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Native Sun News: Poorest county is on South Dakota reservation (12/21)
National Parks: American Indians and their role in the Civil War (12/17)
Ray LaHood: DOT committed to fulfilling its trust responsibility (12/17)
Judge tells police to release video from Native man's shooting (12/17)
President Obama's remarks at White House Tribal Nations meet (12/16)
APRN: Tribal leaders in Alaska bring their issues to White House (12/16)
Small group of tribal leaders meets with Obama at White House (12/16)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Ambulance Service -- Then and Now (12/16)
ProPublica: Investigation of Alaska Native corporation contracts (12/16)
Lakota Nation Invitational not only about basketball tournament (12/15)
North Dakota boy to sing Lakota flag song at Tribal Nations meet (12/15)
Tribes head to DC for 2nd White House Tribal Nations Conference (12/15)
Congress approves bill to secure a safe reservation for Hoh Tribe (12/15)
CNC: 2010 a busy year for American Indian issues in Washington (12/15)
Archdiocese objects to use of certain elements at Indian church (12/14)
Santiago Isaac Bustamante, Tigua spiritual leader, is laid to rest (12/14)
New president of Seneca Nation ready to meet President Obama (12/14)
Pardon possible for Dakota man who was executed in Minnesota (12/14)
Ex-White Mountain Apache chair seeks severance in housing job (12/14)
Carleton Naiche-Palmer, former Mescalero president, passes on (12/14)
BIA and tribal officers help out at 34th Lakota Nation Invitational (12/14)
Deputy chief of Cherokee Nation stable following a heart attack (12/13)
Yocha Dehe Wintun leader named chair of Autry museum board (12/13)
County on Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation is poorest in nation (12/10)
Elders of Kiowa Tribe get together for annual payment ceremony (12/10)
BIA wants to give tribes priority over Alaska Native corporations (12/09)
KAWL: Museum tells story of hidden Native Americans in Bay Area (12/08)
Saginaw Chippewa man was asked to take tribal logo off Facebook (12/08)
NRC proposes rule to inform tribes about nuclear waste shipments (12/08)
Native Sun News: Wrapup of the first week of Aquash murder trial (12/08)
Commission clears store employee for removing Indian customer (12/07)
Tentative schedule for White House Tribal Nations Conference (12/06)
The Village: Sex traffickers target Alaska Native women and girls (12/03)
Cherokee Nation breaks ground on museum to honor Chief Ross (12/03)
Attorney who worked for Goshute Tribe killed in bicycle accident (12/03)
Native Sun News: Summit keeps Native languages on frontburner (12/03)
Shakopee Tribe given a Jefferson Award for philanthropic efforts (12/03)
Editorial: Oneida Nation to address concerns about energy plant (12/03)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe consulted on treaty design for coin (12/02)
Missing couple from White Mountain Apache Tribe located safely (12/02)
Red Lake Nation prepares to start TANF cash program next year (12/02)
Indian canoe dating back 800 years uncovered at lake in Florida (12/01)
White Mountain Apache Tribe searching for missing elder couple (12/01)
Wampanoag treaty featured on back side or Sacagawea $1 coin (12/01)
NPR: Black Indians exploring challenges of their hidden heritage (12/01)
Cow Creek Band distributes an extra $50K to charities in Oregon (11/30)
Alaska Native corporation secures mineral rights after 40 years (11/30)
Hate crime charges another scar in border town's shaky history (11/30)
Mamie Deschillie, Navajo Nation folk artist, passes on at age 90 (11/30)
Seneca Nation looking to acquire license for hydropower facility (11/30)
Rare photo of Navajo Chief Manuelito found in museum archive (11/29)
Minnesota bar pulls apology for 'Drink Like an Indian' promotion (11/29)
Interview with Dennis Kequom, chief of Saginaw Chippewa Tribe (11/29)
Sioux tribes condemn call for 'violence' made at university talk (11/29)
VOA News: Native Americans having a busy year in Washington (11/29)
VBS.TV: A day in the life of rodeo riders from the Navajo Nation (11/24)
White House Tribal Nations Conference takes place at main DOI (11/24)
Native Sun News: Crow Creek women fight state on foster care (11/24)
WPR: Wisconsin tribes preparing for another summit with Obama (11/23)
Muscogee Nation chief to ask Obama for apology at tribal summit (11/22)
Wisconsin Watch: Suicide among Native Americans remains high (11/22)
Native Sun News: Tribal members get less heat assistance funds (11/19)
NPR: Tribal leaders set national agenda at annual NCAI meeting (11/19)
LA Times Blog: Fox News attacks Obama's Sitting Bull reference (11/18)
Fox News site wrong over claim that Sitting Bull 'killed' Custer (11/17)
Native Sun News: Newspaper lands deal to expand distribution (11/17)
MSU News: Program boosts science education on reservations (11/17)
Tribes ready for another White House Tribal Nations Conference (11/16)
Officer waited four seconds before shooting Native wood carver (11/16)
Tribes weigh Congressional agenda at NCAI meet in New Mexico (11/16)
Analysis: How the Anishinabe fought and won their treaty rights (11/16)
United Auburn teen shares struggle with depression in new film (11/16)
Interior Secretary Salazar delivers remarks at NCAI conference (11/15)
Obama hosts second Tribal Nations Conference on December 16 (11/15)
Muscogee Nation to meet once again in historic council building (11/15)
Tribal leaders gather for annual NCAI conference in New Mexico (11/15)
Pechanga Band donation of van to food pantry called 'a blessing' (11/12)
