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Native Sun News: Native activists meet on climate change (12/09)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe worried about effects on subsistence rights (12/08)
Planning commission to vote on mine by Pechanga sacred site (12/06)
Klamath Tribes win decisions in long-running water rights case (12/06)
Judge orders DOI to consider status of desert eagles in Arizona (12/05)
Editorial: Tribes in Montana should get bison from Yellowstone (12/05)
OPB: Makah Nation concerned about oil tanker traffic in waters (12/05)
Hearing scheduled in Osage Nation's lawsuit against wind farm (12/05)
CNET: Indian Country opens door to renewable energy projects (12/05)
Tribes in Montana hail decision to receive Yellowstone bison (12/01)
Mexico urged to rescind mining rights at sacred Huichol site (12/01)
FSRN: Elem Pomo Nation struggles to protect ancestral island (11/28)
Courts consider two lawsuits over snowmaking at sacred site (11/22)
Elem Pomo Tribe supports lawsuit to protect ancestral village (11/22)
Column: Nez Perce Tribe pushes for settlement in salmon suit (11/21)
Medicine man from Kewa Pueblo pleads guilty for killing eagle (11/18)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe consulted about discovery of remains at site (11/18)
HuffPo: Regulations fail to take tribal subsistence into account (11/18)
Circle of Blue: Navajo Nation moving close to water settlement (11/17)
PR: Group questions removal of remains from Ojibwe ground (11/16)
Blog: Jemez Pueblo finds it hard to market renewable energy (11/16)
Native Sun News: Indian Country cheers delay on Keystone XL (11/16)
Blog: Indigenous people connect for annual Canoe Journey (11/15)
TransCanada to modify Keystone XL Pipeline Nebraska path (11/15)
Judge pushes Oklahoma tribal water lawsuit into mediation (11/14)
IPR: Excavation continues at Ojiwbe burial ground in Michigan (11/11)
Aroostook Band welcomes donation of salmon from hatchery (11/11)
Obama administration delays action on Keystone XL Pipeline (11/11)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe opposes Keystone talks (11/10)
NPS blocks plastic bottle ban at Grand Canyon at last minute (11/10)
Michigan Radio: Sault Ste. Marie Tribe will rebury ancestors (11/09)
DOI vows safeguards for Alaska Natives in off-shore drilling (11/09)
IPR: Excavation uncovers major Ojibwe burial site in Michigan (11/08)
State Department inspector general investigates Keystone XL (11/08)
NPR: Members of Ponca Tribe still victimized by air pollution (11/07)
Blog: Cofan people in Ecuador battle Chevron for 18 years (11/04)
Outdoors: Oneida Nation lures anglers with private fishing (11/04)
MSU News: Eastern Shoshone man to reintroduce buffalo (11/04)
Judge tosses charge against Fallon Paiute Shoshone man (11/04)
Native Sun News: Lakota leaders rally against Keystone XL (11/04)
Crow Tribe brings in homes for families displaced by floods (11/03)
House rejects bid to protect Apache sacred sites from swap (11/03)
Truthout: Indigenous people taking on Keystone XL Pipeline (11/02)
North Dakota tribe's permit for oil refinery on hold for appeal (11/02)
Column: Blood Run in South Dakota gets some attention (11/01)
North Dakota tribe seeks financing for oil refinery plan (10/31)
Duane Champagne: The law and protecting sacred places (10/28)
House passes bill for land swap opposed by Arizona tribes (10/27)
Fronteras: Navajo Nation discusses Grand Canyon flights (10/26)
OPB: Old jawbone turns up close to site of Kennewick Man (10/26)
Crow Tribe still trying to line up investors for coal project (10/26)
Alaska Native village corporation backs off-shore drilling (10/26)
House backs Alaska Native corporation land swap, project (10/25)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe worried about drawdown at dam (10/21)
EPA approves Dry Creek Rancheria for treatment as state (10/20)
Pueblo pottery shards found on road dating back to 1600s (10/20)
Native Sun News: Historic buffalo jump added to NPS site (10/20)
BBC: Hopi Tribe battles reclaimed sewage at sacred peaks (10/20)
