Travel: Enjoy a unique Christmas experience at Taos Pueblo (12/24)
NMAI Blog: This day in the Maya calendar - what does it mean? (12/21)
Red Lake Nation shooting survivors lend support in Connecticut (12/20)
S.E. Ruckman: White House budget office using old tribal data (12/19)
CNN: Mark Charles reads official US apology to Native peoples (12/19)
Five to join Indian child welfare truth and reconciliation panel (12/19)
Navajo Nation Band lands a spot in Obama's inaugural parade (12/19)
Anderson Law: Republican VAWA bill a deal breaker for tribes (12/19)
Native Sun News: South Dakota to exclude poor from Medicaid (12/19)
Native Sun News: Lakota Voice Project takes hold in Rapid City (12/19)
Native Sun News: Uranium mine near Pine Ridge not a done deal (12/18)
Native Sun News: Juvenile charged in Oglala Sioux man's death (12/18)
President Obama statement on the passing of Senator Daniel Inouye (12/17)
Native Sun News: State approves mining project in Black Hills (12/17)
Native Sun News: Another year for Lakota Nation Invitational (12/17)
DC Circuit allows suit against Cherokee chief in Freedmen case (12/14)
Mary Pember: Lac Courte Oreilles ceremonial buildings burned (12/14)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe gets more in Black Hills (12/14)
Native Sun News: Tribal leaders blast Keystone XL at hearing (12/14)
NCAI remains hopeful on legislation to protect Indian women (12/13)
Democracy Now: Leonard Peltier seeks clemency from Obama (12/13)
Native Sun News: Group eyes cut of Standing Rock settlement (12/13)
Census releases 2010 American Indian and Alaska Native file (12/13)
Sen. Maria Cantwell to chair Senate Indian Affairs Committee (12/13)
GAO: Minerals on Indian lands worth $3.5B in fiscal year 2011 (12/12)
Tule River Tribe holding vigil for five family members who died (12/12)
Native Sun News: Seventeen named Native Nation Rebuilders (12/12)
Native Sun News: Lakota coach chosen for state Hall of Fame (12/11)
Blog: Woman reaches out to homeless on Oregon reservation (12/10)
Native Sun News: Dave Anderson shares life skills with youth (12/10)
Agreement allows VA to reimburse IHS for veterans' services (12/07)
Native Sun News: NRC weighing uranium mine near Pine Ridge (12/07)
Agencies reach memorandum of understanding for sacred sites (12/06)
USDA report makes recommendations for sacred site protection (12/06)
IRS issues new guidance on general welfare exclusion for tribes (12/06)
Column: Ute Mountain Ute Tribe brings Christmas tree to Capitol (12/06)
Social workers tried to find Tulalip woman whose daughter died (12/06)
Picayune Rancheria continues enrollment purge with another 43 (12/06)
HCN Blog: BIA enters new era with streamline lease regulations (12/06)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe prepares for inauguration (12/06)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe election lawsuit dismissed (12/06)
Justice Blog: Working to protect civil rights of Native Americans (12/06)
Jodi Gillette: White House report on progress in Indian Country (12/05)
Native Sun News: Tribes document ICWA woes in South Dakota (12/05)
NCAI warns of negative effects of fiscal cliff on tribal programs (12/05)
Charlie Galbraith: President Obama to host tribal leaders in DC (12/04)
Rep. Darrell Issa introduces Violence Against Indian Women Act (12/04)
HUD Blog: Final NAHASDA rule published in the Federal Register (12/04)
Travel: Ute Mountain Ute Tribe brings visitors closer to culture (12/03)
Interview with David Treuer on canoeing across Ojibwe country (12/03)
Native Sun News: Native monument in Rapid City gains ground (12/03)
NPR: Tribes take on state and BIA in Indian child welfare battle (12/03)
Report outlines Indian Child Welfare Act woes in South Dakota (11/30)
Navajo Nation vice president attending White House meeting (11/30)
Native Sun News: Uranium mine impacts Lakota cultural sites (11/30)
Chris Wondolowski discussed Indian health issues on Hill visit (11/30)
Chris Wondolowski, Kiowa, named MVP in Major League Soccer (11/29)
Native Sun News: Oglala rider joins Indian Rodeo Hall of Fame (11/29)
Hartford Black Eagle, Crow spiritual leader, passes away at 78 (11/28)
Soboba basketball star spends Thanksgiving at White House (11/28)
BIA completes regulations to speed leasing in Indian Country (11/28)
Tentative schedule for White House Tribal Nations Conference (11/28)
Native Sun News: Mid-East and South Dakota journalists meet (11/28)
Chris Wondolowski, Kiowa, up for Major League Soccer award (11/28)
Marine Corps News: Citizen Potawatomi woman proud of roots (11/27)
New president of Oglala Sioux Tribe won't support liquor sales (11/27)
Native Sun News: Weekly meal a boost for Rapid City homeless (11/27)
ICT interview with Kevin Gover on the perils of running the BIA (11/27)
Oklahoma works with tribes on changes to child welfare plan (11/26)
Native Sun News: Oglala woman wins Miss Indian Rodeo 2013 (11/26)
Native Sun News: Hearing on uranium mine next to Pine Ridge (11/23)
Native Sun News: Death of Oglala man considered 'suspicious' (11/22)
City wins lawsuit over changes at Indian Services Commission (11/21)
Native Sun News: New Oglala leader announces language plan (11/21)
KCUR: Chester Nez, Navajo Code Talker, earns overdue degree (11/20)
Sioux tribes raise $7M for purchase of sacred Black Hills place (11/19)
Center for Native American Youth starts 'Champions' initiative (11/19)
Dry Creek Rancheria calls off election amid enrollment dispute (11/19)
Native Sun News: Rapid City Native community airs concerns (11/19)
Blog: Bar slammed for 'Drink Like A Indian' holiday promotion (11/16)
Family not likely to take action in burial dispute with Ute Tribe (11/16)
Pechanga Band pays $20M to protect sacred site from mining (11/16)
Proponent expects Oglala Sioux Tribe to allow sale of alcohol (11/16)
Tanya Fiddler named to Treasury Department advisory board (11/16)
Fourth White House Tribal Nations Conference on December 5 (11/16)
Native Sun News: Documentary examines Dust Bowl of 1930s (11/16)
Navajo Nation investigates accident involving telecom firm (11/15)
Ute Tribe criticizes funeral home for handling of man's body (11/15)
Morongo Band distributes 10K turkeys to local organizations (11/15)
Leaford Bearskin credited with advancing Wyandotte Nation (11/15)
Native Sun News: Oglala man focuses on reservation teachers (11/15)
Louise Erdrich wins National Book Award for 'The Round House' (11/15)
San Carlos Apache Tribe helps members affected by hurricane (11/14)
Tribes focusing on businesses at Reservation Economic Summit (11/14)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe election audit yields little (11/14)
Alliance of Colonial Era Tribes lobbies for historic Indian nations (11/13)
NMAI in New York City set to reopen following Hurricane Sandy (11/13)
Competitor dies during Indian National Finals Rodeo in Nevada (11/13)
Native Sun News: Indian veteran reaches out to fellow warriors (11/13)
Tribal law enforcement funding falls as crime rate remains high (11/13)
Native Sun News: A conversation with Chuck Conroy, a veteran (11/12)
Leaford Bearskin, Wyandotte Nation leader, passes away at 91 (11/12)
USDA Blog: Helping Indian Country address infrastructure needs (11/09)
North Dakota tribe sees ups and downs in energy development (11/09)
Travel: Experiencing tribal culture during trip to the reservation (11/09)
Navajo Code Talkers head to New York City for veterans parade (11/09)
Native Sun News: Jodi Rave raises funds for film on Bakken boom (11/09)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River veterans watch over 9/11 flag (11/08)
Native Sun News: Bryan Brewer wins Oglala Sioux Tribe election (11/07)
APTN: Indian voters could tip election outcomes in key states (11/06)
BIA disputes some child abuse incidents at Spirit Lake Nation (11/06)
WyoFile: Getting out the votes on the Wind River Reservation (11/06)
Seminole Tribe sends emergency team to aid Shinnecock Nation (11/06)
Warm Springs Tribes battle high rates of crime on reservation (11/06)
Native Sun News: South Dakota church welcomes Indian pastors (11/06)
NMAI in New York City to remain closed after Hurricane Sandy (11/05)
Native Sun News: Indian voters lobby for local polling station (11/05)
USET starts up Tribal Emergency Relief Fund for Sandy efforts (11/02)
George Smith, Navajo Nation Code Talker, passes away at 90 (11/02)
Death of Wayne Burke, Pyramid Lake chairman, ruled suicide (11/02)
Shinnecock Nation still out of power following Hurricane Sandy (11/02)
Federal official widens blame in Spirit Lake Nation abuse crisis (11/01)
Tribes working to boost turnout among Native American voters (11/01)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux candidates make their final push (11/01)
Native Sun News: Hundreds gather to remember Russell Means (10/31)
Narragansett Tribe is expecting to be without power for 'weeks' (10/31)
Jackson Rancheria donates $10K toward Hurricane Sandy relief (10/31)
Shinnecock Nation in need of generators after Hurricane Sandy (10/31)
Native Sun News: University hosts 6th Indian scholarship gala (10/31)
NCAI votes against amendment to bar state recognized tribes (10/30)
NMAI in Washington, D.C., and in New York City remain closed (10/30)
Native Sun News: Indian activist protests Rapid City newspaper (10/30)
Kevin Abourezk: Wounded Knee trials remembered in Nebraska (10/30)
Native Sun News: Rapid City hockey team bridges communities (10/30)
KYUK: NCAI supports Alaska Natives headed to trial for fishing (10/29)
Tribes making preparations as Hurricane Sandy hits East Coast (10/29)