Barney Old Coyote, Crow, most decorated Indian WWII veteran (11/12)
NPR: Native Americans have long tradition of service in US military (11/11)
Analysis: MSNBC host spurred nation to take action to assist tribe (11/11)
Navajo Code Talkers go to New York City for Veterans Day tribute (11/11)
New Mexico tribe slowly recovers after hailstorm wrecked homes (11/11)
Police searching for Lee Skenandore, missing Oneida Nation man (11/11)
Knife carried by Native wood carver was found in closed position (11/10)
Ute Tribe petitions Obama for return of two million acres in Utah (11/10)
Peyote becoming harder and harder to locate in only place in US (11/10)
Remembrances: Anna Prieto Sandoval's gamble lifted Sycuan Band (11/09)
Neal Charlie, Alaska Native expert on language and culture, passes (11/09)
Oneida Nation pays tribute to late former chairman Purcell Powless (11/09)
Book claims Native soldiers 'scalped' captives during World War II (11/09)
Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation puts ax on lineal descendency (11/09)
Little Shell Chippewa brothers split on guardianship of historic flag (11/09)
Winnebago Tribe works to increase homeownership on reservation (11/09)
Muscogee Nation set to retake possession of historic council home (11/09)
Mohawks on both sides of border work to combat 'hillbilly heroin' (11/08)
Otoe-Missouria Tribe sees boost in enrollment with blood change (11/08)
Lisa Snell: Sacheen Littlefeather paid the price for Indian activism (11/08)
Purcell Powless, former Oneida Nation chairman, passes on at 84 (11/08)
Argus Leader: 'Growing up Indian' on South Dakota's reservations (11/08)
Anna Prieto Sandoval, former chair of Sycuan Band, passes at 76 (11/08)
Opinion: Indian veterans an important part of our nation's history (11/05)
Chaske Spencer of 'Twilight' shares fight against substance abuse (11/05)
Native Sun News: Chasing Cheyenne River storm recovery money (11/05)
Retreat aims to help Indian men with fatherhood and family issues (11/04)
Leader of New Mexico tribe to meet with publisher after paper ban (11/03)
Chickasaw Nation is first in Oklahoma to utilize online WIC system (11/02)
New Mexico tribe bans sale of newspaper for coverage of murder (11/02)
History: Lenape woman chose US citizenship rather than removal (11/02)
Obama proclamation on National Native American Heritage Month (11/02)
Buddhists reach out to Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes (11/01)
Tribes see progress a year after Obama's Indian Nations summit (11/01)
Ponca Tribe in Nebraska hosts vigil for victims of domestic abuse (10/29)
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes hosts prayer days in Washington (10/29)
Chippewa Cree Tribe increases costs of storm recovery to $32M (10/29)
HuffPo: Church in Michigan blends Indian and Christian traditions (10/29)
Indian National Finals Rodeo set for November 8-13 in Nevada (10/28)
Rex Pooyouma, last Hopi Code Talker, passes away at age of 93 (10/28)
New Mexico pueblo concerned about safety for trick-or-treating (10/28)
Native Sun News: Protest seeks better services for FAS children (10/28)
NPR Blog: 'Wizard of Oz' author advocated genocide of Indians (10/28)
Tribe in New Mexico bans trick-or-treating after brutal murder (10/27)
KUOW: Lummi Nation secures emergency $3M fishermen grant (10/26)
Coal-fired power plants on Navajo Nation rank as top polluters (10/26)
Lisa Snell: In northern California hills with Sacheen Littlefeather (10/25)
Echo Hawk names Alaska Native woman to policy adviser post (10/25)
News Wrapup: Alaska Federation of Natives opens annual meet (10/22)
NPR: USDA agrees to $760M settlement for Indian farmers case (10/22)
Lawyer expects Keepseagle settlement to be completed in year (10/21)
Native Sun News: Elders hand Big Foot Ride to future generation (10/21)
WaPo Conversation: Indian farmers celebrate $760M settlement (10/21)
Eastern Cherokees sending 11 to run in Marine Corps Marathon (10/20)
Joe Lujan, governor of Sandia Pueblo in New Mexico, passes on (10/20)
Indian farmers reach $760M settlement for USDA discrimination (10/20)
Tourist visits on decline after deaths in 'sweat lodge' in Arizona (10/20)
NCAI statement on settlement in Keepseagle lawsuit (10/20)
Jake Swamp, Mohawk spiritual teacher, passes away at age 68 (10/19)
HUD issues $996K grant for planning on Pine Ridge Reservation (10/19)
Alaska Native elders and youth kick off their annual conference (10/19)
Series: Bootleggers a big problem on Fort Apache Reservation (10/19)
Nurse from IHS clinics in Washington killed by a mountain goat (10/19)
Tribes in some states losing on Indian Reservation Road funds (10/18)
New Mexico tribe puts damage estimate from hail storm at $2M (10/14)
Obama signs Indian Veterans Housing Opportunity Act into law (10/14)
Echo Hawk to testify at hearing on Indian transportation issues (10/14)
Authorities call off search for missing fisherman from Hoh Tribe (10/14)
Special news package in Science focuses on repatriation issues (10/13)
Winfred Red Cloud, Oglala Sioux Tribe elder, passes away at 60 (10/13)
Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe unveils plan on reservation highway (10/13)
Series: Drug dealers using Fort Apache Reservation as a haven (10/13)
Yankton Sioux Tribe to build headquarters with Shakopee grant (10/13)
Fisherman from Hoh Tribe missing after boat capsized on river (10/13)
Norman Pico, longtime Pechanga Band leader, passes on at 70 (10/13)
Native Sun News: Thousands drawn to 24th Black Hills Powwow (10/13)
Blog: Iowa Native American Affairs Commission takes up ICWA (10/13)
New Mexico tribe trying to find housing for hail storm victims (10/12)
