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Skokomish Tribe to acquire campground under deal (12/17)
Senate panel passes land swap opposed by tribes (12/17)
Karuk activists block road over sacred site dispute (12/17)
Alaska Native corporation votes against big mine (12/16)
Prairie Island leaders push nuclear waste issues (12/16)
Choctaw Nation creates unit to protect burial sites (12/15)
Al Jazeera: Louisiana tribe slowly losing homeland (12/15)
New Mexico tribe still waiting on stimulus funding (12/15)
Ute Tribe hopes to resolve dispute over sacred site (12/10)
Eastern Cherokee bear handler in hospital after bite (12/09)
9th Circuit blocks mining on sacred Shoshone land (12/04)
Buddhist nun leads strike for reburial of ancestors (12/03)
Two plead to taking artifacts from national monument (12/01)
Tribes in Venezuela face growing threats to traditions (12/01)
Opinion: Respect tribal concerns over wind energy bid (12/01)
Comanche Nation agency preserves sacred eagle (11/30)
Museum kept bones of Native infant in oatmeal box (11/24)
Lummi Leaders: No more lost lives over ferry use (11/24)
Cherokee Nation seeks inclusion in poultry lawsuit (11/24)
McCain backs ski resort over tribes on sacred site (11/24)
Jodi Rave: Climate change and indigenous peoples (11/23)
DOI delays decision on off-shore drilling in Alaska (11/20)
Group fights sacred site protection in New Mexico (11/19)
Oneida Nation returns to corn farming tradition (11/17)
Public Radio: Toxic dump near Coeur d'Alene site (11/17)
Yaquis rebury ancestors killed in 1902 massacre (11/17)
Wampanoag tribes challenge wind energy project (11/13)
Indian sites in Utah nominated to historic register (11/13)
Fort Belknap man shoots mountain lion at home (11/12)
Groups sue over slaughter of Yellowstone bison (11/10)
Editorial: Wampanoags blowing smoke on wind (11/10)
Letter backs Massachusetts tribes on sacred site (11/06)
Interior promises action on wind turbine project (11/03)
Editorial: Reject tribal claim on wind turbine site (11/02)
Opinion: Tribes, sacred sites and environment (10/30)
1st Circuit dismisses Passamaquoddy LNG case (10/29)
Alaska Native man to plead guilty in hunt case (10/29)
Tribe included in $3.4B 'smart grid' Energy grants (10/28)
Charges considered against Port Gamble officers (10/28)
Lenient sentence for man who robbed Yurok site (10/28)
Navajo Nation Council delays ski resort measure (10/23)
Navajo Nation Council weighs purchase of resort (10/22)
Witness list for Senate hearing on Indian energy (10/21)
Offshore drilling allowed in Native whaling area (10/20)
Opinion: Hope for tribes with alternative energy (10/19)
Pavement Pieces: Coal mining on Navajo Nation (10/19)
Tribes donate $900K to turn sacred site into park (10/16)
Tribes recognized for preserving massacre sites (10/16)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and hearing (10/16)
Ute members protest tribe's work at sacred site (10/15)
Santee Sioux grave dig being investigated (10/09)
Prairie Band crew cleans up lake Illinois pond (10/08)
Port Gamble police incident under review (10/08)
Shakopee Tribe ready to run wind turbine (10/07)
Resources Committee hearing on NAGPRA (10/07)
Trial for Alaska subsistence fishing delayed (10/06)
Montana tribe helps annual bison roundup (10/06)
Opinion: Attorney gets paid to insult Hopis (10/06)
Witness list for oversight hearing on NAGPRA (10/05)
Arapaho court to handle eagle shooting case (10/05)
Massachusetts tribes fight wind farm project (10/05)
House committee to hold hearing on NAGPRA (10/02)
Cherokee Nation claims stake in poultry case (10/02)
Salazar signs Navajo water pipeline decision (10/01)
Pueblo welcomes cleanup of traditional area (10/01)
Opinion: Protect Cheyenne sites from mining (10/01)
Miccosukee Tribe disputes Everglades bridge (10/01)
Navajo leader joins criticism of green groups (10/01)
Oneida Nation hopes to turn trash into power (09/30)
Announcement set for Navajo pipeline project (09/30)
MPR: Sacred pipestone at national monument (09/30)
Utility agrees to remove Klamath Basin dams (09/30)
Hopi Tribe unhappy with conservation groups (09/30)
Three more Indian energy sessions scheduled (09/28)
EPA board issues ruling for Navajo power plant (09/28)
Tribes reclaim items stolen from sacred sites (09/25)
Senate panel hosts Indian energy roundtables (09/24)
