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Lummi Nation doesn't want BIA involved in talks over ferry lease

The Lummi Nation says officials in Whatcom County, Washington, shouldn't have asked the Bureau of Indian Affairs to get involved in a dispute over the Lummi Island ferry.

The tribe has been negotiating a new lease with the county for more than a year. When the two sides failed to come up with an agreement, the county asked members of the state's Congressional delegation to pressure the BIA to intervene.

"We're obviously upset that they think that's the solution," tribal planning director Richard Jefferson told The Bellingham Herald. "It's real clear that the BIA is not going to interfere with a tribal negotiation."

The county is apparently willing to pay $200,000 a year to the tribe to lease the land for the ferry dock. But the tribe also wants $8 million to $10 million for infrastructure improvements, something which the county apparently isn't willing to support.

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