County orders inquest of fatal shooting of Native woodcarver (10/12)
Alaska Federation of Natives prepares for annual convention (10/11)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on transportation (10/11)
New Mexico tribe struggling to recover from major hailstorm (10/11)
The Crime Report: A liquor ban on the Pine Ridge Reservation (10/11)
Native Sun News: Company aims to develop Black Hills uranium (10/08)
Republican lawmaker criticizes $6M for Oklahoma Indian center (10/07)
New Mexico tribe suffers major damage in weekend hail storm (10/07)
Oregon board meets to consider new names for 'squaw' places (10/07)
Presbyterians plan apology for 1763 massacre in Pennsylvania (10/07)
Autopsy: Native carver was shot four times in his side by officer (10/06)
Red Lake Nation secures $1M in funding for a community center (10/06)
Border city backs discrimination agreement with Navajo Nation (10/06)
Alaska Native man competing for Cosmo's Bachelor of the Year (10/06)
Video: Jackie Johnson-Pata of NCAI at One Nation event in DC (10/05)
NCAIED announces recipients of Native American 40 Under 40 (10/04)
Board in Washington opens probe into shooting of Native man (10/04)
Eyak pulls back takeover bid for GTSI (10/04)
Oklahoma provides money for American Indian Cultural Center (10/01)
Wampanoag linguist celebrates receipt of $500K 'genius' award (10/01)
Native Sun News: Pine Ridge residents launch Guardian Eagles (10/01)
WaPo: Alaska Native shareholders unhappy with corporate deal (10/01)
Victims of abuse at Indian orphanage protest South Dakota law (09/30)
Military sought to use Mechoopda language in WWII broadcasts (09/30)
Lorretta Webster, one of last fluent Oneida speakers, passes on (09/30)
WaPo: Alaska Native shareholders don't see benefits of contracts (09/30)
Agreement reached over popular Shiprock Fair on Navajo Nation (09/29)
Indian Veterans Housing Opportunity Act heads to White House (09/28)
Campo youth stopped and searched by county sheriff's deputies (09/28)
Government's handling of Gulf oil spill compared to Little Bighorn (09/28)
Mashpee Wampanoag linguist receives MacArthur 'genius grant' (09/28)
NY Post: Free health care and tax free cigarettes on reservations (09/27)
Navajo Nation chapter claims authority for Shiprock Fair events (09/24)
NYT: Tradition and tension at the Pendleton Round-Up in Oregon (09/24)
Indian church in Oklahoma plans to rebuild after tornado damage (09/23)
Editorial: Arizona's tribal heritage sadly vulnerable to vandalism (09/23)
First woman leader of Yavapai Prescott Tribe honored in Arizona (09/22)
Justice Department monitors probe into shooting of Native man (09/21)
Eagle headdress returned to Oglala Sioux family after 57 years (09/20)
BIA holds consultations for Interior Department's strategic plan (09/20)
NYT: Tonawanda Seneca man connects with his roots in New York (09/20)
Mayor in Seattle calls officer shooting of Native man an 'injustice' (09/17)
US Attorney in Arizona changes policy in reservation crime cases (09/17)
Navajo Nation wants entities to work together over Shiprock Fair (09/16)
Cabazon Band commits to three-year sponsorship for county fair (09/16)
Native Sun News: Grasshoppers invade the Pine Ridge Reservation (09/16)
DOJ releases $127M in grants for Indian Country law enforcement (09/16)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe obtains $12.7M loan for headquarters (09/16)
Employees fight management of economic development group (09/14)
Chester Cayou, longtime Swinomish leader, passes away at 88 (09/14)
One group gets permit to hold Shiprock parade on Navajo Nation (09/14)
Blog: Oglala Sioux Tribe set to manage first national tribal park (09/13)
Paper looks into botched Apache reservation rape investigation (09/13)
Allen Dale June, one of original Navajo Code Talkers, dies at 91 (09/10)
Navajo Nation warns chapter about interfering with Shiprock Fair (09/10)
Social networking site 'ndn.me' aims to keep Natives connected (09/10)
Native Sun News: Thelma Rios denies role in 1973 Aquash murder (09/10)
White House official discusses FY2011 budget at tribal summit (09/09)
Native Sun News: Date for Crazy Horse's death an issue of debate (09/09)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux elders seek news coverage on KILI (09/09)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe leaves community center unfinished (09/09)
Lummi Nation agrees to enter into mediation for ferry agreement (09/09)
Police promise better outreach after fatal shooting of Native man (09/09)
Maine tribes make 100-mile spiritual journey to sacred mountain (09/09)
Native leaders seek inquiry of police shooting of traditional carver (09/08)
Two entities competing to host big Shiprock Fair on Navajo Nation (09/08)
United Tribes of North Dakota ready to begin 14th annual meeting (09/08)
Group makes plans for center to serve Santa Fe Indian community (09/08)
NPS taking comments on park management by Oglala Sioux Tribe (09/07)
NPR: Yankton Sioux Tribe girls go through coming of age ceremony (09/07)
Raymond Harvey, Chickasaw veteran, set for military hall of fame (09/07)
Puyallup Tribe to commemorate treaty rights on raid's anniversary (09/07)
MPR: Housing project for Indian elders secures $8M federal grant (09/03)
Alaska Native leader named chair of Federal Subsistence Board (09/01)
WyoFile: An ugly history of prejudice on Wind River Reservation (09/01)
Tohono O'odham Nation reported 44 migrant deaths last month (08/31)
Long-running Indian public affairs television program cancelled (08/31)
Suspect accused of killing two officers in custody after stand-off (08/31)
