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There’s something for everybody on the summer reading lists by our expert panel of Native super-readers.
House Committee on Appropriations American Indian and Alaska Native Public Witness Hearing Day 2, Morning Session
The House Committee on Appropriations heard from dozens of Indian Country leaders who testified about their funding needs.
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hosts a roundtable discussion on May 8, 2024.
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs hosts a roundtable discussion on May 8, 2024.
Stolen People, Stolen Benefits
Nearly a year after the state of Arizona announced a crackdown on a Medicaid scheme exploiting vulnerable Native people, tribal citizens are still calling for action to combat the problem.
House Committee on Appropriations American Indian and Alaska Native Public Witness Hearing Day 1, Afternoon Session
The House Committee on Appropriations is hearing from dozens of Indian Country leaders who are testifying about their funding needs.
Native Guitars Tour
Native Guitars Tour is heading up a two-day music and fashion presentation in New Mexico.
Shiprock, New Mexico
The murders of three Navajo men by white high school students touched off a series of racially-fueled conflicts in a border town in New Mexico.
Colorado River
Four states and six tribes in the Colorado River Basin are working on what could be a historic agreement — if it happens at all.
Navajo Preparatory School Eagles
It’s basketball tournament time and Native America Calling is talking free throws, three-pointers and trophies.
Fajada Butte
Tribes maintain schedules for harvests, ceremonies, family and feasts. How does the concept of time factor in?
Native America Calling NAC
Native agriculture is now a $6.4 billion industry, doubling in sales from 2017 to 2022.
Black Mesa
Federal energy officials took the unusual step of denying permits to several pumped hydropower projects proposed on the Navajo Nation, citing a new policy that gives tribes a greater voice in projects on their lands.
Native America Calling NAC
Native people access hip and knee replacements at a rate lower than other ethnic groups.
Joe Garcia
The National Congress of American Indians honors the late Joe Garcia at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.
Soup, sharp knives and nominations for Native-owned businesses are on The Menu, a regular food feature from Native America Calling.
San Pedro Valley
The Biden administration’s renewable energy agenda is being tested in court with a lawsuit from tribes opposed to a $4 billion development that runs through their homelands.
Santa Fe. New Mexico
The New Mexico Indian Affairs Department has entered the new year with new leadership following controversy in 2023.
Solar Panels - Moapa Band of Paiute Indians
The federal government is soliciting input on a plan to open public lands to new solar projects.
Cameron, Arizona
In 2020, more than 18% of people on tribal lands lacked access to broadband, compared with about 4% in non-tribal areas.
Buu Nygren
The president of the Navajo Nation is calling on the federal government to open a full-service veterans medical center to the reservation.
Supai Health Station
Three new and upgraded health facilities recently opened in Arizona to provide Native people with better access to health care, and more are in the works.
Haskell Indian Nations University Volleyball
For fans and Native communities, volleyball matches and tournaments are sometimes as popular as football and basketball.
San Felipe Pueblo Head Start
As Head Start approaches its 60th year, federal funding for the pre-kindergarten program remains well short of the need in Indian Country and beyond.
Institute of American Indian Arts Holiday Art Market
The Institute of American Indian Arts is getting ready for its 2023 holiday art market in Santa Fe, New Mexico.
Allan Houser - Allan Haozous
The work of the legendary Apache artist Allan Haozous (Houser) is being honored as search engine giant Google celebrates Native American Heritage Month.
Center of American Indian and Minority Health
Native physicians and public health advocates are looking at ways to recruit more medical professionals and train them on culturally-grounded methods to help improve Native patient outcomes.
Rio Arriba County Courthouse
A New Mexico man is accused of a near fatal shooting and an assault at a Native-led protest on Pueblo homelands.
'Voting is Sacred'
Tribes must be included “from the very beginning” of the redistricting process in order to ensure American Indian and Alaska Native voices are heard at the polls.
Native America Calling NAC
Speaking a Native language is one thing. Reading and writing it often takes another level of effort.
Pueblo of Acoma
Leaders of New Mexico’s Pueblo tribes are speaking out following the near deadly shooting of a Native activist on their homelands.
Jacob Johns
A Native activist is hospitalized in critical but stable condition following a near deadly shooting that has attracted worldwide attention.
Rio Arriba County Courthouse
A man accused of shooting a Native activist remains behind bars after his attempted murder case was suddenly transferred to a new court in New Mexico.
Jennifer Denetdale
The shooting of Jacob Johns is yet another act of terror that Indigenous people who live in New Mexico must navigate every day.
Native America Calling NAC
Join Native America Calling to hear from activists about the growing challenges to peaceful protests over racial issues.
Melanie Yazzie
The Red Nation is calling for safety following a racist shooting that has resulted in attempted murder and aggravated assault charges in New Mexico.
“What we need is real action. And that means boots on the ground, and that means real money to address this crisis,” said MMIW advocate Justine Rufus.
Juan de Oñate Monument
Racist violence reared its ugly head again when a Native man was shot on Pueblo homelands during a peaceful protest against colonization in northern New Mexico.
Bidii Baby Foods
Native baby food, a new Native cookbook and Hispanic heritage are on The Menu.
Senate Committee on Indian Affairs
The Senate Committee on Indian Affairs holds an oversight hearing on water in Native communities on September 27, 2023.