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Mayor in New York City sends undercover officers to reservation (09/17)

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Sprint rejects Crow Creek Sioux Tribe's offer over telecom dispute (09/16)

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Seneca Nation hosts rallies in protest of state tobacco tax effort (09/02)

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Seneca and Cayuga tribes get temporary freeze on tobacco tax (09/01)

Deadline looms for tribes in New York over state tobacco taxes (08/31)

Leech Lake Band in talks to host power line through the reservation (08/27)

New York governor cites potential for 'violence' over state taxes (08/27)

Judge expected to issue ruling in Seneca Nation tobacco tax case (08/27)

Onondaga Nation abandons name brand tobacco amid state tax effort (08/27)

Oneida Nation drops name brand tobacco in favor of own product (08/26)

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IRS seeks wide range of information on Seneca Nation spending (07/02)

Seneca Nation smoke shops shut down mail-order operations (06/30)

Seneca Nation smoke shop gets restraining order for PACT Act (06/29)

Judge dismisses county's tobacco case against Cayuga Nation (06/29)

9th Circuit revives Indian preference lawsuit against Peabody (06/24)

Alaska Native corporations worried about contracting change (06/23)

Some Indian retailers in New York offer tax-free candy online (06/22)

New York tribes vow to fight attempt to collect tobacco taxes (06/22)

Settlement was drafted in Oneida Nation land-into-trust case (06/22)

Forest County Potawatomi Tribe outlines development plan (06/18)

Business as usual for bottling plant after losing local service (06/17)

Water district threatens to cut service to Cabazon business (06/16)

Village approves liquor license Oneida Nation doesn't need (06/16)

Ute Tribe votes to terminate director of energy department (06/16)

Counties ask Supreme Court to hear Cayuga Nation tax case (06/11)

Mohegan Tribe to use federal loan to build government center (06/09)

Ute Tribe requests FBI investigation of its business executive (06/09)

Creek chief fires enterprise executives and board members (06/08)

11th Circuit blocks Miccosukee Tribe from collecting award (06/04)

Navajo woman first in line for new Olive Garden restaurant (06/01)

Counties head towards appeal of Cayuga tobacco tax case (05/31)

USDA funds 27 rural development projects in Indian Country (05/27)

Saginaw Chippewa Tribe wins approval to open credit union (05/27)

Prosecutor won't drop tobacco case against Cayuga Nation (05/24)

Seneca Nation defends tobacco sales on treaty anniversary (05/24)

ATF schedules tribal consultation on tobacco trafficking law (05/20)

Chumash Tribe presents plans for gas station and car wash (05/18)

Chickasaw Nation opens compressed natural gas fuel station (05/14)

Seneca Nation man loses online tobacco sale case in Oregon (05/14)

Tobacco shops on Seneca Nation put 1,000 people to work (05/12)

Cayuga Nation to sue two counties for raid on smoke shops (05/12)

Coquille Tribe no longer paying a local hotel occupancy tax (05/11)

Appeals court sides with Cayuga Nation in tobacco tax case (05/11)

Cities propose to add Coquille Tribe to area tourism board (05/07)

Smoke shop licensed by Yakama Nation resolves lawsuit (05/07)

Wal-Mart drops store bid on Eastern Cherokee Reservation (05/05)

Shakopee Tribe to open organic, natural foods store in fall (05/03)

Coquille Tribe's proposal to join tourism board questioned (04/28)

Squaxin Island Tribe expects to debut golf course in 2011 (04/28)

Louis Bull Tribe expands holdings with purchase of hotel (04/22)

Campo Tribe wants BIA approval for reservation landfill (04/15)

Wind River business conference on April 22 in Wyoming (04/14)

Cigarette maker on Mohawk reservation settles dispute (04/14)

Coeur d'Alene Tribe is second largest employer in region (04/14)

Passamaquoddy Tribe eyes purchase of furniture factory (04/14)

San Ildefonso Pueblo to use grant to expand cell phone service (04/09)

Labor Department hails Tulalip Tribes for effort with unions (04/08)

Chickasaw Nation extends smoking ban to more businesses (04/06)

Gas station a good business for Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe (04/06)