The Atlantic: Russell Means led '73 Wounded Knee occupation (10/29)
Native Sun News: Crow Creek Sioux man gets on Census panel (10/29)
NMAI postpones mascots event due to approaching hurricane (10/29)
Wayne Burke, chair of Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe, passes away (10/29)
Native Sun News: Pine Ridge man seeks 3rd term in S.D. House (10/26)
Indian women waiting on IHS emergency contraception policy (10/26)
NCAI to debate membership rule to bar state recognized tribes (10/25)
Native Sun News: Indian family cites KKK threat in South Dakota (10/25)
Native Sun News: Activist Russell Means succumbs to cancer (10/24)
WSJ: Russell Means, 1939-2012, looked just like Sioux warrior (10/24)
NCAI report cites concerns about voter ID laws in certain states (10/23)
Secretary Salazar anticipates Cobell payments by end of year (10/23)
Kevin Washburn addresses NCAI for first time as leader of BIA (10/23)
Family of Russell Means hosts honoring ceremony in Pine Ridge (10/23)
The Nation: Navajo elder Agnes Laughter tries to get a state ID (10/23)
Native Sun News: Lakota Voice Project confronts youth suicide (10/23)
Russell Means, Oglala Sioux activist, passes after cancer battle (10/22)
Native Sun News: Kristi Noem and Matt Varilek meet for debate (10/22)
NCAI kicks off 69th annual conference in Sacramento, California (10/22)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe hosts 10th eagle honoring ceremony (10/19)
Oglala Sioux Tribe could see $6M in revenue from alcohol taxes (10/19)
Kevin Washburn makes first public appearance as leader of BIA (10/19)
Cherokee Nation to shut office in Washington DC at end of year (10/19)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River landowners sue over flooding (10/19)
Alaska Natives hold rally for subsistence hunting, fishing rights (10/18)
New Mexico Supreme Court hears case over sacred site listing (10/18)
Narragansett Tribe aims to improve relationship with governor (10/18)
Audit released of American Indian Cultural Center in Oklahoma (10/18)
Native Sun News: Uranium mine by Pine Ridge nearing approval (10/18)
Indian delegation takes part in celebration for Kateri sainthood (10/18)
BIA to name director for Eastern Oklahoma after long vacancy (10/17)
Native Sun News: Activist Russell Means hospitalized in Arizona (10/17)
Native Sun News: Native monument in Rapid City moves ahead (10/17)
Cheyenne River Sioux woman launches 'Native Max' magazine (10/17)
Racked: Gap removes 'Manifest Destiny' t-shirt after criticism (10/16)
State pays $10M to relocate reservation trailer park residents (10/16)
FT: Oglala Sioux leaders accused of misusing settlement funds (10/16)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe starts veterans cemetery (10/16)
Native Sun News: Native medicine wheel model sees followers (10/16)
Lummi boy and family off to Vatican for Tekakwitha ceremony (10/15)
Native Sun News: Charity operation in Rapid City sees criticism (10/15)
NPR: Oglala Sioux Tribe weighs next move on Whiteclay liquor (10/12)
Native Sun News: Sioux tribes come together to discuss Pe' Sla (10/12)
Native Sun News: Keystone XL foes target Obama and Romney (10/12)
Pacific Northwest tribes oppose coal terminals along the coast (10/12)
Rep. Ryan cites Menominee soldier in vice presidential debate (10/12)
Native Sun News: Activist Russell Means battling cancer again (10/11)
Stephanie Woodard: Suicide an epidemic among Indian youth (10/10)
Oglala Sioux Tribe could tap into revenues from sale of alcohol (10/10)
Hopi Tribe passes resolution opposing Navajo Nation business (10/10)
Anthropologist says Kennewick Man was not Native American (10/10)
Native Sun News: Salway seeks return to Oglala Sioux politics (10/10)
Family finds clothing in search for missing Alaska Native woman (10/09)
Native Sun News: South Dakota observes Native American Day (10/09)
Officer charged for assaulting Indian man who uses wheelchair (10/09)
Crime Report: Abuse and violence pervasive in Indian Country (10/09)
Democracy Now: Celebrating the Real History of the Americas (10/08)
S.E. Ruckman: Working to increase Indian vote turnout in 2012 (10/08)
Native Sun News: Tribes see progress for veterans cemeteries (10/08)
VOA News: European relations with tribes quickly turned sour (10/05)
Cheyenne man who was adopted contributes to 'Lost Children' (10/05)
Native Sun News: Lakota team set for New York City Marathon (10/05)
Oglala Sioux Tribe urged to lift alcohol sales ban on reservation (10/05)
Amber Alert issued on Alaska Native woman who just gave birth (10/04)
ICT's interview with President Barack Obama on Indian Country (10/04)
The Nation: Indian vote could keep Senate in Democratic control (10/04)
Relative of Graton Rancheria chairman disputes Indian heritage (10/04)
South Dakota State University investigating anti-Indian graffiti (10/04)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe faces November 30 deadline on sacred site (10/04)
Native Sun News: Oglala Lakota College starts voter drive effort (10/04)
Couple asks Supreme Court to hear ICWA case for Cherokee girl (10/03)
Oglala Sioux Tribe could pursue Whiteclay lawsuit in state court (10/03)
Reporter: Criminal justice lacking on reservations in New Mexico (10/03)
Native Sun News: Author tackles indigenous genocide in Canada (10/03)
Street in New York City to be named for first non-Indian settler (10/03)
APRN: Native carvers hard at work on Chief Shakes Tribal House (10/02)
Tribes in New Mexico receive $13.2M for infrastructure projects (10/02)
Congressional gold medals to be awarded to Sioux Code Talkers (10/02)
Native Sun News: Fort Peck buffalo caught in the line of wildfire (10/02)
Scott Brown refers to Elizabeth Warren as 'white' in 2nd debate (10/02)
Spirit Lake Nation hands control of social service program to BIA (10/01)
Cherokee Nation won't question Elizabeth Warren heritage claim (10/01)
Native Sun News: Q&A with Ryan Wilson, Oglala Sioux candidate (10/01)
Native Sun News: Indian author a part of South Dakota book fest (09/28)
Census report shows 1.4M people claim mixed Indian ancestry (09/28)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux man seeks 12th term on council (09/27)
Navajo activist won't give up fight over sewage at sacred site (09/27)
Sen. Brown was inside bar as aides were doing tomahawk chop (09/27)
Sen. Brown warns staff over war whoops and tomahawk chops (09/27)
Slain ambassador was descendant of Chinook Chief Comcomly (09/27)
Muscogee Nation to help fund $60M dan across Arkansas River (09/26)
FP: Why did Muscogee Nation business land military contract? (09/26)
Site for sacred Navajo healing ceremony damaged by vandals (09/26)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe invited to Ohio for Chief Logan ceremony (09/26)
Cherokee chief wants Sen. Brown to apologize for 'racist' acts (09/26)
Cherokee Nation sends top officials to Democratic convention (09/26)
Native Sun News: Great Plains health board battles $1M in debt (09/26)
Cover Story: Non-Indian couple not giving up on ICWA dispute (09/26)
Mashantucket Tribe won't manage child care center anymore (09/25)
GOP candidate's staffers caught on tape doing tomahawk chop (09/25)
Oglala Sioux Tribe receives $6.5M to build veterans cemetery (09/25)
Radio: Tribal provisions in VAWA caught up in partisan debate (09/25)
Kevin Washburn confirmed to BIA job but not yet at work in DC (09/25)
AlterNet: North Dakota tribe deals with impact of energy boom (09/24)
Senate confirms Kevin Washburn as Assistant Secretary at BIA (09/24)
Ruth Hopkins: Turtle Mountain girls taunted at volleyball game (09/21)
America's Wire: Native women left vulnerable to violent crime (09/21)
Kevin Washburn nears confirmation as BIA Assistant Secretary (09/21)
Native Sun News: Boarding school film offers a healing journey (09/21)
NCAI calling attention to voting rights as election approaches (09/21)
Kevin Abourezk: Winnebago Tribe finds success with business (09/20)
DOJ report shows highest rate of violent crime in Indian homes (09/20)
House backs bill to recognize disaster declarations from tribes (09/20)
Native Sun News: Panel talks energy leases in Indian Country (09/20)
Former judge for Spirit Lake Nation calls child abuse 'normal' (09/20)
Bridge being dedicated in honor of late Richard M. Milanovich (09/19)
Jon Ross Townsend, of Cherokee Nation, killed in Afghanistan (09/19)
IRS official questioned about taxation of per capita payments (09/19)
Al Jazeera: Justice denied for Native women on violent crime (09/19)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe term limits are ignored (09/19)
USDA Blog: Improving water on reservations in two states (09/18)
TransCanada claims no duty to consult tribes on Keystone (09/18)
Developer goes back to federal court in Hualapai Tribe feud (09/17)
BIA to take over Spirit Lake Nation social services program (09/17)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe to seek trust status for Black Hills site (09/17)
Group says buses from reservations are part of voter fraud (09/17)
GOP candidate didn't look at 'details' of contracts for tribes (09/14)
Native Sun News: UN report cites violence against women (09/14)
Slain US ambassador to Libya was member of Chinook Nation (09/14)
Former US Attorneys support Kevin Washburn for BIA post (09/13)
Spirit Lake Nation social service director was in foster care (09/13)
Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes share in per caps (09/13)
Fronteras: Most kids in juvenile detention center are Indian (09/13)
Tribes in Kansas meeting at Native Nations Law Symposium (09/13)
Native Sun News: Native monument proposed in Rapid City (09/13)
