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Scott Badenoch
Scott Badenoch is seen in the documentary “Our Fires Still Burn” by Audrey Geyer. Still Image: Audrey Geyer
Pretendian Country Today: ‘My dad is a fake Native American’
Monday, March 7, 2022

Have you subscribed to Pretendian Country Today, the new Indianz.Com project over on Substack? Well, why not?

Only on Pretendian Country Today can you find all the developments on the phenomenon known as Pretendians. The latest post burning up the Indian internet is about a Michigan business man who was outed as a fraud — by his own daughter!

Scott Badenoch’s grift goes way back, as Pretendian Country Today reveals. Not only has it brought him visibility, including a prominent feature in a 2013 documentary titled Our Fires Still Burn, it’s also led to financial rewards.

Through a company he claimed was “Native” owned, Badenoch landed $12.5 million in government contracts and government loans between 2009 and 2014, the Pretendian Country Today post shows. How do we knows this?

Well, the Small Business Administration, whose current leader is venturing out into Indian Country, kept receipts! Plenty of receipts.

Yet Badenoch is just one of many. So Pretendian Country Today will be keeping track of their social media platforms, their crowd-funding pleas, their business launches, their faux apologies and their meltdowns over on

Now anyone can join Pretendian Country Today. But to access all the deep dives into the phenomenon, it will require a paid subscription.

And don’t worry, there will still be plenty of serious stories on Indianz.Com about the impacts of these false, faulty and fraudulent claims — from individuals like Badenoch to entire organizations that are engaged in the grift.

But if you want all the hot tea, subscribe to Pretendian Country Today, today.

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