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Jicarilla Apache Nation signs agreement for new power provider (12/06)
Navajo community divided on Grand Canyon tourist attraction (11/29)
Jicarilla Apache Nation battles utility in tribal and federal court (11/29)
Authorities say Fort Independence Tribe cheated out of $7M (11/15)
Oneida Nation sues city after revoking permit for energy facility (11/14)
Tribes focusing on businesses at Reservation Economic Summit (11/14)
Democrat Claire McCaskill of Missouri wins re-election to Senate (11/06)
First movie theater finally debuts on Pine Ridge Reservation (11/05)
Executive to help Meskwaki Tribe diversify economic holdings (11/01)
Upper Skagit Indian Tribe trying to find buyer for troubled resort (10/31)
Oneida Nation extends sponsor deal with Green Bay Packers (10/30)
9th Circuit to hear case over Hualapai Tribe's Skywalk business (10/19)
Racked: Gap removes 'Manifest Destiny' t-shirt after criticism (10/16)
Native Sun News: Indian school development scheme backfires (10/15)
North Dakota tribe to move forward with plans for oil refinery (10/11)
Hopi Tribe passes resolution opposing Navajo Nation business (10/10)
Seminole Tribe to close mobile home park with 1500 residents (10/05)
Mississippi Choctaws welcome new business to the reservation (10/03)
County challenges Miccosukee Tribe land-into-trust application (10/03)
Nisqually Tribe reaches agreement for newly acquired trust site (10/02)
Judge dismisses Oglala Sioux Tribe's case over Whiteclay liquor (10/02)
Seneca-Cayuga Tribe accused in federal tobacco investigation (09/28)
FP: Why did Muscogee Nation business land military contract? (09/26)
Mississippi Choctaws break ground on new retail development (09/26)
Ponca Tribe prepares to open convenience store on trust land (09/25)
Editorial: Tule River Tribe emerges as a strong economic force (09/24)
Federal agents raided at least two smokeshops in Northwest (09/21)
Winnebago Tribe purchases majority stake in building in Iowa (09/21)
Kevin Abourezk: Winnebago Tribe finds success with business (09/20)
Golf course owned by Mashantucket Tribe pays fine to OSHA (09/19)
Former Ute Tribe economic development leader hired partner (09/19)
Tohono O'odham Nation said to be in talks with hockey team (09/19)
Former director of Ute Tribe economic arm cites 'meddling' (09/18)
Developer goes back to federal court in Hualapai Tribe feud (09/17)
Director of Ute Tribe's economic development arm resigns (09/14)
Winnebago Tribe buys majority stake in indoor football team (09/12)
Group doesn't believe massacre took place at Indian village (09/11)
Strip club on Crow Creek Sioux Reservation seeks liquor license (09/06)
San Pasqual Band considers plan to develop full grocery store (09/04)
Radio: Non-Indian gas stations win ruling in tribal compact suit (08/31)
Gasoline taxation lawsuit to proceed without tribal involvement (08/30)
Acoma Pueblo reportedly withdraws from rights-of-way talks (08/28)
Muscogee Nation reaches tobacco tax compact with governor (08/28)
Hualapai Tribe disputes $28M award in Grand Canyon Skywalk (08/27)
Federal judge rules in tobacco case affecting tribal retailers (08/23)
Court backs Alaska Native corporation in shareholder dispute (08/22)
North Dakota tribe purchases 67-acre ranch property for $1.85M (08/15)
New Mexico Pueblo gains approval for rights-of-way agreement (08/15)
Otoe-Missouria Tribe defends online payday lending business (08/14)
DOI issues consultation policy for Alaska Native corporations (08/10)
Tigua Tribe looking to buy stadium from city for baseball team (08/08)
New York authorities blocking testimony in tribal tobacco case (08/06)
Winnebago Tribe enters deal to host wind farm on reservation (08/03)
Native Sun News: Tow company won't go to Pine Ridge at night (08/03)
Nisqually Tribe looking to open gas station on newly acquired site (08/02)
Crow Tribe reaches agreement for coal resources on reservation (08/02)
Oglala Sioux Tribe looks to benefit from growing tourism industry (08/02)
Navajo Nation sees opposition to Grand Canyon tourism project (07/31)
Kevin Abourezk: Nebraska tribes look to rebuild their economies (07/30)
NAFSA slams bill aimed at regulating tribal online payday loans (07/27)
House fails to pass bill promoting tribal commerce with Turkey (07/25)
Turtle Mountain Band launches payday lending business online (07/19)
Famous Dave's debuts its first international location in Canada (07/18)
WH Blog: Promoting economic development in Indian Country (07/17)
Tribe in Alaska banned from airline's property after filing lawsuit (07/13)
Mashantucket Tribe is on track to open first gas station this fall (07/12)
