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Indian Affairs Committee passes land-into-trust fix (12/18)
Agenda for Senate Indian Affairs business meeting (12/16)
BIA approves Grand Traverse Band land-into-trust (12/15)
Navajo Nation opposes bill affecting Utah trust fund (12/10)
Video: Senate hearing on Interior Department backlogs (12/09)
Video: Senate hearing on Utah Navajo trust fund bill (12/09)
BIA won't acquire surplus land for Narragansett Tribe (12/08)
Hearing to focus on Utah Navajo trust management (12/08)
Senate Indian Affairs Committee postpones meeting (12/08)
'Major' announcement on Indian trust management (12/08)
Indian Affairs Committee meeting and two hearings (12/07)
County asks for Oneida Nation land-into-trust records (12/02)
Obama weighs other options for land-into-trust fix (11/20)
DOI disbursed $765M to Indian trust beneficiaries (11/19)
Groups battle BIA over Chumash land-into-trust (11/12)
Rep. Kennedy backs bill to fix land-into-trust ruling (11/06)
Audio: House Resources hearing on land-into-trust (11/04)
Obama administration supports land-into-trust fix (11/04)
Witness list for House hearing on land-into-trust (11/03)
House Resources hearing on land-into-trust fix (10/29)
Schwarzenegger opposes Lytton land-into-trust (10/26)
Byron Dorgan: Urgent fix to land-into-trust ruling (10/22)
Rep. Kennedy urged to back land-into-trust fix (10/20)
Towns in Connecticut fight land-into-trust fix (10/14)
Cole introduces fix to land-into-trust decision (10/02)
Judge supports Oneida Nation land-into-trust (09/30)
Land-into-trust bill lacks Republican sponsors (09/29)
Pojoaque Pueblo disputes county property tax (09/28)
Dorgan introduces fix to land-into-trust ruling (09/24)
Bill puts control of Navajo trust in Navajo hands (09/23)
Eastern Shawnee Tribe to pursue trust lawsuits (09/22)
Klamath Tribes land-into-trust stirs controversy (09/22)
Interior to phase out troubled royalty program (09/17)
City supports Shakopee Tribe's land-into-trust (09/11)
Storage facility opens on Gila River Reservation (09/11)
BIA doesn't want to acquire tribal refinery site (09/10)
Group wants city to seize Muscogee Nation land (09/04)
City leader to release Creek Nation business plan (09/03)
Muscogee Nation prepares land-into-trust bid (08/21)
Judge dismisses Gun Lake land-into-trust case (08/20)
BIA seeks another extension for surplus land (08/19)
New York county opposes land-into-trust fix (08/19)
BIA declares reservation for Michigan tribe (08/17)
DOI to report regularly on Indian trust fund (08/10)
Editorial: Talk about Muscogee land-into-trust (08/07)
OST financial skills training set for North Dakota (08/06)
Muscogee Nation seeks help on land-into-trust (08/05)
Native Hawaiian homelands lawsuit goes to trial (08/04)
OST co-hosts seminar on wind energy resources (08/03)
City opposes Muscogee Nation land-into-trust (07/31)
OST adds Alaska to list of consultation sessions (07/27)
BIA granted extension to acquire surplus land (07/24)
EchoHawk to discuss Oneida Nation land transfer (07/22)
City council to vote on land-into-trust resolution (07/22)
Bill requires Interior to pay for new trust lands (07/15)
Spiritual leaders to discuss Black Hills lawsuit (07/15)
BIA seeks more time to acquire land for tribes (07/14)
BIA hears from tribes on land-into-trust decision (07/10)
Editorial: Talk to Muscogee Nation about trust land (07/09)
City to consider resolution against land-into-trust (07/08)
BIA to hold final consultation on land-into-trust (07/06)
Salazar pushes for quick action on land-into-trust (07/02)
Schumer opposes Cayuga Nation land-into-trust (07/01)
Wyoming tribes distribute $28M in royalties (06/30)
Stillaguamish Tribe not worried about trust land (06/29)
BIA holds off on Keetoowah Band land-into-trust (06/26)
New cutoff in land-into-trust litigation is 1983 (06/25)
Judge asked to mediate Navajo trust fund case (06/25)
Consultation sessions set for land-into-trust (06/24)
Court hearing for Oneida Nation land-into-trust (06/23)
Editorial: BIA falls short on Cayuga land-into-trust (06/22)
Big turnout for Cayuga Nation land-into-trust (06/18)
BIA holds meeting on Cayuga Nation land-into-trust (06/17)
Narragansett Tribe seeks surplus Navy property (06/10)
Rosebud Sioux Tribe opposes Black Hills lawsuit (06/09)
Muscogee chief worried about controversial bridge (06/04)
Muscogee Nation buys land for controversial bridge (06/03)
Shakopee Tribe plans land-into-trust application (06/03)
Sycuan Band seeks to place 2,000 acres in trust (06/03)
