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Washington court backs state jurisdiction over smokeshop (12/09)
Crosscut: Lummi Nation intends to be big player in port talks (12/08)
Blog: 'Native' trend in fashion ticks off real Native Americans (12/07)
Tobacco wholesaler from Seneca Nation declares bankruptcy (12/07)
Native Sun News: Tribes preparing for PACT Act consultation (12/07)
APRN: Chickaloon Tribe asks Native corporation to pay taxes (12/07)
KYUK: Bethel Native Corporation pays record dividend for 2011 (12/06)
Blog: Native Americans are large ethnic audience on Facebook (12/06)
Judge Lamberth blocks tax provisions in Seneca PACT Act case (12/06)
White House Blog: Economic development for Indian Country (12/01)
Port authority votes to accept $3.6M loan from Cocopah Tribe (11/29)
Colville man loses suit over tobacco sales on the reservation (11/22)
Tulalip Tribes use grant to fund Indian employment programs (11/21)
Former Muscogee Nation employees convicted in bribery case (11/18)
Trial underway in Muscogee Nation court in tobacco bribes case (11/17)
Payday lender owned by Cheyenne River Sioux man loses case (11/17)
Native Sun News: Navajo Nation stands up for its trademarks (11/17)
Grand Traverse Band names executive at tribal corporation (11/15)
Business Week: Navajo Nation prepares to offer $120M bonds (11/11)
Cherokee Nation chief announces business board nominees (11/10)
Osage Nation hosts public auction for mineral estate leasing (11/10)
Ute Tribe breaks ground on $1M upgrade for bowling center (11/09)
Senate committee to hold hearing on economic development (11/08)
Council at United Auburn Indian Community faces recall effort (11/08)
Federal judge returns Wiyot smokeshop case to state court (11/07)
Blog: Forever 21 also offering string of 'Navajo' products (11/04)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee hears bills (11/04)
Fronteras: Navajo Nation set to offer $120M bond package (11/03)
Non-Indian business hit hard by New York tobacco tax laws (11/03)
North Dakota tribe's permit for oil refinery on hold for appeal (11/02)
Native American Contractors Association eyes new director (11/02)
Blog: Forever 21 sells necklace with 'Native American' girl (11/01)
Navajo Nation to offer $120M in bonds to finance projects (11/01)
North Dakota tribe seeks financing for oil refinery plan (10/31)
Los Coyotes Band can remove military training facility (10/31)
Fronteras: Navajo Nation discusses Grand Canyon flights (10/26)
Fronteras: Who should benefit from Native inspired items (10/26)
Crow Tribe still trying to line up investors for coal project (10/26)
Fewer in support of taxation of tribal tobacco in New York (10/26)
House backs Alaska Native corporation land swap, project (10/25)
Only nine complaints unresolved against tribal loan firms (10/25)
Colorlines: Corporations pimping other cultures for profits (10/21)
Potawatomi man gets Native News Network off the ground (10/20)
Navajo Nation hails action by Urban Outfitters on products (10/20)
ICT: Urban Outfitters erases 'Navajo' name from products (10/19)
Native Sun News: Tribes excluded from employment data (10/19)
Chickasaw Nation aims to bring more tourists to territory (10/18)
Sasha Houston Brown: Corporations rip off tribal property (10/18)
APRN: Sealaska's board chairman lobbies the White House (10/18)
Analysis: Alaska Native corporations confront some big issues (10/17)
Navajo Nation sent trademark letter to Urban Outfitters in June (10/17)
Euromoney: Energy development brings boost for tribal nations (10/07)
New Mississippi Choctaw leader unsure about fate of business (10/06)
OPB: FAA rejects drone testing on Warm Springs Reservation (10/05)
APRN: Alaska Native corporation tied to big contracting scam (10/05)
First Nations reach agreement to sell power at biomass plant (10/04)
HCI News: Tribes discuss taxation and economic development (10/03)
Supreme Court declines Navajo employment preference case (10/03)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds hearing this Thursday (10/03)
Famous Dave's expands to Canada with First Nations backing (09/30)
Hualapai Tribe disputes arbitration for Grand Canyon Skywalk (09/30)
Mississippi Choctaw business provides 60-day notice of closure (09/28)
9th Circuit issues decision in Yakama Nation tobacco tax lawsuit (09/28)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee schedules hearings in October (09/27)
CBS: Tribes shielded from state law with payday lending business (09/27)
Two tribes in Oklahoma hit with complaints over payday lending (09/27)
Center: Tribes bankroll auto racer with payday loan business (09/26)
