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Blog: Tahltan First Nation fought big energy company and won (12/20)
Native Sun News: Uranium mine near Pine Ridge not a done deal (12/18)
Native Sun News: State approves mining project in Black Hills (12/17)
Mary Pember: Lac Courte Oreilles ceremonial buildings burned (12/14)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe gets more in Black Hills (12/14)
Native Sun News: Tribal leaders blast Keystone XL at hearing (12/14)
Native Sun News: NRC weighing uranium mine near Pine Ridge (12/07)
Agencies reach memorandum of understanding for sacred sites (12/06)
USDA report makes recommendations for sacred site protection (12/06)
Yaqui Tribe challenges aqueduct under construction in Mexico (12/05)
Yakama Nation calls for halt to pipeline across treaty territory (12/04)
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe to begin oil worker training program (12/04)
Program trains Navajo Nation students for cleanup of uranium (12/04)
Judge dismisses Grand Traverse Band invasive species lawsuit (12/04)
Column: A big battle over a little deer hunt by Wisconsin tribes (12/03)
MTPR: Tribes in Montana reconnect with traditional resources (11/30)
Crosscut: Port Gamble S'Klallam aims to preserve forest lands (11/30)
Former head of Alaska Native whaling commission sentenced (11/30)
Native Sun News: Uranium mine impacts Lakota cultural sites (11/30)
Wisconsin tribes put a hold on night deer hunting amid lawsuit (11/29)
Opinion: Questions about Salish and Kootenai water compact (11/29)
WUWM: Bad River Band leads opposition to mining in Wisconsin (11/29)
Blog: BIA regulations ease renewable energy in Indian Country (11/29)
IPR: Little River Band recovers eagle feathers after court case (11/29)
Navajo community divided on Grand Canyon tourist attraction (11/29)
Potential nominee holds stock in company behind Keystone XL (11/29)
Wisconsin Ojibwe tribes stir controversy with night deer hunt (11/27)
PBS: Climate change threatens a way of life for Quileute Tribe (11/27)
Former Indian school in Phoenix finds new use as farm project (11/27)
National forest plans to return ancestors to Oklahoma tribes (11/26)
American Prospect: Hopi, Navajo tribes battle for water rights (11/23)
Native Sun News: Hearing on uranium mine next to Pine Ridge (11/23)
NYT Blog: Hopi Tribe lodges new lawsuit to protect sacred site (11/20)
Sioux tribes raise $7M for purchase of sacred Black Hills place (11/19)
BLM offering reward in theft of petroglyphs from California site (11/19)
USDA Blog: Taking on overpopulation of pets in Indian Country (11/19)
Hopi Tribe files lawsuit over reclaimed sewage at sacred site (11/16)
Pechanga Band pays $20M to protect sacred site from mining (11/16)
NPR: Tribes battle energy pollution on Wind River Reservation (11/16)
Native Sun News: Documentary examines Dust Bowl of 1930s (11/16)
Blog: Minnesota wolf hunt desecrates sacred Ojibwe symbol (11/15)
San Carlos Apache Tribe helps members affected by hurricane (11/14)
Oneida Nation sues city after revoking permit for energy facility (11/14)
County seeks delay in potential land transfer to Chumash Tribe (11/14)
Endangered ferrets seen on another South Dakota reservation (11/09)
North Dakota tribe sees ups and downs in energy development (11/09)
Native Sun News: Jodi Rave raises funds for film on Bakken boom (11/09)
MPR: Prairie Island Indian Community discusses nuclear facility (11/08)
WPR: Lac Courte Oreilles Band suspects arson at spiritual sites (11/08)
Seminole Tribe sends emergency team to aid Shinnecock Nation (11/06)
NMAI in New York City to remain closed after Hurricane Sandy (11/05)
MPR: White Earth Ojibwe members protest wolf hunt in state (11/05)
USET starts up Tribal Emergency Relief Fund for Sandy efforts (11/02)
Shinnecock Nation still out of power following Hurricane Sandy (11/02)
Native Sun News: First Nation fights tar sands mine expansion (11/02)
Wolf hunts in Minnesota and Wisconsin stir some controversy (11/02)
Chevron refuses to pay $18.7B judgement to tribe in Ecuador (11/02)
Ex-Alaska Native whaling commission director awaits sentence (11/01)
Alaska Native fishermen found guilty for violating state orders (11/01)
MPR: Ojibwe tribes in Minnesota ban wolf hunting on their lands (11/01)
Wind energy push questioned by Indian communities in Mexico (10/31)
Narragansett Tribe is expecting to be without power for 'weeks' (10/31)
Jackson Rancheria donates $10K toward Hurricane Sandy relief (10/31)
Shinnecock Nation in need of generators after Hurricane Sandy (10/31)
NMAI in Washington, D.C., and in New York City remain closed (10/30)
