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Navajo Nation hails action by Urban Outfitters on products

The Navajo Nation said it was pleased that Urban Outfitters has removed the word "Navajo" from a series of controversial products.

The tribe holds at least 10 trademarks to the "Navajo" name and had sent a cease and desist letter to the company back in June. But Urban Outfitters only took action this week after seeing negative media coverage.

"The Urban Outfitters Corporation's recent removal of the Navajo name from its online marketing and retailing are positive actions that are more consistent with the corporation's responsibilities than previously demonstrated," the Navajo Nation Department of Justice said in a statement. "If the company has also ceased using the Navajo name in conjunction with its merchandise in its retail stores and print-media advertising, these are encouraging steps by the company towards amicably resolving this matter."

The tribe typically licenses the use of its name to companies for a share of revenues. That hasn't happened so far with Urban Outfitters, which as recently as last week said the "Navajo" products weren't going anywhere.

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