State court orders new ruling in Oneida Nation employment suit (07/11)
Chukchansi Tribe is the latest to jump into payday loan industry (07/11)
Zuni Pueblo welcomes 'MainStreet' designation in Indian Country (07/06)
Turtle Mountain Band is first customer of subprime data company (07/05)
New York authorities refuse to return tobacco to Winnebago Tribe (07/02)
New Mexico tribe awaits state ruling on $11.25M easement deal (06/28)
New store in Whiteclay seeks to improve Oglala Sioux relations (06/28)
Bill terminates lease for North Carolina's Indian Cultural Center (06/28)
Flintco relocates Native American headquarters to New Mexico (06/28)
Tribes unite for new organization to protect Internet businesses (06/27)
NYT Food Stuff: Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation markets own olive oil (06/26)
Winnebago Tribe waiting for New York to return seized tobacco (06/22)
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation seeks to diversify economic holdings (06/22)
Pueblos plan commercial development at Santa Fe Indian School (06/21)
New York City files suit against tobacco retailer on Seneca Nation (06/21)
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe spends 'pretty fair chunk' on garden (06/21)
Sen. Bingaman opposes bill for Pueblo economic development (06/20)
Winnebago Tribe wins decision over tobacco seized in New York (06/20)
Seminole Nation acquires historic property for undisclosed price (06/20)
Osage Nation picks two for board of economic development arm (06/19)
House backs bill for economic development on Pueblo trust land (06/19)
Ho-Chunk Inc. executive addresses tribal leaders at NCAI meet (06/19)
Gas station executive calls Michigan tribe 'thieves' and 'felons' (06/14)
Bill affects definition of 'qualified reservation' in New York state (06/14)
Report: Consumer agency isn't singling out tribal payday loans (06/05)
Santa Ynez Band reportedly paid about $12.8M to acquire hotel (06/05)
Cherokee Nation Businesses begins search for a new executive (06/04)
Winnebago Tribe goes global with economic development efforts (06/01)
KYUK: Alaska Native corporation cancels shareholders' meeting (05/31)
Santa Ynez Band adds to enterprise with purchase of third hotel (05/31)
New business in New Mexico is offering Pueblo artifacts for sale (05/29)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to open $47M hotel and event center (05/24)
Creek Nation pays $1.1M to city after taking control of business (05/23)
Gila River landowners seek another election on highway route (05/22)
Rincon Band joins local group to boost economic development (05/22)
Pine Ridge Reservation grocery store reopens after food scare (05/21)
Pala Band still interested in buying ranch in ancestral territory (05/21)
Rincon Band expects to open $3M travel plaza in early August (05/17)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe hosts grand opening for water park (05/16)
Oglala Sioux Tribe concerned about store that sold old meat (05/16)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe expects $250K for hosting festival (05/16)
KPLU: Officials questioned tax status of Chehalis Tribe resort (05/16)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes win ruling against non-Indian firm (05/15)
NWPR: Chehalis Tribe in mediation over business tax dispute (05/14)
Oneida Nation to focus on local food products at new market (05/10)
Muscogee Nation on streak with purchase of another property (05/10)
Pueblo leader accused of exploiting position on utility board (05/03)
Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation launches olive oil and wine brands (05/01)
Tobacco products from St. Regis Mohawk Reservation seized (04/30)
Cherokee Nation to pay $2.7M to ousted business executive (04/30)
Creek Nation wants to put newly purchased site in trust (04/19)
Muscogee Nation buys property in foreclosure for $11.5M (04/17)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe sets opening date for water park (04/17)
Ho-Chunk CEO to speak at Federal Reserve Board summit (04/16)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe prepares to open big water park (04/16)
Two California tribes spend millions on vineyard property (04/13)
Hualapai Tribe to restore historic gas station on Route 66 (04/13)
Figure in tribal payday loan battle accused in class action (04/11)
Los Coyotes Band gives business more time to move out (04/10)
Navajo business saw highest yield corn plot in New Mexico (04/09)
Cherokee Nation sells plane that was criticized in campaign (04/05)
Appeals court backs Oglala Sioux Tribe in immunity dispute (04/05)
FTC files lawsuit against tribal-affiliated payday lending firms (04/02)
Tigua Tribe prepares for debut of $3M entertainment center (04/02)