KYUK: NCAI supports Alaska Natives headed to trial for fishing (10/29)
Tribes making preparations as Hurricane Sandy hits East Coast (10/29)
Crosscut: Tribes in Washington prepare for a tsunami disaster (10/29)
Moapa Band files lawsuit over EPA standards at coal fired plant (10/23)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe hosts 10th eagle honoring ceremony (10/19)
Crow Tribe to investigate botched excavation of bison kill site (10/19)
Haida village in British Columbia defends controversial project (10/19)
Alaska Natives hold rally for subsistence hunting, fishing rights (10/18)
New Mexico Supreme Court hears case over sacred site listing (10/18)
Obama administration trying to revive Hopi-Navajo water deal (10/18)
Blog: New DOJ policy won't change long wait for eagle feathers (10/18)
MNN: Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe purchases ancestral property (10/18)
Native Sun News: Uranium mine by Pine Ridge nearing approval (10/18)
WPR: Wisconsin tribes upset as state wolf hunt gets underway (10/17)
Prairie Island Indian Community signs MOU for nuclear facility (10/16)
Justice Department announces policy on use of eagle feathers (10/12)
Democracy Now: Navajo Nation struggles with uranium fallout (10/12)
Native Sun News: Sioux tribes come together to discuss Pe' Sla (10/12)
Native Sun News: Keystone XL foes target Obama and Romney (10/12)
Pacific Northwest tribes oppose coal terminals along the coast (10/12)
KPLU: Colville Tribes back in court for Columbia River pollution (10/11)
NWPR: Squaxin Island Tribe worried about effect of fire on fish (10/11)
KCET: Moapa Band sells power from solar plant to Los Angeles (10/11)
Crosscut: Kennewick Man returns from dead 9200 years later (10/11)
North Dakota tribe to move forward with plans for oil refinery (10/11)
Hopi Tribe passes resolution opposing Navajo Nation business (10/10)
Anthropologist says Kennewick Man was not Native American (10/10)
City brings in expert to look at sewage in San Francisco Peaks (10/10)
North Dakota tribe seeks a bigger share of energy tax revenue (10/09)
Column: Wisconsin overreacted to Ojibwe ceremonial elk hunt (10/08)
NPT: Learning about Nez Perce Tribe's history at national park (10/08)
Travel: Red Cliff Band welcomes public to Frog Bay Tribal Park (10/08)
Wyoming tribes asked to negotiate new deal for trash service (10/05)
NCPR: St. Regis Mohawk Tribe objects to EPA river cleanup plan (10/04)
Quapaw Tribe enters partnership for water treatment authority (10/04)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe faces November 30 deadline on sacred site (10/04)
Indian school evacuated as blaze burns on Colville Reservation (10/03)
Colville Tribes seek to remove hatchery-bred salmon from river (10/02)
Native Sun News: Fort Peck buffalo caught in the line of wildfire (10/02)
Judge dismisses Oglala Sioux Tribe's case over Whiteclay liquor (10/02)
Reed Robinson, Rosebud, named superintendent at Devils Tower (10/01)
KUOW: Northwest tribes seek full review of coal exporting plan (09/28)
Navajo activist won't give up fight over sewage at sacred site (09/27)
Testing shows presence of carcinogen in water in fracking zone (09/27)
Man investigated for taking artifacts from sacred Washoe land (09/26)
Wyoming tribes participate in testing of water in fracking zone (09/26)
Another stay granted in Oklahoma tribal water rights litigation (09/26)
Crow Tribe starts work on first project with $461M settlement (09/25)
AlterNet: North Dakota tribe deals with impact of energy boom (09/24)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee approves Indian energy bill (09/20)
Obama to declare Puebloan site in Colorado a new monument (09/20)
Shell stops off-shore drilling in Alaska due to safety issues (09/18)
TransCanada claims no duty to consult tribes on Keystone (09/18)
Blog: Solar energy holds great promise for Indian Country (09/14)
Ojibwe tribes planning for a ceremonial elk hunt in Wisconsin (09/12)
Opinion: Deadline ticks on tribal water rights deal in Montana (09/11)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe to pay $9M for sacred site in Black Hills (09/11)
Evacuation of Cortina Rancheria ordered as wildfire approaches (09/07)
IPR: Citing treaties and history, Ojibwe tribes oppose wolf hunts (09/06)
10th Circuit enforces hard 90-day deadline in lawsuit against DOI (09/06)
Native Sun News: Fast moving fire enters Pine Ridge Reservation (09/05)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe makes 'earnest payment' on Black Hills site (09/05)
Lower Sioux Indian Community wants return of sacred springs (09/04)