Appeals court affirms preliminary injunction in PACT Act lawsuit (09/21)
Washington Supreme Court to hear suit over tribal gas compact (09/19)
Citizen Potawatomi Nation developing 400-acre industrial park (09/15)
County supports longterm ferry agreement with Lummi Nation (09/14)
Judge allows discovery in Yakama Nation lawsuit over FBI raid (09/13)
Salt River Tribe considers changes in roadside sign ordinance (09/09)
Leech Lake Band seeks land deal to get rid of bad $2.5M loan (09/08)
Chickasaw Nation takes over state tourism information center (09/07)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe expands operation at new tannery building (09/07)
Native American 40 Under 40 Award to be presented in Florida (09/06)
Las Vegas Pauite Tribe pays tribute to culture with golf courses (09/06)
Seneca Nation begins enforcement of business license code (08/31)
NPR: New leader of Seneca Nation seeks to diversify tribal economy (08/19)
Investing: NativeOne represents tribal interests on Wall Street (08/18)
St. Regis Mohawk family enters cigarette manufacturing business (08/17)
SDPR: Native American Natural Foods sees big boost in business (08/15)
California court affirms injunction against Indian tobacco sales (08/10)
KCAW: Alaska Native meeting promotes government contracting (08/09)
Developer to return to federal court in feud with Hualapai Tribe (08/04)
Cherokee Nation to run a second welcome center for Oklahoma (08/03)
Shakopee Tribe to host grand opening for new health food store (08/03)
Alaska Native corporation shutting down rural newspaper group (08/02)
Kevin Abourezk: Man seeks tribal clients for insurance business (08/01)
10th Circuit rules for state in Ute Mountain Ute Tribe tax dispute (07/27)
Cherokee Nation launches new line of clothing for kids and infants (07/19)
Native American Contractors Association hosting leaders summit (07/18)
Yakama Nation tobacco raid lawsuit includes many defendants (07/18)
New York taking enforcement actions for tribal tobacco sales (07/14)
New Mexico targets tobacco sales by Indian Affairs secretary (07/14)
Top executive of Chugach Alaska Corp. announces resignation (07/13)
The Street: NAFCC defends payday lenders in Indian Country (07/13)
Choctaw Nation awarded $20M to build equipment for military (07/13)
New Mexico Indian Affairs secretary accused of breaking law (07/12)
Cow Creek Band impresses travelers with freeway 'rest stop' (07/12)
Company pulls 'Eskan Warriors' ad campaign due to complaints (07/11)
Ross Racine: Indian businesses need Internet for full potential (07/08)
Soaring prices for geoducks a big boost for tribes in Washington (07/08)
County to hold public hearing on Lummi Nation ferry agreement (07/08)
TheStreet: Payday lenders a growing business in Indian Country (07/06)
Bond Buyer: Navajo Nation set to issue first bonds in its history (06/29)
Native Sun News: Standing Rock Telecom gets some good news (06/29)
Hopi Tribe reports historic ranch spared from wildfire in Arizona (06/28)
Hualapai Tribe to meet with Skywalk partner after court ruling (06/28)
Tigua Tribe purchases majority interest in minor baseball team (06/28)
DOI concerned about coal swap for Northern Cheyenne Tribe (06/24)
Rep. Noem introduces bill to shield tribes from NLRB decisions (06/24)
Judge rules Skywalk partner must go to Hualapai Tribe's court (06/24)
Jim Gray headed to Native American Contractors Association (06/23)
Florida court tells Seminole Tribe to pay state gasoline taxes (06/23)
Deadline approaches for tribal gas tax refund in North Dakota (06/22)
Big tobacco pushing states to go after tribal tobacco retailers (06/22)
Gasoline tax on Yakama Nation generates more controversy (06/14)
Seneca Nation will appeal latest decision in tobacco tax battle (06/09)
Company pays $71.5K in Indian employee harassment case (06/08)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe to complete water park next year (06/08)
San Manuel Band opens new business at development site (06/07)
Judge extends temporary order over New York's tobacco tax (06/02)
EPA takes action against another business on Cabazon land (06/02)
Ex-Oneida Nation executive must take case to tribal court (06/01)
APRN: House hearing for Alaska Native bill stirs passions (05/27)
Agua Caliente Band announces plan to erect wind turbines (05/27)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe questions union's hiring practices (05/27)
APRN: Hearings start on Alaska Native corporation land bill (05/26)
Energy company withdraws federal case against Crow Tribe (05/26)
Grand Traverse Band cuts budget amid national recession (05/25)
DOJ submits brief to Supreme Court in tribal court dispute (05/24)