Reward of $25K offered over death of Haliwa-Saponi woman (09/12)
Minnesota Chippewa Tribe debates change to blood quantum (09/12)
Fronteras: Suicide sometimes a taboo topic in Navajo culture (09/12)
Native Sun News: Educator throws hat into ring at Pine Ridge (09/12)
Blog: Generations of Mohawks built skyscrapers in New York (09/11)
Time: Mohawk ironworkers rebuild iconic skyline of New York (09/11)
BIA reviews Spirit Lake Nation self-determination contracts (09/11)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe to pay $9M for sacred site in Black Hills (09/11)
NPR: Miss Navajo candidates showcase traditional knowledge (09/10)
Haliwa-Saponi Tribe in mourning after death of young woman (09/10)
Confederated Salish and Kootenai per cap goes out this week (09/10)
Investigation continues into death of child on Spirit Lake Nation (09/06)
Native Sun News: Elders from Oglala Sioux Tribe continue protest (09/06)
Video: Indian Law Resource Center for reauthorization of VAWA (09/06)
AP Travel: Experience tribal cultures on road trip to Four Corners (09/06)
Cherokee Nation farmers receive Keepseagle settlement funds (09/05)
Native American Issues Subcommittee meets in North Dakota (09/05)
US Attorney wants to provide help to Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation (09/05)
Native Sun News: Fast moving fire enters Pine Ridge Reservation (09/05)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe makes 'earnest payment' on Black Hills site (09/05)
Maynard: Mainstream media's spotty coverage of tribal issues (09/05)
Trial delayed for man accused of murdering Spirit Lake children (09/04)
Lower Sioux Indian Community wants return of sacred springs (09/04)
Activists to celebrate deal to preserve sacred site in Black Hills (09/04)
Native Sun News: Auction of sacred Black Hills site put on hold (09/04)
Payments from $760M Keepseagle settlement being distributed (09/03)
USDA Blog: Alaska Natives share issues at collaboration meeting (09/03)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe chooses new president (09/03)
DOI allows Shell to start off-shore drilling work in Arctic Ocean (08/31)
Authorities search for clues on Indian woman who was scalped (08/31)
Republican Party approves platform with longer Indian section (08/30)
Native Sun News: Indian education meetings set for Rapid City (08/30)
Steven Newcomb: No 'justice' with domination of Indian nations (08/30)
Court won't rehear ICWA case involving Cherokee Nation father (08/30)
USDA Blog: Stimulus funds help Oglala Sioux Tribe with housing (08/29)
Native Sun News: Crow Creek grandma gets nationwide support (08/29)
Oglala Sioux Tribe opens $3.6M building for housing authority (08/28)
Suquamish Tribe sues to stop Navy from building $715M wharf (08/28)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe schedules powwow in new location (08/28)
Kevin Abourezk: Whiteclay protesters removed in horse trailer (08/28)
BIA reportedly sets deadline over Spirit Lake Nation contracts (08/28)
Chippewa Cree Tribe responds to audit on use of $12.3M grant (08/28)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe debates term limit issue (08/28)
BIA 'strike team' to address child safety at Spirit Lake Nation (08/27)
Crowds line up for Northern Cheyenne Tribe's per cap checks (08/27)
Navajo Nation gets ready for 66th annual fair, September 2-9 (08/27)
Native Sun News: Winona LaDuke turns attention to the military (08/27)
Stanley Crooks, Shakopee Mdewakanton leader, passes at 70 (08/27)
Travel: Retracing the 1862 Dakota War that shaped Minnesota (08/27)
Sen. Conrad loses confidence in Spirit Lake Nation leadership (08/24)
Judge in Texas allows taking of land for Keystone XL Pipeline (08/24)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe 'holding breath' over sale of sacred land (08/24)
Kevin Abourezk: Activists call for return of Black Hills to tribes (08/24)
Sex offender registry office opens on Wind River Reservation (08/23)
Republicans axed grant for home visits at Spirit Lake Nation (08/23)
Yankton Sioux house where toddler died is called a meth lab (08/23)
History: Klamath Tribes rebuild community after termination (08/22)
Oneida Nation father warns of crime woes after son's death (08/21)
GOP opponent of Sen. McCaskill faces pressure to leave race (08/21)
Horses fall victim to drought conditions on the Navajo Nation (08/20)
Native Sun News: Indigenous grandmothers meet in Montana (08/17)
Menominee Nation mourns loss of veteran William Fredenberg (08/16)
ICT interview with Jeff Haozous, Fort Sill Apache Tribe leader (08/16)
Blackfeet Nation ramping up for significant energy production (08/16)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe leads fight on sacred site (08/16)
Sen. Murray still pushing for tribal jurisdiction provision in VAWA (08/15)
Cherokee Nation Council bars non-Cherokees from top positions (08/15)
Gene Boshey, former chairman of Bois Forte Band, passes at 80 (08/15)
Chicago mayor eliminates all funding for urban Indian center (08/14)
Al Adams, Alaska Native former state lawmaker, passes away (08/14)
Couple wants rehearing in ICWA case of Cherokee Nation girl (08/14)
BIA holds first in a series of listening sessions for sacred sites (08/14)
USDA Blog: Bringing fresh food to the Crow Creek Reservation (08/14)
Chukchansi Tribe reportedly removing another 100 from rolls (08/14)
NPR Photos: The light and dark on the Pine Ridge Reservation (08/14)
ICT Q&A: Wanda Batchelor, first woman to lead Washoe Tribe (08/13)
CNN: American Indians overrepresented in prison populations (08/13)
Native Sun News: Sen. Thune bill thwarts air pollution controls (08/13)
Spouse of Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney VP pick, has Indian ancestry (08/11)
Council for Native American Farming and Ranching sets meet (08/10)
DOI issues consultation policy for Alaska Native corporations (08/10)
Native Sun News: Honoring Oglala Lakota man killed by officers (08/10)
Northern Cheyenne soldier recovering after Afghanistan incident (08/09)
BIA finally publishes annual list of federally recognized entities (08/09)
Onondaga Nation to celebrate 400th anniversary of 1613 treaty (08/09)
NPR: Elizabeth Warren and questions about her 'Indian' heritage (08/09)
ICT conversation with Steve Stonearrow about Lakota traditions (08/09)
MinnPost: Indian social workers bring experience to community (08/09)
Native Sun News: Lakota youth unite for skateboarding contest (08/09)
US Attorney talks drug issues on reservations in South Dakota (08/08)
Eastern Cherokees still hoping to acquire sacred Nikwasi Mound (08/08)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe enters offender registry agreement (08/08)
Native Sun News: Lakota artists score music award nominations (08/08)
US Attorney reviews unsolved cases on Pine Ridge Reservation (08/07)
Seneca Nation reaches agreement with state for highway work (08/07)
State finds no wrongdoing in Lakota man's 'KKK' surgical scars (08/07)
TV news director quits after 'drunk Native' Facebook comment (08/07)
Native Sun News: Rapid City civic center hopeful for new arena (08/07)
Water a major concern in controversy for Keystone XL Pipeline (08/07)
News director apologizes for 'drunk Native' Facebook comment (08/06)
Law Article: HEARTH Act offers more flexiblity for tribal leasing (08/06)
Alaska Native villages hit hard by changes in the environment (08/06)
Siletz Tribes work to preserve language for future generations (08/06)
NCAI endorses Kevin Washburn as Assistant Secretary at BIA (08/06)
NAIHC congratulates Kevin Washburn on nomination to BIA (08/06)
Northwest tribes back Kevin Washburn for BIA leadership post (08/06)
Native Sun News: Indian women targeted in Mexico's drug war (08/06)
State threatens to reallocate $50M in Seneca Nation road funds (08/03)
Yankton Sioux Tribe didn't use $157K methamphetamine grant (08/03)
IREHR: Tea parties, property rights and anti-Indians in Klamath (08/03)
Native Sun News: Tow company won't go to Pine Ridge at night (08/03)
Tricky timing for Senate confirmation of Kevin Washburn at BIA (08/03)
Praise for Kevin Washburn as Bureau of Indian Affairs nominee (08/03)
Kevin Washburn, Chickasaw, nominated as Assistant Secretary (08/02)
Northern Cheyenne soldier injured on tour of duty in Afghanistan (08/02)
Kevin Abourezk: Grant helps Indian center tackle youth suicide (08/02)
Judge approves expedited payments for Keepseagle settlement (08/02)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe holds its primary election (08/02)
Oglala Sioux Tribe looks to benefit from growing tourism industry (08/02)
Santa Fe Indian Market artists won't face tax concerns this year (08/01)
Squaxin Island Tribe hosts over 100 Canoe Journey participants (08/01)
Native Sun News: Two Bulls is running for Oglala Sioux president (08/01)
Child abuse charges added for death of Yankton Sioux toddler (07/31)
Seven members of Colorado River Indian Tribes killed in crash (07/31)
Native Sun News: Lakota men are latest Rapid City casualties (07/31)
Indian housing law seen as a boost to economic development (07/31)
IHS employee cited for 'misconduct' in Spirit Lake controversy (07/31)
Navajo Nation sees opposition to Grand Canyon tourism project (07/31)
Impasse continues on renewal of Violence Against Women Act (07/31)
IHS reprimands employee who warned about Spirit Lake children (07/30)
September trial scheduled for murders of two Spirit Lake siblings (07/30)
President Obama signs Indian housing bill to law at White House (07/30)
DC Circuit set to hear appeal in one Cherokee Freedmen lawsuit (07/30)
