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Bill resolves long-running boundary dispute with Quileute Tribe (12/17)
Quechan Nation wins ruling in case against solar power project (12/17)
Crow Tribe to celebrate settlement of water rights at NMAI in DC (12/10)
Obama signs water settlement for White Mountain Apache Tribe (12/10)
Opinion: Indigenous people missing from climate change debate (12/10)
Oneida Nation to address concerns about renewable energy plant (12/08)
NRC proposes rule to inform tribes about nuclear waste shipments (12/08)
Harlan LaFontaine: Making the case for tribal buffalo consultation (12/07)
Tribes in Minnesota concerned about effect of mining on wild rice (12/06)
Kimberly Williams: Pebble Mine poses a threat to Alaska Natives (12/03)
Man who robbed Yurok site fails to turn up for restitution hearing (12/03)
Appeal promised on snowmaking at sacred San Francisco Peaks (12/02)
Taos Pueblo offers a new home for river otters from Washington (12/02)
Editorial: Northern Arapaho Tribe can benefit from bison's return (12/02)
Supreme Court declines Miccosukee Tribe's petition in EPA case (11/30)
Conditions reportedly improve at reservation mobile home park (11/30)
Seneca Nation looking to acquire license for hydropower facility (11/30)
Vi Waln: Lakota people encounter threats to their water source (11/29)
Billy Frank: Fishermen again being asked to sacrifice for salmon (11/19)
Native Sun News: Water issues worry Natives in Lakota country (11/18)
Quechan Nation elders stage protest against solar energy plant (11/16)
Quechan Nation elders upset by approval of solar power project (11/15)
WPR: NPS reaches out to tribes to determine Isle Royale's future (11/12)
Opinion: Tribal nations look towards renewable energy projects (11/12)
APRN: Subsistence board moves on long-standing tribal request (11/12)
New Mexico governor signs executive order for sacred Zuni Lake (11/11)
Oneida Nation plans to restart work on renewable energy project (11/11)
Oneida Nation runs into opposition for renewable energy project (11/10)
APRN: Alaska Native village leader upset with offshore drilling deal (11/09)
Native Sun News: Group responds to indigenous views on uranium (11/05)
Blog: Quechan Nation faces uphill battle in lawsuit over solar farm (11/04)
Hikers upset over land swap between Agua Caliente Band and BLM (11/04)
Hopi Tribe supports agreement to operate and maintain state park (11/04)
Quechan Nation wants federal judge to block solar energy project (11/03)
WNN: Oglala Sioux elders bracing themselves for the harsh winter (11/03)
Oneida Nation starts construction of project for renewable energy (11/02)
Navajo environmentalists win decision against expansion of mine (11/02)
Native Sun News: Tribes hold keys to address changing climate (10/29)
Upper Sioux Community starts work on new water supply system (10/29)
Native American Fish and Wildlife Society holds meeting in Idaho (10/29)
Moapa Band of Paiutes lose battle against landfill at power plant (10/29)
Non-Indian landowner won't submit to Rincon Band jurisdiction (10/28)
Solve Climate: Congress taking interest in tribal green energy (10/28)
Five members of Hopi Tribe plead guilty for taking baby eagles (10/28)
Sen. Baucus to meet Chippewa Cree Tribe over storm recovery (10/27)
Report: Native ecological knowledge and energy development (10/27)
KUOW: Lummi Nation secures emergency $3M fishermen grant (10/26)
Bill approves Alaska Native corporation project in national park (10/26)
Coal-fired power plants on Navajo Nation rank as top polluters (10/26)
BLM extends public comment on Agua Caliente land deal again (10/26)
Democratic hopeful suggests racism behind subsistence battle (10/25)
Editorial: Stronger safeguards needed for offshore development (10/25)
NPR: 'Yellow Dirt' examines history of uranium at Navajo Nation (10/25)
Blog: Tribal issues front and center during journalist conference (10/25)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe working to repatriate ancestral remains (10/21)
Tribal members worried about fast-tracking of energy projects (10/20)
White Mountain Apache Tribe breaks ground on native nursery (10/19)