Three children died in vehicle accident on Pine Ridge Reservation (08/31)
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation receives fire department accreditation (08/31)
Jicarilla Apache family thanks officer who saved young girl's life (08/31)
Crosscut: Two Lummis separated by more than just ferry service (08/30)
GAO: More than 120K ancestors haven't been repatriated to tribes (08/30)
More Indian children going into foster care system in North Dakota (08/30)
Tribes question 'unfunded mandate' from Tribal Law and Order Act (08/27)
New York governor condemns 'inappropriate' remark about tribes (08/26)
County seeks BIA's assistance in negotiations with Lummi Nation (08/26)
Chickasaw Nation starts work on tourism center in Oklahoma City (08/26)
Sen. Bingaman to discuss Tribal Law and Order Act in New Mexico (08/26)
New York tribes continue meetings over state tobacco tax efforts (08/25)
Menominee Nation man still hoping for return of his stolen regalia (08/25)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux advocate won't remain silenced (08/25)
Yakama Nation group back home after being stranded in Alabama (08/25)
PhotoBlog: Slow and steady progress for Crazy Horse memorial (08/24)
Chippewa Cree Tribe signs agreement with FEMA for full funding (08/18)
Tony Reyna, Taos Pueblo elder, to receive Spirit of Heard Award (08/18)
Cherokee Nation joins tribes in opposing Arizona immigrant law (08/18)
Washoe elder calls for government to return Lake Tahoe to tribe (08/18)
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic draws thousands to contest powwow (08/17)
Nebraska governor disclaims responsibility over Whiteclay liquor (08/17)
Menominee Nation objects to use of Chief Oshkosh at mayor's bar (08/17)
Domestic violence shelter on Rosebud Reservation loses leaders (08/17)
Editorial: Stop Congress from addressing land-into-trust decision (08/17)
Federal Eye: Salazar launches Interior Department diversity plan (08/17)
Indian woman a plaintiff in lawsuit over hiring at Census Bureau (08/16)
Suspect charged with fatal stabbing of Navajo Nation man in DC (08/16)
Navajo Nation chapter votes against hosting large Shiprock Fair (08/16)
Yurok Tribe welcomes repatriation of hundreds of sacred items (08/13)
Standing Rock Sioux woman pleads guilty over assault on son (08/12)
Colvile Tribes praise enhanced court sentencing under new law (08/11)
White Earth Band votes to name Ojibwe as its official language (08/11)
IHS employee, member of Navajo Nation, fatally stabbed in DC (08/11)
Former Sen. Ted Stevens among five people dead in plane crash (08/10)
First Indian sign language conference taking place in Montana (08/10)
Veterans group refuses to display memorial at Indian meeting (08/10)
Border town commission supports pact that cites past racism (08/10)
Inter-tribal group completes motorcyle ride thru South Dakota (08/10)
Chickasaw Nation opens $40M cultural center after years of work (08/09)
Julia Kabance, oldest Prairie Band member, celebrates 100 years (08/09)
Crime statistics difficult to locate for Indian Country in California (08/09)
Process to remove 'squaw' place names in Oregon moving slowly (08/06)
Lummi Nation upset with lack of final agreement for county's ferry (08/06)
Navajo Nation declares state of emergency in response to storms (08/06)
Conference focuses on crime victims on reservations in Wyoming (08/05)
Dress worn by Rosebud woman to White House comes with history (08/05)
Podcast: Kevin Gover on the shared Indian and Jewish experience (08/05)
Natl Geographic: Tribes setting an example with restoration works (08/05)
Alaska tribes open to officer grants under Tribal Law and Order Act (08/05)
Republican claims Tribal Law and Order Act was a 'backroom' deal (08/05)
Ms. Blog: How Native women created the Tribal Law and Order Act (08/05)
GAO to discuss NAGPRA report at tribal historic preservation meet (08/04)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe maintains funds for domestic violence shelter (08/04)
NPR: Obama signs Tribal Law and Order Act into law at White House (08/03)
Attorney calls Tribal Law and Order Act a step in the right direction (08/03)
Column: Oneida Nation crowns winners of the Miss Oneida pageant (08/03)
New Mexico tribe to use $1M grant to rebuild historic trading post (08/02)
Another Republican complains about Tribal Law and Order process (07/30)
NPR: Tribal Law and Order Act boosts law efforts for Indian Country (07/30)
Interview: Sen. Murkowski on need for the Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
USDA loan officer in Montana was arrested for incident at Fort Peck (07/30)
Rep. Lujan statement on signing of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Rep. Kildee statement on signing of Tribal Law and Order Act (07/30)
Background on Lisa Marie Iyotte (07/30)
WH Blog: Tribal Law and Order Act a step forward for Native women (07/30)
Elderly man still riding on horse in parade, painted as an 'Indian' (07/29)
Meskwaki woman questions GOP vote against Tribal Law and Order (07/29)
Blog: Republicans ought to explain Tribal Law and Order opposition (07/29)
White House ceremony for Tribal Law and Order Act this afternoon (07/29)
GAO report finds federal agencies not in compliance with NAGPRA (07/29)
Judge blocks major provisions of Arizona's anti-immigration law (07/29)
MPR: NMAI director consults tribes about new exhibit on treaties (07/28)
President Obama to sign Tribal Law and Order Act at White House (07/28)
Keweenaw Bay man upset after family's grave site desecrated (07/28)
Yankton Sioux Tribe declares holiday for teen who died of cancer (07/27)
Violin created by Salinan man in 1798 remains missing after years (07/27)