Health care reform act provides many benefits in Indian Country (07/30)
Santa Clara Pueblo gets $11M in long-awaited emergency funds (07/30)
Border Patrol discovers rare items near Tohono O'odham Nation (07/30)
Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska tribes look to rebuild their economies (07/30)
Native Sun News: 'Fractivists' making case known on Capitol Hill (07/30)
Travel: Following a Navajo sheep herder through the mountains (07/30)
Native Sun News: Group seeks Indian Child Welfare Act changes (07/27)
CNS: Native Catholics host 73rd annual Tekakwitha Conference (07/26)
Montana tribe seeks management role at National Bison Range (07/26)
Court supports return of child to Cherokee father under ICWA (07/26)
Walker River Paiute man charged with murdering Iraq veteran (07/26)
Native Sun News: Sioux firefighter finds his purpose in the field (07/26)
Native Sun News: Fires burning on Rosebud Sioux Reservation (07/26)
DOI releases roadmap for solar energy projects on public land (07/25)
Johnny Depp's role as Tonto eagerly awaited in Indian Country (07/25)
Ginny Tyler, Snoqualmie woman who was Mouseketeer, passes (07/25)
Native Sun News: High winds rip through Pine Ridge Reservation (07/25)
New charges, including murder, filed in growing Native Mob case (07/24)
Man charged for murders of Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation children (07/24)
BIA fails to publish a list of federally recognized entities on time (07/24)
Lori Piestewa National Native American Games sees big crowd (07/23)
Family still hopeful for Alaska Native woman who went missing (07/23)
Shirt worn by Chief Joseph sold for $877,500 at Nevada auction (07/23)
Native Sun News: Foreigner reworking Cheyenne River watershed (07/23)
The Atlantic: How tribes lost nearly all of aboriginal territories (07/20)
Native Sun News: Crazy Horse Memorial offers cultural education (07/20)
PBS: Communities affected by climate change plan for the future (07/20)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee discusses environment change (07/20)
Hundreds expected at naming ceremony of sacred white bison (07/20)
Oglala Sioux Tribe declares drought emergency for reservation (07/20)
KVNO: Battling alcohol problems in the border town of Whiteclay (07/20)
OPB: Cowlitz Tribe keeping traditions alive with Canoe Journey (07/19)
Memorial walk planned in honor of Yankton Sioux girl who died (07/19)
Travel: Visitors can feel welcome to the Nez Perce Reservation (07/19)
Native Sun News: Santa Fe Indian School looks toward its future (07/19)
North Dakota tribal members facing eviction amid energy boom (07/19)
Tribes in Klamath Basin see restoration agreement go nowhere (07/19)
Derek Valdo, Acoma Pueblo, named chief executive of AMERIND (07/18)
New Mexico governor pledges $750K aid for Santa Clara Pueblo (07/18)
Bois Forte Band reclaims thousands of artifacts after 64 years (07/18)
Travels: Discovery of gold created troubles for Nez Perce Tribe (07/18)
PBS: Tribes in Pacific Northwest facing a future without salmon (07/18)
Native Sun News: Shooting of dogs presents jurisdictional mess (07/18)
President Obama plans to sign Indian housing measure into law (07/18)
National Museum of the American Indian hosts 3rd Living Earth (07/18)
Cheyenne River Sioux man sues hospital for scars from surgery (07/17)
Yankton Sioux leader calls methamphetamine a major problem (07/17)
WH Blog: Promoting economic development in Indian Country (07/17)
Blog: Tribes team up with scientists to address climate change (07/17)
NGM: Oglala Sioux Tribe perseveres in Wounded Knee's shadow (07/17)
Native Sun News: Sacred white bison born on Connecticut farm (07/17)
NYT says founding Mormon families chased by Indians in 1800s (07/17)
Cherokee Freedmen dispute appears headed toward resolution (07/17)
Travels: Site shows first white settlement in Nez Perce territory (07/16)
Inaugural First Stewards conference held at NMAI in DC this week (07/16)
PBS: Quileute Tribe confronts threats from environmental change (07/16)
Native Sun News: Lakota student earns space camp scholarship (07/16)
Toddler who died on Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation being laid to rest (07/13)
Narragansett Tribe marks ninth anniversary of violent state raid (07/13)
Native Sun News: Lupe Fiasco speaks to Pine Ridge in new single (07/13)
Naming ceremony planned for sacred white bison in Connecticut (07/13)
Study reconfirms age of ancient remains and artifacts in Oregon (07/13)
History: Early accounts from non-Indian pioneers in Minnesota (07/12)
Travels: When Nez Perce Tribe saved explorers Lewis and Clark (07/12)
Native Sun News: In the spirit of Crazy Horse, veterans honored (07/12)
Oglala Sioux Tribe adds more names to list of suspicious deaths (07/12)
DNA study points to at least three major groups of Indian people (07/12)
House votes to repeal health care reform law -- including IHCIA (07/12)
Oklahoma governor chooses Kaw Nation woman as tribal liaison (07/11)
Shinnecock Nation to discuss fishing concerns with local leaders (07/11)
Travels: A key stop in the historic journey of the Nez Perce Tribe (07/11)
Native Sun News: Venerated Lakota site put up on auction block (07/11)
BIA investigates death of baby girl on Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation (07/11)
House set to vote on repeal of health reform law including IHCIA (07/11)
New Mexico Pueblos explore impacts of state and federal policy (07/10)
Column: Ongoing series on Old Chief Joseph's Oregon gravesite (07/10)
Native Sun News: Red Cloud art show holding strong in 44th year (07/10)
Native Sun News: Vic Runnels, Oglala Sioux artist for all seasons (07/10)
Column: Quileute Tribe welcomes even more visitors after Twilight (07/09)
Santa Clara Pueblo waits on federal funds a year after major blaze (07/09)
Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation faces scrutiny over child welfare woes (07/09)
The Long View: Series on history of the Cowlitz Tribe in Washington (07/09)
Native Sun News: Tribes hit by big cuts in energy assistance fund (07/09)
BIA holding back yet another employment report for reservations (07/06)
Lund Report: Course tackles sexual crimes against Indian women (07/06)
Native Sun News: Native landowners square off against Sitka Tribe (07/06)
Native Sun News: A big victory for 'Obamacare' at Supreme Court (07/06)
BIA money, donations keep Alaska Native women's shelter going (07/06)
Most states are now free from No Child Left Behind Act mandates (07/06)
Zuni Pueblo welcomes 'MainStreet' designation in Indian Country (07/06)
FBI Series: 'Zero tolerance' for drug trafficking in Indian Country (07/06)
Shinnecock Nation asserts ownership of shoreline by reservation (07/05)
Miccosukee Tribe accuses ex-chair, Billy Cypress, of stealing $26M (07/05)
Indian Country is disproportionately impacted by energy facilities (07/05)
Bond denied to man accused of assaulting Saginaw Chippewa boy (07/05)
Native Sun News: Newspaper makes its move into bigger building (07/05)
Native Sun News: Couple celebrates almost 50 years of marriage (07/05)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe helps gain recognition for famous jazz singer (07/03)
Kevin Abourezk: Ponca Tribe opens first fireworks stand in Lincoln (07/03)
Muscogee Nation holds rally for tribal provisions in VAWA update (07/03)
Native Sun News: Lakota College students inspire hope for youth (07/03)
National Indian Education Study shows disparities in test results (07/03)
Woman from Ute Tribe sues sheriff's department over traffic stop (07/03)
Cherokee Nation awaits decision in Freedmen citizenship dispute (07/03)
Blackfeet Nation weighs removal of blood quantum requirement (07/02)
Navajo Nation celebrates Fourth of July with concerts and rodeo (07/02)
Joba Chamberlain, Winnebago, taking his role as father seriously (07/02)
MPBN: Commission to look at Indian child welfare issues in Maine (07/02)
Native Sun News: Native Media Summit takes place in New Mexico (07/02)
Native Sun News: Graduates of Oglala Lakota College celebrated (06/29)
American Indian Cultural Center in Oklahoma runs out of money (06/29)
FBI takes over probe after Saginaw Chippewa boy is found dead (06/29)
White House: Supreme Court affirms Obama's health reform plan (06/28)
Navajo Nation reminds visitors to parks of its tribal jurisdiction (06/28)
Saginaw Chippewa family ties boyfriend to case of missing boy, 4 (06/28)
Cocopah Tribe donates $50K to community food bank in Arizona (06/28)
New store in Whiteclay seeks to improve Oglala Sioux relations (06/28)
USDA Blog: Loan provides housing at Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate (06/28)
Native Sun News: Dakota artist honors the Sioux Uprising of 1862 (06/28)
Supreme Court issues long-awaited decision on health care law (06/28)
Paper on trial for stories linking ex-mayor to rape of Pueblo girl (06/27)
Frank Chee Willeto, Navajo Code Talker, passes away at age 87 (06/27)
Oglala Sioux Tribe honors activist Russell Means on special day (06/27)
Tribes unite for new organization to protect Internet businesses (06/27)
Senate Democrats call for inclusion of tribal provisions in VAWA (06/27)
Native Sun News: IHS bars access to emergency contraceptives (06/27)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe treats case of missing boy as criminal (06/27)
Lumbee Tribe expected to receive $13M in federal housing funds (06/26)
Native Sun News: Tribes facing deadline on fracking regulations (06/26)
New Mexico tribes upset with consultation process for Medicaid (06/26)