Prairie Island Indian Community raises nuclear waste concerns (09/04)
Activists to celebrate deal to preserve sacred site in Black Hills (09/04)
Native Sun News: Auction of sacred Black Hills site put on hold (09/04)
DOI allows Shell to start off-shore drilling work in Arctic Ocean (08/31)
Attorney in San Francisco Peaks litigation won't face sanctions (08/30)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe keeping close on elders in late heat wave (08/30)
Moapa Band plans another solar energy project on reservation (08/29)
Court allows construction of big dam opposed by tribes in Brazil (08/29)
Suquamish Tribe sues to stop Navy from building $715M wharf (08/28)
Seminole Tribe looking to improve dangerous reservation road (08/27)
Native Sun News: Winona LaDuke turns attention to the military (08/27)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe 'holding breath' over sale of sacred land (08/24)
Kevin Abourezk: Activists call for return of Black Hills to tribes (08/24)
Analysis: Mitt Romney energy plan a boon for western states (08/24)
Penobscot Nation sues state to clarify jurisdiction on waters (08/23)
Mitt Romney wants states to control energy on federal lands (08/23)
Editorial: Hydropower as important as salmon for Northwest (08/22)
KUOW: Washington tribes dispute state on fish consumption (08/22)
Outside: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe seeing a return of salmon (08/22)
Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation back to drawing table on water (08/22)
Update on fires burning in Washington, Idaho and Colorado (08/21)
Radio: Little River Band plays role in protecting small animal (08/21)
Horses fall victim to drought conditions on the Navajo Nation (08/20)
Native Sun News: Indigenous grandmothers meet in Montana (08/17)
Blackfeet Nation ramping up for significant energy production (08/16)
Native Sun News: Rosebud Sioux Tribe leads fight on sacred site (08/16)
HCN: Goshute Tribe opposed to water pipeline through territory (08/15)
Blog: Activists need help to prevent sacred site from being sold (08/15)
Prairie Island Indian Community concerned about nuclear plant (08/15)
Bison herd grows on Fort Peck Reservation amid legal dispute (08/14)
Federal charges added in case of $1M theft from Yurok Tribe (08/14)
Umatilla Tribes work to boost lamprey runs in Columbia River (08/14)
Wyoming county offers fire truck for sweat lodge ceremonies (08/14)
BIA holds first in a series of listening sessions for sacred sites (08/14)
DOI issues management plan for petroleum reserve in Alaska (08/14)
People's World: Hopes soar as dams removed on Elwha River (08/13)
Column: Red Cliff Band preserves culture with first tribal park (08/13)
Native Sun News: Sen. Thune bill thwarts air pollution controls (08/13)
Kickapoo Tribe to lose main source of water if drought continues (08/09)
Choctaw Nation set to repatriate ancestors uncovered in Florida (08/09)
DC Circuit weighs contempt case against DOI Secretary Salazar (08/09)
Goshute Tribes blast BIA and BLM on proposed water pipeline (08/08)
Eastern Cherokees still hoping to acquire sacred Nikwasi Mound (08/08)
Water a major concern in controversy for Keystone XL Pipeline (08/07)
Alaska Native villages hit hard by changes in the environment (08/06)
Winnebago Tribe enters deal to host wind farm on reservation (08/03)
IREHR: Tea parties, property rights and anti-Indians in Klamath (08/03)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe awaiting return of more fish on river (08/03)
Column: Ambitious recycling goals at the Paddle to Squaxin 2012 (08/02)
OPB: Warm Springs Tribes aims to restore fish and wildlife habitat (08/02)
Lawsuit over Mashpee Wampanoag fishing rights still unresolved (08/02)
County fast tracks approval of mine near Pechanga sacred site (08/01)
Kickapoo Tribe in Kansas orders mandatory water conservation (08/01)
Red Cliff Band opens Frog Bay Tribal National Park to the public (08/01)
Alaska Native corporation still waiting on land promised in 1971 (07/31)
Navajo Nation sees opposition to Grand Canyon tourism project (07/31)
Santa Clara Pueblo gets $11M in long-awaited emergency funds (07/30)
Border Patrol discovers rare items near Tohono O'odham Nation (07/30)
Native Sun News: 'Fractivists' making case known on Capitol Hill (07/30)
Blog: Native Americans hurt most by changes in environment (07/27)
Yellow Bird Indian Dancers ask rain to stay away for Olympics (07/27)
Tribal leaders confirm engineers for dam are being held hostage (07/26)
Montana tribe seeks management role at National Bison Range (07/26)
Developer resubmits bid for mine by Pechanga Band sacred site (07/26)