Non-Indian developer appeals ruling in Hualapai Tribe case (03/29)
Blackfeet Nation brings fracking technology to reservation (03/28)
Penobscot Nation hires economic development executive (03/28)
KMXT: Sun'aq Tribe doing better than expected with business (03/27)
Karuk Tribe asserts authority for activity on Indian allotment (03/27)
WH Blog: Dee Alexander, senior Native adviser at Commerce (03/26)
Developer continues to oppose Hualapai Tribe's jurisdiction (03/23)
San Manuel Band to announce naming rights deal for park (03/20)
Judge backs Hualapai court jurisdiction in Skywalk dispute (03/20)
Native Sun News: Charlie Rooks an Indian business success (03/19)
9th Circuit reinstates lawsuit over Navajo court jurisdiction (03/16)
Notebook: Navajo Nation files suit to protect its trademarks (03/15)
Matthew Wesaw, Pokagon Band leader, wins NAFOA award (03/14)
Remarks by SBA Administrator Mills at NCAI winter session (03/08)
Navajo Nation Council considers legislation to raise sales tax (03/08)
Chairwoman of Hualapai Tribe seeks to resolve Skywalk fight (03/08)
FTC accuses Indian payday loan company of unfair practices (03/07)
Jewish Times: Coushatta Tribes makes connection to Israel (03/07)
Tribes slam 'declaration of war' on online lending businesses (03/07)
Remarks by Commerce Secretary John Bryson at NCAI meet (03/07)
Navajo Nation looking to invest in big electricity grid project (03/07)
Colorado lobbies Obama administration on tribal payday loans (03/06)
Cherokee Nation business executive won't comment on leave (03/06)
Native American Contractors Association selects new director (03/05)
Cherokee Nation business CEO placed on administrative leave (03/02)
Tule River Tribe welcomes visitors to off-reservation business (03/02)
Tulalip Tribes eye $250M in economic development projects (03/01)
Navajo Nation sues Urban Outfitters over 'Navajo' products (02/29)
Hualapai Tribe offers $11M to buy Grand Canyon Skywalk (02/28)
Developments in Muscogee Nation tobacco bribery cases (02/28)
Judge issues amended ruling in tribal payday loan lawsuit (02/28)
Review: A triumphant journey in 'Rez Life' by David Treuer (02/27)
Delaware Nation seeks to bring green energy to Oklahoma (02/23)
Tribes in New York start rolling their own tobacco products (02/23)
Shakopee Tribe sees success with organic recycling facility (02/22)
Supreme Court declines Ute Mountain Ute Tribe's tax case (02/21)
Colville Tribes face opposition to land-into-trust application (02/17)
Opinion: Lesson in job creation from the Osoyoos First Nation (02/17)
Native Sun News: Famous Dave reflects on career of success (02/17)
Tigua Tribe to shut down costly Olympic-size swimming pool (02/17)
New bill introduced for Northern Cheyenne Tribe's coal swap (02/16)
Colorado authorities go after non-Indian in payday loan case (02/15)
State court affirms Stockbridge-Munsee sovereign immunity (02/15)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux man loses ruling on court fees (02/15)
Cherokee Nation study shows major impact on the economy (02/14)
Colorado judge backs immunity for tribes' payday loan firms (02/14)
Tulalip brothers file lawsuit over BIA's handling of allotment (02/13)
Hualapai Tribe votes for takeover of Grand Canyon Skywalk (02/09)
Rep. Markey calls for hearing on Alaska Native corporations (02/07)
Quapaw Tribe plans for development on property in Missouri (02/06)
KUAC: Alaska Native corporation seeks to lure film industry (02/03)
Ho-Chunk Inc. subsidiary secures $84M Air Force contract (02/01)
Southern Ute Tribe announces hotel in southern California (01/30)
Oklahoma regulators looking at tribal payday lending firms (01/30)
Interview: Jonathan Windy Boy talks about payday lending (01/30)
Forest County Potawatomi Tribe to open $36M data center (01/27)
Passamaquoddy Tribe announces plan for $120M wind farm (01/27)
Navajo Nation woman seeks class action against loan firm (01/27)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe nears completion of big water park (01/23)
Tule River Tribe seeks to diversify economy with gas station (01/23)
Poarch Creeks start work on $24M hotel near Florida airport (01/18)
Supreme Court won't be hearing non-Indian business dispute (01/17)
Blog: Urban Outfitters faces big problems after 'Navajo' flap (01/13)
Session discusses economic development in Indian Country (01/13)
Non-Indian retailers in court over Washington gas compacts (01/13)
Native Sun News: Pine Ridge set to gain a federal credit union (01/11)
Ute Tribe takes energy company to New York Stock Exchange (01/09)
White House Blog: Helping small businesses in Indian Country (01/05)

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