It is a tremendous responsibility to lead the largest tribal government in the country, but together, we are working to make Cherokee communities, families and culture stronger.
A prominent women’s hospital violated patients’ rights by singling out pregnant Native American women for COVID-19 testing and separating them from their newborns without adequate consent, according to a federal investigation.
Singing, dancing, socializing, sharing food – the elements that make powwows an essential part of preserving Native cultures are the same ones that make them a coronavirus risk.
The Democratic Party wrapped up its convention with a prime-time speech from Deb Haaland and calls for Indian Country to get out the vote.
With additional mental drain resulting from the spread of coronavirus, it’s important now more than ever to support our relatives by understanding various effects on our mental health.
Systemic racism and underfunding of the trust and treaty responsibility are tied to the heavy toll of COVID-19 on the first Americans.

Members of both the Crow Tribe and the Northern Cheyenne Tribe are under curfews and lockdowns in response to rising COVID-19 cases.

The first Americans stole the stage before a captive audience as they presented delegate votes for their party's presidential ticket during the Democratic National Convention.

Indian Country leaders are standing up for Democrats Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as they seek to defeat Republican Donald Trump and Mike Pence at the polls.

The Trump administration is moving forward with yet another controversial energy development initiative, giving Democrats and tribes a new opportunity to criticize the president's public lands failings and the impact on the first Americans.

Tourism-dependent businesses say their location on the Blackfeet Nation makes them uniquely vulnerable to the economic impacts of the coronavirus.

To slow the spread of coronavirus, the development of a vaccine to treat COVID-19 is crucial, and I am proud this is being taken seriously in our country.

After winning the title of Miss Navajo Nation, Shaandiin Parrish got to work on the cultural preservation and advocacy efforts. COVID-19 changed everything.

Tribes have their own cultures, languages and customs, but two common threads run through them – high esteem for their elders, and the heavy impact COVID-19 has had on their communities.

As the coronavirus pandemic wears on, medical providers are moving to telehealth – prompting calls for more funding for infrastructure and technology in Indian Country to remedy disparities that can make long-distance care impossible.

Even though some don’t believe it, the Northern Cheyenne were once traditionally gardeners.

'We look forward to showing why the Dakota Access Pipeline is too dangerous to operate,' Chairman Mike Faith of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe said.

A prominent U.S. Senator has made history as the running mate of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

'We evict KXL and DAPL from our Lakota lands,' a declaration against two pipeline operators reads.

Every year for 46 years, hundreds of runners have ben in honor of Louis Tewanima, a Hopi man who won a silver medal in the Olympics in 1912.

The Bureau of Indian Education has repeatedly neglected warnings that it is not providing a quality education for 46,000 Native students.

Nearly one in three households on the Navajo Nation lack indoor plumbing, making it more difficult to reduce the risk of COVID-19.

For the first time in recorded history, the Narragansett Tribe's annual feast of green corn is going online, due to COVID-19.

The Choctaw Nation missed out on many millions of dollars in COVID-19 relief and other programs due to an undercount of tribal citizens in the U.S. Census.

The late Winnebago activist Frank LaMere continues to help people find hope and healing.

COVID-19 is a selective atomic bomb. It’s killing more Native people when proportionately compared to other populations.

Lookout Solar Project has experienced some pitfalls from the COVID-19 pandemic, but progress is being made to bring jobs to the Pine Ridge Reservation.

From a traditional hogan in a remote area on the Utah-Arizona line, Cynthia Wilson spent much of her spring sourcing drought-resistant seeds, packing them in small manila envelopes and labeling them to ship to families across the Four Corners.

When the COVID-19 pandemic arrived on the Navajo Nation, Zoel Zohnnie saw families and elders sheltering in place – and no one helping them to haul water they desperately needed.

At Cherokee Nation, we are putting the federal CARES Act dollars to work for our citizens and our communities.

How has COVID-19 changed our lives in Indian Country?

The Black Prairie Bison Company will provide premium, fresh bison cuts and jerky products nationwide, drawing on the Cheyenne and Arapaho Tribes' deep cultural connection to bison.

'The court’s ruling is a victory for people who are bearing the brunt of federal and tribal oil and gas development,' says Lisa DeVille of Fort Berthold Protectors of Water and Earth Rights.

COVID-19 relief funds were a lifeline for many tribal communities, and have provided tribal governments with tools to keep their communities safe.

'The indigenous experience with COVID-19 affirms that colonization continues to function according to its design,' says William Smith of the National Indian Health Board.

Without a doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has put strains on Cherokee families, the economy in northeast Oklahoma and our local public schools.