Sen. Franken to visit Pine Ridge Reservation for powwow, housing (07/27)
Interview: Carrie Garrow discusses Haudenosaunee passport flap (07/26)
HHS Secretary worried about 'alarming' obesity in Indian Country (07/22)
Yankton Sioux Tribe forced out of its headquarters due to flooding (07/22)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe revokes funds for domestic violence shelter (07/22)
BIA defends use of federal funds for ferry project in Alaska village (07/22)
10-year-old cited for damage to Indian sculpture in North Dakota (07/21)
Navajo Nation lowers flags for soldier who served in Afghanistan (07/21)
FEMA opens office to support Chippewa Cree Tribe with recovery (07/21)
Sault Tribe opens first smoke-free Indian housing units in Michigan (07/21)
Arizona governor redirects some stimulus money to border tribes (07/20)
Man asks San Felipe Pueblo to study reported Spanish inscriptions (07/20)
Crow Tribe looking for a loan to plug $2.1M deficit in latest budget (07/20)
Parade: Inupiat mayor from Alaska among most powerful politicos (07/19)
Explosion destroys Northern Cheyenne Reservation gas station (07/16)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe to dedicate monument on ancestral land (07/16)
Alaska Native leaders worried about recent spike in youth suicide (07/15)
Iroquois lacrosse team hopeful despite another setback on travel (07/15)
Tohono O'odham Nation submits brief in immigration law dispute (07/15)
Man claims Hoka Hey money will be used for Pine Ridge projects (07/15)
Navajo soldier from Arizona succumbs to injuries in Afghanistan (07/14)
Turtle Talk: A State Department payback on Iroquois passports? (07/14)
Iroquois lacrosse team plans to board flight to world tournament (07/14)
North Dakota tribe holds ceremony to accept official US apology (07/13)
Oglala Sioux Tribe not affiliated with Hoka Hey motorcycle race (07/13)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe rallies together after recent tragedies (07/13)
Iroquois lacrosse team can't head overseas due to travel issue (07/13)
HCN: Southern Ute Tribe becomes big player in energy industry (07/12)
Obama signs a disaster declaration for Rocky Boy's Reservation (07/12)
Mayor changes name of bar after meet with Menominee Nation (07/12)
Man pleads not guilty over death of Fort Peck soldier on leave (07/09)
Senate Budget Committee looks at safety of reservation roads (07/09)
Jeannette Prieto-Dodd, Agua Caliente leader, dies unexpectedly (07/09)
Native Sun News: Gerard Baker, top Indian official at NPS, retires (07/09)
Peace pipe used by President Fillmore in 1852 returned to tribe (07/09)
Quileute Nation group responds to Coast Guard helicopter crash (07/08)
Chippewa Cree Tribe frustrated by wait for disaster declaration (07/07)
Obama administration sues to block Arizona anti-immigrant law (07/07)
New Mexico tribe set to break ground on $5M housing project (07/06)
Chippewa Cree Tribe waits on disaster declaration after floods (07/06)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves Indian housing bills (07/01)
Blog: Operation Alliance brings officers to Wyoming reservation (07/01)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee launches investigation of IHS (06/30)
MinnPost: Minnesota tribes lobby for food assistance program (06/30)
Agua Caliente Band dedicates sculpture at heart of reservation (06/29)
Echo Hawk on a weeklong tour of Alaska to meet tribal leaders (06/29)
FEMA finds at least $6M in damage on Rocky Boy's Reservation (06/29)
Yakama Nation members stranded in Alabama in hopes of jobs (06/29)
BIA names permanent regional director for Great Plains office (06/28)
Navajo community moves to address suicide among its youth (06/28)
NPR: Obama opens Promise Neighborhoods program to tribes (06/28)
Sen. Byrd, longest serving member of Congress, passes at 92 (06/28)
Cherokee Nation group back home after Trail of Tears journey (06/25)
Crow Tribe uses local materials for new housing development (06/25)
Lummi Nation receives $11.5M loan to upgrade water system (06/25)
Chippewa Cree Tribe waits for FEMA flood damage assessment (06/25)
BIA investigates death of bicyclist on New Mexico reservation (06/25)
Eugene Culbertson, longtime Fort Peck leader, passes on at 71 (06/25)
Museum puts US flag found at Little Bighorn site up for auction (06/25)
APR: Navajo Nation families maintain connections to park land (06/25)
New York paper profiles Ray Halbritter, Oneida Nation leader (06/24)
Chippewa Cree Tribe assesses damage after flooding disaster (06/24)
Labor Department announces $67M in tribal workforce grants (06/24)
Eastern Cherokees take action to address membership audit (06/23)
Chippewa Cree Tribe declares disaster due to major flooding (06/23)
HUD reportedly investigating Warm Springs housing program (06/22)
FBI looking into offers of Gulf Coast jobs to Yakama members (06/22)
Kim Teehee: New White House Tribal Nations progress report (06/22)
Powwow helps kickoff NCAI mid-year conference in Rapid City (06/21)
Dorothy Webster, Onondaga Nation clan mother, passes at 81 (06/21)
Chippewa Cree Tribe evacuates homes over flood emergency (06/21)
Sauk-Suiattle Tribe praises opening of replacement bridge (06/18)
OPB: Yakama Nation members scammed for Gulf Coast jobs (06/18)
NYT Lens Blog: Familial Bonds among the Apsaalooke Nation (06/18)
First Nations plan protests over national sales tax initiative (06/17)
San Manuel Band donates $6M to start US Indian TV channel (06/17)
KUOW Radio: Drug traffickers target Washington reservations (06/17)
Alaska Native village to vote on lifting restrictions on alcohol (06/15)