Letter: Scalia called land-into-trust case a 'laugher' (05/29)
NCAI leader blasts resurgence of 'Indian fighters' (05/29)
Pawnee Nation wants land in Nebraska in trust (05/26)
South Dakota fights Lower Brule land-into-trust (05/26)
Deal with Oneida Nation dies amid opposition (05/22)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on land-into-trust (05/21)
Tribal critic to testify at land-into-trust hearing (05/19)
Alaska Native family sues BIA over oil development (05/18)
Senate Indian Affairs hearing on land-into-trust (05/18)
BIA sets public hearing on Cayuga land-into-trust (05/15)
City official blasts Muscogee Nation bridge (05/13)
Oneida Nation land-into-trust deal needs state action (05/12)
Failed Alaska nominee signed land-into-trust letter (05/11)
Town opposes Lytton Band land-into-trust bid (05/11)
Deal proposed over Oneida Nation land-into-trust (05/11)
USET to broadcast land-into-trust session on web (05/11)
Apology resolution leaves out trust mismanagement (05/11)
Oneida Nation and county near land-into-trust deal (05/08)
Richard Williams: Indian trust and future generations (05/08)
City opposes Muscogee Nation land-into-trust bid (05/05)
Turtle Talk: State AGs oppose land-into-trust fix (04/30)
Turtle Talk: Lists of post-1934 tribes a bad idea (04/29)
Supreme Court delivers more bad news to tribes (04/07)
Counties to discuss Cayuga Nation land-into-trust (04/07)
Missing BIA title document from 1929 located (04/06)
Supreme Court rejects Navajo Nation trust lawsuit (04/06)
Prior land-into-trust acquisitions appear safe (04/06)
Judge rejects Jicarilla Apache gas royalty lawsuit (04/01)
Turtle Talk: Money damages and land-into-trust (03/26)
BIA weighs land-into-trust after Supreme Court ruling (03/26)
Obama elevates judge who ruled in trust fund cases (03/24)
Tribes protest against land-into-trust decision (03/23)
Tribes to protest against land-into-trust decision (03/20)
Bill adds $132M to South Dakota tribal trust funds (03/20)
Shakopee Tribe not worried about land-into-trust (03/19)
OST offers financial literacy training sessions (03/18)
OST offers will and estate planning sessions (03/17)
Poarch Band not worried about land-into-trust ruling (03/17)
Federal Circuit ruling in Tohono O'odham trust case (03/16)
Narragansett Tribe plans land-into-trust protest (03/16)
Senate hearing on land-into-trust set for April 2 (03/13)
Appeal planned in Dakota trust mismanagement case (03/13)
Turtle Talk: Issues at play in Dakota trust case (03/11)
Appeals court decision in Dakota trust case (03/10)
Dorgan says no quick fix to land-into-trust ruling (03/09)
California a battleground after land-into-trust ruling (03/06)
County stops tax proceedings against Chehalis Tribe (03/04)
Supreme Court decision a big topic at NCAI meeting (03/03)
Turtle Talk: No easy fix for land-into-trust ruling (03/02)
Rhode Island delegation cool to land-into-trust ruling (03/02)
Rep. Rahall to call hearing on land-into-trust ruling (02/26)
Narragansett Tribe to fight land-into-trust ruling (02/26)
Tribes will ask Congress to 'fix' land-into-trust decision (02/25)
Oneida Nation not worried about land-into-trust (02/25)
Massachusetts tribe blasts land-into-trust ruling (02/25)
Supreme Court rules in big land-into-trust case (02/25)
Ginsburg returns to Supreme Court after surgery (02/24)
New York in court over Oneida Nation land transfer (02/23)
Supreme Court hears Navajo Nation trust lawsuit (02/23)
Editorial: Obama should reject Interior misdeeds (02/23)
Letter: Fond du Lac Band entitled to reclaim land (02/23)
Cayuga Nation halts sale of tax-free cigarettes (02/20)
Tulalip Tribes weigh tax on land sales by members (02/18)
Editorial: County can avoid land-into-trust fight (02/16)
Protest supports Fond du Lac Band land-into-trust (02/13)
BIA blamed for missing title document from 1929 (02/02)
New York counties launch site against land-into-trust (01/29)
Turtle Talk: Frivolous claims in land-into-trust case (01/28)
County opposes Fond du Lac Band land-into-trust (01/27)
Turtle Talk: Decision brewing in land-into-trust case (01/22)
Supreme Court rejects land-into-trust case (01/22)
BIA tells oil company to stop drilling on Inupiat land (01/19)
Turtle Talk: More thoughts on land-into-trust cases (01/13)
Land-into-trust case awaits Supreme Court action (01/13)
New York tribes hopeful on land-into-trust (01/12)
Lawmakers angry over Oneida Nation trust transfer (01/08)
Surplus Air Force land in trust for Oneida Nation (01/07)

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