Native Sun News: Sioux firefighter finds his purpose in the field (07/26)
Native Sun News: Fires burning on Rosebud Sioux Reservation (07/26)
DOI releases roadmap for solar energy projects on public land (07/25)
Native Sun News: High winds rip through Pine Ridge Reservation (07/25)
BIA reports progress on fire within Crow Reservation boundaries (07/24)
Bill for Hopi and Navajo water rights settlement is dead for now (07/24)
Judge grants 60-day stay in Oklahoma tribal water rights case (07/23)
Alaska villages request clemency for fishermen who were cited (07/23)
Yakama Nation sees salmon return to river in almost a century (07/23)
Native Sun News: Foreigner reworking Cheyenne River watershed (07/23)
PBS: Communities affected by climate change plan for the future (07/20)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee discusses environment change (07/20)
Hundreds expected at naming ceremony of sacred white bison (07/20)
Oglala Sioux Tribe declares drought emergency for reservation (07/20)
Worldcrunch: Fort Peck Tribes reconnect with bison traditions (07/19)
Blog: Moapa Band solar energy project promises employment (07/19)
USDA Blog: Mississippi Band uses $1M grant for water upgrades (07/19)
North Dakota tribal members facing eviction amid energy boom (07/19)
Tribes in Klamath Basin see restoration agreement go nowhere (07/19)
Animal rights activists protesting circus on Shinnecock Nation (07/18)
New Mexico governor pledges $750K aid for Santa Clara Pueblo (07/18)
Bois Forte Band reclaims thousands of artifacts after 64 years (07/18)
PBS: Tribes in Pacific Northwest facing a future without salmon (07/18)
Eastern Shoshone Tribe files brief in federal eagle permit case (07/17)
Witness List: SCIA hearing on tribes and environmental change (07/17)
Blog: Tribes team up with scientists to address climate change (07/17)
Inaugural First Stewards conference held at NMAI in DC this week (07/16)
PBS: Quileute Tribe confronts threats from environmental change (07/16)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on environment change (07/16)
Naming ceremony planned for sacred white bison in Connecticut (07/13)
Minnesota appeals court rejects claim of non-Indian fisherman (07/12)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe sees quick return of salmon to river (07/12)
Indigenous activists end long protest at dam worksite in Brazil (07/12)
Appeals court rejects challenge to highway project near Haskell (07/11)
Native Sun News: Venerated Lakota site put up on auction block (07/11)
NYT Blog: Shinnecock woman captures personalities of icebergs (07/11)
University on Yakama Reservation resumes classes after blaze (07/11)
Tribes battling Interior Department over wind farm in California (07/10)
Santa Clara Pueblo waits on federal funds a year after major blaze (07/09)
IPR: Michigan court overturns convictions for helping treaty hunter (07/09)
Column: Eastern Band working to keep hatchery going after flood (07/05)
Navajo Nation Council to take up Arizona water rights settlement (07/05)
Indian Country is disproportionately impacted by energy facilities (07/05)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe complains of disruptions during ceremony (07/03)
Whaling commission renews subsistence limits for Alaska Natives (07/03)
Tribes asked to comment on off-shore wind plan for New England (07/03)
Outdoors: Minnesota won't bar wolf hunting within reservations (07/02)
Navajo Nation reminds visitors to parks of its tribal jurisdiction (06/28)
Cahto Tribe working on contract to manage operations at park (06/28)
Outdoors: Red Lake Nation launches venture to promote fishing (06/28)
Makah Nation acquires ceded lands with $25M trust settlement (06/27)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe wants federal status before ceremony (06/27)
BLM offers more time on fracking rules that affect Indian lands (06/27)
DC Circuit backs EPA rules aimed at addressing climate change (06/27)
Shakopee Tribe looking into alleged odors from recycling facility (06/26)
Native Sun News: Tribes facing deadline on fracking regulations (06/26)
Editorial: Wiyot Tribe close to reclamation of sacred Indian Island (06/25)
OPB: Keweenaw Bay Indian Community fights big mining project (06/25)
Forest Service to close a part of river for Winnemem Wintu Tribe (06/22)
Authorities seized 1,100 pounds of salmon from Alaska Natives (06/22)
Hopi Tribe council holds second vote on water rights settlement (06/22)
Moapa Band secures DOI approval to build large solar power plant (06/22)
Appeals court sanctions lawyer in San Francisco Peaks litigation (06/21)
