Wondolowski remains a hero to the Kiowa Tribe.

Gyasi Ross: When hip-hop came to the reservation and stayed (07/02)
Gyasi Ross talks about how hip-hop came to Indian Country and how hip-hop stayed in Indian Country.

April Negrette: Kicked out of a baseball game over a headdress (07/02)
April Negrette explains how she got kicked out of a San Francisco Giants game on Native American Night.

Gabe Galanda: Nike should walk the walk on racist sport mascot (07/01)
Attorney Gabe Galanda calls on apparel giant Nike to join the battle against racist mascots in sports.

Stanley Heller: It's time for media boycott of Washington team (07/01)
Stanley Heller calls on the media to boycott the Washington NFL team due to its racist mascot.

Gyasi Ross: What happens after Washington team drops name? (06/30)
Gyasi Ross says eliminating the Washington NFL team's mascot will be a short-lived victory unless Native communities address their problems at home.

Opinion: Federal agency decides what is offensive to Americans (06/30)
Writer criticizes federal agency that handles trademarks for issuing a decision about trademarks.

Native Sun News: Washington team's mascot hits another bump (06/27)
The United States Patent Office has sided with 5 Native American plaintiffs in a ruling last week that deemed the Washington Redskin trademark to be 'disparaging' to Native Americans.

Sponsors keep their distance from embattled Washington team (06/26)
One firm that was quick to condemn racism in the NBA has been silent about the NFL.

Opinion: Reagans - A perfect name for a perfectly bad NFL team (06/26)
Writer says Washington Reagans would be an appropriate name for the embattled NFL team.

FedEx facing more pressure to end relationship with NFL team (06/25)
Section of stadium is named for former of team who refused to allow African Americans on his roster.

Opinion: Washington NFL team loses business with racist name (06/25)
Two professors say a study of economic data shows why the Washington NFL team should eliminate its racist mascot.

Interview: Notah Begay never forgets his Native American roots (06/25)
Mark Smith of The Albuquerque Journal interviews Navajo / Pueblo golfer Notah Begay III and asks him about his health, mascots and his Native roots.

Plans underway for American Indian Center of the Great Plains (06/24)
Two Indian organizations plan to move into the space.

Tristan Ahtone: Kiowa Tribe cheers Chris Wondo at World Cup (06/24)
Tribal member plays on the US national soccer team.

Indian activists in Cleveland to file suit against baseball team (06/24)
Lawsuit seeks $9 billion, based of team's use of Indian imagery.

Oneida Nation asked Bank of America to break with NFL team (06/24)
Tribe wants Bank of America and FedEx to end their business relationships with the team.

Suzan Shown Harjo: Fight against racist mascots just beginning (06/24)
Activist Suzan Shown Harjo says the decision in Blackhorse v. Pro Football Inc is just one more victory in the fight against racist mascots.

Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux basketball star honored at home (06/24)
After being inducted to the South Dakota High School Basketball Hall of Fame Willie White's mother decided she wanted to do something else for him.

Oneida Nation puts pressure on FedEx in campaign over mascot (06/20)
Firm holds naming rights on the team's stadium and its president is a co-owner of the team.

Mike Wise: No winning in fight to save NFL team's racist mascot (06/20)
Columnist Mike Wise urges the NFL and owner Dan Snyder to stop defending the Washington team's racist mascot.

Ray Cook: Decision sends warning for NFL team's racist mascot (06/20)
Ray Cook welcomes the decision in Blackhorse v. Pro Football Inc.

Washington NFL team remains defiant after losing trademarks (06/19)
Another court battle awaits young Native activists who proved the team's marks are disparaging.

Editorial: Racial slurs don't deserve trademark protection in US (06/19)
The New York Times calls on the Washington NFL to stop using a racial slur against Native people.


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