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Judge visits troubled Torres Martinez trailer park (12/21)
New Mexico tribe plans massive wind farm (12/20)
Omnibus includes $28M for Mni Wiconi water project (12/20)
Red Lake Nation reopens commercial fishery (12/20)
Crow Tribe taps into natural gas resources (12/19)
Arapaho man awaits ruling in eagle killing case (12/18)
Washington governor reaches water deal with tribes (12/18)
South Dakota governor seeks to protect Bear Butte (12/17)
10th Circuit to hear Arapaho eagle killing case (12/17)
Ho-Chunk Nation reintroduces bison in Wisconsin (12/14)
DOI OIG posts report on National Bison Range (12/13)
Saginaw Chippewa Tribe reaches water deal (12/13)
Appeals court rehears San Francisco Peaks case (12/12)
Makah whalers plead not guilty for illegal hunt (12/12)
Judge to visit troubled Torres Martinez trailer park (12/11)
9th Circuit rules in Pyramid Lake Paiute case (12/11)
Shoalwater Bay Tribe out of power for a week (12/10)
Uranium mining an issue for Oglala Sioux Tribe (12/10)
9th Circuit to hear San Francisco Peaks case (12/10)
Blackfeet Nation cleans up 200 tons at dump site (12/06)
DOI resumes negotiations over Montana bison range (12/06)
Western Shoshone leader blasts Yucca Mountain (12/05)
Alaska Natives ask court to halt off-shore drilling (12/05)
La Jolla Reservation hit by mudslides after fire (12/04)
9th Circuit to hear oil drilling case from Alaska (12/04)
Navajo Nation seeks support for sacred site case (12/03)
North Dakota tribe waiting on return of land (11/30)
Tribal fire victims waiting on FEMA mobile homes (11/29)
New Mexico urged to fund water settlements (11/28)
FEMA sending mobile homes to California tribes (11/27)
Makah Nation charges five for unauthorized hunt (11/27)
Bush brief opposes review of Colville pollution case (11/26)
World's largest zinc mine boosts Alaska Natives (11/26)
Navajo Nation college hosts observing station (11/26)
10th Circuit to hear Arapaho eagle killing case (11/26)
Border fence exempted from NAGPRA, other laws (11/21)
Winona LaDuke's Mercedes powered by fry bread (11/20)
Indian basket weavers return to willow grove (11/14)
Meetings slated on Blackfeet water settlement (11/13)
After fires, La Jolla Band faces threat of mudslide (11/12)
Troubled trailer park owner wants to be left alone (11/12)
Rogue Makah whalers seek delay in federal trial (11/12)
Group accuses tribal fishermen of killing seals (11/09)
Roundtable addresses uranium on Navajo Nation (11/09)
California tribes seek better communication (11/09)
House committee takes up self-governance bill (11/09)
Cason optimistic on tribal contract for bison range (11/09)
Congress overrides Bush veto on water resources bill (11/09)
Cowlitz Tribe seeks endangered lising for smelt (11/08)
Judge approves Michigan treaty rights deal (11/06)
Senate panel sympathetic to Missouri River tribes (11/05)
Idaho tribe wants to hunt bison near Yellowstone (11/02)
Tribal funds included in Tar Creek settlement (11/02)
La Jolla Reservation residents return after fire (11/01)
Prairie Island Tribe wants nuclear waste removed (11/01)
Indian Affairs hearing on Missouri River tribes (11/01)
Agency won't back Columbia River dam removal (11/01)
California tribes begin fire recovery efforts (10/31)
Artman to survey fire damage in southern California (10/30)
Supreme Court agrees to hear Exxon oil spill case (10/30)
Senate hearing on tribes along Missouri River (10/29)
Tribal firefighters battle California blazes (10/26)
Ski resort criticized tribes in sacred site case (10/25)
Two tribes among hardest hit by California fires (10/25)
Blackfeet Nation revises water rights compact (10/25)
Seminole Tribe faces water crisis in Florida (10/25)
Fires strike southern California reservations (10/24)
Navajo Nation seeks $500M for uranium cleanup (10/24)
Reservation trailer park is overcrowded (10/22)
Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma expands eagle aviary (10/22)
Michigan man sentenced for selling eagle feathers (10/19)
Appeals court to rehear sacred site case (10/18)
Samish Nation argues for fishing rights (10/11)
BIA sues owner of troubled mobile home park (10/10)
Wyoming tribes submit draft of water use plan (10/09)
Thousands of Navajos affected by uranium mining (10/09)
Trailer parks on reservation riddled with problems (10/05)
Rogue Makah hunters indicted on federal charges (10/05)
Alaska Natives already feeling climate change effects (09/27)
EPA moves to shut down waste plant at Gila River (09/27)