Alaska Natives oppose delay on climate change (09/24)
New case filed over sacred San Francisco Peaks (09/21)
EchoHawk upset by 'trading' of Indian artifacts (09/21)
Arapaho man gives up fight over eagle shooting (09/21)
Cherokee Nation fights exclusion in poultry case (09/21)
EchoHawk promises support for Navajo project (09/18)
Suagee: Tribes and the green energy revolution (09/18)
Blog: Tribal history being erased in Southwest (09/17)
Defendants in Indian artifact theft avoid prison (09/17)
Four Arizona tribes ban uranium on their lands (09/17)
Cherokee Nation blocked from poultry lawsuit (09/16)
Editorial: Blackfeet women set strong example (09/15)
Defendant in artifact theft case shows in court (09/15)
Guilty plea for excavating ancestral Yurok site (09/15)
Vote sought on North Dakota tribe's oil refinery (09/15)
Salazar signs climate change secretarial order (09/15)
Crow Tribe's water rights settlement advances (09/11)
Blog: Another tribal fish dispute in Washington (09/11)
Court rejects challenge to tribal Clean Air rule (09/10)
Umatilla Tribes oppose interpretive center site (09/10)
BIA doesn't want to acquire tribal refinery site (09/10)
Billy Frank: BIA sees changes under EchoHawk (09/09)
Skull Valley Band resolves drinking water case (09/08)
Blog: Suit over pipeline on Minnesota reservations (09/04)
Fort Mojave Tribe protects historic school grounds (09/04)
Cherokee Nation files motion to join poultry case (09/04)
FBI investigates attempted sale of Indian 'scalps' (09/03)
Judge exempts tribe from liability under Superfund (09/02)
County surveys residents about Pueblo water deal (09/01)
National Eagle Repository has 6,000 requests to fill (09/01)
Commentary: Fishermen spoil Skokomish hatchery (09/01)
Quapaw Tribe wants to run water service for town (09/01)
Laguna Pueblo without water for past four days (08/31)
Editorial: Miccosukee Tribe wrong on Everglades (08/28)
Opinion: Green groups threaten Navajo project (08/28)
Skokomish Tribe forced to halt oyster harvest (08/27)
Indian artifact case spans Four Corners states (08/27)
Indictment and sentence for theft of artifacts (08/26)
Nisqually Tribe part of stimulus cleanup effort (08/26)
Onondaga Nation to rebury ancestral remains (08/26)
Alaska Native man to challenge fishing citation (08/25)
Little Traverse chair drops wind turbine project (08/25)
10th Circuit will hear Indian Country case again (08/25)
SFe Reporter: Thieves stealing Indian history (08/19)
Utah train station won't be near sacred site (08/19)
Stillaguamish Tribe supports water toxin test (08/19)
Judge wants action in Indian artifact case (08/18)
Ottawa Tribe loses Ohio fishing rights case (08/18)
State to audit Navajo Nation air equipment (08/18)
Southern Ute Tribe enters green industry (08/17)
Fort Peck Tribes lead swift fox restoration (08/17)
Dealers note shift in NAGPRA enforcement (08/14)
Tribes get $13.6M for clean energy projects (08/13)
EPA reviews Northern Cheyenne water plan (08/13)
Sycuan Band fire crew stays on the front line (08/12)
9th Circuit rules in inter-tribal fishing dispute (08/07)
Native man tied to artifact theft investigation (08/07)
Karuk Tribe hails law that bans mining practice (08/07)
More suspects in big Indian artifact theft case (08/06)
Crow Tribe opens natural gas production wells (08/06)
Red Cliff Band to take waste barrels from lake (08/06)
Village hunters receive public funds for defense (08/05)
Indian Country renewable energy group forms (08/04)
BLM accepting claims to ancestors and artifacts (08/04)
Living on Earth: Cheyenne coal and Navajo green (08/03)
OST co-hosts seminar on wind energy resources (08/03)
Crow Tribe near deal on water rights settlement (08/03)
Osage Nation buys ancestral mound in Missouri (08/03)
Hualapai Tribe moves ahead with water project (07/31)
Lummi Nation to vote on waterfront agreement (07/31)
Alaska Native villages sue over mine permits (07/30)
Company agrees to clean Navajo uranium site (07/30)
Southern Ute Tribe bids on alternative energy (07/30)
Congressman's wife upset with Cherokee bears (07/29)
Ponca Tribe settles pollution lawsuit for $10.8M (07/29)
Program helps Navajo workers enter energy field (07/28)
Bob Barker to meet with Eastern Cherokee chief (07/28)
Law firm backs Oklahoma-Cherokee poultry case (07/28)
Quileute Tribe reaches deal for park land transfer (07/28)
Colville Tribes ready for Chief Joseph Hatchery (07/27)
