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New York governor affirms intent to impose tobacco tax on tribes

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) met briefly with Seneca Nation President Robert Odawi Porter today but the chat didn't result in any changes on the state's tobacco tax.

Cuomo said he will continue efforts to impose a tax on tobacco sold to non-Indians. "I intend to collect all of the revenues that the state is entitled to collect," he told reporters after a speech, The Buffalo News reported.

The federal courts have barred the state from collecting the tax for now. Tribes say the tax infringes on their treaties and their sovereignty.

"The Seneca Nation has created 4,000 jobs in Western New York in the last decade, more than anyone else in our region. When the state is willing to recognize our treaty rights and sovereignty and avoid unnecessary confrontations, we are able to create more jobs for our people, and all of the residents of this region," Seneca President Porter said after meeting Cuomo today.

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