Idaho governor leaves wolf management with Nez Perce Tribe (10/19)
Editorial: Bald eagles in need of special protections in Arizona (10/18)
Supreme Court won't take up inter-tribal fishing rights dispute (10/18)
Book Review: 'Yellow Dirt' a disturbing look at Navajo uranium (10/18)
MPR: Prairie Island Indian Community loses fight on nuke plant (10/14)
Fort Mojave Tribe captures alligator that went missing at circus (10/13)
Alaska Natives criticize new analysis on drilling in Arctic Ocean (10/13)
Native Sun News: Company aims to develop Black Hills uranium (10/08)
APRN: St. Paul Tribe receives funding for study of sea lion's diet (10/08)
Meskwaki Tribe studies feasibility of wind power on reservation (10/07)
Moapa Band of Paiutes oppose expansion of power plant landfill (10/07)
New lawsuit filed to keep bald eagle on endangered species list (10/06)
Havasupai Tribe evacuates tourists after flood in Grand Canyon (10/06)
Editorial: Learning some lessons after oil spill in Gulf of Mexico (10/05)
Opinion: Agua Caliente Band land swap not good for the public (10/05)
Montana tribe's employees out of their jobs after court ruling (10/05)
Oglala Sioux Tribe's historic preservation office monitors work (10/04)
Lac du Flambeau Band gets approval of water quality program (10/04)
Skull of Native woman returned to Grand Ronde Tribes in Oregon (10/01)
Hoh Tribe moving closer to new reservation with Senate action (10/01)
White Mountain Apache Tribe opposes telescopes at sacred site (09/30)
First Nation seeks James Cameron's assistance in oilsands fight (09/29)
Judge ends Montana tribe's agreement for National Bison Range (09/29)
Five tribes in Oklahoma awarded $720K in environmental grants (09/29)
DOI won't appeal decision over Skull Valley Goshute waste dump (09/28)
Caleen Sisk-Franco: Don't tamper with Creator's plan for salmon (09/28)
Government's handling of Gulf oil spill compared to Little Bighorn (09/28)
Nez Perce Tribe opposes transport of equipment through reservation (09/27)
Interview: Native traditions affected by climate change in Greenland (09/24)
Green: Drug war threatens tiny tribe in Colombia with extinction (09/24)
Theodore Roosevelt National Park to transfer 225 bison for tribes (09/24)
Editorial: Arizona's tribal heritage sadly vulnerable to vandalism (09/23)
Yakama Nation considers joining lawsuit over solar farm project (09/23)
Archaeologists uncover Hidatsa village at North Dakota worksite (09/22)
Morongo Band proposes agreement with city for imported water (09/22)
Makah Nation receives $50K grant for study of marine mammals (09/22)
10th Circuit won't let Cherokee Nation intervene in poultry case (09/22)
Discovery News: Evidence of 'genocide' among Southwest tribes (09/21)
Navajo Nation works on five-year plan to address uranium sites (09/21)
Analysis: Tribes emerge as players in renewable energy industry (09/21)
Hopi Tribe withdraws backing of project for energy exploration (09/20)
Book Review: Navajo Nation poisoned by uranium in 'Yellow Dirt' (09/20)
Blog: Umatilla professor's discovery could help save ancient fish (09/17)
San Carlos Apache Tribe fights mine development at sacred place (09/17)
House subcommittee holds hearing on two tribal water measures (09/17)
11th Circuit rejects Miccosukee Tribe's challenge to bridge project (09/16)
Native Sun News: Grasshoppers invade the Pine Ridge Reservation (09/16)
Editorial: Blood Run an ideal site for state park in South Dakota (09/15)
VOA: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe sees removal of dams realized (09/15)
Tulalip Tribes introduce wild turkeys to reservation for hunting (09/15)
Tribal spiritual leaders oppose solar energy plant at sacred site (09/15)
Passamaquoddy Tribe maintains right to fish in federal waters (09/14)
Settlements require cleanup of uranium sites on 2 reservations (09/14)
BLM extends comment period on Agua Caliente Band land swap (09/14)
Blog: Oglala Sioux Tribe set to manage first national tribal park (09/13)
Judge dismisses fishing citations against Alaska Native group (09/13)
Five members of Hopi Tribe charged for collecting golden eagles (09/10)
