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Judge removes owner of troubled trailer park (12/19)
Pechanga Band announces tentative water deal (12/18)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe reaches deal over use of lands (12/17)
Cherokee Nation weighs move in poultry lawsuit (12/16)
Skokomish Tribe nears settlement over dams (12/16)
Report finds political influence by Interior official (12/16)
Interior finalizes endangered species regulation (12/12)
Liquor licenses approved near sacred Bear Butte (12/11)
Group sues over tribal management of bison range (12/09)
Navajo Nation, Hopi Tribe seek Peabody mine delay (12/09)
Editorial: Southern Ute Tribe takes on air quality (12/04)
Interior expected to approve Peabody mine merger (12/04)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe looks into wind power (12/04)
Oil company weighs appeal in Alaska drilling case (12/03)
BIA bridge project delayed by archaeological dig (12/03)
9th Circuit blocks drilling in Inupiat hunting grounds (12/02)
Wisconsin university won't allow smudging in dorm (12/02)
Judge hears Western Shoshone suit against mine (12/02)
Tribes sue to stop construction of major oil pipeline (11/26)
Southern Ute Tribe seeks to regulate air quality (11/26)
No Navajo water settlement in lame-duck session (11/25)
Western Shoshones sue Interior over gold mine (11/24)
Yankton Sioux Tribe continues hog farm fight (11/21)
EPA plans to weaken clean air rules near parks (11/19)
Navajo water settlement included in lands bill (11/17)
Deal could lead to removal of Klamath River dams (11/14)
Court allows limit on Chehalis man's fishing rights (11/14)
Army to move training center away from sacred site (11/14)
Billy Frank: Act now to protect water resources (11/14)
Southern Ute Tribe invests in biofuels company (11/12)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe pushes recycling (11/10)
Bush to recommend expansion of Yucca Mountain (11/07)
Poultry industry cites Cherokee Nation in lawsuit (11/03)
Navajo activists keep up fight against power plant (11/03)
Southern Ute Tribe asserts rights under 1874 deal (11/03)
Pala Band wins treatment as state from EPA (10/31)
Prairie Island Tribe seeks hearing on nuclear site (10/30)
Soboba Band receives lead reduction grant (10/29)
Tribes weigh next move in sacred site case (10/23)
Counties doubt Coeur d'Alene Tribe's authority (10/23)
Village 'ticked off' with Gov. Palin over mine (10/22)
Interior to read 200,000 comments in 32 hours (10/22)
Southern Ute Tribe exercises 1874 hunting rights (10/21)
North Dakota tribe seeks faster oil lease approval (10/21)
California tribes rebuild after October 2007 fire (10/21)
Tribes question liquefied natural gas terminal (10/21)
Yavapai-Prescott elder sues tribe over building (10/21)
The Atlantic: McCain cabin not on sacred site? (10/17)
Tribes hail near completion of Animas-La Plata dam (10/17)
Robert Gough: Tribal equity in wind development (10/17)
NAGPRA committee supports Onondaga Nation (10/16)
Blog: Promoting green jobs on the Navajo Nation (10/15)
Gov. Palin shifts Alaska Native to another post (10/15)
Taos Pueblo reintroduces otters on reservation (10/15)
Puyallup Tribe opposes elk hunting proposal (10/15)
Fairbanks Native Association to continue burials (10/14)
Crosscut: Meth use linked to Indian artifact theft (10/13)
Nez Perce Tribe opens commercial fishing (10/10)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe weighs deal for wind farm (10/10)
Shakopee woman finds success with bison ranch (10/08)
9th Circuit rebuffs Snoqualmie Tribe on sacred site (10/08)
Yanomami Tribe accuses Venezuela of neglect (10/07)
White Mountain Apache water bill sent to Bush (10/06)
9th Circuit delays ruling in sacred site case (10/06)
Northwestern Band plans geothermal plant (10/03)
New Mexico fights Navajo power plant approval (10/03)
Goshute Tribe threatens suit over rare Utah fish (10/02)
Durango Telegraph: Watering the Navajo Nation (10/02)
Hopi Tribe concerned about drilling in Utah (10/01)
EPA honors Oglala Sioux woman for tribal efforts (09/29)