Nelson Wallulatum, longtime Warm Springs leader, dies at 84 (06/15)
Arizona governor wants tribal cooperation on immigrant law (06/15)
NPR: Churro sheep remain sacred to Navajo Nation weavers (06/14)
EPA schedules conference calls for tribal consultation policy (06/11)
Tulalip Tribes hire housing official who played role in scandal (06/11)
MPBN: Penobscot Nation helping tribal members get homes (06/10)
Oglala Sioux man brings 'Death to Meth' event to California (06/10)
NativeBiz TV: The rape crisis on Rosebud Sioux Reservation (06/10)
Mohegan Tribe to use federal loan to build government center (06/09)
Tulalip Tribes boost Census 2010 participation to 93 percent (06/07)
NAIHC chooses Bay Mills Chippewa woman as chairperson (06/04)
Cherokee Nation group retraces Trail of Tears route on bike (06/03)
Menominee group retraces forced walk made by ancestors (06/03)
Grace: Mohegan chairwoman transitions to tribal chief post (06/02)
Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate puts up reward over missing man (06/02)
Native Sun: Marchers protest police shooting of Oglala man (06/02)
Indian cultural center in Oklahoma faces construction delay (06/02)
Obama remains silent on official apology to Native peoples (06/01)
NPR: Osage photojournalist captures Native warriors in Iraq (06/01)
PBS: Census eyes a better count on California reservations (05/31)
Tom Oxendine, decorated Lumbee veteran, passes on at 87 (05/28)
USDA funds 27 rural development projects in Indian Country (05/27)
Tulalip Tribes report 70 percent participation in 2010 Census (05/27)
Yurok Tribe reaches child welfare agreement with California (05/27)
Bad River Band accepts apology for cemetery disturbance (05/26)
Rick Green: May 26, 1673, the day of the Pequot Massacre (05/26)
Investigation turns up more problems at oil royalty agency (05/26)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe prepares for third annual powwow (05/25)
Tribal Leaders Forum scheduled for June 9-10 in California (05/25)
Pawnee and Arikara ready for reunion powwow in Nebraska (05/24)
Sac and Fox Nation objections affect proposed interchange (05/24)
Seneca Nation defends tobacco sales on treaty anniversary (05/24)
Tohono O'odham Nation opposes state anti-immigration law (05/21)
Students lobby to place Nez Perce Chief Joseph on $20 bill (05/20)
Alaska Federation of Natives plan conference in Anchorage (05/20)
Oneida Nation veterans struggle decades after Vietnam War (05/20)
Sen. Brownback hosts ceremony to read apology resolution (05/20)
Alaska Native man has been missing for nearly two months (05/19)
Officials condemn swastika branding incident in New Mexico (05/19)
Eastern Cherokee leaders discuss DNA tests and enrollment (05/19)
Red Earth readies for 24th annual festival in Oklahoma City (05/18)
Panel hosts special meeting over swastika branding incident (05/18)
Vincent Craig, Navajo Nation humorist, passes on at age 59 (05/18)
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes hire new editor for newspaper (05/18)
Bill seeks to expedite leasing process for tribal development (05/17)
Navajo chapter in New Mexico suffers another youth suicide (05/17)
Shooting leaves Oneida man dead, nephew in intensive care (05/17)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux family sends son to the spirit world (05/13)
Lena Landry, oldest member of Puyallup Tribe, passes at 91 (05/13)
Mary Lembcke, elder of Peoria Tribe, passes on at age of 95 (05/13)
Muscogee Nation weighs stance on Arizona immigration law (05/13)
MPR: Breaking the cycle of domestic violence at White Earth (05/13)
Crow Reservation landowners not happy with BNSF fences (05/12)
Alaska lawmakers fail to act on Native verse in state song (05/12)
Southern Ute Tribe signs agreement for reservation roads (05/12)
Rep. Bono Mack 'outraged' with Torres Martinez TANF issue (05/11)
Rep. Thompson requests hearing on tribal disenrollments (05/10)
Mayor of British town seeks DNA tests to confirm tribal tie (05/07)
Washington tribes continue search for missing fisherman (05/07)
Choctaw woman hired for county assistant manager post (05/07)
Dying for a Drink: Alaska Native youth hit hard by alcohol (05/07)
Native Sun News: Deputy shoots and kills Lakota man, 22 (05/06)
Hannahville Tribe donates $20K to fund lifeguards at beach (05/06)
Navajo teen from New Mexico survives rare form of cancer (05/06)
Soo Tribe uses $5.1M in stimulus funds to improve housing (05/06)
Shadow Wolves find $192K worth of marijuana on one day (05/05)
Army unit wanted to learn from Wounded Knee 'mistakes' (05/04)
Oglala Sioux leader apologizes for mixup at massacre site (05/03)
Arizona tribes worried about state's anti-immigration law (05/03)
Search continues for a missing Yakama Nation fisherman (05/03)
Church apologizes for Menominee Nation boarding school (04/30)
Tom Perrelli: Justice Department delivers on its promises (04/30)
United Keetoowah Band to enter self-governance pact (04/29)
Air Force base to return last of land to Oglala Sioux Tribe (04/29)
Indian school in New Mexico reels from string of suicides (04/29)
White House anti-meth campaign targets Indian Country (04/29)
Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation launches a new website (04/29)
Snoqualmie Tribe keeps traditions alive with a new canoe (04/28)
Eastern Cherokees debate next move in enrollment audit (04/28)
Wind River students start support group after girl's death (04/27)
Video: Obama delivers message at Gathering of Nations (04/26)
Vernon Lane, former Lummi Nation chairman, dies at 79 (04/26)
Torres Martinez Tribe to pay fine with reduction in grant (04/26)