Seminole Tribe pleased with USDA cattle branding system (05/24)
Nebraska lawmakers approve tribal tobacco compact bill (05/24)
Financial Times: Cut in BIA loan guarantee fund hits tribes (05/23)
Energy company sues Crow Tribe on coal-to-liquids project (05/20)
Yakama Nation to meet with state over gasoline tax issues (05/20)
Cherokee Nation starts program to aid members with jobs (05/19)
Lummi Nation and county outline costs of ferry agreement (05/19)
Lawmakers hear bill affecting Oneida Nation liquor license (05/19)
Sen. Inhofe introduces bill for Indian Country tax provision (05/18)
Robinson Rancheria needs highway permit for gas station (05/18)
Lummi Nation and county announce agreement over ferry (05/18)
Absentee Shawnee Tribe opens branch of AllNations Bank (05/18)
House Natural Resources hearing for Navajo power plant (05/16)
Lummi Nation continues negotiations for lease agreement (05/12)
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe receives grant from Shakopee Tribe (05/11)
New York judge bars tobacco tax on sales to Seneca Nation (05/10)
Coquille Tribe obtains controlling stake in high-tech business (05/10)
Onondaga Nation plans to stop selling name-brand tobacco (05/10)
Lummi Nation and county closer to agreement for ferry dock (05/10)
2nd Circuit lifts injunction in New York tribal tobacco dispute (05/09)
KOMO: State won't divulge how tribal gas revenues are spent (05/06)
Blue Lake Rancheria challenges California over business liens (05/05)
Lummi Nation working to help bikers who were sold bad fuel (05/05)
San Manuel Band grows its economy with development site (05/03)
Military used remote Los Coyotes site for just two sessions (05/02)
San Manuel Band welcomes new business to development (04/29)
Developer sues Seminole Tribe on failed Everglades resort (04/28)
Nebraska lawmakers weigh bill on tribal tobacco compacts (04/28)
Cherokee Nation expands distribution and fulfillment firm (04/27)
NYT story about Hualapai Tribe among the most popular (04/25)
Marketplace: Broadband access lagging on reservations (04/25)
Lummi Nation cites 'progress' for ferry dock negotiations (04/21)
Ute Tribe in Utah plans more oil drilling on the reservation (04/21)
Sen. Murkowski opposes bill to change Native contracting (04/20)
State claims Yakama Nation owes $11M in unpaid fuel tax (04/20)
Auburn Tribe joins efforts to keep NBA team in Sacramento (04/20)
Lawmaker seeks to cut provision for Oneida Nation liquor (04/15)
Salt River Pima-Maricopa Tribe negotiates for outlet center (04/15)
Operator of Grand Canyon Skywalk battles Hualapai Tribe (04/14)
Blue Lake Rancheria shuts down business staffing company (04/13)
Warm Springs Tribes use stimulus funds for telecom startup (04/13)
Buffalo Post: Auntie's Fry Bread food truck runs in Los Angeles (04/08)
Audio from Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on 8(a) (04/08)
Kevin Abourezk: Bill authorizes tobacco compacts in Nebraska (04/08)
Winnebago executive to defend 8(a) program at SCIA hearing (04/07)
Lummi Nation extends deadline in negotiations over ferry lease (04/07)
Utilities commission takes up complaint over Crow Creek firm (04/06)
Labor Department goes after San Carlos Apache Tribe business (04/06)
New Mexico governor vetoes taxation bill by Navajo lawmaker (04/06)
Zuni Pueblo benefits from $11M settlement announced by SEC (04/06)
Witness list for Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on 8(a) (04/05)
Navajo Nation creates new wireless provider on the reservation (04/05)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe breaks ground on water park and hotel (04/05)
Blood Tribe announces partnership for oil and gas development (04/05)
Kevin Abourezk: Lance Morgan to testify at Senate 8(a) hearing (04/04)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on SBA 8(a) program (03/31)
Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation looks into Fiesta Bowl contract (03/31)
Column: Alaska Native triplets start line of skin care products (03/30)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe ready to break ground on water park (03/30)
Native American Natural Foods still looks to expand enterprise (03/28)
Law Article: BIA regulations to streamline energy development (03/24)
Northern Cheyenne Tribe looks to benefit from coal swap bill (03/23)
Lummi Nation makes a new offer for ferry dock on tribal land (03/23)
Nebraska Commission on Indian Affairs issues Whiteclay grant (03/22)
Native Sun News: Navajo Nation signs lease for coal-fired plant (03/22)
Lummi Nation agrees to resume talks over ferry on tribal land (03/22)
Center: Maryland disputes payday lender run by tribal member (03/22)