Editorial: Tribes work towards salmon restoration (09/26)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe to recreate village (09/26)
Opinion: Tribes can teach us a lot about hunting (09/26)
Opposition to effort to protect sacred Bear Butte (09/25)
Army claims tribal rights 'always respected' (09/25)
Bush threatens veto of Pueblo water rights bill (09/24)
NATHPO holds annual meeting in Washington, DC (09/24)
9th Circuit decision in Alaska subsistence case (09/23)
Judge blocks construction at sacred Comanche site (09/23)
Editorial: Park road tied up federal, tribal red tape (09/23)
'War' cited in need for work at Fort Sill sacred site (09/19)
Tribal National Bison Range agreement takes effect (09/18)
Cultural Survival: Rosebud Sioux Tribe taps wind (09/16)
Remains of 600 Indians back in West Virginia (09/16)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe reburies ancestors (09/16)
Judge rejects Yellowstone snowmobile plan (09/16)
House passes bill to study Tule River Tribe reservoir (09/16)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes win EPA approval for water (09/11)
Homeland Security out of money for border fence (09/11)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe to work on meeting house (09/10)
Comanche Nation due in court over Fort Sill work (09/09)
New Mexico study backs state park for sacred site (09/09)
Judge holds hearing on reservation trailer park (09/09)
Alaska Native corporation land swap put on hold (09/08)
World's largest zinc mine reaches deal with village (09/04)
Wisconsin tribes seek green friendly housing (09/03)
Bighorn sheep plan exempts Agua Caliente land (09/02)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes monitor suspicious fires (09/02)
Kempthorne: Narrow changes for endangered species (09/02)
Warm Springs woman serves key role on reservation (09/02)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe hosts meeting on power plants (09/02)
Alaska Natives losing food and economy source (08/29)
Quapaw chair on historic preservation council (08/26)
Interview: Attorney in San Francisco Peaks case (08/22)
Comanche Nation battles Army over sacred site (08/20)
Editorial: Endangered Species Act in danger (08/20)
Jemez Pueblo hopes to harness power of the sun (08/19)
Mni Wiconi project reaches Pine Ridge Reservation (08/19)
Judge backs fishing rights for Wenatchi Band (08/18)
Dairy farm on Yakama Nation sees opposition (08/15)
EPA challenged over Navajo power plant permit (08/15)
Miccosukee Tribe loses motion on Everglades project (08/15)
Kempthorne to speak at Soboba Band's golf club (08/14)
Miccosukee Tribe supports Everglades project (08/13)
Dairy farm holds forum on Yakama Reservation (08/13)
California tribes oppose fire crews at sacred site (08/13)
Colville Tribes offer $90K reward in arson case (08/13)
Editoral: Bush undermines Endangered Species Act (08/13)
La Jolla men win rural volunteer award (08/12)
Interior proposes endangered species change (08/12)
Appeals court reverses course on sacred site in Arizona (08/11)
Fire on Colville Reservation threatens homes (08/11)
Opinion: Arctic drilling not worth the cost (08/08)
Native village wants to handle caribou waste case (08/06)
Southern Ute Tribe changes rule after chemical spill (08/06)
Judge chastises owner of reservation trailer park (08/05)
McCain and Obama differ on use of oil reserves (08/05)
Southern Ute Tribe not told of chemical spill (08/04)
Monument with ancient sites open to development (08/04)
Bill settles Pueblo water rights in New Mexico (08/01)
Soboba water rights settlement signed into law (08/01)
EPA investigates spill on Southern Ute land (08/01)
EPA approves air permit for Navajo power plant (08/01)
More than 60 caribou carcasses discarded in Alaska (07/30)
Judge backs Miccosukee Tribe in Everglades suit (07/30)
Bill provides $527M to settle Crow water rights (07/30)
Soboba Band water bill still waiting on Bush (07/29)
LNG firm cuts payments to Passamaquoddy Tribe (07/28)
EPA decision on Navajo power plant due this week (07/28)
Soboba water settlement cleared for White House (07/25)
Yankton Sioux Tribe challenges hog farm water permit (07/25)
