Editorial: A second chance for Joe Shirley Jr.

"Navajo Nation President Joe Shirley Jr. was inaugurated into his second term earlier this week, the first Navajo leader re-elected to the presidency in 28 years.

President Shirley said in his speech that he remains determined to achieve a greater economic standing on the reservation. A noble goal, indeed, but not so original and certainly not so easy to achieve. Shirley does have, however, the political clout that comes with a second term, and it might be the kind of clout he needs to make things happen.

He already knows and has experience working with other government leaders in the region, such as the governors of New Mexico and Arizona, mayors such as in Farmington and other border town cities, and also a certain level of familiarity with federal officials. The latter obviously was on Shirley's mind during his inauguration speech as the Navajo president chided the federal government for a history of emotional trauma inflicted upon the Navajo people. Was such criticism better for goal setting, or more for playing to the emotions of the people he represents?

The answer matters little if, and it is a big if, Shirley and the other members of Navajo leadership can consolidate their efforts and keep the focus of Navajo leadership squarely focused on improving the lives of their people. To do so means not just a platform that attacks other governments or other Navajo politicians, but rather, luring them into alliances that can better serve the needs of the people and in a fair and honest way all around."

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