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J.D. Vance
A Republican politician who derided Indigenous Peoples’ Day as “fake” is Donald Trump’s running mate.
Tom Cole
From the mid-seventeenth century till the early twentieth century, Indian boarding schools were used as a tool to assimilate Native children away from their rich culture.
Phoenix Indian School
A bill to create a Truth and Healing Commission on Indian boarding schools is moving forward in Congress.
A bipartisan bill would relocate some of the 20,500 buffalo on public lands to tribal lands.
'The Road to Healing'
Applause broke out on Capitol Hill with the advancement of a bipartisan bill that will finally help address the harmful legacy of the Indian boarding school era.
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
“For more than a century, the federal government’s Indian Boarding School policies and practices sought to destroy Native languages, cultures, and identities,” said Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii).
H.R.7227, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act of 2024
The House Committee on Education and the Workforce considers H.R.7227, the Truth and Healing Commission on Indian Boarding School Policies Act, at a markup session.
June 2 marked one century since then-President Calvin Coolidge signed a law granting U.S. citizenship to Native people.
Remember The Removal Bike Ride
The Remember the Removal Bike Ride is one of the most valuable cultural activities Cherokee Nation supports, deeply connecting youthful Cherokees to our history.
Tommy Orange
In his new novel, Tommy Orange weaves together the complex history of the Indian boarding school era as witnessed by the ancestors to the characters in his best-selling debut.
Hilton Family Holocaust Education Center
Lawmakers in Arizona are advancing plans for the first Holocaust education center in the state, although funding is in debate.
Mark Macarro
Tribal nations are seeing themselves represented more than ever before, but they still need to make their voices heard at the ballot box, the leader of the National Congress of American Indians said.
Rhonda LeValdo
The Kansas City football team must change its name and imagery.
Killers of the Flower Moon
The Osage Nation is celebrating a major milestone for a film that shares an otherwise difficult time in the tribe’s history.
Phoenix Indian Boarding School
A national oral history project aims to document the experiences of Indigenous children who attended federal boarding schools.
Carlisle Barracks Post Cemetery
The Winnebago Tribe is suing the federal government to recover the remains of two children who died at the Carlisle Indian Industrial School.
Wes Studi and Henry Louis “Skip” Gates Jr.
Award-winning Cherokee actor Wes Studi is making history as the first Native person to appear on the long-running PBS television series Finding Your Roots.
Fort Robinson Outbreak Spiritual Run
In January 1879, U.S. soldiers hunted down and killed Northern Cheyenne men, women and children who attempted to escape unbearable conditions at Fort Robinson in Nebraska.
Deb Haaland
Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland delivers remarks at the opening of the third annual White House Tribal Nations Summit.
Bryan Newland
The Bureau of Indian Affairs announced nearly $2 million in grants to support the Indian Child Welfare Act in off-reservation communities across the nation.
National Day of Mourning
Too often, K-12 social studies classes in the U.S. teach a mostly glossed-over story of U.S. settlement.
Wounded Knee
Since Columbus arrived in 1492, we have been struggling to protect our communities, our way of life and Mother Earth.
Bryan Newland #NCAI80
Assistant Secretary for Indian Affairs Bryan Newland addresses the National Congress of American Indians on November 13, 2023.
Not One More: Findings and Recommendations of the Not Invisible Act Commission
A national commission of federal and tribal experts is calling for a “Decade of Action and Healing” to help address the crisis of missing, murdered and trafficked people in Indian Country.
Louisiana Purchase Stone Marker
The Louisiana Purchase ushered in Manifest Destiny, the Indian Removal Act and other actions that favored European settlement at the expense of Native peoples.
Kwetiio of Kanien'keha:ka Kahnistensera (Mohawk Mothers)
Debates over what “mapping” means show how Indigenous communities still have to advocate for and defend their cartographic methods in order to uphold their connections to the land.
Yellowstone Bison
A new PBS documentary called “The American Buffalo” chronicles the history of the buffalo – from its sacred connection to tribes to its almost complete demise.
Carlisle Barracks Post Cemetery
The U.S. Army finalized its sixth disinterment project, returning four Native children to their families.
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden has another proclamation for Indigenous Peoples’ Day, the third of his administration.
Pueblo of Acoma
Leaders of New Mexico’s Pueblo tribes are speaking out following the near deadly shooting of a Native activist on their homelands.
Juan de Oñate Monument
Racist violence reared its ugly head again when a Native man was shot on Pueblo homelands during a peaceful protest against colonization in northern New Mexico.
Lakota Nation vs United States
In the U.S. government’s long record of broken treaties, land theft, and genocide, the taking of the Black Hills ranks as one of the most disgraceful examples of imperial aggression.
Fawn Sharp
Indian Country is on high alert as the U.S. government prepares for a possible shutdown, the first of its kind in more than three years.
George Thompson
In our Muscogee culture, once a body is at rest, it is supposed to remain there forever and complete its lifecycle, returning to earth.
Indian Students
Join Native America Calling to get a snapshot of what Native educators see ahead in the new school year.
U.S. Supreme Court
As dangerous smoke cast an ominous shadow over the nation’s capital, tribes and their advocates continue to wait for a series of monumental decisions from the U.S. Supreme Court.
The Genoa Indian Industrial School was one of the largest Indian boarding schools, drawing students from 40 tribal nations for half a century.
South Dakota Education Equity Coalition
Tribal nations are opposing new South Dakota social studies standards that exclude them from history in the state.
Narragansett Tribe
Forty years of federal recognition and the Narragansett people are still fighting for what’s rightfully ours.
A Promise Kept
After removal from their home and an arduous and deadly forced march, the Muscogee Nation arrived in Oklahoma with little more than a promise that they could revive and rebuild.