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Lauren Boebert on Native America Calling
If Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-Colorado) gets her way, she will be the next Secretary of the Interior.
Donald Trump and J.D. Vance
What does another Donald Trump presidency mean for Native America?
James Crawford
The public safety theme on the second evening at the Republican National Convention included a message from Forest County Potawatomi Chairman James Crawford.
Tempe, Arizona
“Just because a scientist says something doesn’t mean it’s true,” a first-term Republican lawmaker said.
Republican National Convention
What does the display of Republican values on the national stage look like to Native voters?
'Grande Medicine' by James Frechette
Native America Calling is in Wisconsin to hear from tribal leaders and tribal citizens as the Republican Party opens its presidential nominating convention.
Joe Biden
“Indigenous communities and Native communities do not publicly humiliate their elders the way the media has,” said April Ignacio from the Tohono O’odham Nation.
'Remember Our SIsters - Forever in Our Hearts'
A federal judge who was once praised for his work in understanding Native issues resigned following an investigation into sexual misconduct.
Candi Brings Plenty
A chaotic and heated scene played out in the nation’s capital as a Native activist advocated for tribal sovereignty on the steps of the highest court in the land.
Early Ballots
The famed criminal known as “QAnon Shaman” will not be going back to Washington, for now — at least not in any official capacity.
Lawmakers from both parties are supporting — and opposing — a bill that would ban TikTok unless the social media app is sold to a non-foreign owner.
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden delivered a combative State of the Union that laid out his achievements and baited Republicans for not doing more.
'Voting is Sacred'
What is on your mind as the presidential race narrows? What other candidates or issues are most important to you?
Joe Biden
Native people have a pronounced respect for the wisdom of elders. But what about elected officials?
Coquille Tribe
The Biden administration is promising to make it easier for tribes to restore their homelands and for one Indian nation in the Pacific Northwest, the initiative couldn’t come soon enough.
Melanie Yazzie
The Red Nation is calling for safety following a racist shooting that has resulted in attempted murder and aggravated assault charges in New Mexico.
Juan de Oñate Monument
Racist violence reared its ugly head again when a Native man was shot on Pueblo homelands during a peaceful protest against colonization in northern New Mexico.
Jorge Aaron Riley
In a court filing, U.S. Capitol breach defendant Jorge Aaron Riley finally admitted he knows little to nothing about his supposed “American Indian” heritage.
Sophia Marjanovic
Standing among the boisterous crowd of media and onlookers awaiting the arraignment of former U.S. president Donald Trump is one Native woman.
Deb Haaland
A Republican lawmaker who was unable to derail Deb Haaland’s historic rise to Secretary of the Interior had somewhat of a meltdown as he came face-to-face with the Native woman trailblazer.
Jorge Aaron Riley
It took more than two years but a self-proclaimed Native Republican wore his “best Trump tie” to court and finally admitted he committed a crime during a violent insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
Lisa Murkowski and Brian Schatz
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs is getting back to work after what the legislative panel’s bipartisan leadership said was an extremely productive session.
House of Tears Carvers
Indian Country will be out in force as the nation’s highest court weighs the future of the Indian Child Welfare Act.
Jim Thorpe on the Sovereignty Run
The nation’s highest court is about to hear one of the biggest cases in Indian Country’s history and already some troubling signs are emerging.
Joe Biden
President Joe Biden has joined national-level politicians in seeking the resignations of city officials in California who made racist and offensive statements about Indigenous people.
Monica Tranel
The candidates for Montana’s Western U.S. House seat faced off in public forum twice, tangling over abortion and the economy and dissecting each other’s attack lines as the election approaches.
Oak Flat
The fight to protect a sacred site from development is once again back in court as defenders of Oak Flat try to stop a huge copper mine on Apache territory.
Mary Peltola
Mary Peltola is making history as the first Alaska Native to serve in the U.S. Congress following a special — and unique — election in which the Democratic candidate defeated two Republicans.
Protect Oak Flat
A long-running political, legal and environmental dispute over a copper mine on sacred Apache land in Arizona shows no signs of ending anytime soon.
Black Hills Land Defenders
The Republican governor of South Dakota has once again been turned away in court over efforts to set off fireworks in the sacred Black Hills.
U.S. Supreme Court
As the retrograde Supreme Court has taken steps back in time, it has struck a reactionary blow against the tribal sovereignty of this land’s Indigenous nations.
Roselyn Tso
President Biden’s pick to lead the Indian Health Service is slowly but surely moving through the confirmation process on Capitol Hill.
Matthew L. Campbell
The Native American Rights Fund has announced the selection of Matthew Campbell as deputy director.
Jonathan Nez and Roselyn Tso
The COVID-19 pandemic and operational issues are among the major challenges at the Indian Health Service as the agency awaits new leadership.
Sunshine Suzanne Sykes
Sunshine Suzanne Sykes is joining a group that is small yet growing — Native women who serve on the federal bench.
U.S. Supreme Court
An unprecedented leak from the nation’s highest court is coming amid extreme uncertainty for tribes and their sovereign rights.
Raúl Grijalva
A Democratic-led bill to strengthen the policy of tribal consultation has hit a snag on Capitol Hill, leaving some supporters wondering about its future.
U.S. Capitol
Voters in Alaska are facing quite the U.S. Congressional race, with four Native candidates among dozens seeking to represent their state in the nation’s capital.
Deb Haaland
Indian Country’s economic health is vastly more important than scoring partisan points.
Ketanji Brown Jackson
The nation’s highest court is once again entering a season of significant change with major Indian law cases on the docket and a historic nominee nearing confirmation.