EPA works with Navajo Nation on uranium sites (07/27)
Cherokee Nation looking to tap into wind power (07/27)
Dean Suagee: Tribes and the green energy revolution (07/27)
Public Radio: Leech Lake group fights oil pipeline (07/24)
Tule River Tribe testifies for reservoir study bill (07/24)
Judge rules Cherokee Nation not a part of suit (07/23)
Utah tribes oppose train station at sacred site (07/23)
Blog: Navajo council approves 'green jobs' bill (07/22)
Court dismisses Yankton Sioux hog farm lawsuit (07/21)
Sacred mound being destroyed for Sam's Club (07/21)
Alaska Native corporation land swap is killed (07/20)
DOI to halt uranium mining at Grand Canyon (07/20)
Navajo Nation marks date of big uranium spill (07/17)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe warns of river dangers (07/17)
Opinion: Forgotten uranium spill on Navajo Nation (07/16)
Massachusetts tribes oppose wind turbine site (07/15)
New charges in connection with artifact theft (07/14)
Kennewick Man studies haven't been released (07/14)
Navajo man upset by disturbance of bald eagle (07/14)
Navajo farmers seek solutions to drought and heat (07/10)
EPA and IHS distribute $90M in stimulus to tribes (07/09)
Agents remove artifacts from Utah family's home (07/08)
Yakama Nation holds ceremony to release salmon (07/08)
Plan suggests a ban on climbing at Aboriginal site (07/08)
House passes Tule River Tribe reservoir study bill (07/08)
Partnership seeks to boost tribal energy projects (07/07)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe objects to wind plan (07/07)
Mother, daughter plead guilty to artifact theft (07/07)
Child's remains returned to Kanosh Paiute Band (07/07)
Bad River Band wins treatment as state status (07/07)
Cochiti Pueblo life changed after creation of dam (07/06)
Editorial: Solar power a promise for Navajo Nation (07/06)
Cherokee Nation asserts hunting and fishing rights (07/06)
Alaska Native village defies state on salmon catch (07/01)
Lower Elwha Klallam Tribe gets $2M federal grant (07/01)
Exxon won't fight interest ruling in oil spill case (06/30)
Ojibwe activists in Minnesota fight oil pipeline (06/29)
Oglala Sioux Tribe loses Missouri River land case (06/29)
Spokane Tribe warned about old uranium mine (06/26)
Public Radio: Burns Paiute Tribe goes with green (06/26)
Dean Suagee: Tribes and the green energy revolution (06/25)
Osage Nation interested in ancestral mound (06/24)
Leech Lake Band seeks action on toxic site (06/24)
Chumash Tribe signs firefighting agreement (06/24)
Paiute tribes in Utah plant trees for future (06/23)
Shakopee Tribe runs biomass energy plant (06/23)
High school won't ban Sherman Alexie's book (06/23)
Another defendant in artifact theft found dead (06/22)
Rescued eagle sent to Iowa Nation aviary (06/22)
Art dealer denies wrongdoing after artifact raid (06/18)
Judge allows bridge opposed by Miccosukee Tribe (06/18)
Mining company buys land for Western Shoshone (06/18)
Passamaquoddy Tribe cuts ties with developer (06/18)
Agents searched New Mexico art dealer's home (06/17)
Utah town upset over Indian artifact theft case (06/17)
9th Circuit enters award in Exxon oil spill case (06/16)
Blog: No end to fight over San Francisco Peaks (06/15)
Hoh Tribe hoping for quick action on land bill (06/15)
Alaska Native village lands first whale in 72 years (06/15)
Videos: Lower Elwha Klallam journey of pain, healing (06/15)
Tribes support prosecution of artifact theft case (06/12)
Defendant in DOI artifact theft case found dead (06/12)
Campo Band announces major wind power project (06/11)
New Mexico agency completes consultation plan (06/11)
Navajo Nation loses millions in coal royalties (06/11)
Quechan Nation pleased with action on sacred site (06/10)
Yakama Nation withdraws from cleanup council (06/10)
Spirit Lake men charged with eagle violations (06/10)
Jicarilla Apache Nation signs right-of-way deal (06/09)
Tribes weigh next step in sacred site battle (06/09)
Editorial: Fight over Crow Creek Sioux Tribe's wind (06/09)
FWS cites increase in demand for eagle feathers (06/08)
9th Circuit to consider injunction for sacred site (06/08)
Supreme Court declines to hear sacred site case (06/08)
New Mexico panel votes to protect sacred site (06/08)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe votes on key issues, chief post (06/08)
Renewable energy a focus at Sovereignty Symposium (06/05)