Billy Frank: On the road to a successful recovery of tribal salmon (09/10)
MPR: Michigan tribes seek to preserve wild rice harvest tradition (09/09)
NPS taking comments on park management by Oglala Sioux Tribe (09/07)
Puyallup Tribe to commemorate treaty rights on raid's anniversary (09/07)
City council won't sell drinking water for ski resort at sacred site (09/03)
Team from BIE school in Mississippi celebrates solar car victory (09/02)
Passamaquoddy Tribe cites treaty right to fish in federal waters (09/02)
Agency warns Passamaquoddy Tribe on fishing in federal waters (09/01)
Grand Traverse Band files motion to enter invasive species case (09/01)
Alaska Native leader named chair of Federal Subsistence Board (09/01)
Tribes in California join county's request for long-promised water (08/31)
Museum in Kansas agrees to repatriate property to Wichita Tribe (08/31)
City considers sale of water to ski resort in San Francisco Peaks (08/31)
OPB: Yakama Nation wins preliminary injunction against landfill (08/31)
KUOW: Fisherman from Lummi Nation preserves tribal traditions (08/31)
GAO: More than 120K ancestors haven't been repatriated to tribes (08/30)
USDA wants ski resort at sacred site to use different water source (08/30)
Blog: Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe looks forward to removal of dams (08/30)
Blackfeet Nation seeks treatment as state designation from EPA (08/27)
Leech Lake Band in talks to host power line through the reservation (08/27)
Man uses permit from Passamaquoddy Tribe to fish in federal waters (08/27)
Miccosukee Tribe loses bid to halt Everglades restoration project (08/24)
Three brothers from Sault Tribe found guilty of fishing violations (08/24)
Yurok Tribe launches project to reintroduce condors to California (08/20)
Las Vegas Paiute Tribe signs agreement to host transmission line (08/20)
NPR: Campo Kuemyaay Nation turns to wind to develop economy (08/20)
Chippewa Cree Tribe signs agreement with FEMA for full funding (08/18)
My North: Grand Traverse Band looks ahead to seven generations (08/17)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe reopens access to path on trust land (08/17)
USDA withdraws permit for landfill on Yakama Nation treaty lands (08/17)
George Charles: Green energy can keep Native villages thriving (08/16)
HCN: Navajo Nation coal-fired power plant left on shaky ground (08/13)
Yakama Nation lawsuit blocks shipment of waste from Hawaii (08/12)
Geromino's descendants won't give up battle to rebury remains (08/11)
Judge dismisses lawsuit seeking return of Geronimo's remains (08/10)
Oglala Sioux Tribe accepted as petitioner in uranium mine case (08/10)
WPR: NATHPO starts off annual meeting in Green Bay, Wisconsin (08/09)
NRDC: Pala Band scores in battle against landfill near sacred site (08/09)
Navajo Nation declares state of emergency in response to storms (08/06)
Natl Geographic: Tribes setting an example with restoration works (08/05)
Billy Frank: Sharing of resources helps treaty tribes in Washington (08/05)
GAO to discuss NAGPRA report at tribal historic preservation meet (08/04)
Secretary Salazar won't commit to appeal on Goshute nuclear site (08/04)
Yakama Nation halts shipment of garbage to landfill by reservation (08/04)
Duke Energy drops plans for development at Cherokee sacred site (08/03)
City moves closer to selling water for snow in San Francisco Peaks (07/30)
Alaska Native leaders tell EPA to reject huge Pebble mine project (07/29)
PETA to put up billboards targeting Eastern Cherokee bear parks (07/29)
County in California offers a seat to tribes on lake advisory panel (07/29)
GAO report finds federal agencies not in compliance with NAGPRA (07/29)
Yakama Nation files suit to halt shipment of garbage from Hawaii (07/29)
Keweenaw Bay man upset after family's grave site desecrated (07/28)
Politicians promise battle on Goshute Band nuclear waste facility (07/28)
Sen. Dorgan introduces bill for Missouri River compensation study (07/27)
Judge blasts Bush decision on Goshute Band nuclear waste facility (07/27)
Developer plans green housing project at reservation trailer park (07/27)
Opinion: Pollution from huge Pebble mine could hurt environment (07/26)
