It is a tremendous responsibility to lead the largest tribal government in the country, but together, we are working to make Cherokee communities, families and culture stronger.
The first Americans stole the stage before a captive audience as they presented delegate votes for their party's presidential ticket during the Democratic National Convention.
The U.S. government sanctioned, and sometimes operated and financed, hundreds of boarding schools for Native American children that relied on military and carceral practices to forcibly assimilate them into Western culture.
It is often said it takes a village to raise a child. The saying could not be truer and I firmly believe our country’s teachers are an important part of that village.
Charlene Teters began her protests against racism in sports with a simple sign: 'Indians are Human Beings Not Mascots.'
The 57 Lakota youth who were mistreated at a hockey game have yet to receive the eagle feathers gifted to them.

The Bureau of Indian Education has repeatedly neglected warnings that it is not providing a quality education for 46,000 Native students.

Preserving the Cherokee language and growing the number of Cherokee speakers are critical to our tribe’s future.

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has put strains on Cherokee families, the economy in northeast Oklahoma and our local public schools.

Tributes are pouring in from Indian Country following the passing of Nakotah LaRance, a champion hoop dancer whose performances and bright attitude brought joy to audiences throughout the world.

The impacts of the Indian boarding and day school era extend beyond the emotional, physical and sexual abuse suffered by students. The financial toll, it turns out, was heavy as well.

Bruce Long Fox, a citizen of the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe, will be joining the South Dakota Hall of Fame.

Donovin Sprague Hump is a Lakota man of many talents. He's got two lectures on his schedule.

Congress is slowly but surely getting back to work after COVID-19 derailed Indian Country's legislative agenda ahead of one of the most critical elections in America's history.

Nearly one in five students in Oklahoma Public Schools are Native American.

Events that normally take place annually in Rapid City and the Black Hills have joined the evolving conversation of whether or not to host patrons amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

I am so happy to get on the 'cloud' and hear the wonderful sound of the Cheyenne language.

As tribes continue to fight for the $8 billion in coronavirus relief they were promised more than seven weeks ago, new research is casting doubt on the accuracy and fairness of the Trump administration's handling of the fund.

One of the greatest sources of strength Cherokee people have right now is our culture and heritage.

The cancellation of the Native American Basketball Invitational means more to that community than simply taking a summer off from playing ball.

A coronavirus relief bill includes an $8 billion fund for tribal governments but it almost got cut out of the final package.

The coronavirus is hitting American Indians and Alaska Natives hard.

With number of positive COVID-19 cases rising in tribal communities, Indian Country will finally see billions of dollars from a coronavirus package almost over the finish line on Capitol Hill.

In a big victory for tribal nations that have fought the Dakota Access Pipeline through two presidential administrations, a federal judge ordered a full environmental review of the controversial project.

As coronavirus cases across America continue to surge, tribal leaders are taking dramatic steps to ensure the safety of their people and those they serve.

A Lakota mother is angry: 'It's our traditional way to not cut our hair, unless for ceremonial purposes. STOP CUTTING THEIR HAIR!'

At Cherokee Nation, we recently renewed a commitment to a great cause and a great tradition: public education in Oklahoma.

The first annual Native American Elite Middle and High School Basketball Nationals is taking place in Las Vegas, Nevada.

President Trump is proposing cuts to the Bureau of Indian Affairs and the Bureau of Indian Education.

Olympic gold medalist Billy Mills announced the sixth class of American Indian youth to receive $10,000 Dreamstarter grants for projects that help them bring their dreams to life.

Go to the hell you tried to create for us on this earth.

We all have our own idea of what our American Dream looks like and having a job helps us accomplish that goal.

Everybody who came to the Holy Rosary Mission Boarding School on the Pine Ridge Reservation worked.

Building sustainable communities is the antidote to fear of a changing climate.

A new high school is opening on the Pine Ridge Reservation in the fall of 2020.

An Indian Education for All project in Montana features successful and inspirational Native role models.