Brownback pushes White House for apology ceremony (04/26)
Kevin Abourezk: Finding a little bit of hope at Whiteclay (04/26)
Mary Cain, Santa Clara Pueblo potter, passes away at 95 (04/23)
Coast Guard investigates crash involving Mohawk boat (04/23)
27th annual Gathering of Nations begins in Albuquerque (04/22)
Economist: Wilma Mankiller helped the Cherokee people (04/22)
Standing Rock Sioux ranchers complain about loan office (04/22)
Morongo Band contributes $20K to assist area charities (04/20)
Jodi Rave: Powwow sends dancers home without money (04/19)
Tulalip Tribes leader retires after four decades on board (04/19)
People disenrolled from Robinson Rancheria plan appeal (04/19)
Quileute Nation adopts strict policy on photos and taping (04/16)
Robinson Rancheria cites BIA approval of disenrollments (04/16)
Ronald Markishtum, Makah elder, found dead after crash (04/16)
Group works to address concerns about war board game (04/15)
New Mexico tribes meet with governor at yearly summit (04/15)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe encourages participation on Census (04/15)
Panel discusses emergence of self-determination policy (04/15)
David Davis, Tonto Apache vice chairman, passes away (04/14)
Yurok Tribe to use $120K grant for transportation study (04/14)
White Earth Band encourages response to 2010 Census (04/14)
Group uses state money to start Whiteclay cleanup effort (04/13)
La Jolla Band hosts walk for awareness of sexual assault (04/13)
Gerard Baker named to National Park Service Indian post (04/13)
VOA News: Remembering Wilma Mankiller, former Cherokee chief (04/09)
Details for Wilma Mankiller memorial on Saturday, April 10 (04/08)
Census aims for improved count with visits to reservations (04/08)
Shakopee Tribe reports Indian Country loans and donations (04/08)
Cherokee Nation opens museum in Supreme Court building (04/08)
Oglala Sioux officers locate teen girl after overnight search (04/08)
Kevin Abourezk: Panel discusses alcohol sales in Whiteclay (04/08)
NPR: Remembering Wilma Mankiller, former Cherokee chief (04/08)
Max Mazzetti, former chairman of Rincon Band, passes on (04/08)
Nation mourns loss of Wilma Mankiller, ex-Cherokee chief (04/07)
VOA News: Tainos seek recognition on 2010 Census count (04/07)
Wilma Mankiller, former Cherokee Nation chief, passes on (04/06)
Chumash Tribe purchases ranch property for reported $40M (04/06)
Donations aid Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in storm recovery (04/05)
Homeless shelter hosts growing number of Native youth (04/02)
Workers World: Fire Thunder fights for equality for women (04/01)
Ute tribes from Colorado and Utah meet for annual council (04/01)
Group aims to take disenrollment issues to United Nations (04/01)
TMZ: Rosebud Sioux Tribe upset by celebrity Indian names (04/01)
Mashpee Wampanoag woman honored for achievements (03/31)
NCAI encourages Indian Country to take part in Census (03/31)
San Manuel Band announces $5.6M in community grants (03/31)
Nebraska lawmakers reduce allocation for Whiteclay fund (03/30)
First ever Navajo vice president Marshall Plummer passes (03/29)
Column: Standing Rock Sioux chairwoman a strong fighter (03/29)
Oglala Sioux Tribe set to build nursing home by Whiteclay (03/29)
Interior to set up consultation team from 12 BIA regions (03/26)
Lawmakers still looking at Torres Martinez TANF program (03/26)
Guardian Angels starts chapter on Fort Peck Reservation (03/26)
Mashpee Wampanoag elder hailed as 'pioneering woman' (03/26)
Yakama Nation teen killed by train on Umatilla Reservation (03/25)
Wasted in Whiteclay: Town tells 4.1M cans of beer a year (03/24)
Indian school aids Navajo family that lost two daughters (03/23)
Grant to help tribes in Washington with Boys & Girls Clubs (03/23)
Cheyenne River Sioux woman speaks at USDA panel in DC (03/22)
New Mexico train station operates on Pueblo reservation (03/22)
Chumash Tribe saves city fireworks with $20K donation (03/19)
Column: Ada Deer still making a difference in Wisconsin (03/19)
Chumash chairman wins tribal leader award at NAFOA (03/18)
NARF gets $1.5M grant from Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation (03/18)
Tanana Chiefs Conference plans to create damp shelter (03/17)
Creek Nation wants to buy back historic council building (03/17)
HUD audit finds fault with Fort Belknap housing program (03/17)
Tanana Chiefs Conference kicks off annual convention (03/16)
Ed Claplanhoo, ex-Makah Nation chair, passes on at 81 (03/16)
Kevin Abourezk: Panel focuses on problems at Whiteclay (03/15)
San Manuel Band supports Native veterans memorial (03/11)
Voice of America: NCAI meets for winter session in DC (03/11)
Two dogs cited in attack that killed baby on Iowa land (03/11)
Another New Mexico Pueblo returns to traditional name (03/10)
EchoHawk: Generational trauma haunts Indian Country (03/10)
Baby killed in dog attack on Iowa land was 8 months old (03/10)
California names first official for Native veterans affairs (03/09)
Lummi Nation helps youth with $1.2M 'Youthbuild' grant (03/09)
Baby girl dies after being attacked by dog on Iowa land (03/09)
Driver charged for deaths of Navajo sisters in Santa Fe (03/08)
Remains of 14-year-old girl found on Pala Reservation (03/08)
Malerba makes history as new chief of Mohegan Tribe (03/05)
Bill Lawrence, Ojibwe journalist, dies after cancer fight (03/05)
Tribes not rushing to share genetic data with scientists (03/03)
San Manuel Band welcomes 2010 count on reservation (03/03)
Former Cherokee chief Mankiller diagnosed with cancer (03/03)
Fond du Lac Band chair calls 2009 strong year for tribe (03/02)
Young Navajo soldier killed in Afghanistan laid to rest (03/01)