Fishermen worried about virus found in salmon in Canada (10/20)
Opinion: Montana aims to move bison to two reservations (10/20)
Salon: Secretary Clinton and Keystone XL Pipeline scandal (10/20)
Nathan Small: Shoshone-Bannock Tribes battle toxic giant (10/19)
Menominee Nation restores hunting rights to descendants (10/19)
Osage Nation files lawsuit to block wind farm construction (10/19)
Law School: Professor argues Summit Lake Paiute lawsuit (10/18)
Judge orders more environmental review for polar bear rule (10/18)
Virus found in wild salmon in British Columbia for first time (10/18)
Duane Champagne: Self-determination and the environment (10/17)
NPS restores Indian art collection at Grand Teton National Park (10/14)
Obama orders speedy review of Navajo Nation water pipeline (10/13)
Shakopee Tribe submits land-into-trust request for 124 acres (10/13)
Pala Band to continue battle against landfill near sacred site (10/12)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe working to address dispute over hunting (10/12)
Native Sun News: Proposed eagle regulations stir controversy (10/12)
Moapa Band sues to stop expansion of landfill at power plant (10/11)
BIA won't accept former Army property for Ho-Chunk Nation (10/11)
MPR: Wild rice at issue for another mine project in Minnesota (10/11)
Blog: Nez Perce Tribe wants to negotiate agreement for salmon (10/07)
Western Shoshone tribes resume fight over mine at sacred site (10/07)
Bad River Band gains another tool in fight against mine project (10/06)
Pechanga Band donates $15K to committee of key lawmaker (10/05)
Tyee: Indigenous people sound alarms on Keystone XL Pipeline (10/05)
First Nations reach agreement to sell power at biomass plant (10/04)
HCN Blog: Fish fight brews with removal of Elwha River dams (10/03)
Column: Doig River Band establishing park on traditional land (10/03)
National Parks: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe hails dam removal (09/30)
Alaska Natives ask 9th Circuit to block off-shore drilling plans (09/30)
Santa Clara Pueblo working to address flooding and fire issues (09/29)
USDA Blog: Rosebud Sioux Tribe still keeping traditions in mind (09/29)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe plans to discuss hunting rights with county (09/29)
Oneida Nation ends negotiations with county on biomass plant (09/29)
Straight Goods: First Nations participate in Keystone XL protest (09/28)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe sounds alarm on Keystone XL (09/28)
Bandelier National Monument in New Mexico reopens after blaze (09/27)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe asserts right to hunt within reservation (09/26)
National Parks: Webcam offers a view of historic dam removal (09/26)
Opinion: New pipelines would cross more than 40 First Nations (09/26)
Native Sun News: Gerard Baker leaves behind a strong legacy (09/23)
Crosscut: Quileute Tribe asks for land to escape tsunami threat (09/22)
NYT Blog: Tuscarora Nation's corn heritage survives centuries (09/22)
Woman returns two pieces of history to the Coeur d'Alene Tribe (09/22)
Blog: Muckleshoot Tribe celebrates start of permanent hatchery (09/21)
WRN: Bad River Band discusses mine opposition with governor (09/21)
Former top aide to Secretary Salazar joins law firm defending BP (09/21)
IPR: Sault Tribe cites treaty rights in opposition to moose hunts (09/20)
BIA warns wind developers about Osage Nation mineral estate (09/20)
Omaha Tribe facing millions of dollars in damages from flooding (09/19)
NYT Blog: Quileute Tribe lobbies Congress over land transfer bill (09/16)
Water users in New Mexico sue over Navajo Nation settlement (09/15)
House subcommittee holds hearing on Quileute Tribe land bill (09/15)
Native Sun News: Sioux activist arrested at White House protest (09/15)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe praises start of dam breaching work (09/15)
Crow Tribe accepts $74M as part of its water rights settlement (09/14)
WUWM: Bad River Band worried about effects of mining on lake (09/14)
