EPA board issues ruling for Navajo power plant
The Environmental Protection Agency has been ordered to reconsider an air permit issued to the Navajo Nation.

The EPA took more than four years to approve the tribe's application for the Desert Rock Energy Project . Despite the long wait, the agency forgot to consider certain issues, the Environmental Appeals Board said in decision last week.

The tribe and partner Sithe Global Power plan to build a $2.5 billion coal-fired power plant near Shiprock, New Mexico. Supporters say the project will create hundreds of jobs and generate revenue for the tribe.

Opponents, including tribal members who live near the site, environmental groups and the state of New Mexico, question the environmental and health impacts of the power plant.

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EPA to reconsider Navajo coal plant permit (AP 9/27)

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Editorial: Desert Rock (The Durango Herald 9/28)

Environmental Appeals Board Decision:
Desert Rock Energy Company, LLC (September 24, 2009)

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