Hundreds celebrate late Potawatomi chair Laura Spurr (03/01)
NCAI hosts winter legislative summit in Washington, DC (03/01)
Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation launches web site (02/26)
Commerce secretary addresses Indian business meet (02/25)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe raised $400K after storm (02/25)
Aquinnah Wampanoag health director recalled to duty (02/25)
Seattle Weekly: Native victims sue over priest abuse (02/24)
Acoma Pueblo created 75 jobs with stimulus project (02/23)
Two Indian soliders helped raise US flag at Iwo Jima (02/23)
White House officials push Indian youth to succeed (02/23)
Alaska Native village lifts ban on traditional dance (02/22)
Sokaogon Chippewa chair hospitalized for accident (02/22)
Quileute Tribe mourns loss of carver and weaver (02/19)
St. Regis Mohawk senior housing units already full (02/19)
Young Navajo soldier killed on duty in Afghanistan (02/19)
Death of Puyallup man in smokehouse an accident (02/19)
Cheyenne River Sioux eyes water system upgrade (02/18)
Coast Miwok Tribe stands by ancestry of chairman (02/18)
Swinomish man dies during ceremony in longhouse (02/18)
More money pledged for Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (02/17)
Donations aid Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe after storm (02/16)
Navajo emergency responders racked up big food bill (02/16)
Over $250K donated to Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe fund (02/12)
Treasury announces $1B in stimulus bond authority (02/12)
Phillip Martin, former Choctaw chief, hailed as Moses (02/11)
Inquest set for Indian man who died in Montana jail (02/11)
Little Shell Chippewa Tribe stands to lose big grant (02/11)
USA Today Blog: World ignoring South Dakota tribes (02/11)
Drum group from Montana headed to 2010 Olympics (02/10)
Opinion: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe still needs help (02/10)
SCIA 'negligent' for South Dakota tribes hit by storms (02/09)
Northwestern Band commemorates 1863 massacre (02/08)
Torres Martinez Tribe behind on $1.54M fine for TANF (02/08)
USET, NIEA on schedule despite big snowstorm in DC (02/08)
Rep. Bono Mack calls for probe of tribal TANF program (02/05)
National Guard delivered over 40,000 meals to tribes (02/05)
Phillip Martin, former Choctaw chief, passes on at 83 (02/05)
Man in border town wants to celebrate 'white' history (02/04)
Augustine Band contributes $20K towards Haiti relief (02/04)
Phillip Martin, ex-Choctaw chief, taken off life support (02/04)
Ho-Chunk Nation helps out Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (02/03)
San Manuel Band creates fund for tribes hit by storms (02/03)
Former Choctaw chief hospitalized in critical condition (02/03)
Navajo Nation reports another weather-related fatality (02/02)
Mary Pember: NCAI President Keel lists tribal priorities (02/02)
Gila River Tribe urged to allow freeway thru reservation (02/02)
Power returning to Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation (02/01)
Kevin Abourezk: The search for solutions at Whiteclay (02/01)
Secretary Salazar offers thanks for consultation talks (01/29)
NCAI President Keel to deliver State of Indian Nations (01/29)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe struggles after big storm (01/28)
Omaha Tribe goes two weeks under boil water order (01/28)
Mohegan Tribe to donate $50K to development fund (01/28)
Power restored to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation (01/27)
San Manuel Band gives $1.7M for Haiti telief efforts (01/27)
Choctaw woman headed to Obama's State of Union (01/27)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe out of water after storm (01/27)
Oglala Sioux Tribe blames fatal collision on icy roads (01/27)
Red Earth to open museum and shop in Oklahoma City (01/26)
Isleta Pueblo man dies after being hit by Amtrak train (01/26)
Emergency declared for Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation (01/26)
Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation battered by storm (01/26)
Census Bureau kicks off 2010 count in Inupiat village (01/25)
Tohono O'odham Nation turned into 'militarized zone' (01/25)
Santa Ysabel man who died in war to receive awards (01/25)
Southern California tribal group re-elects key officers (01/22)
NCAI President Keel to deliver State of Indian Nations (01/22)
Oneida Nation to help launch Native American $1 coin (01/21)
Cook Inlet Tribal Council shares donated Ugg boots (01/21)
Agua Caliente Band gets $1.8M grant for road work (01/21)
Editorial: Congress should investigate tribal TANF now (01/20)
Bill seeks to regulate 'ceremonies' off the reservation (01/20)
New Native American $1 coin goes on sale at end of week (01/19)
Shunned Mashpee Wampanoags welcomed back to tribe (01/19)
MinnPost: Indian woman's fight to escape prostitution (01/18)
Robert Salgado, Soboba leader, placed in intensive care (01/18)
Lawsuit planned over sale of liquor at Whiteclay stores (01/15)
Indian farmers receive fewer services despite more land (01/15)
Nearly third of Native female teens involved in violence (01/14)
Investigation into workplace death on Yakama Nation (01/13)
Funeral held for Indian man who was mudered in DC (01/12)
DOI hosts final session on new tribal consultation policy (01/12)
Youth continue 400-mile Fort Robinson Outbreak Run (01/12)
Nonprofit aids Crow Creek Sioux Tribe with tax returns (01/12)
Redding Rancheria purchase ranch property for $4M (01/08)
Donald Pelotte, first Indian bishop, dies after illness (01/08)

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