National Parks: Secretary Salazar to celebrate removal of dam (09/14)
Researchers report unusual artifacts at Alaska Native village (09/13)
Blog: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe's hatchery threatens salmon (09/13)
Excavation at site where Crow Tribe was forced to cede land (09/12)
Landowner hopes to start development on sacred Pomo site (09/09)
Billy Frank: Federal government responsible for treaty rights (09/09)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe benefits from $263.4M Superfund lawsuit (09/09)
Michigan Radio: Sault Tribe objects to moose hunting in state (09/09)
House vote expected on land swap opposed by Arizona tribes (09/08)
Lower Elwha Klallam to auction items from removal of dams (09/08)
Native Sun News: Uranium labeled a cultural insult to Navajos (09/07)
Elem Pomo Tribe promises litigation to protect ancestral island (09/07)
EnergyBiz: Dam breaching benefits Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe (09/07)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe eager to tap renewable energy resources (09/07)
Navajo Nation woman spurs initiative to clean up uranium site (09/06)
Survival: Guarani Tribe in Brazil asks Shell to stop development (09/06)
All offensive place names in Maine changed after lengthy effort (09/06)
North Dakota tribe objects to new EPA rule that affects drilling (09/06)
KPBS: Tribes in California lobby lawmakers to protect sacred sites (09/05)
Major pot farm discovered inside Bandelier National Monument (09/02)
Native Sun News: Tribal rights at issue in Keystone XL pipeline (09/01)
Permit rejected for quarry mine at Pechanga Band sacred site (09/01)
California Watch: Winnemem Wintu travel world for salmon (08/31)
KPBS: Vote planned on quarry mine at Pechanga sacred site (08/31)
Earth 911: Skiing on reclaimed wastewater -- gross or green? (08/30)
10th Circuit won't stop review of coal mining on Navajo Nation (08/30)
Eastern Cherokees lobby for rules to allow gathering at parks (08/30)
Uprising: Hopi Tribe fights to keep wastewater off sacred site (08/29)
SCPR: Company wants delay on quarry mine near sacred site (08/29)
Acoma Pueblo eyes disaster funds after flood hits reservation (08/26)
Fast Company: Hopi Tribe fights bid for fake snow at sacred site (08/25)
MPR: Red Lake Nation plans to reforest 50K acres on reservation (08/25)
Richard Ackley: The gifts of the Sokaogon Chippewa rice harvest (08/24)
Wildfire burns over 16K acres on Northern Cheyenne Reservation (08/24)
DOI reaches settlement with EPA for conditions at Indian schools (08/24)
The Dominion: Elders meet for 5th annual Keepers of the Water (08/24)
City supports Pechanga Band in bill to ban mine near sacred site (08/24)
KLCC: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe restoring salmon at hatchery (08/24)
Hopi Tribe files lawsuit to block use of wastewater at sacred site (08/24)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe against 'illegal' digging at Superfund site (08/23)
Cleanup of oil spill on Blackfeet Nation complete after six weeks (08/23)
Bill barring quarry mine near Pechanga sacred site gets hearing (08/23)
Native Sun News: UN leaders cite threats to indigenous peoples (08/22)
Blog: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe holds ceremony for First Salmon (08/22)
Choctaw Nation and Chickasaw Nation sue against sales of water (08/19)
KCAW: Alaska Native students learn about each other's culture (08/18)
Santa Clara Pueblo still reeling from devastation caused by fire (08/18)
Art 'dealers' laugh when asked to help FBI with theft of artifacts (08/17)
County delays decision on building plans at ancestral Pomo site (08/17)
OPB: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe keeps an eye on health of rivers (08/17)
HCN: Mescalero Apache Nation worried about drilling and mining (08/17)
Yurok Tribe mourns loss of gray whale that spent 56 days in river (08/17)
NPR: Indigenous Saami worried about Russia'a claim to the Arctic (08/16)
Native Sun News: Navajo group seeks remedies for uranium mine (08/16)
Pechanga Band clashes with developer at hearing for quarry mine (08/16)