Blog: Sexual assault at epidemic level among Native Americans (06/26)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe calls case of missing boy, 4, 'suspicious' (06/25)
Still awaiting Supreme Court decision on health care reform law (06/25)
Supreme Court rules on Arizona's controversial immigration law (06/25)
Travel: Retracing an 1872 journey to Pawnee Nation in Nebraska (06/25)
Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe at NMAI wins a top restaurant honor (06/25)
Native Sun News: South Dakota group needs some helping hands (06/25)
Native Sun News: Lakota woman still in race for North Rapid seat (06/22)
Sen. Akaka welcomes passage of farm bill with tribal provisions (06/22)
Moapa Band secures DOI approval to build large solar power plant (06/22)
Commerce Secretary John Bryson leaves post after eight months (06/22)
Native Sun News: 'Let's Move! in Indian Country' hits a milestone (06/21)
Information links cases of missing Indian woman, Indian girl (06/20)
Keith Moore, Rosebud Sioux, leaving Bureau of Indian Education (06/20)
Tulsa city council hosting Cherokee, Muscogee and Osage tribes (06/20)
Blog: USDA officials promote Winnebago Tribe's housing efforts (06/20)
House approves measure to allow Border Patrol to bypass laws (06/20)
US Attorney's Office to prepare reports on deaths at Pine Ridge (06/20)
Mitsitam Native Foods Cafe at NMAI vying for restaurant award (06/20)
Native Sun News: US Attorney talks unsolved cases at Pine Ridge (06/20)
Rep. Boren to work for Chickasaw Nation after leaving Congress (06/19)
Pala Band finalizes decision to remove 154 people from the rolls (06/19)
Ho-Chunk Inc. executive addresses tribal leaders at NCAI meet (06/19)
Native Sun News: Group battles mountain lion hunt in Black Hills (06/18)
Gladys Widdiss, Aquinnah Wampanoag elder, passes away at 97 (06/15)
FEMA supports bill to recognize disaster declarations from tribes (06/15)
Memorial service held for BIA firefighter killed in the line of duty (06/15)
Native Sun News: National Geographic will feature Oglala stories (06/15)
Economist: Penobscot Nation aims for rebirth of namesake river (06/15)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee questions IRS audits into tribes (06/15)
Oglala Sioux Tribe requests information about suspicious deaths (06/15)
Social worker charged in Eastern Cherokee case back on the job (06/15)
Gas station executive calls Michigan tribe 'thieves' and 'felons' (06/14)
Ponca Chief Standing Bear descendants hail book on court case (06/14)
Oglala Sioux Tribe meets US Attorney to discuss 39 death cases (06/14)
History: Cowlitz Tribe met to elect a new president in June 1937 (06/14)
Native Sun News: Lakota man recognized for service in '72 flood (06/14)
Native drivers in Nebraska more likely to be stopped, searched (06/13)
Video: First Lady Michelle Obama on Let's Move Indian Country (06/13)
Tlingit and Haida Tribes selects chief financial officer, controller (06/13)
Native Sun News: Oglala cartoonist Marty Two Bulls Sr. honored (06/13)
Report shows economic impact of Alaska Native organizations (06/12)
Onondaga Nation reclaims historic wampum belt in ceremony (06/12)
Montana sacred site placed on National Historic Landmark list (06/12)
History: Cowlitz Tribe opposed relocation to reservation in 1912 (06/12)
Commerce Secretary John Bryson takes leave after hit-and-run (06/12)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe gets closer to national park (06/11)
FBI Series: Facing challenges with reservation law enforcement (06/08)
NPR: David Treuer and Mary Annette Pember talk Indian identity (06/08)
Native Sun News: Remembering the Rapid City flood of June '72 (06/08)
Oglala Sioux vice president speaks about alcohol-related arrest (06/08)
Yakama Nation to host annual commemoration for 1855 treaty (06/07)
Vandals attempted to steal big Indian statue on Seneca Nation (06/07)
NPR 'Talk of the Nation' show to air segment on Indian ancestry (06/07)
Blog: State takes a look at alleged branding of blind Lakota man (06/07)
DOJ starts sexual assault response program for Montana tribes (06/07)
Inter-Tribal Council of the Five Civilized Tribes meet for summit (06/07)
APRN: DNA study to explore connections among Alaska Natives (06/07)
Stephanie Woodard: Confessions of a Whiteclay beer customer (06/07)
Native Sun News: Boys & Girls Club reaches 20-year milestone (06/07)
Alaska Natives participating in DNA and cultural heritage study (06/06)
Second death in crash that took life of Eastern Shoshone liaison (06/06)
Oglala Sioux girl who died from hantavirus was seven years old (06/06)
Interview: Author's books explore Indian perspective on Bigfoot (06/06)
Onondaga Nation reclaims ancestors, property from association (06/06)
DOJ works with tribes to combat violence against Indian women (06/06)
City official criticized for 'peace pipe' comments during meeting (06/06)
Stephanie Woodard: Beer profiteers fighting Whiteclay lawsuit (06/06)
Native Sun News: US sees indigenous abuses in other countries (06/06)
Boy released after accident on Blackfeet Reservation claims life (06/05)
Indian museum in Oklahoma needs $20M for more construction (06/05)
Report: Consumer agency isn't singling out tribal payday loans (06/05)
Another case of hantavirus reported on Pine Ridge Reservation (06/05)
Native Sun News: Powwow set to honor Rapid City flood victims (06/05)
Oglala Sioux Tribe confirms death of young girl from hantavirus (06/04)
Edward Wadda, liaison for Eastern Shoshone Tribe, dies in crash (06/04)
Crow Tribe still recovering from flooding disaster on reservation (06/04)
Voters in California asked to approve increase in cigarette taxes (06/04)
FBI: One in every four violent crimes comes from a reservation (06/04)
Native Sun News: High school grads honored with eagle feathers (06/04)
Muscogee Nation men retracing Trail of Tears journey by bicycle (06/01)
Winnebago man who served in Vietnam shares experience in war (06/01)
Native Sun News: Indians be dammed -- Missouri River revisited (06/01)
KPCC: Indian Country comes together for UCLA's annual powwow (06/01)
Rep. Hastings considering hearing on violence in Indian Country (06/01)
Snoqualmie Tribe looking to discuss results of membership audit (05/31)
White Mountain Apache man linked to a string of sexual assaults (05/31)
Native Sun News: A brief but extraordinary life for Sisseton teen (05/31)
No tribes are taking advantage of expanded criminal sentencing (05/31)
Democrats seek hearing on domestic violence in Indian Country (05/30)
BIA hosting consultation sessions for Indian Reservation Roads (05/30)
Louis F. Burns, historian from Osage Nation, passes away at 92 (05/30)
Muscogee Nation dedicates statue in honor of prisoners of war (05/30)
Texas Trails: The history of the weeping warriors of Caddo Tribe (05/30)
Study finds a link between Indian families and Jewish ancestor (05/30)
Native Sun News: Lakota woman seeks to represent North Rapid (05/30)
Native Sun News: Tribes call attention to funding discrepancies (05/30)
Director of urban Indian center in Minnesota a target of protest (05/30)
Two Rivers Tribune: Taking on substance abuse at Hoopa Valley (05/29)
Indian inmates welcome presence of children at their powwows (05/29)
Native Sun News: Reservation county ranks highest in smoking (05/29)
Alaska Natives seek more authority in domestic violence cases (05/29)
Cherokee Nation hosts 4th annual Remember the Removal Ride (05/29)
NPR: Veterans get treatment at sweat lodge ceremony in Utah (05/29)
Snoqualmie Tribe in disarray amid membership, leadership feud (05/28)
History: Tribal identity connects to Muscogee town membership (05/28)
Native Sun News: BIA officer goes after bullying on reservations (05/28)
US Attorney looks at 39 deaths in response to Oglala Sioux Tribe (05/25)
Seneca Nation demands $1M fee from state for highway project (05/25)
United Keetoowah Band to reopen roll for relinquished members (05/25)
Native Sun News: Indians be dammed -- Missouri River revisited (05/25)
Council for Native American Farming and Ranching picks named (05/25)
Tribes criticize lack of consultation for water pipeline in Nevada (05/24)
Rival group opposes change in Blackfeet Nation enrollment rule (05/24)
Native Sun News: Rep. Noem does about-face on VAWA measure (05/24)
Tribal communities in Honduras impacted by rise in drug trade (05/24)
Obama pushed off-shore development despite Native concerns (05/24)
Chickasaw Nation to build heritage center at park in Mississippi (05/23)
Lummi Nation using HUD grant to expand housing development (05/23)
Native Sun News: Rapid City hospital put in unhealthy spotlight (05/23)
Tulalip Tribes vice chair shares personal story for VAWA debate (05/23)
Omaha Tribe attracts more than 900 for march against bullying (05/23)
DOJ failed to prosecute 65 percent of Indian Country rape cases (05/23)
Census Bureau reports 4.9 percent undercount on reservations (05/22)
Navajo Nation starts offering identification cards to members (05/22)
Store on Crow Reservation concerned about rise in shoplifting (05/22)
Comanche Nation family welcomes Johnny Depp into the tribe (05/22)
Native Sun News: Indians be dammed -- Missouri River revisited (05/22)
Hundreds march in support of blind Cheyenne River Sioux man (05/22)
Group pushing Blackfeet Nation to change membership criteria (05/21)
Joanna Mounce Stancil to head USDA Office of Tribal Relations (05/21)
Supreme Court declines to review Cherokee Nation ICWA case (05/21)
MinnPost: City incorporates the Ojibwe language into daily life (05/21)
Kevin Abourezk: Winnebago Tribe slowly reclaiming land base (05/21)
Native Sun News: Parents encouraged to connect with culture (05/21)