Outdoors: Treaty tribes in Minnesota warned of fishing changes (06/20)
Third person sentenced for defacing Nez Perce Tribe sacred site (06/20)
House passes bill to allow Columbia River tribes to kill sea lions (06/20)
Alaska Native lands bill passes as part of controversial package (06/20)
House approves measure to allow Border Patrol to bypass laws (06/20)
Council from Hopi Tribe votes against water rights settlement (06/19)
Outdoors: Pictographs share the tribal perspective of Sasquatch (06/19)
Alaska Native corporation land bill included in omnibus package (06/19)
House approves bill to authorize land swap for Ute Tribe of Utah (06/19)
Mohegan Tribe entered confidentiality agreement with developer (06/18)
White Mountain Apache Tribe seeks default judgment in fire case (06/18)
Native Sun News: Group battles mountain lion hunt in Black Hills (06/18)
Salish and Kootenai Tribes celebrate 30th birthday of wilderness (06/15)
Public airs concerns about 'cultural boundary' for Mohegan Tribe (06/15)
Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation debate settlement to water rights (06/15)
Economist: Penobscot Nation aims for rebirth of namesake river (06/15)
Navajo Nation sells renewable energy credits to utility company (06/14)
Grants awarded for renewable energy projects on reservations (06/13)
Wiyot Tribe seeking additional money for Indian Island cleanup (06/13)
WPR: Bad River Band not giving up fight against mining project (06/13)
Montana sacred site placed on National Historic Landmark list (06/12)
Navajo Nation leader supports Arizona water rights settlement (06/12)
Native Sun News: Former mine is now center of global attention (06/12)
Penobscot Nation welcomes start to $62M dam removal project (06/12)
Prairie Island Indian Community wins a ruling on nuclear waste (06/11)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe gets closer to national park (06/11)
Navajo Nation opposes EPA rule affecting coal-fired power plant (06/07)
Blog: Walk documents usage of plants in Pawnee Tribe's culture (06/07)
KUOW: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe works to restore salmon runs (06/05)
9th Circuit rules for Karuk Tribe in case over mining along river (06/04)
Crow Tribe still recovering from flooding disaster on reservation (06/04)
Native Sun News: Indians be dammed -- Missouri River revisited (06/01)
Boulder Weekly: Tribes feel connection to sacred Valmont Butte (05/31)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe requests privacy for a sacred ceremony (05/31)
NYT Blog: Lawsuit continues over bison on Montana reservations (05/31)
OPB: Hoopa Valley Tribe seeking removal of four Klamath dams (05/30)
Dan Bacher: Winnemem Wintu Tribe closes river for war dance (05/30)
New business in New Mexico is offering Pueblo artifacts for sale (05/29)
Native Sun News: Indians be dammed -- Missouri River revisited (05/25)
Mexican government promises to protect sacred Huichol places (05/25)
Judge grants 60-day stay in Oklahoma tribal water rights case (05/24)
Tribes criticize lack of consultation for water pipeline in Nevada (05/24)
Quechan Nation files suit against wind farm project in California (05/24)
Obama pushed off-shore development despite Native concerns (05/24)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe plans blockade of lake during ceremony (05/23)
New environmental study being drafted on Makah Tribe whaling (05/23)
Eastern Cherokee chief wants apology for treatment of mound (05/22)
Gila River landowners seek another election on highway route (05/22)
Eastern Shoshone Tribe to submit brief in eagle permit lawsuit (05/22)
Native Sun News: Indians be dammed -- Missouri River revisited (05/22)
Kickapoo Tribe in Texas no longer opposes mine in border town (05/17)
Montana tribe again moves toward agreement at bison range (05/16)
New Scientist: Remains at center of NAGPRA feud in California (05/16)
Town won't apologize for using weed killer on historic mound (05/16)
Mohegan Tribe worried about housing project on historic sites (05/16)
Native Sun News: State seeks tribe's help with energy impacts (05/16)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe hosts festival during solar eclipse (05/15)
House Resources Committee sets markup on tribal energy bill (05/15)
Native Sun News: TransCanada still pushing for Keystone XL (05/14)
Native Sun News: DOI seeks to regulate fracking with new rule (05/11)
Q&A with Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network (05/11)
Gila River Indian Community votes to oppose copper mining (05/10)
Little River Band to plant thousands of trees at industrial site (05/10)
