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NMAI Blog: This day in the Maya calendar - what does it mean? (12/21)
Jerusalem Post: Poet Joy Harjo draws fury with visit to Israel (12/19)
Editorial: Navajo Nation creates strong partnership with Israel (12/14)
Yaqui Tribe challenges aqueduct under construction in Mexico (12/05)
Indigenous leaders demand protection for homelands in Brazil (12/05)
Native Sun News: Mid-East and South Dakota journalists meet (11/28)
Chevron refuses to pay $18.7B judgement to tribe in Ecuador (11/02)
Wind energy push questioned by Indian communities in Mexico (10/31)
Tribe in Brazil wins reprieve from eviction order at disputed site (10/31)
Indian delegation takes part in celebration for Kateri sainthood (10/18)
Vandals infiltrate Mapuche protest in Chile, leading to arrests (10/16)
Lummi boy and family off to Vatican for Tekakwitha ceremony (10/15)
Brazil uses Native language in HIV/AIDS awareness campaign (10/12)
Indian activists occupy worksite in protest of big dam in Brazil (10/11)
Photos: Documenting the fate of indigenous villages in Mexico (10/08)
Cheyenne man who was adopted contributes to 'Lost Children' (10/05)
Rebel faces trial again for murders of Native activists in 1999 (09/21)
Native Sun News: UN report cites violence against women (09/14)
Slain US ambassador to Libya was member of Chinook Nation (09/14)
Yanomami Tribe reports massacre at village in Amazon jungle (08/30)
Court allows construction of big dam opposed by tribes in Brazil (08/29)
Column: Tribe struggles between past and prrsent in Colombia (08/28)
Authorities ax case against 'Apache' man in United Kingdom (08/22)
Native Sun News: Indian women targeted in Mexico's drug war (08/06)
History: Mayan tomb found by border of Guatemala and Mexico (07/31)
Yellow Bird Indian Dancers ask rain to stay away for Olympics (07/27)
Tribal leaders confirm engineers for dam are being held hostage (07/26)
Ties between First Nations and Chinese companies being probed (07/26)
National Geographic: Big Mayan temple uncovered in Guatemala (07/24)
Iroquois Nationals secure bronze medal at lacrosse tournament (07/24)
Nasa Tribe in Colombia promises harsh sentences for suspects (07/20)
Military in Colombia reclaims camp in struggle with Nasa Tribe (07/19)
Iroquois Nationals make history at global lacrosse tournament (07/18)
Nasa Tribe steps up effort against Colombian military presence (07/18)
Indigenous activists end long protest at dam worksite in Brazil (07/12)
Nasa Tribe in Colombia weary from military and rebel occupation (07/12)
DNA study points to at least three major groups of Indian people (07/12)
Members of tribe in Brazil protest after murder suspects released (07/05)
Whaling commission renews subsistence limits for Alaska Natives (07/03)
Opinion: Indigenous people ignored in talks over big dam in Brazil (07/02)
Tribe in Venezuela demands return of sacred stone from Germany (06/22)
Art: Museums in Mexico take different approach to Indian history (06/18)
Disputes over land turning more deadly for tribes across Brazil (06/11)
NYT Blog: Photographs of cloaks from tribal cultures in Australia (06/06)
Native Sun News: US sees indigenous abuses in other countries (06/06)
Study finds a link between Indian families and Jewish ancestor (05/30)
Mexican government promises to protect sacred Huichol places (05/25)
Tribal communities in Honduras impacted by rise in drug trade (05/24)
First Nations leaders press treaty concerns with Prince Charles (05/23)
Ex-leader faces genocide charge for massacre at Indian village (05/22)
DEA agents claim they didn't fire weapons in Honduras incident (05/18)
Kickapoo Tribe in Texas no longer opposes mine in border town (05/17)
Four dead in DEA-involved shooting in tribal area of Honduras (05/17)
Q&A with Tom Goldtooth, Indigenous Environmental Network (05/11)
NPR: UN official examines issues affecting Native Americans (05/10)
ICT interview with James Anaya, Special Rapporteur from UN (05/09)
Tribes to discuss mining activies with United Nations official (05/03)
BET: United Nations official opens mission on Native issues (04/24)
Man in United Kingdom: 'An Indian in a white man's body' (04/23)
Opinion: We can 'save' the Awa Tribe from encroachments (04/23)
Transgender Native woman opens doors to Miss Universe (04/10)
Editorial: Long overdue justice for genocide against Mayans (04/09)
Transgendered Native woman vies for Miss Universe Canada (04/04)
Audio: Ben Sherman shares Lakota culture in Australian visit (03/30)
Fake 'Apache' from UK tried to move to a reservation in US (03/29)
Blog: Scientists learn more about indigenous views at panel (03/23)
Indian activists reach Ecuador's capital in protest of mining (03/23)
Scholar's work on Native language in Brazil stirs complaints (03/22)
Indian activists charged for anti-mining protests in Ecuador (03/22)
Jewish Times: Coushatta Tribes makes connection to Israel (03/07)
Mexico apologizes to second Indian woman in assault case (03/07)
Jordan Logan Bear, Ponca soldier, killed on duty in Afghanistan (03/06)
Survival: Guard post set to 'protect' isolated tribe in Peru (02/24)
Huichol Tribe makes pilgrimage to fight mine at sacred site (02/24)
Opinion: Anti-indigenous violence keeps rising in Colombia (02/23)
Indian jeweler from New Mexico finds big audience in Japan (02/17)
Mining project threatens sacred Huichol mountains in Mexico (02/14)
Kickapoo Tribe in Texas opposes coal mining in border town (02/10)
Hundreds in Indian town struck by food poisoning after rally (02/09)
One dead after Native protest against mining law in Panama (02/06)
Officials worried about increased sightings of isolated tribe (01/31)
French government returns Maori ancestors to New Zealand (01/23)
NPR: Tarahumara Tribe faces a food crisis in remote Mexico (01/19)
Man claiming to be Apache charged for wildlife law violations (01/17)
Mexicans give food and clothing to Tarahumara communities (01/17)
KLCC: Possible tsunami debris washing up on Makah Nation (01/13)
Chilean government blames deadly fire on Mapuche activists (01/09)

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