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U.S. Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court upheld a ban on gun possession by domestic abusers with a a ruling that came as a huge relief to advocates for survivors.
Cell Tower at Sundown
As digital technology increasingly becomes the main infrastructure for information and commerce, tribes will need to create an informed strategy to make sure their voices are included.
Tuma Angwu Owya
More than 30 pieces of century-old Hopi pottery, baskets, and other items are making a return visit to the their community of creation.
Theodore Roosevelt School
Teachers have been in short supply across Arizona. Nowhere is that felt more than at schools run by tribes and the federal government.
U.S. Supreme Court
A unanimous U.S. Supreme Court upheld access to a widely used abortion drug, tossing out an effort to take mifepristone off the market across the country.
Navajo Shade House
A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds Indigenous people suffer a higher percentage of heat-related deaths than any other population.
June 2 marked one century since then-President Calvin Coolidge signed a law granting U.S. citizenship to Native people.
Buu Nygren
Navajo Nation President Buu Nygren hosts a press conference on May 28, 2024.
House Committee on Appropriations American Indian and Alaska Native Public Witness Hearing Day 2, Morning Session
The House Committee on Appropriations heard from dozens of Indian Country leaders who testified about their funding needs.
Stolen People, Stolen Benefits
Nearly a year after the state of Arizona announced a crackdown on a Medicaid scheme exploiting vulnerable Native people, tribal citizens are still calling for action to combat the problem.
U.S. Supreme Court
Native people are affected by Arizona’s efforts to solidify a strict ban on abortions — and other states with substantial Native populations are trying to do the same.
Dr. Richard Laughter
As a Native psychiatrist, Dr. Richard Laughter breaks down accessibility barriers by blending Native cultural practices with Western care.
Native American Horse Education Foundation
George Goode explains the significance of farrier education through the Native American Horse Education Foundation, which provides courses to Native communities.
COVID-19 Vaccinations with the Navajo Nation
Native people die by suicide at rates higher than any other racial or ethnic group, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Banner University Medical Center
An estimated 18.1 percent of Arizona residents have experienced long COVID — a condition broadly defined by symptoms that continue to develop weeks, months or years after COVID-19 infection.
Early Ballots
The famed criminal known as “QAnon Shaman” will not be going back to Washington, for now — at least not in any official capacity.
Verlon Jose
Lawmakers wanted to talk about the problems of foreign criminal cartels operating on Indigenous lands, but tribal leaders came to Capitol Hill seeking solutions.
Nicole Mann
“The idea of being an astronaut hadn’t even entered my mind at this point,” Marine Col. Nicole Mann told college students.
Tohono O’odham Nation
In a vibrant building adorned with murals on the grounds of Tohono O’odham Community College, students gather in a classroom around a U-shaped table.
Tribes are seeking to hold the Indian Health Service accountable for money they say is promised to them under self-determination contracts.
Stephen Roe Lewis
The Gila River Indian Community plans to work directly with federal officials to develop its own proposal for water sharing on the Colorado River.
Becerra v. San Carlos Apache Tribe / Becerra v. Northern Arapaho Tribe
The U.S. Supreme Court hears arguments in Becerra v. San Carlos Apache Tribe and Becerra v. Northern Arapaho Tribe on March 25, 2024.
Colorado River
Four states and six tribes in the Colorado River Basin are working on what could be a historic agreement — if it happens at all.
Lawmakers from both parties are supporting — and opposing — a bill that would ban TikTok unless the social media app is sold to a non-foreign owner.
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden delivered a combative State of the Union that laid out his achievements and baited Republicans for not doing more.
Fajada Butte
Tribes maintain schedules for harvests, ceremonies, family and feasts. How does the concept of time factor in?
Kyrsten Sinema
After leaving the Democratic Party, Kyrsten Sinema from Arizona has decided to leave the U.S. Senate for good.
Katie Hobbs
Arizona officials said they have been given federal approval to expand income eligibility for KidsCare, a change that could add 10,000 children to the low-cost health care program.
Black Mesa
Federal energy officials took the unusual step of denying permits to several pumped hydropower projects proposed on the Navajo Nation, citing a new policy that gives tribes a greater voice in projects on their lands.
Hilton Family Holocaust Education Center
Lawmakers in Arizona are advancing plans for the first Holocaust education center in the state, although funding is in debate.
Elijah Marrietta
According to the Department of Agriculture, 59 percent of farmers in Arizona were Native, more than any other state.
Mark Macarro
Tribal nations are seeing themselves represented more than ever before, but they still need to make their voices heard at the ballot box, the leader of the National Congress of American Indians said.
Arizona Indian Festival
Native artists say knockoffs from overseas undermine their authentic work, which represents their culture.
Fort Apache Tribe Basketball
Basketball is revered on all of Arizona’s reservations, and one team from the White Mountain Apache Tribe benefits from that enthusiasm.
Blackfeet Indian Memorial
Native people die by suicide at higher rates than any other racial or ethnic group, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
Border Screening
The Republican Speaker of the House said the bill is “dead on arrival” even before seeing it.
Kyrsten Sinema
Arizona Sen. Kyrsten Sinema raised a fraction of what her leading challengers brought in in the last quarter of 2023, raising new questions about her chances in what could be a bruising, three-way race.
American Museum of Natural History
New regulations for the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act are prompting museums to pull some items from public display.
San Pedro Valley
The Biden administration’s renewable energy agenda is being tested in court with a lawsuit from tribes opposed to a $4 billion development that runs through their homelands.
'March. Vote. Win'
In the 51 years since the U.S. Supreme Court recognized – and then reversed – federal abortion protections, advocates and opponents have fought constantly over reproductive rights.