Coalition of Large Tribes criticizes DOI regulation for fracking (05/10)
Column: Colville Tribes cited non-Indians for fishing violations (05/10)
SLC Weekly: Goshute Tribe battles to protect its water source (05/10)
Passamaquoddy Tribe issues large number of fishing licenses (05/10)
Judge blocks transfers of Yellowstone bison to Montana tribes (05/10)
Town offers apology for spraying herbicide on historic mound (05/09)
MSU News: Project touts healthy water on Crow Reservation (05/09)
DOI rule claims authority to regulate fracking on reservations (05/09)
Native Sun News: Clean water is on horizon for Navajo Nation (05/08)
Texas family fights attempt to use land for Keystone Pipeline (05/08)
EPA approves water standards program for Blackfeet Nation (05/03)
Moapa Band gets EPA hearing on power plant by reservation (05/03)
Crow Reservation man sentenced for trafficking eagle parts (05/03)
Eastern Shoshone Tribe wants to enter eagle permit lawsuit (05/03)
UW News: Panel to discuss treaty rights battle in Wisconsin (05/03)
Tribes to discuss mining activies with United Nations official (05/03)
Eastern Cherokees upset over use of weed killer on mound (05/02)
School barred from returning remains to Kumeyaay Nation (05/02)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe still worried about commercial fish harvest (05/01)
PhotoBlog: Tour of the National Eagle Repository in Colorado (04/27)
Judge who was on salmon lawsuit supports removal of dams (04/27)
Non-Indian ranchers unhappy with transfer of bison to tribes (04/27)
Ute Tribe threatens lawsuit for pollution from power plant (04/26)
Obama administration proposes the first tribal national park (04/26)
BSPR: Tribes defend law to kill sea lions to protect salmon (04/26)
Tribes celebrate completion of Columbia River fishing sites (04/26)
Editorial: EPA's fracking rules will help reduce air pollution (04/25)
WPR: Red Cliff Band to remove barrels from Lake Superior (04/25)
Professors file competing lawsuit over ancestral remains (04/25)
Tribes uncover ancestral remains by solar site in California (04/24)
In These Times: Lakota activists take on Keystone XL plan (04/24)
Bison from Yellowstone gives birth at Fort Peck Reservation (04/23)
Red Lake Nation allows non-member fishing on reservation (04/23)
House Resources Committee markup for five bills of interest (04/23)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy (04/19)
Audio: Subcommittee hearing on fracking on tribal lands (04/19)
Column: Kalispel Tribe takes aim at an invasive species (04/19)
Indian and Alaska Native Affairs Subcommittee hearing (04/18)
Laguna Pueblo breaks ground on $30 million water system ( (04/17)
HCN: Tribe in North Dakota grapples with an energy boom (04/17)
Native Sun News: Film looks at uranium in Indian Country (04/16)
Column: Kalispel Tribe removes invasive fish from rivers (04/13)
Column: An experience with the Nez Perce Tribe's fishery (04/13)
Navajo Nation hires lobbyists for water rights settlement (04/13)
Blog: Swinomish Tribe battles state over water policies (04/12)
Bill to limit tribal role in Oklahoma appears dead for now ( (04/12)
FBI questions AIM activists about opposition to bear hunt (04/11)
Native Sun News: Energy development takes toll on tribe (04/11)
NYT Blog: Montana tribe aims to protect sacred mountain (04/10)
Colville Tribes win decision in Columbia River pollution case (04/09)
Editorial: Big price to pay for tribal water rights settlement (04/09)
Native Sun News: Water pollution a threat to Fort Peck Tribes (04/06)
Primary suspect in Yurok Tribe theft case finally surrenders (04/06)
Native Sun News: Sacred sites in Black Hills face desecration (04/05)
NYT Blog: Cattle near old Navajo uranium mine sold as food (04/05)
Northern Arapaho Tribe labels federal eagle permit a 'sham' (04/05)
OPB: Spokane Tribe aims to boost reservation infrastructure (04/05)
Outdoors: Yakama Nation scaffolds off-limits to non-Indians (04/05)
Cowlitz Tribe concerned about impact of Army Corps project (04/04)
Secretary Salazar visits Mandan, Hidatsa and Arikara Nation (04/04)
Blog: Lakota activists launch hunger strike against Keystone (04/04)
Supreme Court asks for DOJ brief in Oklahoma water dispute (04/03)
Group protests governor's visit to Fort Peck Tribes bison site (04/03)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe signs agreement to manage sacred sites (04/03)
Cherokee Nation criticizes bill to limit role of tribes in policies (04/03)
Cleanup of uranium mines on Navajo Nation poses huge cost (04/02)
IPR: Sault Tribe responds to another burial ground discovery (03/30)
Editorial: Cabazon Band seeks to meet air quality standards (03/30)
