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Sherman Alexie: Barack Obama has been a 'terrible president' (09/07)
T. Lulani Arquette: UNDRIP should renounce Doctrine of Discovery (09/07)
Gyasi Ross: Denise Juneau, underdog, takes center stage at DNC (09/07)
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Letter: Chumash Tribe tries to skirt laws with land-into-trust bid (09/06)
Editorial: Muscogee Nation tobacco compact a true compromise (09/06)
Robert Horton: A long overdue apology to all indigenous women (09/06)
Suzan Harjo: Tribal identification cards must be accepted at polls (09/06)
Column: Lawyer switches sides for Indian Child Welfare Act case (09/05)
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Roberta Conner: Columbia River tribes maintain horse traditions (09/05)
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Editorial: Spirit Lake Dakotah Nation blames everyone for abuse (09/05)
Peter d'Errico: Where's the American Indian Holocaust Museum? (09/05)
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T. Lulani Arquette: America in denial over Doctrine of Discovery (09/04)
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Column: Arapaho Chief Friday was caught between two worlds (09/03)
Opinion: Tribal sovereign immunity just doesn't make any sense (09/03)
Column: Charles Journeycake, Delaware chief, was born in Ohio (09/03)
Column: Miss Navajo Nation serves as ambassador for the tribe (09/03)
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Walt Lamar: Preparing for an emergency before the emergency (09/03)
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Column: Learning from the 'collapse' of the Mayan civilization (08/28)
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Brenda Golden: Patricia Spottedcrow isn't free despite parole (08/27)
LeRoy Shingoitewa: Hopi Tribe not at fault for failed water deal (08/27)
Doug George-Kanentiio: Mohawks settled into Rockies in 1800s (08/27)
Editorial: Spirit Lake Nation problems need sharper attention (08/27)
Suzan Harjo: Privileged language permeates American politics (08/27)
Harold Monteau: Tribes take advantage of Affordable Care Act (08/27)
Opinion: Methamphetamine a problem for all in South Dakota (08/27)
Tim Giago: Jim Amoss missed wonderful year at Harvard in '91 (08/27)
Marc Simmons: Navajo Code Talkers won overdue recognition (08/24)
Editorial: Don't let politics harm children on Spirit Lake Nation (08/24)
Chase Iron Eyes: Help protect a sacred site stolen from tribes (08/24)
Opinion: Sacred site within Black Hills still at risk of being sold (08/24)
Republicans axed grant for home visits at Spirit Lake Nation (08/23)
Lise Balk King: Sacred site sale poses test for United Nations (08/23)
Jodi Rave: Countdown to auction of sacred site in Black Hills (08/23)
Opinion: Native women exploited again for political purposes (08/23)
Opinion: Media slanted against ICWA in South Carolina case (08/23)
Simon Moya-Smith: Faux pas from head of western museum (08/23)
Steven Newcomb: Tracing the origins of federal Indian policy (08/23)
Gyasi Ross: Paying attention to non-Native political systems (08/23)
Editorial: Hydropower as important as salmon for Northwest (08/22)
Johnny Flynn: Lakota people look to buy stolen sacred lands (08/22)
Opinion: Looking back at impacts of the Dakota War of 1862 (08/21)
Column: Non-Indian earned trusted role in Oglala Sioux Tribe (08/21)
Editorial: Prosecute non-Indian offenders in federal system (08/21)
Jodi Rave: Native voters are taking politics to a higher level (08/21)
Opinion: 'Joke' shows racism against Native people persists (08/21)
Cole DeLuane: Elizabeth Warren and the politics of genocide (08/21)
Opinion: President Lincoln responsible for Dakota execution (08/21)
Cedric Sunray: Poarch Band sells out after federal recognition (08/20)
Column: TV news director who left job claims Native ancestry (08/20)
Opinion: Being second-class undocumented Native American (08/20)
Steven Newcomb: Civilized Indians are just really dominated (08/20)
Steve Russell: Using 'patriotism' against the first Americans (08/20)
Tim Giago: The word 'honoring' should've read 'remembering' (08/20)
Winona LaDuke: Sacred site in Black Hills on the auction block (08/17)
Opinion: Good news coming from Indian Country on diabetes (08/16)
Vincent Armenta: Chumash Tribe shares land-into-trust woes (08/16)
Ruth Hopkins: Saving a sacred Black Hills site from auction block (08/15)
Sue Masten: WEWIN honors women leaders at annual meeting (08/15)
Gyasi Ross: Starting a tradition of acceptance in Indian Country (08/15)
Editorial: It's here already-the annual Santa Fe Indian Market (08/14)
Editorial: Confirm Kevin Washburn as BIA's Assistant Secretary (08/14)
Opinion: On going 'Native' at naming ceremony for white bison (08/14)
T. Lulani Arquette: Indigenous people can't forget their history (08/14)
Editorial: Kenaitze Tribe provides beacon of hope and healing (08/13)
Editorial: Resentment festers 150 years after the Dakota War (08/13)
Leonard Masten: Hoopa Valley Tribe continues to ask for water (08/13)
John McCain/Jon Kyl: An endless fight over tribal water rights (08/13)
Editorial: Spirit Lake Nation defensive in wake of abuse cases (08/13)
Matt Gilbert: Not all Alaska Natives cheer 1971 settlement act (08/13)
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Louis Manuel Jr: It takes a tribal community to raise our children (05/24)
Floyd Jourdain and Erma Vizenor: Stop unfair transportation bill (05/24)
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Students: Water rights settlement won't benefit Navajo people (05/23)
