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Atlantic: Ashaninka people face threats to their way of life (12/15)
Native Sun News: Native activists meet on climate change (12/09)
Mexico urged to rescind mining rights at sacred Huichol site (12/01)
NPR: Author looks for 'Last Uncontacted Tribes' in the Amazon (11/28)
BBC: Armed conflict threatening survival of tribes in Colombia (11/18)
Blog: Indigenous people connect for annual Canoe Journey (11/15)
Slate: Author speaks about study of 'Last Uncontacted Tribes' (11/08)
Noam Chomsky discusses mistreatment of indigenous people (11/08)
Blog: Cofan people in Ecuador battle Chevron for 18 years (11/04)
Review: Searching Amazon for 'Last Uncontacted Tribes' (11/01)
AlertNet: Awa Tribe in Colombia in danger of disappearing (10/20)
Tribes in Bolivia complete 63-day march against highway (10/20)
Travel: Searching the Amazon for 'The Unconquered' tribes (10/19)
Arrest made for massacres of Indians during Guatemala's war (10/14)
Spiegel: Artist accused of stealing sacred stone from Venezuela (10/07)
Maori man upset after being kicked out of bar for tribal tattoo (10/04)
Travel: Honduras pays tribute to Chief Lempira on special day (10/03)
Natl Geographic: Research finds cannibalism at site in Mexico (10/03)
Survival: Guarani man killed in conflict with ranchers in Brazil (09/30)
VOA: Tens of thousands protest for indigenous rights in Bolivia (09/29)
Kumeyaay in Mexico holding on to language and other traditions (09/27)
Survival: Guarani Tribe in Brazil asks Shell to stop development (09/06)
California Watch: Winnemem Wintu travel world for salmon (08/31)
Survival: Oldest person in world is an Indian woman in Brazil (08/31)
Native Sun News: UN leaders cite threats to indigenous peoples (08/22)
NPR: Indigenous Saami worried about Russia'a claim to the Arctic (08/16)
Al Jazeera: Indigenous people in Colombia embrace languages (08/11)
Drug traffickers suspected of pushing away small tribe in Brazil (08/10)
Court in Guatemala issues long sentences for Indian massacre (08/03)
News Watch: Indigenous people ignored in debates about Arctic (07/25)
Ojibwe man discovers relative in England through online search (07/18)
Opinion: Indigenous activists in Ecuador treated like terrorists (07/11)
Prince William experiences First Nations culture for Canada trip (07/06)
NPR: Peruvian actress takes a stand with Quechua language (06/24)
Native woman who died in Nigeria finally buried on reserve (06/10)
Charges dropped for Q'orianka Kilcher White House protest (06/07)
Ollanta Humala narrowly wins presidential election in Peru (06/07)
Opinion: Brazilian tribe played by our rules and lost battle (06/03)
Seneca Nation leader discusses tobacco tax at UN forum (05/27)
Dozens charged for Tohono O'odham Nation drug trafficking (05/20)
UN News: 10th annual forum on indigenous peoples opens (05/17)
Kim Teehee at UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues (05/17)
Valerie Taliman: Indigenous leaders seek justice before UN (05/17)
Teen from First Nation plans to run 155 miles in six days (05/13)
Tribe in Paraguay to hold democratic election for first time (04/20)
Menominee Nation chairman works to keep language alive (04/18)
Opinion: Aboriginals are Australia's forgotten war veterans (04/18)
Opinion: Life is good on this reservation but it's in Mexico (04/15)
Only two elders in Mexico still speak Ayapaneco language (04/14)
San Manuel Band announces $150K for relief efforts in Japan (03/30)
Native artists in New Mexico raising money for Japanese relief (03/18)
MPR: Prairie Island Tribe worried about safety at nuclear plant (03/17)
Washington tribes evacuate coast in response to tsunami threats (03/11)
HCN: Winnemem Wintu Tribe hosts UN expert for human rights (03/01)
Suquamish Tribe turns treaty fishing right into global money maker (02/03)
NYT Blog: Brazil releases photos of an isolated tribe in the Amazon (02/03)

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