North Dakota tribe asks Congress to block fracking proposal (03/30)
NPS still working on management plan for Oglala Sioux Tribe (03/30)
Appeal decision upholds Navajo Nation's air quality permit (03/29)
Outdoors: Kalispel Tribe seeks to address invasive species (03/29)
Choctaw and Chickasaw nations in negotiations over water (03/28)
KCAW: Sitka Tribe bringing attention to 'excessive' fishing (03/28)
Blackfeet Nation brings fracking technology to reservation (03/28)
Subcommittee on Indian and Alaska Native Affairs hearing (03/28)
Native Sun News: Activists plan Keystone XL hunger strike (03/28)
KLCC: Klamath Tribes working to increase runs of suckerfish (03/27)
EPA reaches deal for oil companies on Fort Peck Reservation (03/27)
Non-Indian couple still disputing jurisdiction of Rincon Band (03/27)
Sac and Fox Nation worried about Keystone XL Pipeline path (03/27)
Superfund site still poses a theat for St. Regis Mohawk Tribe (03/26)
Blog: Indian Country outraged at Keystone XL Pipeline push (03/26)
Native Sun News: Cheyenne River elder recalls dam flooding (03/26)
OPB: Umatilla Tribes working to clean up contaminated site (03/23)
Magazine: California tribes fight wind farm near sacred sites (03/23)
Blog: Scientists learn more about indigenous views at panel (03/23)
Obama calls southern part of Keystone XL Pipeline a priority (03/23)
Judge's ruling puts hold on move of bison from Yellowstone (03/22)
Indian activists to protest Keystone XL during Obama's visit (03/22)
Lac du Flambeau Band and state work on treaty fishing deal (03/22)
Fort Peck Tribes accept transfer of bison from Yellowstone (03/21)
House subcommittee holds hearing for Ute Tribe land swap (03/21)
Eagle found near DC train station ends up in repository (03/19)
Eagle found near DC train station ends up in repository (03/19)
Fronteras: Tribes fight wind project on archeological sites (03/19)
Blog: Good news for wild bison in Yellowstone National Park (03/15)
Mediaite: Comedian backs tribe's right to take bald eagles (03/15)
Bill to authorize wolf hunt in Wisconsin gains final approval (03/15)
Opinion: Land swap for Agua Caliente Band not a good idea (03/14)
Northern Arapaho Tribe receives permit to take bald eagles (03/14)
Native Sun News: Staged white buffalo hunts draw outrage (03/14)
DOJ wants Oklahoma tribal water suit heard in federal court (03/13)
Ojibwe tribes in Wisconsin oppose bill to authorize wolf hunt (03/13)
Opinion: Mining company broke its promises to Wisconsin (03/12)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux arrested in Keystone blockade (03/07)
Remarks by EPA Administrator Jackson at NCAI winter meet (03/07)
Navajo Nation looking to invest in big electricity grid project (03/07)
BLM sets public meetings for Agua Caliente Band land swap (03/07)
Editorial: Temporary truce with the Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe (03/06)
WPM: Bill requests funding for Wind River Reservation cleanup (03/06)
Billy Frank: Treaties offer protection for traditional tribal foods (03/05)
NWPR: Columbia River treaty tribes keep their traditions alive (03/05)
Southern Ute Tribe wins EPA backing for air permitting program (03/05)
Bill in Oklahoma limits role of tribes in environmental process (03/05)
Shell sues Alaska Native opponent of off-shore development (03/05)
Mining bill opposed by tribes in Wisconsin appears to be dead (03/02)
Students from Makah Tribe are finalists in science competition (03/02)
Colville Tribes and state reach settlement for hunting rights (03/01)
Opinion: Perspectives on coal mining and indigenous issues (03/01)
Judge won't block construction of road above burial grounds (03/01)
Charges dropped for Red Cliff man who drummed at capitol (02/29)
Yurok Tribe outraged at theft of nearly $1M from program (02/28)
Mohawk man won't recognize jurisdiction of state's court (02/28)
Column: Indian artifacts serve as portal to America's past (02/28)
TransCanada to resubmit proposal for Keystone XL Pipeline (02/28)
WRN: Bad River Band leading opposition to Wisconsin mine (02/27)
Editorial: Don't stir racial animosity against Coquille Tribe (02/24)
Fronteras: Environment and economy in tribal coal battle (02/24)
Native Sun News: Sioux Nation takes stand on Keystone XL (02/24)
Huichol Tribe makes pilgrimage to fight mine at sacred site (02/24)
Agreement approved as part of Soboba water settlement (02/23)
Alaska Natives challenge permit for offshore development (02/23)
Delaware Nation seeks to bring green energy to Oklahoma (02/23)
Cherokee Nation keeps heirloom seeds for new generations (02/22)
Shakopee Tribe sees success with organic recycling facility (02/22)