Pechanga Band opposes gravel mine at sacred site (06/05)
GAO reports little progress on Native village moves (06/04)
Firm seeks reconsideration of Indian Country case (06/02)
Ramona Band recognized for renewable energy efforts (06/02)
Editorial: Obama supports 'fix' to Clean Water Act (06/02)
Kevin Abourezk: Indian center opposes city work (06/01)
Supreme Court to consider sacred site case (06/01)
Augustine Band sparks interest with solar energy (05/28)
Tribes seek cleanup of contaminated Arizona site (05/27)
Navajo Nation celebrates water rights settlement (05/27)
Democracy Now: Tom Goldtooth on climate change (05/26)
Auburn Community considers buying Indian cemetery (05/26)
Barona Band offers environmental scholarship (05/26)
Klamath Tribes reach agreement with water users (05/22)
Indian cemetery reopens but dispute continues (05/21)
Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate receives $200K from stimulus (05/21)
Yakama Nation upset about damage to sacred sites (05/19)
Tribes ask New Mexico panel to protect sacred site (05/19)
Alaska Native family sues BIA over oil development (05/18)
Lummi Nation seeks $24.4M for salmon recovery (05/15)
9th Circuit rules in Rodeo-Chediski Fire case (05/15)
New Mexico committee to consider sacred site (05/14)
Dean Suagee: Part two of the tribal green revolution (05/12)
County won't allow tribal fire at sacred Bear Butte (05/07)
WSJ Blog: Indian Country's potential for wind power (05/07)
Battle over pipeline through Minnesota reservations (05/07)
Letter: Taking away a Navajo Nation opportunity (05/06)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe to vote on power system (05/06)
Western Shoshone tribes await Supreme Court action (05/04)
Climbing bolts being removed from sacred Cave Rock (05/04)
Dean Suagee: Tribes and the green energy revolution (05/04)
Hopi Tribe works to keep state park open to public (05/04)
Jodi Rave: Awakening the bears from their winter sleep (05/04)
New executive director for tribal fish commission (05/01)
Judge won't shut down reservation trailer park (05/01)
Shoshone-Bannock Tribes host ceremonial bison hunt (04/30)
Ramona Band to develop eco-tourism resort (04/30)
USDA official can't comment on sacred site case (04/29)
Eastern Cherokee fire burns more than 3K acres (04/29)
Navajo Nation seeks to resolve sacred site case (04/28)
Sacred site on list of most endangered places (04/28)
EPA alters stance on Navajo power plant permit (04/28)
Bill seeks to include tribes in border activities (04/27)
New Republic: Tribes in Peru battle for forest (04/24)
St. Regis Mohawk Tribe looking for escaped wolf-dog (04/24)
Judge to rule in reservation trailer park case (04/24)
Mining company weighs move in Indian Country case (04/23)
Editorial: Indigenous people and climate change (04/22)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe to plant DC garden (04/21)
Indigenous people meet for climate change summit (04/21)
Winnemem Wintu Tribe files suit over lost land (04/21)
DC Circuit blocks offshore drilling plan in Alaska (04/20)
10th Circuit rules in Indian Country status case (04/20)
Grand Traverse Band seeks money to remove dams (04/17)
EPA to spend another $25M on Tar Creek buyout, cleanup (04/16)
EPA to use stimulus funds to clean up Elem Reservation (04/16)
Volunteer firefighter for Iowa Tribe critically injured (04/16)
Trial over troubled reservation trailer park continues (04/16)
Tigua Tribe asks Supreme Court to hear border fence case (04/15)
Kalispel Tribe reaches agreement over dam (04/10)
BIA calls for closure of reservation trailer park (04/09)
BIA testimony a setback in trailer park case (04/08)
Pueblo and county discuss water treatment deal (04/06)
Trial set over troubled reservation trailer park (04/06)
Jodi Rave: Young artists, waterfowl flock to refuge (04/06)
Navajo Nation insulted by state stance on power plant (04/03)
Hoh Tribe asks Congress for new reservation (04/03)
Mattaponi Tribe wins ruling against reservoir (04/02)
Police recover stolen Wampanoag gravestone (04/02)
Timbisha Shoshone Tribe still fights Yucca Mountain (04/01)
Navajo water rights settlement signed into law (03/31)
Stimulus provides $54.8M in tribal energy grants (03/27)
Fort Peck Tribes seek money for slaughtered bison (03/27)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe submits lake management plan (03/26)