Mohawk man arrested for digging up ground at Superfund site (08/12)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe backs land transfer to Sealaska Corporation (08/10)
Editorial: Safeguards needed before drilling off the Alaska shore (08/09)
Cleanup of oil spill on Blackfeet Reservation about halfway done (08/09)
SA: First Nation puts science to work to protect the environment (08/09)
Billy Frank: Treaty rights threatened by pollution in Washington (08/08)
Pechanga Band pushes bill to stop quarry mine near sacred site (08/05)
Rock formation in California to get new name from Pomo legend (08/05)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe not told about mining bid (08/05)
Young Los Coyotes man charged for starting fire on reservation (08/05)
Editorial: Judge not amused by Columbia River salmon plans (08/04)
NYT Blog: Climate change places extra burden on Native people (08/04)
USDA Blog: Alabama-Coushatta Tribe to restore longleaf pines (08/03)
WPR: Museum to repatriate ancestors to three Wisconsin tribes (08/03)
Pacific Northwest tribes eager to save lamprey from extinction (08/02)
OPB: Northwest tribes feel impact of climate change on foods (07/29)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe welcomes dam removal for salmon (07/29)
North Dakota tribe asks energy companies to help repair roads (07/29)
Crews still working at cleanup of oil spill on the Blackfeet Nation (07/28)
Yurok Tribe tries to help stranded gray whale get back to ocean (07/28)
Graton Rancheria seeks cooperative agreement for county park (07/28)
Wildfire that burned Los Coyotes Reservation blamed on arson (07/28)
Morongo Band confirms waste oil spill did not reach reservation (07/27)
MPR: Investigation into black market fishing on two reservations (07/27)
Native Sun News: Criminal probe into oil spill on Blackfeet Nation (07/27)
Crews battle wildfire on Los Coyotes Reservation in California (07/26)
Passamaquoddy Tribe and Penobscot Nation against wind farm (07/26)
Blog: Squaxin Island woman heeds the call of native blackberry (07/25)
The Dominion: First Nations worried about Keystone XL pipeline (07/25)
Native Sun News: Petition challenges uranium at Navajo Nation (07/25)
News Watch: Indigenous people ignored in debates about Arctic (07/25)
NMAI focuses on the environment with exhibit and Earth festival (07/22)
Girl was bitten while feeding baby bear at Eastern Cherokee zoo (07/22)
Dan Bacher: California tribes unhappy with state's gathering plan (07/21)
Nisqually Tribe leads effort to address impact of climate change (07/21)
Tonia Means: Paiute people welcome return of stolen petroglyph (07/21)
Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe supports development at old mill site (07/20)
Blog: Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe opposed plans for development (07/19)
Drilling company kept oil spill a secret from Blackfeet Nation, EPA (07/19)
WBEZ: Tribes play a role in protecting lakes from invasive species (07/15)
House committee supports Alaska Native corporation land bill (07/14)
Canoe discovered by Alaska Native village up to 500 years old (07/13)
Native Sun News: Wildfire damages sacred sites in New Mexico (07/13)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe sues DOI for approval of wind farm (07/08)
Santa Clara Pueblo prepares for flooding as fire continues burn (07/08)
North Dakota tribe hosts first renewable energy meet next week (07/08)
Kiowa man pleads guilty over illegal trafficking of eagle feathers (07/08)
Fallon Paiute Shoshone man cited for gathering cat-tails at refuge (07/07)
Outside: Interview with Santa Clara Pueblo Lieutenant Governor (07/06)
Umatilla Tribes opposed to request for land from Hanford facility (07/06)
Truthout: Blackfire uses music in battle to protect a sacred site (07/05)
Santa Clara Pueblo declares emergency as fire slams reservation (07/01)
Native Sun News: Company raises buffalo with eye on traditions (07/01)
Yurok Tribe criticizes 'patronizing' gathering proposal from state (06/30)