Eastern Cherokees impose water restrictions (09/26)
Michigan to announce treaty rights settlement (09/26)
Native communities vulnerable to climate change (09/25)
Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe seeks home for horses (09/21)
Washington tribes, state to meet over treaty rights (09/21)
Squaxin Island Tribe denies killing harbor seals (09/21)
Report examines climate change and tribes (09/18)
Federal probe into Makah whale hunt ongoing (09/18)
BIA seeks closure of troubled mobile home park (09/18)
House subcommittee hearing on Trinity River bill (09/18)
Court revives Passamaquoddy lawsuit against BIA (09/17)
Oregon tribe opposes sale of sacred meteorite (09/14)
GSA won't ask EPA to remove offensive murals (09/14)
EPA wants more information on Navajo power plant (09/13)
Makah leaders hopeful after Washington meetings (09/13)
9th Circuit rejects Northern Cheyenne injunction (09/12)
Unauthorized hunt likely to delay action on permit (09/11)
Makah Nation to discuss rogue hunt on Capitol Hill (09/10)
Makah Nation denounces unauthorized whale hunt (09/10)
Owner of troubled mobile home park sues BIA (09/07)
Cherokee Nation fines landfill more than $1M (09/05)
Yakama Nation continues wetland restoration (08/30)
Lawsuit blasts Navajo water documentary on PBS (08/29)
Penobscot Nation blames paper mill for water bloom (08/28)
Appeals court backs climbing ban at sacred site (08/28)
Navajo Nation communities still without water (08/27)
Ute Mountain Ute Tribe opposes Navajo power plant (08/24)
Washington tribes win ruling in salmon case (08/23)
Viejas Band looks for outside water sources (08/23)
Oglala Sioux Tribe receives fire recovery grant (08/22)
EPA hosts tribal children's health summit (08/22)
State orders water cut to Hopland Reservation (08/22)
Native villages worried about increased drilling (08/14)
Trailer parks on reservation being inspected (08/14)
Quechan Nation goes to battle over sacred sites (08/13)
Kempthorne visits Duck Valley Reservation after fire (08/10)
Maine tribes disappointed by defeat in court (08/10)
Maine tribes lose sovereignty in EPA water case (08/09)
BIA moving to shut down mobile home park (08/09)
Chippewa Cree firefighters at work in Montana (08/09)
Lummi Nation develops hazard mitigation plan (08/08)
Study blames Europeans for near-extinction of bison (08/07)
Sen. Salazar concerned about Navajo power plant (08/07)
Skokomish Tribe reaches land deal with state (08/07)
Biker rally underway near sacred Bear Butte (08/07)
BIA headed to court over mobile home park (08/07)
BIA admits liability for troubled mobile home park (08/03)
Tesuque Pueblo wants site of old village protected (08/02)
Sacred sites an issue for tribes and firefighters (08/02)
Arson suspected in fires on Rocky Boy Reservation (08/01)
BIA threatens action against mobile home park (08/01)
San Manuel Band donates $50K to help tribe hit by fire (07/31)
Alaska Native village without power after fire (07/31)
Penobscot Nation to open hunts to non-Indians (07/31)
Shoshone-Paiute Tribes pull together after fire (07/30)
Whale caught in Muckleshoot Tribe's fishing net (07/27)
Navajo Nation defends power plant amid criticism (07/27)
Power finally restored to Duck Valley Reservation (07/27)
Prayer planned at Bear Butte during biker rally (07/26)
Land swap bill opposed by tribes reintroduced (07/25)
Hoopa Valley Tribe opposes river restoration bill (07/24)
DOI reviews decisions by official who broke rules (07/20)
Navajo power plant hearing draws a big crowd (07/19)
Supreme Court seeks DOJ views on Colville case (07/18)
Squaxin Island village vandalized again (07/18)
Native woman loses job for disagreeing with tribe (07/18)
Eagle feathers still hard to come by for Natives (07/18)
Skull Valley Goshutes sue DOI over lease rejection (07/18)
BIA set for public hearings on Navajo power plant (07/17)
Picuris Pueblo shuts off water over non-payments (07/17)
BIA holds public hearings on Navajo power plant (07/16)
Fund to help bison displaced by Pine Ridge fire (07/13)
Colorado county, city oppose Navajo power plant (07/12)
Specialist helps protect Washoe sites from fire (07/11)
Fire burns more than 23,000 acres at Pine Ridge (07/11)
Sierra Club sues EPA over Navajo power plant (07/10)
Washington tribes to sign $33M shellfish deal (07/06)
Al Gore to speak at NMAI's 'Live Earth' concert (07/06)
NMAI in Washington to host 'Live Earth' concert (07/05)
Fire continues to burn on reservation in Utah (07/03)