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Gyasi Ross: 'Queen Warhorse' allowed to speak for Natives (05/03)
Editorial: Mishewal Wappo Tribe recognition a serious issue (05/03)
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Caddo Nation claiming pottery that was donated to Goodwill (05/03)
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Editorial: Unanswered questions about Muscogee Nation plan (05/01)
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Walt Lamar: Bullying runs contrary to tribal traditional values (05/01)
Levi Rickert: Victory for Native women in VAWA Senate vote (04/30)
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Lance Twitchell: Take control of our Alaska Native languages (04/30)
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Kim Teehee: Solid record of achievements for Indian Country (04/30)
Tim Giago: Tatanka Iyotanka was a pure Lakota traditionalist (04/30)
Opinion: Debate over Salish and Kootenai Tribes fishing plans (04/27)
Column: Pequots driven to near eradication by newer arrivals (04/27)
Warren Petoskey: Blood quantum is not a traditional concept (04/27)
Adella Begaye: Navajo Nation deals with power plant pollution (04/27)
Opinion: Republican VAWA amendment dangerous for tribes (04/26)
Richard Gomez: Chumash Tribe to produce own label of wine (04/26)
Ruth Hopkins: UFO sightings common across Indian Country (04/26)
Editorial: EPA's fracking rules will help reduce air pollution (04/25)
Editorial: Jamestown S'Klallam Tribe key to region's future (04/25)
Opinion: Bison from historic herd return home to Montana (04/25)
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Letter: Enough of government 'care' for Native Americans (04/25)
Jack Duran: Tribes face taxation threats from states and IRS (04/25)
Editorial: Indian victims deserve more timely investigations (04/24)
Norman Deschampe: Trust fund bill fair to Chippewa bands (04/24)
Magazine: Study confirms a dental crisis in Indian Country (04/24)
Lise Balk King: UNDRIP an big marker for indigenous rights (04/24)
Opinion: Helping tribes get a fairer shake from government (04/24)
Arthur LaRose: Trust fund bill a threat to tribal sovereignty (04/24)
Column: Land run in 1889 opened tribal territory to settlers (04/23)
Opinion: San Manuel candidate not like the average citizen (04/23)
Opinion: We can 'save' the Awa Tribe from encroachments (04/23)
Opinion: Politics and power in Keystone XL Pipeline debate (04/23)
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Mike Taylor: Debates over race spilled onto Facebook pages (04/23)
Julianne Jennings: A long obsession with Indian stereotypes (04/23)
Opinion: GOP roadblock to the Violence Against Women Act (04/23)
Marc Simmons: Early Europeans found Indians but no gold (04/23)
Tim Giago: Rocky history of Natives and the Mormon Church (04/23)
Dee Gokee-Rindal: Red Cliff Ojibwe students succeeding (04/20)
Delvin Cree: Powwows an important part of tribal culture (04/20)
Letter: Get the federal government out of tribal affairs (04/20)
Opinion: Chumash report ignores land-into-trust issues (04/20)
Suzan Shown Harjo: White privilege in American society (04/20)
Andy Big Snake: Barriers to real sobriety in Indian Country (04/19)
Gabe Galanda: DOI land consolidation plan another insult (04/19)
Opinion: Oglala Sioux Tribe demands justice for crimes (04/18)
Editorial: A free press is essential, even in a tribal society (04/17)
Opinion: An eye-opening opportunity to learn about tribes (04/17)
Robert Barton: Eliminating elder abuse in Indian Country (04/17)
Nikke Alex: Water settlement not good for Navajo Nation (04/17)
Column: Don't ignore tragedy of suicide in Indian Country (04/16)
Column: Native offender didn't get off easy for his crimes (04/16)
Colby Tootoosis: Going back to real indigenous leadership (04/16)
Dean Chavers: Heroes from Indian Country and elsewhere (04/16)
Letter: Groups in Tennessee lack connection to real tribes (04/16)
Dan Jones: Why you don't see Indian people on television (04/16)
Tim Giago: Dulaney was named 'Waonspekiye' or teacher (04/16)
Lance Twitchell: An Alaska Native man's role in education (04/13)
Natanya Ann Pulley: Open letter to Johnny Depp's Tonto (04/13)
Column: Kalispel Tribe removes invasive fish from rivers (04/13)
Column: An experience with the Nez Perce Tribe's fishery (04/13)
Irene Cuch: The future of the federal trust responsibility (04/13)
Jim Northrup: Fond du Lac Follies heads to Lumbee land (04/13)
Charles Trimble: Getting older but not necesarily 'golden' (04/13)
Ruth Hopkins: Protect grasslands as ancestors intended (04/13)
Gyasi Ross: Natives don't have a monopoly on injustices (04/13)
Opinion: Don't believe tribal hype about fish population (04/12)
Opinion: A lot at stake with Hualapai tribal court dispute (04/12)
WH Blog: A new beginning in the federal trust relationship (04/12)
Editorial: Columbia River polluter faces a day of reckoning (04/11)
Editorial: Fort Peck Reservation school works to do better (04/11)
Opinion: 'No coincidence' in Echo Hawk's Mormon position (04/11)
Editorial: Move of Yellowstone bison to tribes a good thing (04/10)
Oliver Semans: Another encroachment on our sovereignty (04/10)
Duane Champagne: Scientific community attacks NAGPRA (04/10)
Bill John Baker: Tribes in Oklahoma showing a united front (04/10)
Opinion: A model in dental care from Alaska Native villages (04/09)
Editorial: Big price to pay for tribal water rights settlement (04/09)
Column: Indian lawyers share Supreme Court experiences (04/09)
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