Western Front: New Clean Air Act regulations for Indian Country (06/30)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe against development at old mill site (06/29)
Opinion: Pechanga Band helps build case against quarry mine (06/29)
Cochiti Pueblo prepares evacuation plan due to threat from fire (06/28)
Brothers from Sault Tribe to appeal fishing violation conviction (06/28)
Kalispel Tribe cancels Fourth of July celebration due to flooding (06/28)
Wildfire poses threat to Cochiti Pueblo in northern New Mexico (06/27)
Karuk Tribe aims to intervene in lawsuit over water diversions (06/24)
New chairman for Columbia River Inter-Tribal Fish Commission (06/23)
Human remains uncovered at construction site in Washington (06/23)
Pechanga Band continues fight against proposed quarry mine (06/23)
New Mexico holding meetings on Navajo Nation water project (06/23)
Two tribes criticize ongoing protest at burial site in California (06/23)
Runners trek 800 miles to Pipestone Monument in Minnesota (06/17)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee holds hearing on NAGPRA (06/17)
Native Sun News: Bear Butte stirs passions at county meeting (06/17)
Sacred sites in New Mexico, South Dakota on endangered list (06/16)
Crow Tribe reports more than 200 homes damaged by floods (06/16)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe imposes swimming ban after flood (06/16)
Delaware Nation to use solar energy for tribal headquarters (06/16)
Crew from San Carlos Apache Tribe helps fight major wildfire (06/16)
Three in Montana charged with illegal trafficking of eagles (06/15)
State investigates claims of illegal Muckleshoot Tribe hunt (06/15)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee to host roundtable on water (06/15)
Osage Nation raising objections about proposed wind farms (06/14)
BIA investigating cause of fire on Shivwits Band Reservation (06/14)
Native Sun News: TransCanada under scrutiny for crude spills (06/13)
Omaha Tribe evacuates families in preparation for flooding (06/10)
Members of Miccosukee Tribe refuse to evacuate from fire (06/10)
Navajo Nation official to discuss sacred sites at SCIA hearing (06/09)
Two Apache tribes in Arizona threatened by a growing wildfire (06/09)
Ute Tribe runs out of funding due to flooding on reservation (06/08)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe spared from Missouri River floods (06/08)
Omaha Tribe evacuates homes due to Missouri River floods (06/08)
Spokane Tribe concerned about pollutants at sewage plant (06/07)
Yurok Tribe developing legislation for federal land transfer (06/07)
Chippewa Cree Tribe deals with another round of flooding (06/06)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe keeping close watch on flooding (06/06)
Parts of Fort Peck Reservation without water since May 13 (06/06)
Editorial: Questions about Navajo Nation water rights deal (06/06)
Crow Tribe ready to welcome evacuees back to reservation (06/03)
Soboba Band signs agreement with FEMA for disaster cost (06/03)
Flooding expected to hit Fort Peck Reservation on Saturday (06/03)
Western Front: Klallam people celebrate removal of dams (06/03)
Native Sun News: Protecting sacred Bear Butte at all costs (06/03)
Cabazon Band seeks to protect rights in enviromental flap (06/03)
Fort Peck Tribes asks about 40 families to evacuate homes (06/02)
Tribes seek a compromise as protest at burial site continues (06/02)
EPA takes action against another business on Cabazon land (06/02)
1st Circuit rules for state in dispute over Narragansett site (06/01)
EHN: Study shows Mohawk youth with high contaminations (06/01)
Blog: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe benefits from dam removal (06/01)
Native Sun News: Spill affects Sisseton Wahpeton Oyate (05/27)
Salish and Kootenai Tribes issue warning about flooding (05/27)
Members of Crow Tribe crowd shelter to escape flooding (05/27)
APRN: House hearing for Alaska Native bill stirs passions (05/27)
Agua Caliente Band announces plan to erect wind turbines (05/27)
Tribes awarded over $7M for wildlife conservation projects (05/26)