Massacre wrongly blamed on Indians resonates 115 years later (05/21)
Native Sun News: Lakota mother chides paper for report on son's death (05/18)
The Votes: Crossing party lines on Violence Against Women Act (05/18)
BIA disputes Republican report on Violence Against Women Act (05/18)
DEA agents claim they didn't fire weapons in Honduras incident (05/18)
WBUR: Does Elizabeth Warren get to claim 'minority' status? (05/17)
History: Nisenan Maidu Tribe faced diseases and persecution (05/17)
City to name bridge after Richard Milanovich of Agua Caliente (05/17)
Four dead in DEA-involved shooting in tribal area of Honduras (05/17)
American Indian and Alaska Native population grows to 6.3M (05/17)
Oglala Sioux Tribe planning to expand transportation services (05/17)
Native Sun News: School balks at honor song during graduation (05/17)
Mary Annette Pember: Oglala Lakota woman in sex trafficking (05/17)
Tribes slam weakened version of Violence Against Women Act (05/17)
House approves version of VAWA bill without tribal provisions (05/17)
Mary Annette Pember: Indian girls being exploited in Minnesota (05/16)
Native Sun News: State seeks tribe's help with energy impacts (05/16)
GOP bill report questions data on crime against Indian women (05/16)
White House raises veto threat against Republican VAWA bill (05/16)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe hosts festival during solar eclipse (05/15)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe plans veterans cemetery (05/15)
Mary Annette Pember: Adoptees connecting with tribal culture (05/15)
Tribal consultation call on May 30 to address taxation policies (05/15)
Crow Tribe turning to basketball to promote higher education (05/15)
Report: BIA wasted nearly $1M on law enforcement recruiting (05/15)
Tribes increase contributions to President Obama's campaign (05/15)
House considers measure to improve Indian housing process (05/15)
House to debate Violence Against Women Act reauthorization (05/15)
Travel: Weaving dreams on another visit to the Navajo Nation (05/15)
Jodi Gillette: Restore tribal court authority in VAWA measure (05/14)
Snake handler for Seminole Tribe survives deadly cobra bite (05/14)
Native Sun News: TransCanada still pushing for Keystone XL (05/14)
Democracy Now: Alaska Natives share concerns at UN forum (05/14)
Native Sun News: DOI seeks to regulate fracking with new rule (05/11)
Q&A with Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network (05/11)
Northern Arapaho Tribe reportedly warns of employee layoffs (05/11)
MPR: Homelessness still common on Minnesota reservations (05/10)
Samuel Tso, Navajo Nation Code Talker, passes on at age 89 (05/10)
NPR: UN official examines issues affecting Native Americans (05/10)
Coalition of Large Tribes criticizes DOI regulation for fracking (05/10)
Evicted residents blame Robinson Rancheria for housing woes (05/10)
SLC Weekly: Goshute Tribe battles to protect its water source (05/10)
Native Sun News: South Dakota School of Mines honors grads (05/10)
Obama backs same-sex marriage while Romney still opposed (05/10)
Jicarilla Apache woman identified as girl in photo from 1987 (05/09)
Charlie Galbraith: Four Bands CDFI to join White House summit (05/09)
MPR: Red Lake Nation receives $750K grant for youth projects (05/09)
Native Sun News: Boys and Girls Club at Pine Ridge celebrates (05/09)
DOI rule claims authority to regulate fracking on reservations (05/09)
America's Wire: Native Americans push for their voting rights (05/09)
NYT History: The end of the standoff at Wounded Knee in 1973 (05/09)
ICT interview with James Anaya, Special Rapporteur from UN (05/09)
Dry Creek Rancheria agrees to provide $2M for road projects (05/09)
Robinson Rancheria evicts families from housing development (05/09)
Cherokee woman who walked Trail of Tears as a girl honored (05/08)
Native Sun News: Clean water is on horizon for Navajo Nation (05/08)
Texas family fights attempt to use land for Keystone Pipeline (05/08)
Washington tribes claim mastodon bones as link to culture (05/07)
Native Sun News: Newspaper takes home nine media awards (05/07)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux family honors rodeo greats (05/04)
Urban Indians in Oregon facing numerous health disparities (05/03)
Santa Clara Pueblo to change membership rules after vote (05/02)
Tylynn Anderson wins Miss Jicarilla Apache for second year (05/02)
Wyandotte Nation returns to Canada to tour ancestral sites (05/02)
Native Sun News: Conference opens wounds of Wounded Knee (05/02)
Suquamish Tribe walk raises awareness of domestic violence (05/02)
Mohawk ironworker makes history at tallest building in NYC (05/02)
Cherokee Nation hosts opening for museum in historic prison (05/01)
Native Sun News: Keeping tribal culture alive through stories (05/01)
Liquor companies reply to Oglala Sioux Tribe's Whiteclay suit (05/01)
Indian youth make up largest segment of new diabetes cases (04/30)
Navajo Nation reports increase in tourism industry spending (04/30)
Kevin Abourezk: Disparity for Native youth in justice system (04/30)
Cherokee Nation to pay $2.7M to ousted business executive (04/30)
Native Sun News: Few answers in death of Oglala Sioux man (04/30)
Jodi Gillette, Standing Rock Sioux, goes back to White House (04/30)
Travel: Tourists line up for Hualapai Tribe's Skywalk attraction (04/30)
MPR: Red Lake detention center sits unused without BIA help (04/27)
Native Sun News: Yankton Sioux men to be featured in new film (04/27)
PhotoBlog: Tour of the National Eagle Repository in Colorado (04/27)
BBC News: Oglala Sioux Tribe goes to bat with liquor industry (04/27)
Non-Indian ranchers unhappy with transfer of bison to tribes (04/27)
Obama administration proposes the first tribal national park (04/26)
Tulalip Tribes vice chair pushes for reauthorization of VAWA (04/26)
Evelyn Red Lodge: Lakota man accuses hospital of mutilation (04/26)
Sen. Tom Udall floor statement on tribes and VAWA measure (04/26)
APRN: Alaska Natives angry about exclusion from VAWA bill (04/26)
Obama administration against Alaska tribal VAWA exclusion (04/26)
More changes in Obama's Indian team as Echo Hawk exits (04/26)
Kevin Abourezk: Disparity for Native youth in justice system (04/25)
Eastern Cherokees rents billboard to promote tourist route ( (04/25)
Contestants get ready for 2012 Miss Indian World pageant (04/25)
Sen. Hoeven seeks answers on Spirit Lake social services (04/25)
No explanation for Alaska Native exclusion from VAWA bill (04/25)
Alaska Natives excluded from tribal jurisdiction in VAWA bill (04/24)
White House reaffirms support for tribal provisions in VAWA (04/24)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux woman helps her community (04/24)
BET: United Nations official opens mission on Native issues (04/24)
In These Times: Lakota activists take on Keystone XL plan (04/24)
Tribes to reunite for historic Unity Ride in Canada and U.S. (04/23)
Kim Teehee: White House report on Tribal Nations Conference (04/23)
Famous South Dakotans: Gertrude Simmons Bonnin, activist (04/23)
FBI won't reopen investigation into Oglala Sioux deaths (04/20)
Native Sun News: Bill seeks change in unemployment data (04/20)
Native Sun News: Political cartoonist takes bow from paper (04/20)
Levon Helm, singer/drummer from The Band, passes on (04/20)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe offers ICWA outreach (04/19)
Couple in ICWA case says Cherokee child is more 'Latino' (04/19)
Little River Band breaks ground on government building (04/19)
United Keetoowah Band restricts public at council meet (04/18)
Blackfeet Nation soldier killed in Afghanistan laid to rest (04/18)
Speech by Attorney General Eric Holder at VAWA event (04/18)
Tribes in Arizona get mixed decision in voting law case (04/18)
NAM: Havasupai Tribe takes control of genetic material (04/18)
Cherokee Nation Council approves journalist shield law (04/18)
Native Sun News: Event assists aspiring Native models (04/18)
Charlie Johnson, Alaska Native scientist, passes on at 72 (04/17)
Tanana Chiefs Conference increases reward for 1997 case (04/17)
Laguna Pueblo breaks ground on $30 million water system ( (04/17)
Video: Gary Busey adopted into Standing Rock Sioux Tribe ( (04/17)
Tule River Tribe receives $7.1M for trust fund settlement (04/17)
South Carolina court hears ICWA case for Cherokee child (04/17)
Athabascan woman to lead large Minnesota church group (04/17)
HCN: Tribe in North Dakota grapples with an energy boom (04/17)
Agua Caliente Band schedules election for chairman post (04/17)
The Hindu: Suicide too common among reservation youth (04/16)
Consultation schedule set for Indian education agreement (04/16)
Sho-Ban leader joins Vice President Biden at VAWA event (04/16)
Ho-Chunk CEO to speak at Federal Reserve Board summit (04/16)
Ruth Roessel, Navajo educator and writer, passes on at 77 (04/16)
Daisy Blackbird, an original Chickasaw enrollee, passes on (04/16)
Native Sun News: Film looks at uranium in Indian Country (04/16)
Vincent Shilling: Racial profiling also affects Indian people (04/16)
With 315,698 members, Cherokee Nation is biggest tribe (04/13)
Quechan Nation to receive $3M for trust fund settlement (04/13)
MPR: Chippewa Tribe receives $2M from trust settlement (04/13)
BSPR: Three Idaho tribes sharing in $1B trust settlement (04/13)
Hualapai Tribe to restore historic gas station on Route 66 (04/13)
NARF cites Obama as catalyst for tribal trust settlements (04/13)
In the Loop: Echo Hawk gives new job to Jeanette Hanna (04/13)
Leech Lake Band receives $3.5M in trust fund settlement (04/13)