Alaska Native villages to receive free fuel (03/26)
Jodi Rave: Undercover probe targets eagle trades (03/25)
NYT Blog: Salazar on Indian Country rights-of-way (03/25)
Blackfeet Nation water compact near final vote (03/24)
Obama response awaited in sacred site case (03/23)
One charge dropped in Yurok grave robbing case (03/20)
Daily Planet: 'Saving Sacred Land' in Minnesota (03/20)
Idaho governor apologizes to Coeur d'Alene Tribe (03/20)
Senate approves road for Alaska Native village (03/20)
Close vote for Lac du Flambeau fishing agreement (03/17)
Eight charged with slaughter of caribou in Alaska (03/17)
Salazar open to discussing ANWR development (03/17)
Judge orders company to pay Colville plaintiffs (03/17)
Oglala Sioux Tribe taking care of rescued horses (03/16)
Police chief charged with hunting on reservation (03/13)
Four men arrested in eagle poaching investigation (03/13)
Fort Peck Game Director: Bison bill unfair to tribes (03/11)
Salazar announces tribal energy clearinghouse (03/10)
Marketplace: Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe eyes wind (03/10)
Fox News: Miccosukee Tribe on 'bridge to nowhere' (03/09)
Blog: Miccosukee Tribe battles Everglades bridge (03/06)
Obama won't pursue Yucca Mountain waste site (03/06)
Editorial: Tribal collaboration brings hope for salmon (03/06)
Kevin Abourezk: LaDuke creates green economy (03/05)
EPA chief weighs prominent role for Indian office (03/05)
Cherokee Nation preserves ancestral plants (03/04)
Gold miners ask California to halt Karuk fishery (03/04)
Northern Cheyenne Tribe weighs energy project (03/04)
Energy Secretary promises to hold tribal summit (03/04)
Salazar to speak at CERT summit in Washington (02/27)
New York agency adopts consultation policy (02/27)
Miccosukee Tribe opposes Everglades provision (02/26)
Troubled trailer park owner drops fight against BIA (02/24)
Supreme Court won't hear Arapaho eagle case (02/24)
Non-Indians win ruling in eagle possession case (02/18)
Navajo Nation water rights settlement in Congress (02/17)
Blackfeet water compact advances in Montana (02/17)
Eastern Cherokees oppose expansion of airport (02/17)
Editorial: Abandon Navajo power plant project (02/13)
Editorial: Salazar keeps options open on offshore drilling (02/12)
Editorial: Welcome Coeur d'Alene offer on lake (02/11)
North Dakota tribe waits for EPA on oil refinery (02/11)
Alaska Native Exec: Mine benefits community (02/09)
Sen. Barrasso opposes Crow water settlement bill (02/05)
Yurok Tribe works to improve emergency response (02/04)
EPA lifts boil water order on Omaha Reservation (02/03)
Salt River Tribe partners with cities to promote park (02/02)
Hoh Tribe awaits approval to move to higher ground (02/02)
Probe into beating of eagle on Swinomish Reservation (01/30)
Columbia River tribes warn states about fish catch (01/30)
Opinion: Studies back removal of Klamath River dams (01/30)
BIA sued over energy project on Ute reservation (01/29)
Colville Tribes focus on renewable energy (01/29)
EPA backs Alaska Native village in subsistence study (01/29)
Editorial: Salmon runs hurt by mining activity (01/29)
Interior ignored science for Grand Canyon water (01/28)
Alaska proposes $14M for wind farms at villages (01/27)
Karuk Tribe loses bid to stop recreational mining (01/27)
Judge won't block mine near Western Shoshone site (01/27)
Five indicted for theft of Missouri River artifacts (01/26)
NAGPRA foe wins top Resources Committee spot (01/26)
Letter: Just say no to Navajo Nation power plant (01/26)
Northern Arapaho Tribe seeks Yellowstone bison (01/19)
Senate passes Navajo Nation water settlement (01/16)
White Mountain Apache Tribe reaches water deal (01/16)
Blog: Climate change affects Northwest tribes (01/13)
Skokomish Tribe signs settlement over dams (01/13)
Alaska Native road included in omnibus lands bill (01/12)
EPA nominee close to Ramapough Lenape Tribe (01/09)
Treatment program focuses on Arapaho culture (01/08)
EPA issues boil water order for Omaha Reservation (01/08)
Puyallup Tribe affected by flooding in Washington (01/08)
Iowa Tribe eyes wind power for entire reservation (01/07)
Narragansett Tribe welcomes ruling on sacred site (01/06)
Tribes ask Supreme Court to hear sacred site case (01/06)
Iowa Tribe plans wind energy project in Kansas (01/05)

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