Cheyenne-Arapaho family lost home in Oklahoma tornado (05/26)
APRN: Hearings start on Alaska Native corporation land bill (05/26)
Crow Tribe starts assessing damage after massive flooding (05/26)
Energy company withdraws federal case against Crow Tribe (05/26)
Tribal leaders worried about future of Navajo Nation plant (05/25)
EPA spending $6M to clean up Navajo Nation uranium site (05/25)
Parts of Cherokee Nation report damages from tornadoes (05/25)
Conditions on Crow Reservation treacherous after flooding (05/25)
Blackfeet Nation declares emergency due to rising waters (05/25)
Salish and Kootenai Tribes won't prosecute for bear death (05/24)
Crow Tribe issues disaster declaration due to major floods (05/23)
Witness list for House hearing on Navajo Nation coal plant (05/23)
Native Sun News: NRC delays uranium bid in South Dakota (05/23)
Senate Energy Committee to hold hearing on Sealaska bill (05/23)
Wired: Scientists fight university to study ancestral remains (05/20)
Outdoors: Minnesota Dakota seek to enforce treaty rights (05/20)
Volunteers work to remove graffiti from sacred Paiute site (05/20)
Mescalero Apache Nation discusses renewable energy plan (05/20)
Four indicted in Oklahoma over illegal sale of eagle feathers (05/20)
Energy company sues Crow Tribe on coal-to-liquids project (05/20)
Subcommittee schedules hearing on Alaska Native land bill (05/19)
South Dakota approves development by sacred Bear Butte (05/19)
Tribes seek larger role in Yellowstone bison management (05/18)
MPR: NRC worked with Prairie Island Community on study (05/18)
APRN: Chickaloon Tribe files complaint about coal mining (05/18)
Winona LaDuke: Indian farmers preserve traditional seeds (05/18)
Billy Frank: Squaxin Island Tribe looking to preserve water (05/17)
Salish and Kootenai Tribes investigating shooting of grizzly (05/17)
Sen. Kyl seeks lower cost for tribal water rights settlement (05/17)
Jicarilla Apache Nation to negotiate costs of water system (05/17)
House Natural Resources hearing for Navajo power plant (05/16)
Teen from First Nation plans to run 155 miles in six days (05/13)
MPR: Dakota activists stage fishing protest in Minnesota (05/13)
Outdoors: Mount Konocti is an important Pomo sacred site (05/13)
HCN: BIA and Crow Tribe lost money on big horse roundup (05/13)
China Dialogue: Tribes turning to renewable energy sources (05/11)
OPB: PacifiCorp to pass costs of dam removal to consumers (05/10)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe offers lake for a free day of fishing (05/10)
EPA takes action on recycling plant at Cabazon Reservation (05/10)
Native Sun News: Bankruptcy leaves few funds for tribal sites (05/09)
Energy Blog: Tribes succeed with energy efficiency programs (05/06)
Solar Energy: Helping bring basic services to Navajo elders (05/05)
'Manoominike: Gathering the Good Seed' takes up wild rice (05/05)
Quechan Nation welcomes community to $1.2M nature park (05/05)
Turtle Mountain Band makes improvements at waste facility (05/04)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe upset by vandalism at sacred site (05/04)
Opinion: Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe cleaning up brownfields (05/03)
Cherokee Nation deals with heavy flooding after April storm (05/03)
Crews from Alaska Native village land three whales in week (05/03)
DOI approves timber management project for Coquille Tribe (05/03)
Shell Oil to seek federal approval to develop in Arctic Ocean (05/02)
More guilty pleas in major Indian artifact theft case in Utah (05/02)
Column: Non-Indian man still fighting Ojibwe fishing rights (04/29)
Native Sun News: Tribes asked to comment on quarry plan (04/29)
Residents demand closure of plant at Cabazon Reservation (04/29)
Board moves forward with landfill opposed by Moapa Band (04/29)
Tribes from Maine participating in Mother Earth Water Walk (04/29)
Havasupai Tribe earns treatment as state status from EPA (04/29)
Colville Tribes bar state wildlife officers on the reservation (04/28)
Energy Department to broadcast tribal summit on Internet (04/28)
Pechanga Band says quarry mine will destroy sacred site (04/27)
