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Cell Tower at Sundown
As digital technology increasingly becomes the main infrastructure for information and commerce, tribes will need to create an informed strategy to make sure their voices are included.
The beating heart of Cherokee culture is when we can interact face to face with other Cherokees, appreciating and learning from each other across generations.
TikTok is a source of entertainment and information for Native users — and it could go away following enactment of a new U.S. law.
Citing a troubling disparity for self-harm among Native youth, two tribes are suing the country’s most prominent social media companies.
Tohono O’odham Nation
In a vibrant building adorned with murals on the grounds of Tohono O’odham Community College, students gather in a classroom around a U-shaped table.
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Lawmakers from both parties are supporting — and opposing — a bill that would ban TikTok unless the social media app is sold to a non-foreign owner.
Connected Learning Center - Cherokee Nation
As we empower our rural and underserved communities, Cherokee Nation is building a brighter, more connected future for our citizens in northeast Oklahoma.
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Don’t Forget: Applications for Leading People And Investing To Build Sustainable Communities Program (LPIBSC) due this week.
Many Farms, Arizona
Tribes and Native entities have more time to submit applications for the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program, a national initiative to improve high-speed internet access on Native lands.
Cameron, Arizona
In 2020, more than 18% of people on tribal lands lacked access to broadband, compared with about 4% in non-tribal areas.
First Beach on Quileute Reservation
Tribes are getting their applications in for funds from the second round of the Tribal Broadband Connectivity Program.
Fresh off the press: NAFOA’s agenda for #NAFOAFALL23!
More than 800 tribal leaders and finance professional in Indian Country are in the nation’s capital for NAFOA’s 41st annual conference.
Chuck Hoskin Jr.
Access to telemedicine is a lifeline for many Cherokees, and we must protect it to keep up the fight against the opioid crisis.
Twitter app icon
For all its faults, Twitter is an effective means for sharing and discussing Native issues, culture, language, and business.
Cherokee Connect
All those living on the Cherokee Nation Reservation need the ability to participate in the digital economy.
Elizabeth Hoover
A scholar who has made a name for herself in Native food sovereignty has vowed to stop claiming to be of “Mohawk/Mi’kmaq descent” despite doing so for decades.
Yaamava' Resort & Casino
California voters will decide between two competing sports betting measures — a struggle that underscores a divide among tribal nations.
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Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Roundtable discussion titled “Promoting and Supporting Tribal Access to Spectrum and Related Benefits in Native Communities"
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hosts a roundtable to address spectrum access for Native communities.
NAFOA: 5 Things You Need to Know this Week
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White House
The Biden administration is working to improve high-speed internet in American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian communities.
Lynn Malerba
Lynn Malerba, the chief of the Mohegan Tribe, is taking on a prominent role in the Biden administration.
Bethany Yellowtail
It’s been a rough couple of months for one of Indian Country’s most prominent fashion designers.
NAFOA provides resources on every aspect needed for thriving tribal communities.
Troop Hula
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is on the road this week, focusing on Native Hawaiian issues.
St. Mary's, Alaska
With over $13 billion on the table, the Biden administration is making sure tribes get access to historic levels of funding for infrastructure in Indian Country.
Class of Leading People and Investing to Build Sustainable Communities
NAFOA looks out for our community — help us grow by forwarding this newsletter!
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs holds an oversight hearing on “Setting New Foundations: Implementing the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act for Native Communities.”
'This is my last post': Lance Tsosie aka Modern Warrior (@modern_warrior) exits TikTok
What’s going on with Lance Tsosie aka Modern Warrior on TikTok?
Scott Badenoch
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Melissa Isaac
Melissa Isaac, a citizen of the Saginaw Chippewa Tribe, made waves as a guest of First Lady Dr. Jill Biden at the State of the Union.
Regan Loggans, also known as Regan de Loggans
The most prominent “Indigenous” group in New York City is responding to concerns about Regan Loggans, also known as Regan de Loggans.
Regan Loggans, also known as Regan de Loggans
The leader of New York City’s most prominent and vocal Indigenous group is changing their story after being asked about their tribal affiliation claims.
5G Phone
5G wireless technology promises to revolutionize everything from business transactions to online gaming but what about Indian Country?
Fawn Sharp
Tribal governments have “a foot in the door” with the federal government but they don’t yet have a seat at the table, said National Congress of American Indians President Fawn Sharp.
StrongHearts Native Helpline
Native Americans and Alaska Natives are the most vulnerable to domestic violence.
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