Mohegan Tribe buys historic boulder used by chief (07/03)
Major fire affects Uintah and Ouray Reservation (07/02)
Land swap to resolve Alaska Native fish camp dispute (07/02)
New Mexico senators push Navajo water rights bill (06/29)
Man charged with arson on Kickapoo Reservation (06/29)
DOI removes bald eagle from endangered list (06/29)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe allows grass field burning (06/28)
Cheney intervened in Klamath water dispute (06/27)
Court puts off challenge to Goshute nuclear (06/27)
Cortina Rancheria faces opposition over landfill (06/27)
Public comment sought on Pueblo land transfer (06/27)
Senate hearing on Navajo water rights bill (06/27)
Gila River Indian Community rejects waste facility (06/21)
Arizona tribes unite to oppose proposed copper mine (06/21)
FEMA won't provide assistance to Montana tribes (06/21)
Reservation flood damage being assessed (06/20)
Alaska Native village turns to Internet for help (06/19)
National Day of Prayer for sacred sites on June 21 (06/19)
Bar near sacred Bear Butte a headache for owner (06/19)
Indian firefighters in Nevada carry on tradition (06/19)
San Carlos Apache Tribe fights mining proposal (06/19)
BIA to hold hearings on Navajo Nation power plant (06/18)
Water use cleared on Rocky Boy's Reservation (06/15)
Pomo sites placed on National Trust endangered list (06/14)
Crow Tribe cites at least $3M in flood damage (06/14)
Judge rejects Bush count of Columbia River salmon (06/14)
Rocky Boy's Reservation still without clean water (06/13)
Yakama Nation, utility district sign agreement (06/12)
Chippewa Cree Tribe can't declare water safe (06/07)
Owner of bar near Bear Butte faces unpaid bills (06/06)
Ho-Chunk Nation reclaims mounds from state (06/06)
Bush administration appeals sacred site case (06/04)
Torres Martinez Reservation littered with dumps (06/04)
IWC approves whaling for Alaska Natives, Makah (05/30)
Osage Nation environmental bill draws complaints (05/30)
International Whaling Commission meets (05/29)
Chippewa Cree Tribe hopes to declare water safe (05/29)
BIA takes comments on Navajo power plant project (05/29)
Rocky Boy's water supply contaminated (05/28)
NPS won't treat 'dune dwellers' group like a tribe (05/25)
Court won't reconsider $2.5B Exxon Valdez award (05/24)
International Whaling Commission to meet (05/22)
BIA issues draft EIS on Navajo Nation power plant (05/22)
Energy firm to help Navajo Nation on uranium (05/17)
Sacred site case could land before Supreme Court (05/17)
Nisqually Tribe seeks to acquire military property (05/17)
Snoqualmie Tribe could gain control of county park (05/17)
Report maintains status quo on Indian rights-of-way (05/16)
Washington tribes finalize $33M shellfish deal (05/16)
BIA threatens to close reservation trailer park (05/16)
Winnemum Wintu Tribe objects to church construction (05/15)
Arizona tribes threaten suit over eagle delisting (05/11)
Power company drops support for CIRI wind farm (05/09)
Honor the Earth concert aimed at Navajo power plant (05/08)
Tribes participate in carbon trading market (05/08)
Report highlights tribal environmental successes (05/07)
EPA still reviewing Navajo Nation power plant (05/04)
Utah tries to delay action on Goshute waste dump (05/03)
EPA plans to clean up uranium sites on Navajo Nation (05/02)
California tribes seek removal of Klamath dams (05/02)
Nez Perce Tribe water settlement finalized (05/01)
Suquamish Tribe opposes Filipino cultural center (04/30)
Sculpture of Spokane Chief Garry vandalized (04/26)
Two Native activists win environmental prize (04/26)
Low water levels threaten wild rice bed in Wisconsin (04/25)
North Dakota lawmakers approve tribal oil tax bill (04/25)
PacifiCorp cites new reason to keep Klamath dams (04/23)
Senate hearing on Shoshone-Paiute water rights (04/23)
Mohegan Chair: Tribe works to protect Mother Earth (04/23)
Passamaquoddy Tribe sells land for gas project (04/23)
Nevada tribe won't allow nuclear waste transport (04/19)
Alaska Native group challenges drilling project (04/17)
Views: Middle school students debate Bear Butte (04/16)
North Dakota House approves tribal oil tax bill (04/13)
Opinion: Living in harmony with Mother Earth (04/13)
Inupiat village not affected by series of quakes (04/12)
DOI cutting herd, staff at National Bison Range (04/12)
Northern Arapaho Tribe plans bison restoration (04/12)
Court rejects Bush salmon plan on Columbia River (04/10)
Red Lake Nation receives $1M Shakopee grant (04/10)
Editorial: Hanford cleanup good for Yakama Nation (04/09)