Team from BIE school in Mississippi takes first in solar car contest (07/26)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee takes up two water rights bills (07/23)
California tribes air concerns over fishing rights at state meeting (07/22)
Yankton Sioux Tribe forced out of its headquarters due to flooding (07/22)
Viejas Band headed back to court to stop reservoir at sacred site (07/22)
Havasupai Tribe evacuates over 100 people due to flash flooding (07/22)
Lawsuit over snowmaking in sacred San Francisco Peaks in court (07/21)
Nature: GAO about to release report on NAGPRA office at Interior (07/21)
FEMA opens office to support Chippewa Cree Tribe with recovery (07/21)
Museum in Michigan to repatriate 59 ancestors to tribal coalition (07/21)
Man asks San Felipe Pueblo to study reported Spanish inscriptions (07/20)
Ute Tribe fires back at energy company in fight over development (07/20)
Fort Sill historian helped Comanche Nation win sacred site battle (07/19)
Wells Mahkee: No snowmaking in the sacred San Francisco Peaks (07/19)
Cynthia Iyall: Nisqually Tribe takes reins on resource stewardship (07/19)
MPR: Dakota activists plan another protest to assert treaty rights (07/16)
Billy Frank: Swinomish Tribe shares traditional lands at new park (07/16)
Editorial: Go slow on development in petroleum reserve in Alaska (07/15)
Northwest tribes press commission over cleanup at nuclear site (07/15)
Te-Moak Tribe of Western Shoshone buries skull left in dumpster (07/14)
Two Yakama Nation men plead guilty over eagle poaching case (07/13)
Energy company wants Ute Tribe held in contempt over project (07/13)
Interior Department issues new moratorium on offshore drilling (07/13)
Obama signs a disaster declaration for Rocky Boy's Reservation (07/12)
Column: Cherokees haven't forgotten pull of Kituwah birthplace (07/12)
Opinion: Save the sacred San Francisco Peaks from destruction (07/12)
Expansion of ski resort at sacred San Francisco Peaks delayed (07/09)
Washington tribes share in $30M in EPA grants for Puget Sound (07/07)
Chippewa Cree Tribe frustrated by wait for disaster declaration (07/07)
Chippewa Cree Tribe waits on disaster declaration after floods (07/06)
Army Corps reviews landfill project near California sacred site (07/06)
USDA backs snowmaking plan for sacred San Francisco Peaks (07/06)
Chippewa Cree Tribe waits for FEMA flood damage assessment (06/25)
Elem Pomo Tribe steps up efforts to reacquire ancestral land (06/24)
Chippewa Cree Tribe assesses damage after flooding disaster (06/24)
Judge blocks Obama moratorium on offshore drilling projects (06/23)
Chippewa Cree Tribe declares disaster due to major flooding (06/23)
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe uses stimulus fund to build lake fence (06/22)
Sauk-Suiattle Tribe praises opening of replacement bridge (06/18)
Appeals court reverses stance in Indian Country status case (06/16)
Opinion: Gulf oil spill threatens tribes with cultural extinction (06/15)
EPA schedules conference calls for tribal consultation policy (06/11)
New Mexico panel will discuss amphitheater at Indian school (06/11)
Opinion: Renewable energy deals must benefit tribal nations (06/11)
Choctaw Nation prepared to take action over transfer of lake (06/11)
Video: Gulf of Mexico oil spill threatens Atakapa-Ishak Tribe (06/10)
Nez Perce Tribe sues federal government over irrigation plans (06/09)
Duke Energy in talks to stop development near Cherokee site (06/09)
Viejas Band wins injunction to block reservoir at sacred site (06/08)
Billy Frank: Stillaguamish Tribe clean up a victory for treaty (06/07)
Pala Band continues battle against landfill near reservation (06/04)
Yankton Sioux group runs to Pipestone National Monument (06/04)
Feature: Eagle ceremony with Bois Forte Band of Chippewa (06/04)
Editorial: Louisiana tribes sound alarm on Gulf's oil disaster (06/04)
University of Idaho repatriates artifacts to Nez Perce Tribe (06/03)
Colville Tribes welcome ruling in treaty and fishing dispute (06/03)
Ute Tribe to schedule referendum on project by sacred site (06/03)
Campo Band ends controversial plan for reservation landfill (06/03)
