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Reminder: Every Native vote counts!

The Disability Assistance Program will help Cherokees with food, supplies or other expenses in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kristi Noem has allowed COVID-19 to make South Dakota number one in the nation by not practicing the simple guidelines that tribes are following.

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Most states are seeing a rise in COVID-19 infections. In response, tribes are reinstating curfews and monitoring borders to keep infections numbers down.

The Federal Communications Commission has granted broadband spectrum licenses to tribes in what FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called “a major step forward in our efforts to close the digital divide on Tribal lands.”

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Native American and Alaska Native voters have the power to determine the next president.

Here we are again, at the start of what I call the Fall and Winter Party Season.

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After largely ignoring important Native issues during most of the campaign, President Donald Trump recently has highlighted what he says are accomplishments for Native people in key states.

The Phoenix Indian Medical Center shut down inpatient obstetrics services without public notice or comment.

Rikki Tanenbaum has worked for the San Manuel Band of Mission Indians since 2018.

Voter turnout in Indian Country has steadily increased in Montana. Will it make a difference in one of the most closely watched races in the nation?

Voters are casting and dropping off ballots at sites throughout the nation, including Gila River Arena in Arizona’s largest city.

On and around the Pine Ridge Reservation, we cope endlessly with racial intolerance.

“We’ll see in the coming years how this is going to change our communities,” said Ernest Weston Jr. of the Oglala Sioux Tribe Planning Office.

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Ongoing violence marks a dispute over treaty rights and commercial lobster fishing in Nova Scotia.

The United South and Eastern Tribes membership now includes 33 Tribal Nations whose homelands extend from the northeastern woodlands to the Everglades and across the Gulf of Mexico.

Oil continues to flow through the Dakota Access Pipeline even though a federal judge said the operation should be shut down.

In January 2020, Canada began accepting claims emerging from a billion-dollar settlement with survivors of Indian day schools.

Remains of 181 migrants were found in the Arizona desert through the end of September, 37 more than in all of last year and the most since 2013.

In recognition of Native American leadership in the field of domestic and sexual violence, StrongHearts Native Helpline is presenting a series of columns featuring individuals making a difference in Indian Country.

A citizen of the Muscogee (Creek) Nation was victimized by a former partner, U.S. Attorney Trent Shores announced.

Operation Lady Justice, the Trump administration’s initiative to address missing and murdered American Indians and Alaska Natives, is accepting comments through October 31, 2020.

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Bluedog is not only a family affair but a group that prides itself on sharing the life experiences of Native people through sound.

Racism is out there and our local officials and our local citizens need to admit to themselves that it exists.

Food security is always an issue for our citizenry and it has only been magnified during the COVID-19 crisis.

The nation’s highest court now has six justices — out of nine — who were nominated by a Republican president.

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Horror has a long history, and Indigenous artists are mastering the genre, finding new ways to make peoples’ skin crawl.

Markwayne Mullin is seeking a fifth term in office. Danyell Lanier, a fellow Cherokee, is hoping to unseat him.

Please join the National Coalition of Native American Language Schools and Programs for a webinar on the Native American Languages Act.

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“Water is a sacred resource and essential to the life and well-being of our people,” said Chairman Luke Duncan of the Ute Tribe.

The Zia Sun Symbol is vital to the religion, traditions and culture of Zia Pueblo.

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Flying “Land Back” flags will not get the job done. We need a Congressional bill to make it happen.

The Match-E-Be-Nash-She-Wish Band of Pottawatomi Indians is working to protect sites of cultural and historical significance.

NAFOA aims to keep our community about the news that impacts you the most.

“Pascua Yaqui voters’ voices deserve to be heard – whether it’s one vote or a thousand votes,” said Chairman Peter S. Yucupicio.

Joe Biden is the only choice for Indian Country this November, asserts a former official who served under numerous presidents.

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Unlike Donald Trump, Joe Biden is a man of his word, a letter to fellow Lumbees reads.

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Research by the U.S. Census finds the turnout rate for Native voters is lower than the national average.

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Accusations of pandering are flying as Native voters cast ballots in the final days of the heated presidential election.

The Federal Communications Commission has issued the first set of spectrum licenses through the agency’s first-of-its-kind Rural Tribal Priority Window to Tribal entities across the country.