Man arrested for stealing artifacts at Tule River (04/05)
EPA faulted for failing to act on greenhouse gases (04/03)
Blackfeet Nation hopes to make money from timber sale (04/02)
Fort Peck Tribes hope to tap Missouri River (03/27)
Man pulls deal over Old Chief Joseph gravesite (03/23)
Dump on Torres Martinez Reservation fined $46M (03/23)
Bill encourages drilling on Fort Berthold Reservation (03/21)
EPA goes after dumps on Torres Martinez land (03/21)
Two appointments to NAGPRA review committee (03/20)
South Dakota water project gets extra funds (03/20)
Ho-Chunk Nation closer to reclaiming Army land (03/20)
Letter: Power plant on sacred Navajo Nation land (03/19)
North Dakota tribe can't support water project (03/16)
Hopi Tribe humbled by court victory on sacred site (03/15)
Letter: Hualapai Tribe hypocritical on sacred (03/15)
Tribes welcome court decision on San Francisco Peaks (03/14)
White Mountain Apache Tribe takes over historic fort (03/14)
New Mexico tribes drop lawsuit over ski area expansion (03/13)
Flood damage blocks access for Sauk-Suiattle Tribe (03/13)
State to buy land near Old Chief Joseph gravesite (03/13)
9th Circuit blocks snowmaking at sacred peaks (03/12)
Tribes mark 50 years after loss of Celilo Falls (03/12)
Kickapoo Tribe puts up $10K reward for fire (03/09)
White Earth Band considers ethanol plant (03/07)
North Dakota tribe pushes for return of land (03/06)
NPR: Tribal management at bison range in Montana (03/05)
Skokomish Tribe seeks to save dying Hood Canal (03/05)
State board chairman demoted over 'beer' comment (03/05)
Alaska Natives on both sides of development debate (03/01)
Jodi Rave: Environmental racism expert in Montana (03/01)
Opinion: Alaska Natives know environment best (03/01)
Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe gets say on wind farm (03/01)
Indian Country ruling a victory for Navajo Nation (03/01)
Narragansett Tribe questions housing subdivision (02/28)
Japan opposes Alaska Native subsistence hunting (02/28)
Uranium company to fight Indian Country status (02/27)
Suquamish Tribe to receive $1.1M for 2003 oil spill (02/27)
Coeur d'Alene Tribe to meet over field burning (02/23)
Pentagon cancels massive 'Divine Strake' blast (02/23)
Taos Pueblo warns people not to bother elk herds (02/22)
Navajo Nation debates power plant in New Mexico (02/20)
Bill to create Bear Butte alcohol buffer zone killed (02/14)
Navajos sue to stop uranium mine in New Mexico (02/13)
Taos Pueblo latest to develop Clean Water standards (02/13)
Tribe's role at bison range faces numerous probes (02/13)
Bill to ban new bars near Bear Butte considered (02/09)
Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe wins Clean Water authority (02/09)
Utah bill expands protection for remains on private land (02/08)
Blackfeet Nation farmers eligible for USDA loans (02/08)
Passamaquoddy Tribe at odds with developer (02/07)
County won't take stand on Klamath land return (02/07)
Editorial: It's time to remove dams on Klamath River (02/07)
Editorial: Burning on Coeur d'Alene Reservation (02/05)
Opinion: Tide may be turning for West Coast salmon (02/05)
Ruling awaited on snowmaking in sacred peaks (02/01)
Bill to block new liquor licenses near Bear Butte killed (02/01)
Nez Perce Tribe supports delisting of wolves (02/01)
Confrontation over ceremony at sacred peaks (01/31)
Klamath dam operator told to add fish ladders (01/31)
Skull Valley Goshute Tribe defends nuclear project (01/30)
Tax breaks for Navajo power plant tabled for now (01/30)
Appeal planned in Arapaho eagle shooting case (01/29)
Bill would bar new liquor licenses by Bear Butte (01/29)
Aquinnah Wampanoag Tribe halts hatchery (01/25)
Top DOI officials visit Bison Range in Montana (01/24)
Colorado tribes develop NAGPRA protocol (01/22)
Skull discovered at site of landfill in Illinois (01/18)
Klamath Tribes land transfer set for county hearing (01/18)
Keweenaw Bay Indian Community fights mine (01/16)
Navajos protest power plant at inauguration (01/16)
Nez Perce Tribe resumes bison hunt in Montana (01/15)
Judge rules in Coeur d'Alene Tribe's dam case (01/12)
Blackfeet Nation surveys damage from storm (01/11)
Jodi Rave: Winona LaDuke speaks in Montana (01/11)
Alaska Natives divided on Bush's drilling decision (01/11)
Montana tribe accused of hostility at bison range (01/10)
Blackfeet Reservation hit by severe windstorm (01/10)
Montana tribe hopes for new bison agreement (01/03)

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