Deadline looms for EPA on Navajo power plant (07/23)
Controversial Alaska Native land swap delayed (07/21)
White Mountain Apache Tribe near dam settlement (07/21)
Nick Coleman: Bigotry over Mille Lacs fishing (07/21)
Makah men appeal convictions for rogue whale hunt (07/18)
EPA report warns of health risks of global warming (07/18)
MinnPost.Com: Leech Lake island a battleground (07/18)
Interior opens 2.6M acres in Alaska to drilling (07/17)
Colorado man kept remains in closet for 20 years (07/17)
Mining company held liable for Spokane cleanup (07/16)
Fire threatens Yakama Nation commercial timber (07/16)
Tohono O'odham Nation challenges border fence (07/16)
Bush lifts executive ban on offshore drilling (07/15)
Annual Tribal Journeys to monitor water quality (07/14)
New Mexico seeks to delay Navajo power plant (07/14)
Outdoors: Quality fishing on Red Lake Reservation (07/14)
High Country News: Taos Pueblo shares water (07/11)
Arizona tribes testify against land swap legislation (07/10)
Bill includes funds for South Dakota water project (07/09)
Yankton Sioux Tribe concerned about jurisdiction (07/09)
Cortina Band hears complaints about proposed landfill (07/09)
Cheney staff edited testimony on global warming (07/09)
Appeals court denies rehearing in eagle protection case (07/08)
Yakama Nation bans new dairies on reservation (07/08)
Democracy Now: Inupiat village sues big oil companies (07/07)
Hoopa Valley Tribe declares emergency over fires (07/03)
Tohono O'odham celebrate saguaro harvest (07/03)
Media supports rehearing in Arapaho eagle case (07/03)
Bar near sacred Bear Butte wins liquor license again (07/02)
Passamaquoddy LNG terminal lawsuit back in court (07/02)
9th Circuit won't rehear eagle feather cases (07/01)
Makah men sentenced for illegal whale hunt (07/01)
Makah chair denies knowledge of rogue whale hunt (06/30)
Makah men face sentencing for illegal whale hunt (06/27)
9th Circuit ruling in Shoshone-Bannock case (06/27)
Forum addresses dairy farm on Yakama Reservation (06/27)
Alaska Natives get small share of Exxon judgment (06/26)
Judge issues ruling in Yankton Sioux hog farm case (06/26)
10th Circuit asked to rehear Wyoming eagle case (06/26)
Supreme Court cuts down Exxon oil spill damages (06/25)
Obama criticizes McCain on offshore drilling (06/25)
White House refused EPA email on greenhouse gases (06/25)
Blackfeet fire crews battle blazes in California (06/24)
New Mexico tribe to co-manage Army Corps lake (06/24)
Supreme Court won't hear border fence lawsuit (06/24)
Kempthorne promises plan on reservation energy (06/23)
Montana tribe signs National Bison Range agreement (06/20)
National prayer days for sacred sites on June 20-21 (06/20)
NCAI opposes water pumping project in Nevada (06/20)
Judge rules hog farm not under tribal jurisdiction (06/19)
Column: Native people harmed the environment (06/18)
Bush seeks to end ban on offshore drilling (06/18)
Miccosukee Tribe sues over Everglades highway (06/18)
National prayer days for sacred sites on June 20-21 (06/17)
Sen. McCain seeks end to offshore drilling ban (06/17)
Sacred site in New Mexico receives protection (06/16)
Magazine: Grand Portage Band a partner in park (06/13)
Sacred site up for discussion in New Mexico (06/13)
LaDuke to appear on The Colbert Report (06/12)
Art dealer on trial over stolen Navajo artifacts (06/11)
Editorial: Pass Kempthorne's national park initiative (06/10)
Oglala Sioux Tribe debates return of parkland (06/09)
Colorado's oil and gas rules run into opposition (06/06)
Sen. Dorgan presses Interior on energy development (06/06)
Prairie Island Tribe hails Yucca Mountain action (06/05)
Ski resort in sacred site case seeks expansion (06/05)
Colorado agrees to streamlined NAGPRA process (06/04)
DOE files license to build Yucca Mountain repository (06/04)
Karuk Tribe wins lawsuit over salmon advertisement (06/04)
Small crowd for public hearing on Makah whaling (06/03)
Tlingit people upset by auction of warrior's helmet (06/02)
Second public hearing on Makah whaling plan (06/02)
Proposed regulation allows guns in national parks (05/30)
First public meeting on Makah Nation whaling (05/28)