DOI report warns of low flows in three major river basins (04/26)
Clean Energy: Tribes talk potential for solar development (04/26)
NPR: Quileute Tribe seeks approval to move to safer land (04/26)
Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes announce plan for wind farm (04/22)
Tribes oppose oil field development near sacred Bear Butte (04/22)
Native Sun News: Something rotten in oil field regulations (04/21)
New West: Water woes at Northern Cheyenne Reservation (04/20)
Energy Department hosts tribal leaders for summit in May (04/19)
Choctaw Nation provides assistance to victims of tornado (04/19)
DOJ intervenes in protest for development at sacred site (04/19)
Witness List: Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing (04/19)
Table Mountain Rancheria still interested in county's park (04/19)
Pointe Au Chien Tribe sues BP over Gulf of Mexico oil spill (04/19)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe closes a part of lake to visitors (04/19)
Quileute Tribe cites tsunami threat in bid for land transfer (04/15)
Yakama Nation couple punished for selling eagle feathers (04/15)
Man sentenced for removing petroglyph from federal land (04/15)
Two tribes seek role in litigation over Montana megaloads (04/15)
Yurok Tribe doubles land base with purchase of 22K acres (04/15)
Crow Tribe at the table for talks on Little Bighorn Monument (04/13)
Chairwoman of Quileute Tribe will testify at Senate hearing (04/13)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee field hearing at Wind River (04/13)
Choctaw Nation and Chickasaw Nation assert rights to water (04/12)
Opinion: Winnemem Wintu woman denied federal eagle permit (04/08)
Native Sun News: Author Dan Wildcat to speak in South Dakota (04/07)
Omaha Tribe enters in consent decree with EPA to resolve issues (04/05)
Paul Lumley: Treaty tribes save salmon runs on Columbia River (04/04)
Mashpee Wampanoag man sues town in fishing rights dispute (04/01)
Squaxin Island Tribe wins decision in suit over new water wells (04/01)
Turtle Talk: The 'soft trust' in 10th Circuit's eagle feather case (03/31)
Native Sun News: Radiation high on South Dakota reservations (03/31)
Southern Ute Tribe loses water rights battle in Colorado court (03/30)
Cherokee Nation wants to keep state parks in Oklahoma open (03/30)
DOI report says more than half of oil and gas leases not used (03/30)
10th Circuit allows charges in non-Indian eagle feather case (03/30)
Lac du Flambeau Band sets limits for off-reservation fishing (03/29)
Al Jazeera: North Dakota's black gold rush a concern for tribe (03/29)
Pala Band continues long fight against landfill near sacred site (03/28)
Odor at reycling plant on Cabazon Reservation stirs neighbors (03/28)
Native Sun News: Pipeline proposal back to the drawing board (03/25)
Al Jazeera: Fort Peck Tribes battle to restore bison in Montana (03/25)
Native Sun News: Lakota group pushes tribes on uranium bill (03/24)
Law Article: BIA regulations to streamline energy development (03/24)
Yakama Nation to release sturgeon into Columbia River basin (03/22)
Native Sun News: Navajo Nation signs lease for coal-fired plant (03/22)
Column: Suquamish Tribe deserves credit for restoring salmon (03/22)
Utah tribes still worried about rail station near ancestral site (03/21)
Opinion: Montana lawmakers try to hinder tribal bison efforts (03/21)
Members of Crow Tribe vote to ratify water rights settlement (03/21)
Bill introduced to take Quileute Tribe away from tsunami zone (03/18)
Members of Crow Tribe set for vote on water rights settlement (03/17)
MPR: Prairie Island Tribe worried about safety at nuclear plant (03/17)
Arizona set to rename Homolovi Park at request of Hopi Tribe (03/16)
Washington tribes evacuate coast in response to tsunami threats (03/11)
Columbia River treaty tribes back bill to lethally remove sea lions (03/09)
Timothy Chavez: Tribes looking for energy development partners (03/09)
Lawmakers worried about action on genetically modified salmon (03/09)
Mohawks support lawsuit to block shipment of nuclear equipment (03/09)
