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Lauren Boebert on Native America Calling
If Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) gets her way, she will be the next Secretary of the Interior.
Wakan Gli
Among the Earth’s most genetically pure buffalo herds in Yellowstone National Park, a rare white buffalo calf is born.
Donald Trump and J.D. Vance
What does another Donald Trump presidency mean for Native America?
Native America Calling NAC
What would a decisive Republican majority in Congress mean for Native people?
Republican National Convention
What does the display of Republican values on the national stage look like to Native voters?
'Grande Medicine' by James Frechette
Native America Calling is in Wisconsin to hear from tribal leaders and tribal citizens as the Republican Party opens its presidential nominating convention.
Havasu Falls
Tourism is big money for many tribes and individual entrepreneurs. But it also has the potential to diminish people’s quality of life.
U.S. Supreme Court
The U.S. Supreme Court issued some big rulings before going on break for the summer. How do the cases impact tribes and Native people?
The Strong Heart Study
More than half of Native elders from rural areas have some sort of cognitive impairment, a condition that ranges from mild memory loss all the way to dementia.
Phoenix Indian School
A bill to create a Truth and Healing Commission on Indian boarding schools is moving forward in Congress.
Okichitaw Indigenous Combat Arts
George Lepine and Chebon Marks have been infusing Indigenous philosophy and methods into martial arts.
Watheca Records
A Lakota man is developing an archive of music by Native artists one record and cassette tape at a time. Listen to the encore presentation.
Conor Kerr
A herd of stolen bison get tangled up in a scheme orchestrated by a fiery Indigenous activist and her aimless young companion in a new book by Metis author Conor Kerr.
Native America Calling NAC
While candidates for the Republican and Democratic parties reign supreme in headlines, some Native voters aren’t bound by the two-party system.
Hanford Reach National Monument
For the first time, the federal government has acknowledged the historic and ongoing devastation caused to tribes by dams in the Pacific Northwest.
Bureau of Indian Education
What’s on The Menu? Join Native America Calling for more on Alaska Native food, gardening and a new Bureau of Indian Education program.
Arigon Starr
Hubert Logan, Mega Bear, Wampum Baggs, and Tad Nugget are all back for Volume 3 of the Super Indian saga.
Statue Garden in Winnebago, Nebraska
Efforts continue at the national and local level to return land to tribes, the original stewards.
Phoenix, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona, is the latest city to face federal allegation of police discrimination against Native people.
Two Alaska Native musicians join Native America Calling for the latest edition of Native Playlist.
Ground Control
Skateboarding has become increasingly popular among Native athletes and recreational boarders, as organizers step up their support with places to skate.
Kristi Noem
Is South Dakota peculiar, or is the state driving a trend in anti-Indian policies, sentiments and behaviors?
Cell Tower at Sundown
As digital technology increasingly becomes the main infrastructure for information and commerce, tribes will need to create an informed strategy to make sure their voices are included.
Tuma Angwu Owya
More than 30 pieces of century-old Hopi pottery, baskets, and other items are making a return visit to the their community of creation.
Medicine Wheel for the Planet A Journey Toward Personal and Ecological Healing
Indigenous scientists often have a foot in two worlds: modern science and the wisdom that comes from sacred and traditional knowledge.
Bush Foundation Fellowship
A half dozen Indigenous leaders are getting a boost for incorporating traditional connections with making people and their communities better.
Navajo Shade House
A study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention finds Indigenous people suffer a higher percentage of heat-related deaths than any other population.
Native America Calling NAC
Indigenous LGBTQ+ and Two-Spirit artists discuss the intersection of two driving issues of identity that are both a celebration and a source of contention.
Plains Indian Sign Language Camp
At one point in history, tribes in the Plains region developed a shared universal language.
Native America Calling NAC
Mental health conditions tops the list of causes for pregnancy-related deaths in a recent study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
'Every Native Vote Counts'
Native voters have traditionally supported Democrats, and that has made a significant difference in key races across the United States.
After a report on disparities in Hawaii’s criminal justice system, that state has been working on ways to provide more equitable treatment of Native Hawaiians.
Celeigh Cardinal
A good playlist makes the summer heat bearable and sets the mood on an invigorating road trip.
'Vote to Protect'
News consumers can choose where they get their facts from — and increasingly those facts are in dispute.
Indian Citizenship Act
A century after the Indian Citizenship Act, Native America Calling takes a look at the strengths and sacrifices of becoming American citizens.
Alissa Pili
Native basketball fans have a lot to see on the court when it comes to the NBA and the WNBA.
Tom Cole
Join Native America Calling to get perspectives from some notable Native Republicans about what they see the party does for their Native constituents.
Navajo Sheep
Join Andi Murphy for The Menu, Native America Calling’s regular feature on Native food!
Sasquatch Mask
Sasquatch, also known as Bigfoot, carry a deep meaning in many Native cultures.
Standing Rock Sioux Tribe
It’s been more than a year and some Native parents in North Dakota still haven’t received child support payments following an abrupt change by the Internal Revenue Service.