EPA taps Makah man for regional adviser post (05/28)
Tigua Tribe to join lawsuit over US-Mexico fence (05/28)
Shinnecock Nation revives oyster hatchery (05/28)
NYT Critic: NAGPRA hurts cultural heritage (05/28)
Ducklings dying in pools at NMAI in Washington (05/23)
North Dakota tribe hopes to tackle $100M debt (05/22)
Makah Nation disputes story about whaling jury (05/16)
Makah judge defers prosecution of whalers (05/15)
Interior lists polar bear as protected species (05/15)
Border fence blocks Tigua Tribe from sacred site (05/14)
Makah Nation whale hunt up for public comment (05/12)
10th Circuit to hear Indian Country uranium case (05/12)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes to hunt in national refuge (05/12)
Senate panel approves Navajo Nation water rights bill (05/08)
Fire on Mescalero Reservation mostly contained (05/07)
Three more tribes win EPA approval for water (05/06)
Yakama Nation weighs ban on new dairy feedlots (05/06)
Crews battle fire on Mescalero Apache Reservation (05/06)
Fire burns on Mescalero Apache Reservation (05/05)
County opposes protections for sacred Mount Taylor (05/01)
Yakama Nation backs Columbia River agreement (05/01)
BLM rejects geothermal leases at sacred Mount Shasta (05/01)
Gila River Tribe opposes freeway path (04/30)
Judge gives Interior deadline on polar bear listing (04/30)
Federal judge won't close reservation trailer park (04/29)
Tribes receive slaughtered Yellowstone bison (04/25)
Joe Kennedy addresses Navajo Nation Council (04/25)
Spirit Lake Nation dedicates waste station (04/25)
Pueblo settles case over ceremonies at ski resort (04/24)
Yankton Sioux parents file suit over hog farm (04/24)
Arrests made at Yankton Sioux hog farm protest (04/23)
Yankton Sioux Tribe hosts meeting on hog farm (04/22)
Makah judge won't dismiss illegal whaling case (04/21)
Yankton Sioux Tribe sues to block hog farm (04/18)
House subcommittee examines Indian water rights (04/17)
Yankton Sioux Tribe continues hog farm protest (04/17)
Ceremony for slaughtered Yellowstone bison (04/16)
Arrests made at Yankton Sioux protest of hog farm (04/16)
Comment period on Alaska Native swap extended (04/16)
Yankton Sioux protest against hog farm continues (04/15)
New Mexico tribes share environmental concerns (04/15)
EPA approves Lac du Flambeau Band water authority (04/15)
North Dakota tribe blocks clean energy meeting (04/14)
Yankton Sioux to block access to hog farm site (04/11)
Absentee Shawnee Tribe awarded $156K grant (04/11)
Tour operators propose limits at Navajo park (04/11)
Navajo Nation appeals ruling on oil shipping tariffs (04/08)
Columbia River tribes reach salmon agreement (04/08)
Judge convicts two Makah whalers for illegal hunt (04/08)
Yankton Sioux Tribe loses Missouri River lawsuit (04/03)
Kempthorne refuses to testify about polar bears (04/03)
North Dakota tribe signs hunting agreements (04/02)
Environmental laws waived for fence along border (04/02)
Polar bear killed near Alaska Native village (03/28)
Navajo Nation signs wind energy partnership (03/28)
Three Makah whalers plead guilty for illegal hunt (03/28)
Navajo Nation wary of new uranium mining (03/28)
Cherokee Nation approves reopening of landfill (03/27)
Stillaguamish Tribe to receive eight buffalo (03/26)
Tribes receive conservation grants from Interior (03/26)
Rep. Young wants action on Alaska land swap (03/25)
Maine tribes awarded wildlife grants from DOI (03/25)
Grand Traverse Band objects to water legislation (03/25)
Makah whalers reject plea deal for illegal hunt (03/25)
Quarter of bison in Yellowstone sent to slaughter (03/24)
State investigating shooting of dozens of bison (03/21)
Navajo Nation sues EPA over power plant permit (03/19)
Navajo Nation enacts toxic waste cleanup law (03/19)
Nez Perce Tribe finances gray wolf research (03/19)
Nonrecognized man sentenced over eagle feathers (03/18)
Editorial: Cowlitz Tribe spurs action on fish (03/18)
Cherokee-recruited company questioned by state (03/18)
Grand Portage Band to help address fish virus (03/18)
Skokomish Tribe reaches deal on water flows (03/17)
Makah whaling case set for trial in two courts (03/17)