NRDC: Oil spill in Gulf of Mexico threatens tribes in Louisiana (06/02)
Stillaguamish Tribe acquires land to protect salmon habitat (06/02)
Opinion: Indian Country provides the keys to clean energy (05/31)
9th Circuit rules on long-running treaty and fishing dispute (05/28)
IPR: Keweenaw sacred site protest ends with two arrested (05/28)
Navajo protesters told to sit in back of room at conference (05/28)
Director of MMS resigns in response to Gulf oil spill disaster (05/28)
Company blocks Keweenaw Bay protesters from sacred site (05/27)
Interior to cancel off-shore drilling projects in Arctic Ocean (05/27)
Haskell students upset about work in wetlands by campus (05/26)
Bad River Band accepts apology for cemetery disturbance (05/26)
Investigation turns up more problems at oil royalty agency (05/26)
Science: Thank indigenous people for cultivating first corn (05/26)
Editorial: Withhold off-shore drilling leases in Arctic Ocean (05/26)
Blog: Scientists upset about new NAGPRA rule on ancestors (05/25)
Sac and Fox Nation objections affect proposed interchange (05/24)
USDA expected to back snowmaking at San Francisco Peaks (05/21)
Northern Cheyenne Tribe wins ruling in methane drilling suit (05/21)
Alaska Natives explain need for road through wildlife refuge (05/20)
Morongo elder shares her knowledge of traditional medicine (05/19)
Choctaw Nation expresses interest in taking control of lake (05/19)
Opinion: Grand Canyon uranium threatens Havasupai water (05/19)
Public Radio: How to save planet with indigenous knowledge (05/19)
MMS official in charge of offshore drilling to retire on May 31 (05/18)
MPR: Ojibwe fishing a testy issue despite high court decision (05/17)
Chickasaw Nation opens compressed natural gas fuel station (05/14)
Ojibwe fishermen stage protest to support 1855 treaty rights (05/14)
Couple sentenced for stealing Yakama artifacts from US land (05/14)
Court bars Washington from applying state law at treaty site (05/14)
Gas terminal company plans appeal over BIA lease decision (05/13)
Paul Moorehead: Indian Country an untapped energy source (05/13)
Elem Pomo Tribe seeks study of housing at ancestral site (05/12)
Duke Energy wants to restart work by Cherokee birthplace (05/12)
Leech Lake fishermen plan treaty rights protest this Friday (05/11)
Sault Tribe begins court proceedings over fishing violations (05/11)
Southern Ute Tribe close to EPA approval of air quality code (05/11)
San Carlos Apache leader feels betrayed by Rep. Kirkpatrick (05/11)
Two Washington tribes sign Boeing settlement agreement (05/05)
MPR: Great Anishinaabe Fish-Off still planned in Minnesota (05/04)
Elem Pomo Tribe battles plan for housing at ancestral site (05/04)
Keweenaw Bay protest at sacred site brings more support (05/04)
Obama calls oil spill in Gulf of Mexico a 'massive' disaster (05/03)
Massachusetts tribes to continue fight against wind farm (04/29)
Opinion: Dorgan draft energy bill limits tribal sovereignty (04/28)
Passamaquoddy group declares victory over gas terminal (04/28)
Keweenaw Bay activists camp out at planned mining site (04/28)
Yakama Nation marks 30th year since fishing rights ruling (04/28)
Salazar approves wind farm despite sacred site concerns (04/28)
BIA stops lease for Passamaquoddy natural gas terminal (04/27)
State challenges Alaska Native corporation's river claims (04/27)
Ojibwe tribes request co-management of treaty resources (04/27)
Editorial: Wind farm in Massachusetts good for the nation (04/27)
New Mexico tribe celebrates $1M water delivery system (04/26)
Opinion: Alaska Native opposition to huge Pebble mine (04/26)
Alaska Native hunters told to purchase US duck stamps (04/26)
Salazar expected to make wind farm decision by Friday (04/26)
Leech Lake Band won't take part in treaty rights protest (04/23)
Hoh Tribe confronts loss of reservation without new land (04/23)
Iowa Tribe celebrates Earth Day with bald eagle release (04/23)
Chickasaw Nation weighs management at national park (04/23)
Audio: Senate Indian Affairs hearing on draft energy bill (04/22)
Medicine Hole remains sacred for tribes in North Dakota (04/22)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe wins decision on stolen water (04/22)
