Opinion: Time to end Columbus Day in Colorado
"One hundred years ago this month, Colorado Gov. Henry Buchtel signed Columbus Day into law, making Colorado the first state in the country with such an annual holiday. This 100th anniversary provides an excellent opportunity for the people of Colorado, and their elected representatives, to revisit Buchtel's action, and to consider what kind of future we want for this state. Hopefully, such reflection will result in the repeal of Columbus Day as a state holiday.

Columbus Day is not merely a celebration of Columbus the man; it is the celebration of a racist legal and political legacy - embedded in official legal and political pronouncements of the U.S. - such as the Doctrine of Discovery and Manifest Destiny. "Discovery" is not a simple euphemism meaning that Columbus was the first European to stumble upon America.

At the foundation of federal Indian law is a deliberate, colonial legal concept that has justified the taking of 1.9 billion acres of territory from indigenous nations. That is what is celebrated every October - "the doctrine of discovery," and the perception that civilized invader cultures have righteously subdued savage, indigenous peoples. By 2007, Columbus has become a bit player in the annual cultural justification of a lie.

Columbus Day is not an inconsequential holiday. It is the tip of a cultural, legal and political iceberg that continues to threaten the spiritual rights, land/natural resource rights, treaty rights and cultural rights of indigenous peoples throughout the Americas. The operation of this ideology of conquest remains the single largest danger to indigenous peoples today."

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Glenn Morris: Abolish Columbus Day (The Denver Post 4/11)

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