Alaska Native land swap a hot topic at conference (03/14)
Cowlitz Tribe pushes for federal review of smelter (03/14)
Biggest closure of salmon fishery on West Coast (03/13)
Cleanup at reservation trailer park 'daunting' (03/11)
Gabrielino-Tongva ancestors to be reburied at site (03/11)
Arizona tribes win ruling in eagle listing case (03/11)
Artman promotes tribal energy resource agreements (03/11)
Indigenous leaders seek to heal environment (03/11)
Nez Perce Tribe hopes to expand hunt in Montana (03/11)
Opinion: Natives not always kind to Mother Earth (03/06)
Nez Perce Tribe ends treaty hunt in Montana (03/04)
Quechan Nation claims victory in power line case (03/04)
Final decision signed to protect sacred Cave Rock (02/29)
Nez Perce Tribe expands treaty hunt in Montana (02/28)
Supreme Court hears Exxon Valdez oil spill case (02/28)
Pueblo concerned about airline flight patterns (02/27)
Major water rights settlements before Congress (02/26)
LaDuke not on Green Party's presidential ticket (02/26)
Opinion: Questions about Klamath settlement (02/25)
Seattle Times: Uranium on Spokane Reservation (02/25)
Iowa Tribe releases bald eagle back in the wild (02/25)
Hundreds attend meeting on Native land swap (02/22)
Elders asked to improve Mount Rushmore programs (02/22)
Mount Rushmore seeks guidance from tribes (02/21)
Clock ticking on Navajo Nation power plant lawsuit (02/21)
San Luis Rey Band, cemetery reach agreement (02/21)
Editorial: No uranium mining near Grand Canyon (02/21)
Judge dismisses Quechan suit on refinery site (02/21)
Karuk Tribe sues over rejected salmon advertisement (02/21)
Fort Berthold oil refinery said to be near permit (02/20)
City loses bid for Shoshone-Bannock water rights (02/20)
Judge appoints overseers for mobile home park (02/12)
Giuliani law firm represents Navajo power plant (02/11)
Alaska Native appointed to state game board (02/11)
Hoopa Chairman: Fish key to Klamath River (02/11)
Decision due on Torres-Martinez trailer park (02/08)
Agreement near for tribal role at National Bison Range (02/07)
Uranium exploration allowed near Grand Canyon (02/07)
Bush budget ignores tribal water projects (02/06)
Judge delays decision in eagle preservation case (02/06)
Washington tribes back Lake Roosevelt agreement (02/06)
Agency backs Alaska Native bowhead whale hunt (02/05)
Klamath Tribes back Klamath River agreement (02/05)
Arizona tribes support eagle preservation lawsuit (02/01)
Navajo Nation evacuates families after flooding (01/31)
Tribe in Peru sues Occidental over oil drilling (01/31)
Quechan Nation receives grant for nature park (01/30)
Decision on Torres-Martinez trailer park delayed (01/29)
Decision near on Torres-Martinez trailer park (01/28)
Federal court delays trial for unauthorized whalers (01/25)
Northern Cheyenne youth help release rare ferrets (01/25)
Talks resume for tribal contract at bison range (01/24)
Navajo Nation to sue EPA over power plant permit (01/24)
Draft EIS on Alaska Native corporation land swap (01/23)
Agua Caliente Band changes view on habitat plan (01/23)
Stillaguamish Tribe to hold first elk hunt in years (01/23)
InterTribal Bison Cooperative sees cut in funds (01/22)
Makah Nation delays trial for unauthorized hunt (01/21)
City seeks exemption from Agua Caliente plan (01/18)
Blackfeet Nation reaches water deal with state (01/17)
Developer ordered to protect burial mounds (01/17)
Shoshone Band to receive cemetery in Utah (01/16)
Rep. Hastings opposes NAGPRA regulation (01/16)
Deal calls for removal of Klamath Basin dams (01/16)
Editorial: Polar bears, oil and climate change (01/16)
Tulalip Tribes to host Coast Salish Gathering (01/15)
Makah chairman confident of tribe's return to whaling (01/14)
Tulalip Tribes still oppose state park development (01/10)
Woman on trial for arson at reservation trailer park (01/09)
Colville Tribes welcome denial of Superfund case (01/08)
Supreme Court won't hear Colville Superfund case (01/07)
Editorial: Keep guns out of national parks (01/07)
Outdoors: Hunting on the Rosebud Reservation (01/07)

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