Editorial: Protect Havasupai Tribe from uranium mine exploration (03/09)
Interviews: Tracey LeBeau, director of new Indian Energy office (03/08)
Fort Mojave Tribe revives lawsuit over sacred place in California (03/04)
This Magazine: First Nations suffer from dirtiest water in Canada (03/03)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe fights Devil's Tower mine (03/03)
NPR: Oregon tribes return to tradition with Montana bison hunt (02/28)
Federal eagle repository deals with backlog of 6000 requests (02/25)
APRN: Chickaloon Tribe worried about coal mine development (02/25)
Quileute Tribe asks Sen. Cantwell to support federal land swap (02/24)
Bill introduced to ratify Blackfeet Nation water rights compact (02/24)
Oregon tribes exercise treaty rights for bison hunt in Montana (02/24)
Hopi Tribe seeks to remove 'ruins' from the name of state park (02/24)
HCN: Crow Tribe prepares to vote on water rights settlement (02/23)
KPBS: Pala Band discusses opposition to landfill by sacred site (02/23)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe against shipment of nuclear equipment (02/22)
Editorial: Oneida Nation addresses concerns over energy plant (02/22)
HCN: Water right settlement contentious within Navajo Nation (02/22)
Native Sun News: Tribes urged to support bill for pipeline spills (02/18)
State park to reopen in March thanks to funds from Hopi Tribe (02/18)
Navajo Nation Council backs lease extension for power plant (02/17)
National Parks: Hopi Tribe opposes shooting range in Arizona (02/17)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe to share in $6.8M mine cleanup settlement (02/16)
KUOW: Yakama Nation reintroduces pronghorns to reservation (02/15)
Omaha Tribe issued 10 boil water advisories in last three years (02/10)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux continue fight over uranium plan (02/10)
Montana tribe to continue negotiations over role at bison refuge (02/10)
Washoe Tribe reaches agreement for access to nature preserve (02/09)
California moving to allow tribal access at marine preserve sites (02/09)
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe using EPA grant to clean up wetlands (02/09)
HCN: Elmer Crow, Nez Perce elder, spreads the love for the lamprey (02/07)
Montana tribe drops court case in National Bison Range agreement (02/04)
NYT Blog: Brazil releases photos of an isolated tribe in the Amazon (02/03)
USDA to host second sacred sites listening session on February 14 (02/02)
Blog: Bureaucracy holds back renewable energy in Indian Country (02/02)
Quechan Nation seeking preliminary injunction against solar project (02/01)
Communities seek to modify Navajo Nation water rights settlement (02/01)
Native Sun News: Navajo Nation gets $14.5M for uranium cleanup (01/31)
New chair of Quileute Tribe calls federal land swap a major priority (01/27)
Native Sun News: Black Hills laboratory seeks tribal collaboration (01/27)
Army Corps seeking public comments on Cortina Rancheria landfill (01/26)
EPA issues another warning for Omaha Reservation water system (01/25)
Yakama Nation welcomes herd of 100 pronghorns to reservation (01/24)
Editorial: Gila River Tribe steps up with model environmental plan (01/20)
North Dakota tribe blames EPA for holding up oil refinery project (01/19)
Eastern Band reports vandalism at Kituwah, Cherokee birthtown (01/19)
Iowa Tribe heralds five years of eagle sanctuary with new aviary (01/18)
Construction work halted at Gabrielino burial ground in California (01/18)
Opinion: Tribes should be included in renewable energy solutions (01/14)
Tribes discuss renewable energy and cultural resources at summit (01/13)
Native Sun News: Gold mining still causing problems in Black Hills (01/13)
Native Sun News: Oil development plan poses threat to Bear Butte (01/12)
Public comment sought on land deal involving Ho-Chunk Nation (01/11)
SHBJ: Indian Country boasts advantage for solar energy projects (01/07)
Native Sun News: EPA establishes new tribal committee on toxics (01/07)

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