Opinion: Caution and opportunity for tribal energy projects (02/21)
Oklahoma's highest court to consider tribal water use case (02/21)
Hearings on Capitol Hill focus on Indian energy development (02/17)
House passes bill to approve Keystone XL and ANWR drilling (02/17)
County rejects quarry mine near Pechanga Band sacred site (02/17)
Boil water order lifted for Blackfeet Nation town after 18 years (02/16)
Blog: Salish and Kootenai Tribes aim to restore cutthroat trout (02/16)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe rallies against Keystone XL (02/16)
Bill introduced to settle Hopi and Navajo water rights dispute (02/15)
Oklahoma tribes seek to keep water use case in federal court (02/15)
Blog: Moapa Band battles pollution at coal-fired power plant (02/15)
OPB: Quileute Tribe waits on Obama to sign land transfer bill (02/15)
Sen. Kyl will introduce bill to settle Hopi, Navajo water rights (02/14)
Arizona tribes continue fight against copper mine land swap (02/14)
Senate approves bill to move Quileute Tribe to safer grounds (02/14)
Mining project threatens sacred Huichol mountains in Mexico (02/14)
No major damages after quake on Hoopa Valley Reservation (02/14)
WUWM: Bad River Band traditions threatened by mining bid (02/13)
Probe finds no wrongdoing for Keystone XL Pipeline review (02/10)
Kickapoo Tribe in Texas opposes coal mining in border town (02/10)
Washington court backs Yakama Nation man in fishing case (02/09)
9th Circuit rejects bid to protect sacred San Francisco Peaks (02/09)
Tribes meet with Oklahoma governor to discuss water case (02/09)
Native Sun News: Oglala Sioux Tribe calls Keystone XL rally (02/08)
House approves bill to move Quileute Tribe to safer grounds (02/07)
Mohawk man charged for digging up ground at Superfund site (02/07)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe to decommission old fish hatchery (02/06)
KTSK: Sealaska donates cedar logs for clan house renovation (02/06)
Native Sun News: First Nations demand role in pipeline project (02/06)
Remains not at French and Indian War site despite 'reburial' (02/06)
Oklahoma governor asks tribes to drop water rights lawsuit (02/03)
BIA looks into mining debate that affects tribes in Wisconsin (02/03)
Column: Treaty tribes giving salmon management advice (02/02)
Socialist Worker: Bad River Band protests mining project (02/01)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe turns to wind to generate power (02/01)
Blog: BIA regulation helps renewable energy development (02/01)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe working to restore salmon runs (01/30)
Alaska Natives represented on Federal Subsistence Board (01/30)
Passamaquoddy Tribe announces plan for $120M wind farm (01/27)
Native Sun News: Tribes cheer denial of Keystone XL permit (01/27)
Oklahoma tribes won't dispute existing water use permits (01/27)
Editorial: Cabazon Band moves air quality in right direction (01/25)
Editorial: Cabazon Band must enforce clean air agreement (01/24)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe's letter to Sen. Thune on Keystone XL (01/24)
Native Sun News: Native women meet for first Winyan Ituwan (01/20)
Richard Gomez: Chumash Tribe shows care for environment (01/19)
Cabazon Band reaches agreement to cover air quality rules (01/18)
Fronteras: Hopi Tribe sues BIA over cleanup of uranium site (01/18)
New Thing: Ski resorts ask Indian dance groups to bring snow (01/17)
Hoopa Valley Tribe to start a new permit program for fishing (01/16)
Native Sun News: Native women meet to oppose Keystone XL (01/13)
KLCC: Possible tsunami debris washing up on Makah Nation (01/13)
KPBS: Housing development approved over tribal objections (01/12)
Tribes in Washington ask DOI to file lawsuit for water rights (01/11)
9th Circuit takes up dispute over sacred San Francisco Peaks (01/10)
9th Circuit debates dispute over sacred San Francisco Peaks (01/09)
Cherokee Nation sees big drop in heating assistance funding (01/09)
Native Sun News: Red Cloud promotes clean energy for tribes (01/09)
Salazar to block uranium mining at Grand Canyon for 20 years (01/09)
Chilean government blames deadly fire on Mapuche activists (01/09)
Native Sun News: Rider forces Keystone XL Pipeline decision (01/06)
Alternet: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe welcomes removal of dams (01/05)
Progress reported as Blackfeet Nation battles two big wildfires (01/05)
IPR: Ancestral remains to be reburied at cemetery in Michigan (01/04)
APRN: Alaska Natives push to reopen Clean Water settlement (01/03)

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