Chehalis Tribe loses lawsuit over property tax assessments (04/05)

Obama signs cigarette trafficking bill over tribal objections (04/01)

Economist: Tribes face hurdles for wind energy projects (03/31)

Quileute Nation selling items inspired by 'Twilight' series (03/31)

Muscogee Nation plans $1B investment in Tulsa projects (03/31)

Winnebago Tribe closes down Iowa gas station and store (03/30)

Cloverdale Rancheria not connected to Indian smokeshop (03/29)

New York court hears Cayuga Nation tobacco tax lawsuit (03/25)

St. Regis Mohawk Tribe a 'champion' for minority business (03/25)

Bond Buyer: House jobs bill includes tribal bond provision (03/25)

7th Circuit subjects Menominee Nation business to OSHA (03/25)

Judge will make decision on Chehalis Tribe taxation case (03/25)

Forest County Potawatomi busines names top executive (03/24)

Judge won't stop state from going after Creek cigarettes (03/24)

Bill for Cedar Band Paiute tax exemption 'dead' for now (03/24)

Seneca Nation asks Obama to veto cigarette mailing bill (03/19)

Judge hears arguments in Chehalis Tribe taxation case (03/19)

BIA adds land to Chehalis Reservation amid tax battle (03/18)

Cigarette trafficking bill sent to White House for review (03/18)

Chumash chairman wins tribal leader award at NAFOA (03/18)

White House weighs stance on cigarette trafficking bill (03/16)

City plans to remove what's remaining of sacred mound (03/15)

Seneca Nation blasts passage of cigarette trafficking bill (03/15)

Suquamish Tribe got good price on golf course, property (03/10)

Little Traverse Bay Bands weighs open meeting statute (03/09)

Seneca Nation lobbies against cigarette trafficking bill (03/08)

Smoke shops on Agua Caliente land close for business (03/03)

Warm Springs company recovers after near shutdown (03/03)

Salt River Tribe building first Marriott in Indian Country (03/01)

Stillaguamish Tribe names former leaders in theft suit (02/26)

North Dakota tribe sees $1M a month in oil production (02/25)

Commerce secretary addresses Indian business meet (02/25)

DOJ brief backs Cayuga Nation in tobacco tax dispute (02/25)

North Dakota tribe benefits from energy development (02/24)

Klamath Tribes close to deal to buy land near Portland (02/24)

New York governor proposes tobacco tax regulations (02/24)

Yurok mother and daughter purchase historic hotel (02/23)

Navajo family opens traditional eatery in New Mexico (02/17)

Redding Rancheria nears deal to buy city-owned land (02/15)

Oklahoma seizes tobacco bound for Muscogee shops (02/15)

Treasury announces $1B in stimulus bond authority (02/12)

Little Traverse Bay Bands ends partnership with tribe (02/08)

Miccosukee Tribe cuts sponsorship for NASCAR driver (02/08)

Coquille Tribe settles dispute over municipal services (02/04)

Architect files lawsuit against Navajo council speaker (02/01)

Alaska Native lawmaker faces complaint for remarks (01/25)

Seneca Nation targets Sen. Gillibrand for tobacco bill (01/25)

Chickasaw firm secures land consolidation contract (01/21)

Mississippi Choctaw business cuts over half of staff (01/21)

Seneca Nation prepares for battle over cigarette taxes (01/20)

New York governor puts Indian tobacco tax in new budget (01/19)

Editorial: Pass legislation for Cedar Band tax exemption (01/19)

Two tribes pursuing plants to convert waste into energy (01/19)

Saginaw Chippewa Tribe makes way for indoor water park (01/15)

Yakama Nation protests prosecution for selling tobacco (01/15)

Native corporations to help Shell with off-shore drilling (01/14)

Cedar Band plans to start construction on travel center (01/14)

New Mexico tribe close to finalizing solar power plant (01/13)

St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to reduce size of grocery store (01/13)

North Dakota tribe to renew tax agreement with state (01/13)

Seneca Nation aims to defeat cigarette trafficking bill (01/12)

Nonprofit aids Crow Creek Sioux Tribe with tax returns (01/12)

Judge rules in Yakama Nation tobacco taxation case (01/07)