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Bears Ears remains in limbo as Republicans leave tribes out of monument bill (October 13, 2017)

A bill being rushed through Congress is raising alarms in Indian Country about the future of the Bears Ears National Monument and other important places.

Yurok Tribe welcomes introduction of bill to add important lands to reservation (October 12, 2017)

Support is growing for a bipartisan bill that would restore important lands in California to the Yurok Tribe.

Osage Nation prepared to fight state over water rights on historic reservation (October 12, 2017)

The Osage Nation and the state of Oklahoma are clashing over the tribe's water rights.

YES! Magazine: Native family uses energy proceeds to benefit Indian Country (October 12, 2017)

A new fund will support deeply researched investigative journalism that reports on critical issues in Indian Country.

Cronkite News: Republicans quickly move bill to limit new national monuments (October 12, 2017)

A House committee gave approval to a Republican bill that would sharply curtail the Antiquities Act, which allows presidents to order the creation of national monuments.

Judge deals tribes major setback with decision in Dakota Access Pipeline case (October 11, 2017)

Oil will continue to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline despite 'deficiencies' in the Trump administration's handling of the controversial project.

Ramapough Lunaape Nation defends right to host prayer camp in New Jersey (October 11, 2017)

The Ramapough Lunaape Nation is seeking to use its ancestral land in New Jersey for the Split Rock Sweetwater Prayer Camp.

YES! Magazine: Winnemem Wintu Tribe struggles to bring salmon back home (October 11, 2017)

The Winnemem Wintu learned that descendants of their salmon are thriving in a New Zealand river. The tribe has been fighting to return them home.

Narragansett Tribe faces more questions about water deal with energy company (October 10, 2017)

The Narragansett Tribe didn't just surprise its own citizens by agreeing to supply water to a controversial power plant in Rhode Island.

Jacqueline Keeler: 'Black Snake' film explores fight over pipeline in Minnesota (October 10, 2017)

Last year’s water protectors garnered worldwide attention, but several pipeline fights—such as the Enbridge Sandpiper pipeline victory—got little public notice.

Crow Tribe declares emergency after vandalism at water treatment facility (October 6, 2017)

The Crow Tribe is dealing with another crisis after vandals caused significant damage to a key water system on the reservation in Montana.

House committee approves Native American Energy Act in near party-line split (October 5, 2017)

A controversial Indian energy bill is once again sparking partisan tensions on Capitol Hill.

Narragansett Tribe faces opposition from citizens after signing water agreement (October 4, 2017)

Citizens of the Narragansett Tribe are opposing an agreement that calls on water from the reservation to be shipped to a gas-fired power plant in Rhode Island.

Cronkite News: Navajo Nation remains hopeful about future of coal power plant (October 3, 2017)

Leaders of the Navajo Nation expressed hope that a coal-fired power plant on the reservation will be able to continue operations past 2019.

Supreme Court opens term with new justice and with Indian law cases on horizon (October 2, 2017)

The U.S. Supreme Court is back at work this week with a new member and a slew of Indian law cases on the horizon.

YES! Magazine: Water protectors return to Standing Rock for healing ceremony (October 2, 2017)

The camps are gone now, but the awakening to protect the water, land, and tribal sovereignty continues.

Native Sun News Today: Nothing beats taking the kids for a day at the zoo (September 29, 2017)

If you live in western South Dakota, and you want to go to a zoo, you have a long drive ahead of you.

North Dakota accepts $15M from wealthy backers of Dakota Access Pipeline (September 29, 2017)

The state of North Dakota has accepted a $15 million 'donation' to cover the costs of its brutal response to the #NoDAPL movement.

Mountain Protector Prayer Walk calls attention to sacred San Francisco Peaks (September 28, 2017)

A prayer walk and run on October 8 will call attention to efforts to protect the sacred San Francisco Peaks in Arizona.

Pueblo tribes seek ban on energy development on ancestral land in New Mexico (September 27, 2017)

Pueblo tribes are calling on the Trump administration to impose a temporary ban on energy development near Chaco Culture National Historical Park in New Mexico.

President Trump urged to declare sacred Blackfeet Nation lands as monument (September 27, 2017)

Even as he suggests reducing the boundaries of one national monument held sacred by tribes, Secretary Ryan Zinke of the Department of the Interior is urging stronger protections for lands in his home state of Montana.

YES! Magazine: Food bank builds community and improves nutrition in Arizona (September 27, 2017)

An urban farm in Tucson, Arizona, brings residents better nutrition and builds community. It’s a win-win.

Colorado River Indian Tribes look to water rights as potential boost for economy (September 26, 2017)

The Colorado River Indian Tribes are interested in leasing their water rights to entities throughout Arizona.

The Conversation: Collaboration can help with Canada's indigenous water crisis (September 22, 2017)

Research that’s driven by Indigenous peoples can help to identify the causes of poor water quality in specific areas, and to design appropriate interventions.

Democracy Now: Judges try to end legal defense program for #NoDAPL resisters (September 21, 2017)

Judges in North Dakota are seeking to end a program that allows out-of-state lawyers to represent the hundreds of people who were arrested for resisting the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Grand Portage Band celebrates trust status for 145-acre island at Lake Superior (September 21, 2017)

The Grand Portage Band of Lake Superior Chippewa is celebrating a historic achievement by reclaiming its ancestral lands in Minnesota.

Navajo Nation plans to sue Trump administration to protect Bears Ears in Utah (September 21, 2017)

The Navajo Nation plans to file a lawsuit to protect the Bears Ears National Monument in Utah

Dakota Access enters settlement for 'unanticipated discovery' of tribal artifacts (September 21, 2017)

The wealthy backers of the Dakota Access Pipeline won't have to pay a fine in connection with the 'unanticipated discovery' of tribal artifacts in North Dakota.

Mark Trahant: Indigenous community in Dominica takes major hit from hurricane (September 21, 2017)

The Kalinago Territory in Dominica took a direct hit from Hurricane Maria, with all communications wiped out during the storm.

Seminole Tribe secures emergency declaration in response to Hurricane Irma (September 19, 2017)

The Seminole Tribe is slowly getting back to normal after its communities were hit by Hurricane Irma.

Chris Feliciano Arnold: Indigenous people again at risk with mining rush in Brazil (September 19, 2017)

Commercial mining threatens decades of progress on environmental protection and indigenous rights in the Amazon, author Chris Feliciano Arnold writes in The New York Times.

YES! Magazine: Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate takes steps toward food sovereignty (September 19, 2017)

South Dakota’s Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate tribal members would rather share their food than sell it. But that gets in the way of building a local cash economy.

Native Sun News Today: Black Hills Unity Concert honors #NoDAPL participants (September 18, 2017)

The Black Hills Unity Concert honored several invited guests for their various contributions to tribal nations, community leadership and environmental activism.

Mark Trahant: Three fights ahead for the Native vote in United States and Canada (September 18, 2017)

A climate tax, a Senate seat, and the revival of a Canadian political party are three fights ahead for the #NativeVote in 2018.

Cronkite News: Plans move forward to reduce bison in Grand Canyon National Park (September 18, 2017)

Lawmakers in the U.S. House are advancing a bill to reduce the number of bison at the Grand Canyon, just weeks after the National Park Service approved its own plan.