Opinion: Allegations against San Manuel chairman lack merit

"I served as chief deputy district attorney for the District Attorney's Office Central Division between October 2006 and June 2009. The city of San Bernardino and the San Manuel Indian Reservation were within my area of responsibility, as was overseeing the DA's Central Gang Unit. In this capacity I was very familiar with the investigation into problems relating to gang presence at San Manuel and the "killer for hire" case alluded to by county Supervisor Neil Derry ("Crime ties are a serious issue," Feb. 10).

I am compelled to correct misinformation being propagated by Mr. Derry.

As pointed out by retired Sheriff's Capt. Mike Howell ("False allegations," Feb. 6) and retired Redlands Police Chief Jim Bueermann ("Supervisor Derry's constituents deserve better," Feb. 8), the name of James Ramos never came to light as having any involvement in any type of criminal activity whatsoever. I saw no evidence at any time that James Ramos had any ties to gang members, drug dealers, killers for hire, or any other criminal. The truth is that Mr. Derry's accusations are without merit. "

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Benjamin Y. Gonzales: Derry's accusations have no merit (The San Benardino Sun 2/17)

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Alfred Aro: Ramos gets things done (THe San Bernardino Sun 2/17)

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