Washington Republicans set sights on tribal gas tax compacts (03/18)
Navajo Nation loses $1.25M for failed egg farm on reservation (03/17)
Census Bureau reports a boost in number of Native businesses (03/16)
Absentee Shawnee Tribe partners to form fleet vehicle startup (03/16)
Nebraska tax official apologizes to Ponca Tribe for tobacco raid (03/15)
Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska returns seized tobacco to Ponca Tribe (03/14)
Column: Redding Rancheria putting own stamp on new golf resort (03/14)
Seminole Tribe puts name on tobacco brand produced in Virginia (03/11)
Yakama Nation sues federal government over raid of tobacco firm (03/11)
Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska seizes tobacco from Ponca Tribe land (03/11)
Lummi Nation doesn't want BIA involved in talks over ferry lease (03/10)
Lawmakers question Obama's cut to BIA loan guarantee program (03/09)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe the largest employer in central Michigan (03/09)
Timothy Chavez: Tribes looking for energy development partners (03/09)
New York tax collector 'prepared to enforce' tobacco tax on tribes (03/09)
Navajo Nation president approves lease extension at power plant (03/09)
Deadline approaches for end to ferry that crosses Lummi Nation (03/08)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe celebrates opening of first credit union (03/08)
BIA urged to get involved in dispute over ferry on Lummi Nation (03/04)
Kevin Abourezk: Tribes in Nebraska oppose tobacco taxation bill (03/03)
Pala Band close to finalizing deal to purchase ranch for $20.5M (03/01)
Oneida Nation leader heads to Los Angeles to promote filming (02/25)
Navajo Nation president urged to reject lease for power plant (02/25)
Muscogee sisters celebrate 20 years with successful business (02/24)
Republican lawmaker wants to put tobacco tax on Idaho tribes (02/24)
Idaho Republicans targeting tribes with tobacco taxation bill (02/22)
Yakama Nation seeing more business with its utility company (02/22)
Yakama cigarette firm raided after filing lawsuit against state (02/18)
County supervisor says Torrez Martinez Tribe owes gas taxes (02/17)
Lummi Nation sets 60-day deadline for closure of ferry service (02/16)
Opinion: Payday lenders hide behind tribal sovereign immunity (02/14)
Yakama Nation launches its motor vehicle registration program (02/11)
Agua Caliente Band shoots down rumors of Hard Rock Hotel bid (02/11)
Seneca Nation man charged in connection with $2.1M land deal (02/10)
Payday lenders a new revenue stream for some in Indian Country (02/10)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe in talks over town's case against business (02/09)
Cherokee Nation acquires information technology firm in Colorado (02/08)
Center: Payday lenders turning to tribes to avoid state jurisdictions (02/07)
NativeOne slated to be first Indian firm on New York Stock Exchange (02/07)
Law Article: The case for tribal self-governance and bankruptcy law (02/04)
Osage Nation joins development partnership for airport in Arizona (02/04)
Jicarilla Apache Nation looks to eliminate more than 200 employees (02/03)
Suquamish Tribe turns treaty fishing right into global money maker (02/03)
New York governor anticipates $130M from cigarette tax on tribes (02/03)
ProPublica: Alaska Native corporations giving work to outside firms (02/01)
Citizen Potawatomi Nation loses restaurant and clubhouse to fire (01/31)
Developer plans entertainment complex at Salt River Reservation (01/28)
Lummi Nation receives grant to help members with small business (01/27)
Official apologizes to Robinson Rancheria for communications flap (01/26)
Army Corps seeking public comments on Cortina Rancheria landfill (01/26)
Supreme Court requests DOJ brief in tribal court jurisdiction case (01/24)
Robinson Rancheria to meet with county officials for gas station (01/21)
North Dakota tribe blames EPA for holding up oil refinery project (01/19)
Supreme Court refuses challenge to Meskwaki Tribe's jurisdiction (01/18)
County concerned about Robinson Rancheria plan for gas station (01/18)
Robinson Rancheria getting ready to open 24-hour gasoline station (01/17)
New York governor affirms intent to impose tobacco tax on tribes (01/13)
Chehalis Tribe and county enter mediation over taxation dispute (01/12)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe set to break ground on water park, hotel (01/12)
Town claims jurisdiction on business owned by Mohawk woman (01/11)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe planning to reopen smoke shop in New York (01/04)

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