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APRN: Chickaloon Tribe asks Native corporation to pay taxes

"The Chickaloon Athabascan tribe in the Mat Su Valley surprised leadership at the Cook Inlet Region Incorporated or CIRI regional Native corporation by sending them a tax bill in October for half a million dollars.

Chickaloon tribal chairman Doug Wade contends that the federal Indian Tribal Government Tax Status Act gives them this authority. Chairman Wade says he was in contact with Interior officials before sending the tax bill, saying he didn’t want to do anything illegal. He declined to name who he spoke to but says he basically asked permission to send the bill. And the answer?

“It was kind of funny, it was a long pause and then a kind of a giggle and hey no one’s ever tried this before this might be the answer to 229 tribes in Alaska,” Wade said."

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Chickaloon Tribe Sends $500,000 Tax Bill to CIRI (APRN 12/6)

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Complaint: Cook Inlet Region, Inc. v. Chickaloon Native Village (Turtle Talk)

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