California Watch: Tribal clinic promotes traditional foods (04/12)
Community mourning death of teen from Quinault Nation (04/12)
Video: Announcement of $1B settlement in tribal lawsuits (04/12)
Native Sun News: IHCIA at stake in Supreme Court ruling (04/12)
Alcohol industry spends big despite Whiteclay problems (04/12)
Defendant in Oklahoma killings known to local residents (04/12)
Settlement amounts in tribal trust cases cover big range (04/12)
Tribal leaders hail $1B in trust management settlements (04/11)
DOI/DOJ press release on $1B in tribal trust settlements (04/11)
FBI questions AIM activists about opposition to bear hunt (04/11)
Echo Hawk leaves BIA to be sole Indian in Mormon leadership (04/11)
Native Sun News: Energy development takes toll on tribe (04/11)
White House event on settlements in tribal trust lawsuits (04/11)
Blackfeet Nation mourning for soldier killed in Afghanistan (04/10)
Transgender Native woman opens doors to Miss Universe (04/10)
Suspects in Oklahoma killings reportedly confess to crime (04/10)
Del Laverdure, Crow, to serve as acting assistant secretary (04/09)
Man said to be Cherokee is arrested for killings in Oklahoma (04/09)
Religion: Prayers answered with Kateri Tekakwitha as saint (04/09)
Native Sun News: Water pollution a threat to Fort Peck Tribes (04/06)
WNYC: Fewer Mohawks are joining the ironworking industry ( (04/06)
Blog: Menominee Nation urged to create anti-bullying laws (04/06)
NPR: Navajo Nation sues Urban Outfitters over trademarks (04/06)
Native Sun News: Sacred sites in Black Hills face desecration (04/05)
NYT Blog: Cattle near old Navajo uranium mine sold as food (04/05)
Travel: Cultural and outdoor activities a plus for reservations (04/05)
Economist: Tribal governments working to build sovereignty (04/05)
OPB: Spokane Tribe aims to boost reservation infrastructure (04/05)
Secretary Salazar visits Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (04/04)
Blog: Lakota activists launch hunger strike against Keystone (04/04)
Kevin Abourezk: Oglala Sioux Tribe amends Whiteclay lawsuit (04/04)
Standing Rock Sioux Reservation is least healthy place in US (04/03)
Ho-Chunk executive to take part in White House roundtable (04/03)
Affordable home units on Navajo Nation sit vacant for years (04/03)
MPR: White Earth Band uses tax credits to improve housing (04/03)
Echo Hawk creates new post for director under investigation (04/03)
Famous South Dakotans: Maria Pearson, repatriation expert (04/02)
NCAI thanks Larry Echo Hawk for 'new standard' of leadership (04/02)
BIA lists job opening for Eastern Oklahoma's regional director (04/02)
SDPR: Oglala Sioux Tribe sues over liquor sales in Whiteclay (04/02)
Cleanup of uranium mines on Navajo Nation poses huge cost (04/02)
History: When peaceful Indians usually meant dead Indians (04/02)
Audio: Ben Sherman shares Lakota culture in Australian visit (03/30)
Native Sun News: Racial tensions are still high in Rapid City (03/30)
Trio who won Chukchansi council seats told they can't serve (03/30)
NPS still working on management plan for Oglala Sioux Tribe (03/30)
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe takes on child welfare program (03/29)
Pascua Yaqui Tribe starts work for $7.8M education center (03/29)
Native Sun News: Employment program passes over tribes (03/29)
Maple for Final Four floor harvested by Menominee Nation (03/28)
Leslie Lohse named Woman of the Year by state lawmaker (03/28)
Native Sun News: Activists plan Keystone XL hunger strike (03/28)
Fronteras: Navajo Nation signs agreement with border town (03/27)
City considers resolution to provide $9M for Indian museum (03/27)
Sac and Fox Nation worried about Keystone XL Pipeline path (03/27)
Election fails to resolve Chukchansi Tribe leadership dispute (03/27)
WH Blog: Dee Alexander, senior Native adviser at Commerce (03/26)
Superfund site still poses a theat for St. Regis Mohawk Tribe (03/26)
Blog: Indian Country outraged at Keystone XL Pipeline push (03/26)
NPR: A truly heartbreaking story of Jim Thorpe and his burial (03/26)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River elder recalls dam flooding (03/26)
The Atlantic: Making promises for Indian Country education (03/23)
KUOW: Native students told to take English proficiency test (03/23)
Native Sun News: Yankton Sioux men still in search of justice (03/23)
Obama calls southern part of Keystone XL Pipeline a priority (03/23)
BIA regional office goes without director for over two years (03/22)
Authorities look into disappearance of Osage Nation woman (03/22)
Navajo Nation teen succumbs to rare form of muscle cancer (03/22)
Native Sun News: Official returns to position at IHS hospital (03/22)
Cheyenne-Arapaho Tribes press Obama to resolve land fight (03/22)
Indian activists to protest Keystone XL during Obama's visit (03/22)
Josephine Jackson, ex-Saginaw Chippewa treasurer, passes (03/22)
Native Sun News: Russell Means goes back to his 'normal' life (03/21)
Public ceremony and celebration for late Richard Milanovich (03/21)
Cherokee woman, aged 107, is last original Dawes enrollee (03/21)
Little Traverse Bay Bands consider same-sex marriage law (03/21)
Services begin for Agua Caliente leader Richard Milanovich (03/20)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe taps into fund (03/20)
Judge backs Hualapai court jurisdiction in Skywalk dispute (03/20)
WNYC: Mohawk ironworkers maintain tradition in New York (03/20)
Crow lawmakers call for removal of judge over racist email (03/20)
Eagle found near DC train station ends up in repository (03/19)
Lawsuit urges BIA to intervene in Pala membership dispute (03/19)
Q&A with Richard Milanovich, late Agua Caliente chairman (03/19)
Monument to Crazy Horse unfinished after decades of work (03/19)
Man from Yurok Tribe on journey to build traditional village (03/19)
Native Sun News: Charlie Rooks an Indian business success (03/19)
Five from Pine Ridge Reservation face bootlegging charges (03/16)
Tribute: Richard Milanovich was a powerful voice for tribe (03/16)
Native Sun News: Inquiry shines a spotlight on BIA school (03/16)
WaPo: Jim Thorpe's sons battle to rebury him in Oklahoma (03/16)
Interview with Shane Hendren on fraudulent Indian artwork (03/15)
Mediaite: Comedian backs tribe's right to take bald eagles (03/15)
Navajo Post: Tensions between Navajo Nation, border town (03/15)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe seeks recognition for famed jazz singer (03/15)
Funeral services set for Richard Milanovich, Agua Caliente (03/15)
Notebook: Navajo Nation files suit to protect its trademarks (03/15)
Blog: Indian women denied Plan B despite high assault rate (03/14)
IPR: Humanitarian award goes to Grand Traverse employee (03/14)
Navajo woman back home to serve as tribe's top physician (03/14)
Matthew Wesaw, Pokagon Band leader, wins NAFOA award (03/14)
Mother Jones: Indian women lack access to contraceptives (03/14)
Native Sun News: Staged white buffalo hunts draw outrage (03/14)
WUWM: Tribes in Wisconsin seek more consultation on state policies (03/13)
Catherine Attla, Athabascan author, passes away in Alaska (03/13)
Alaska Native man walking 225 miles for suicide prevention (03/13)
Seneca Nation bans synthetic marijuana on the reservation (03/13)
Leadership controversy continues within Chukchansi Tribe (03/12)
Mary Pember: Native Mob a scourge to Indian communities (03/12)
Richard Milanovich, Agua Caliente chairman, passes at 69 (03/12)
Native Sun News: Charges, countercharges fly at Sioux San (03/12)
Native Sun News: BIE looks into Cheyenne River complaints (03/09)
NCPR: Mohawk veterans seeking recognition for Code Talkers (03/08)
DHS Secretary Napolitano supports tribal disaster requests (03/08)
Echo Hawk points to big increase in land-into-trust approval (03/08)
Native Sun News: Bill for new South Dakota flag stirs debate (03/08)
Fronteras: Apache boarding school on national landmark list (03/08)
Fueled by anti-Obama sentiments, hate groups on rise in US (03/08)
Members of Picayune Rancheria to vote in disputed election (03/08)
Final series on food and nutritional issues in Indian Country (03/07)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux arrested in Keystone blockade (03/07)
CNS: Diocese apologizes to girl for using Menominee language (03/06)
Series on food and nutritional problems facing Indian Country (03/06)
Colorado lobbies Obama administration on tribal payday loans (03/06)
Tribal leaders worried about potential Postal Service closures (03/06)
Remarks by NCAI President Jefferson Keel at winter session (03/06)
Jordan Logan Bear, Ponca soldier, killed on duty in Afghanistan (03/06)
Cooling-off period ends for rival factions of Picayune Rancheria (03/06)
Liquor from Whiteclay invades every aspect of reservation life (03/06)
Series on food and nutritional problems facing Indian Country (03/05)
ICT interview with Bill John Baker, new Cherokee Nation chief (03/05)
NWPR: Columbia River treaty tribes keep their traditions alive (03/05)
NPR: Crossing the country in search of indigenous languages (03/05)
Native American Contractors Association selects new director (03/05)
Van Barfoot, Choctaw Medal of Honor recipient, passes at 92 (03/05)
NCAI hosts tribal leaders for winter session in Washington, DC (03/05)
Chukchansi factions agree to extend cooling-off thru weekend (03/02)
9th Circuit to investigate judge who sent racist Obama e-mail (03/02)
Fond du Lac man to confront 'white pride' rally in Minnesota (03/01)
BIA agrees to mediate Chukchansi Tribe's leadership dispute (03/01)
Native Sun News: Lakota patients complain about IHS service (03/01)