Chippewa Tribe of Minnesota plans fishing rights protest (04/21)
Witness list for Senate hearing on draft Indian energy bill (04/21)
Agua Caliente Band to submit response on beetle listing (04/21)
BIA to develop new assessment for Navajo power plant (04/20)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy bill (04/19)
Salazar not meeting with anyone over wind farm project (04/16)
Blog: Tribes looking for renewable energy tax incentives (04/16)
Campo Tribe wants BIA approval for reservation landfill (04/15)
Arizona tribes appeal transfer of land for shooting range (04/15)
Ho-Chunk Nation sells rest of bison herd over high costs (04/15)
Deadline nears for Salazar on contentious wind farm bid (04/15)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee hearing on energy draft (04/13)
Navajo Nation kicks off $29M water project in New Mexico (04/13)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe blasts Salazar for wind farm (04/13)
Alaska Native corporation land bill generates controversy (04/13)
'Avatar' director takes up indigenous environmental fight (04/12)
Opinion: Michigan mining endangers sacred Ojibwe lands (04/12)
NPR: Hopi site at risk after Arizona shuts down five parks (04/12)
Crews battle blaze on New Mexico reservation (04/09)
Navajo Nation woman leads battle against coal power plant (04/09)
Salazar presents awards to schools for energy competition (04/08)
Rhode Island battles development at site of Indian village (04/07)
Petition forces decision on project by Cherokee sacred site (04/06)
Crow Nation Tea Party criticizes sale of water in energy bid (04/06)
Panel backs Wampanoag tribes in dispute over sacred sites (04/05)
Navajo Nation committed to power plant despite hurdles (04/02)
Editorial: Miccosukee Tribe battles questionable land deal (04/02)
Sunpluggers: Jemez Pueblo hopes to harness solar power (04/02)
MPR: Activists protest pipeline on Leech Lake Reservation (04/02)
Editorial: Obama strikes sensible ground in drilling debate (04/01)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe seeks to control non-Indian fishing (04/01)
Decision backs Miccosukee Tribe in battle over Everglades (04/01)
Museum land swap requires consultation with three tribes (04/01)
Petition takes aim at development by Cherokee birthplace (04/01)
HCN: Back to drawing board for Navajo coal power plant (03/31)
Rare species of beetle finds home on Agua Caliente land (03/31)
Economist: Tribes face hurdles for wind energy projects (03/31)
Museums consider challenge to new NAGPRA regulations (03/31)
Defendant in Indian artifact theft case to plead guilty (03/31)
Interior to support development off Alaska's north shore (03/31)
Blog: Navajo Nation deals with toxic uranium legacy (03/26)
Montana tribe welcomes review of bison range agreement (03/25)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe raises treaty in poaching case (03/25)
New dinosaur discovered at ancestral Pueblo site in Utah (03/24)
Survey work starts on major Navajo Nation water project (03/23)
San Ildefonso Pueblo starts community farming program (03/23)
Panel hears concerns over wind farm at Wampanoag site (03/23)
Judge holds hearing over rejected Goshute nuclear dump (03/23)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe heads to New Zealand for salmon (03/22)
Editorial: Nisqually ownership of state park a great idea (03/19)
Ski resort accuses tribes of hypocrisy in sacred site flap (03/19)
Cowlitz Tribe welcomes threatened listing for smelt fish (03/17)
EPA announces new office for tribal government affairs (03/17)
University of Michigan to consult tribes about ancestors (03/17)
Montana tribal members push to save sacred Chief Cliff (03/17)
County delays development near Cherokee sacred site (03/16)
9th Circuit hears Medicine Lake sacred site case again (03/16)
NPS finalizes NAGPRA rule on 'unidentifiable' ancestors (03/16)
Soo Tribe charges three for violating fishing regulations (03/16)
City plans to remove what's remaining of sacred mound (03/15)
Quapaw chairman named to panel in sacred site dispute (03/15)
Eric Hemenway: Cultural preservation at Little Traverse (03/15)