Viejas Band donates $2500 to treat dog with gunshot wounds (03/01)
Two-year-old boy from Nooksack Tribe is being laid to rest (02/29)
Isleta Pueblo requires background check for non-members (02/29)
Native Sun News: Move of VA facility affects Indian veterans (02/29)
Jim Billie, chairman of Seminole Tribe, recovering from stroke (02/29)
BIA urges Pala Band to reinstate eight who were disenrolled (02/29)
Standoff at Picayune Rancheria headquarters turns violent (02/29)
County official's Native accent is deemed 'inappropriate' (02/28)
Diocese apologizes to Menominee girl who spoke language (02/28)
KUOW: Totem pole dedicated to slain Native woodcarver (02/28)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe baffled by missing bison (02/28)
KVNO: Book shares struggle of Ponca Chief Standing Bear (02/28)
Onondaga Nation asks 2nd Circuit to reinstate land claim (02/28)
Chukchansi faction occupies tribal headquarters in dispute (02/28)
TransCanada to resubmit proposal for Keystone XL Pipeline (02/28)
Kevin Abourezk: Native women inspiring 'Native Daughters' (02/27)
Umatilla woman a contestant on America's Next Top Model (02/27)
Travel: Canyon de Chelly holds history of the Navajo Nation (02/27)
Disenrollment affects Picayune Rancheria leadership fight (02/27)
Native Sun News: Sioux Nation takes stand on Keystone XL (02/24)
Tribes in New York start rolling their own tobacco products (02/23)
Kevin Abourezk: Oglala Sioux Tribe seeks liquor sale limits (02/23)
Women in Wellbriety held 1st training session in Minnesota (02/22)
Jodi Rave goes live with remake of Buffalo's Fire news site (02/22)
Stephanie Woodard: Whiteclay Liquor -- Gold mines in hell (02/22)
Blog: Cherokee Phoenix starts publication in February 1828 (02/21)
Native Sun News: Famous Dave reflects on career of success (02/17)
County rejects quarry mine near Pechanga Band sacred site (02/17)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe rallies against Keystone XL (02/16)
Magazine: Series on Nez Perce Tribe flight from Army in 1877 (02/15)
Q&A: Danialle Rose on Crow Creek Sioux Tribe's child welfare (02/15)
Ute Tribe worried about local law enforcement on reservation (02/15)
Hospital denied services to Ute woman who reported assault (02/15)
Peter MacDonald to lead up Navajo Code Talkers Association (02/14)
Takeaway: Kateri Tekakwitha to be first Native woman saint (02/14)
Q&A with Frank LaMere, Winnebago, on Indian Child Welfare (02/14)
Heard Museum hosts 22nd annual Hoop Dance competition (02/13)
Navajo Nation man to be honored as a Champion of Change (02/13)
Kevin Abourezk: Legal doubts in Oglala Sioux Whiteclay suit (02/13)
United South and Eastern Tribes preparing for Impact Week (02/10)
Native Sun News: Social Security policy affects Indian elders (02/10)
BIA won't get involved in Chukchansi disenrollment dispute (02/10)
Probe finds no wrongdoing for Keystone XL Pipeline review (02/10)
Gila River Indian Community rejects highway on reservation (02/09)
Native Sun News: Study shows high Indian infant death rate (02/09)
Campaign eyes $80M to finish Indian museum in Oklahoma (02/09)
OPB: Growing enrollment a big issue for tribes in Northwest (02/09)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe calls Keystone XL rally (02/08)
Ms. Blog: Some things you need to know about Native women (02/07)
Mississippi Choctaws receive $2.5M in transportation grants (02/07)
Gila River Indian Community considers reservation highway (02/07)
Increase in sightings of 'Bigfoot' in Navajo Nation mountains (02/06)
AIM co-founder discusses US treatment of American Indians (02/06)
Remains not at French and Indian War site despite 'reburial' (02/06)
Native Sun News: Man working to restore Wounded Knee site (02/03)
BIA's 'surge' leaves Wind River Reservation with more crime (02/03)
Pala Band removes 15 percent of membership from the rolls (02/03)
Clara Nomee broke ground as chairwoman of Crow Tribe (02/02)
Jimmie Begay, Navajo Code Talker, passes on at age 86 (02/02)
Kootenai Tribe is 2nd in Indian Country to use border card (02/02)
Native Sun News: Michael Jandreau leads tribe for 33 years (02/02)
Republicans turn Keystone XL Pipeline into election issue (02/02)
Pala Band removes an additional 154 people from its rolls (02/02)
Clara Nomee, former chair of Crow Tribe, passes on at 73 (02/01)
Blog: New York Times account of 1862 Mankato hangings (02/01)
Man seeks $24M for Native symbol on Massachusetts seal (02/01)
NPR: Native Americans as slaves, slave owners in Michigan (01/31)
Gila River Indian Community prepares for vote on highway (01/30)
Oneida Nation chairman aims to improve local relationship (01/30)
Native Sun News: Lakota women are held to high standard (01/30)
Hopi Tribe plans February relaunch of Tutuveni newspaper (01/27)
KUOW: Census sees increase of Native people in Northwest (01/27)
Native Sun News: Johnson Holy Rock passes on at age of 93 (01/27)
Native Sun News: Tribes cheer denial of Keystone XL permit (01/27)
Native Mob called one most violent gangs in Indian Country (01/26)
Cherokee Nation still working on hydroelectric power plant (01/26)
Indian Association of Tennessee faces loss of federal grant (01/26)
Navajo Nation president questioned for off-the-cuff remarks (01/26)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe settles dispute (01/26)
Ernest Salgado, eldest of Soboba Band, passes on at age 91 (01/26)
People of multiple races boost Native American population (01/26)
Kim Teehee: 'Built to Last' blueprint includes Indian Country (01/26)
DOJ reports indictments against 24 members of Native Mob (01/25)
Census 2010 puts Native American population at 5.2 million (01/25)
NCAI President Keel offers preview of State of Indian Nations (01/25)
NAIHC hopes State of the Union leads to more streamlining (01/25)
Navajo Nation president praises Obama's State of the Union (01/25)
Native Sun News: Pine Ridge Reservation still among poorest (01/25)
Blackfeet Nation remembers massacre of January 23, 1870 (01/25)
Former Sen. Abourezk clarifies comment about ICWA case (01/24)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe's letter to Sen. Thune on Keystone XL (01/24)
Lloyd Hatch, elder from Tulalip Tribes, passes away at 63 (01/24)
Kim Teehee of White House to host 'office hours' on Twitter (01/24)
Analysis: 'Angry mob' confronts a leader of Tuscarora Nation (01/23)
Program promotes traditional values among Navajo families (01/23)
Pala Band reaches out to community with KOPA radio station (01/23)
American Indian Movement Interpretive Center in Minnesota (01/23)
NCAI President Keel to deliver 2012 State of Indian Nations (01/23)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe of Alaska hires a full-time general manager (01/20)
Native Sun News: Native women meet for first Winyan Ituwan (01/20)
Native Sun News: Retired FBI agent takes on Peltier and AIM (01/19)
L'Oreal ad touts singer Beyonce's Native American heritage (01/19)
Obama blames GOP for rushed ruling on Keystone XL permit (01/19)
Obama expected to reject a permit for Keystone XL Pipeline (01/18)
South Carolina Supreme Court pushed to take up ICWA case (01/18)
San Manuel Band fire chief honored as Champion of Change (01/18)
PhotoBlog: Shots of America's past, including Indian Country (01/17)
South Dakota governor responds to NPR's ICWA investigation (01/17)
Valerie Taliman: Report outlines trafficking of Native women (01/17)
NAGPRA regulation prompts universities to take some action (01/17)
New Thing: Ski resorts ask Indian dance groups to bring snow (01/17)
Auditions begin for next installment of Women of the Navajo (01/16)
Interview with Phyliss Anderson, Mississippi Choctaw Chief (01/16)
Native Sun News: Native women meet to oppose Keystone XL (01/13)
Bill Janklow, polarizing politician in South Dakota, passes on (01/13)
Kevin Abourezk: Native youth listen to Wounded Knee judge (01/12)
At least 5,100 claims filed for share of Keepseagle settlement (01/12)
Native Sun News: The tribal connection to Igloo military site (01/12)
Tribes benefiting from another provision in health reform law (01/12)
Fred LeRoy, former chairman of Ponca Tribe, passes on at 63 (01/12)
Late chair's memorial removed from Nottawaseppi cemetery (01/12)
Native Sun News: Pine Ridge set to gain a federal credit union (01/11)
Indian voting rights an issue with shutdown of USPS facility (01/11)
Column: Oglala Pet Project helps animals on the reservation (01/10)
Winnebago Tribe renews pledge for homeownership program (01/10)
Blog: The theft of the sacred Black Hills and Mount Rushmore (01/10)
Indian veterans discuss issues at South Dakota conference (01/10)
Kateri Tekakwitha, Mohawk woman, to be canonized as saint (01/09)
NPR: Indian families were promised better life with relocation (01/09)
Paper continues to refer to Indian child as daughter of couple (01/09)
Native Sun News: Red Cloud promotes clean energy for tribes (01/09)
Native Sun News: Rider forces Keystone XL Pipeline decision (01/06)
Indian man plans to sue city after noose discovered at work (01/06)
Cherokee Nation seeks gag order in ICWA dispute making news (01/05)
Progress reported as Blackfeet Nation battles two big wildfires (01/05)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe could lose bison (01/05)
Keith Little of Navajo Code Talkers Association passes on at 87 (01/04)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe takes aim at drunk driving (01/04)
San Manuel Band donates money for Torres Martinez project (01/03)
Gila River Indian Community to vote on reservation highway (01/03)

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