10th Circuit split on uranium activity on Navajo Nation (03/09)
Obama administration eyes compromise on sacred site (03/09)
Death of informant in artifact case raises legal question (03/09)
Hoh Tribe awaits vote on measure to acquire park lands (03/09)
Wampanoag tribes rejected $2M in sacred site dispute (03/05)
Utah tribes upset about development near sacred site (03/05)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe sues mining company for pollution (03/04)
California tribes awarded $1.5M in conservation grants (03/04)
Prosecutors assess Indian artifact case following death (03/04)
Source in Indian artifact theft case found dead in Utah (03/03)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes take bison in Wyoming hunt (03/03)
Salazar set for action on wind farm at Wampanoag site (03/02)
Investigation into vandalism of Nez Perce pictographs (03/01)
Opinion: Native community depends on future of mine (02/26)
Deadline approaches for Salazar in sacred site dispute (02/26)
Opinion: Hope flows again through Klamath River deal (02/25)
EarthTalk: Update on nuclear waste storage and tribes (02/25)
Wind farm company offered $1M in sacred site dispute (02/25)
Lower Brule Sioux Tribe opposes tower at sacred site (02/24)
Wampanoag man hired by wind farm developers (02/19)
Cherokee tribes discuss sacred site with company (02/19)
Inupiat youth on cultural exchange in Connecticut (02/18)
Fort Sill Apache Tribe not allowed in Geronimo lawsuit (02/17)
Opinion: State asks Obama to break pledge to tribes (02/15)
Hoopa Valley Tribe votes against Klamath dam deal (02/11)
Eastern Cherokees oppose building near sacred site (02/11)
Opinion: Deck stacked against tribes over sacred site (02/09)
Obama proposes cut in NAGPRA tribal grant program (02/08)
Lummi Nation and county reach agreement over ferry (02/05)
Mining company owes royalties to Coeur d'Alene Tribe (02/03)
Montana sends Yellowstone bison to Ted Turner ranch (02/03)
Salazar not expecting consensus on wind farm project (02/03)
Salazar meets Wampanaog tribes to discuss sacred site (02/02)
Red Cliff Band worried about spread of deadly fish virus (02/02)
Editorial: Red Lake Nation restores fishery for its future (02/02)
Power returning to Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation (02/01)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe struggles after big storm (01/28)
Omaha Tribe goes two weeks under boil water order (01/28)
Power restored to Standing Rock Sioux Reservation (01/27)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe out of water after storm (01/27)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe to host renewable energy meet (01/27)
Emergency declared for Hopi Tribe and Navajo Nation (01/26)
Cheyenne River Sioux Reservation battered by storm (01/26)
Wampanoag tribes gain support in sacred site dispute (01/26)
House backs three Indian water settlement measures (01/22)
Groups tackle dog problem at reservation trailer park (01/22)
North Dakota tribes discuss Missouri River settlement (01/22)
House due to consider three Indian water rights bills (01/21)
Little Traverse Bay Bands pursues energy development (01/20)
Obama nominates two tribal members to key positions (01/20)
Two tribes pursuing plants to convert waste into energy (01/19)
Native corporations to help Shell with off-shore drilling (01/14)
Massachusetts tribes discuss concerns about wind farm (01/14)
Port Gamble S'Klallam Tribe says officers acted illegally (01/14)
New Mexico tribe close to finalizing solar power plant (01/13)
Salazar to meet tribes and wind farm developers in DC (01/13)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes sue over swap of public land (01/12)
Billy Frank: Status quo unacceptable on salmon efforts (01/12)
Salazar to meet with tribes over wind energy project (01/08)
Tribes oppose transfer of bison to Ted Turner's ranch (01/08)
BIA opens applications for energy internship program (01/07)
Interior plans stricter process for oil and gas leases (01/07)
Salazar sets deadline on wind project and sacred site (01/06)

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