Ray LaHood: DOT committed to fulfilling its trust responsibility
"Yesterday, I had the opportunity to attend the second White House Tribal Nations Conference. It was a great chance to hear the concerns of the Native American community and discuss ways that we could build upon our government-to-government relationship.

Earlier this year, DOT put in place a Tribal Consultation Plan, a detailed course of actions we will take when developing, changing, or implementing policies, programs, or services that affect tribes. It was created with input solicited from tribal leaders, and it gives the Native American community a much-valued voice.

DOT is firmly committed to improving tribal transportation resources. The Recovery Act included a $310 million boost for the Indian Reservation Roads Program. And we increased the annual amount of that program from $275 million to $450 million. We’re also working to make it easier for Native American communities to access resources through discretionary programs like TIGER. For example, we provided $12 million in TIGER support to improve roads on the Flathead Indian Reservation in Montana."

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Secretary Ray LaHood: DOT helping fulfill Obama Administration's commitment to tribal communities (DOT Blog 12/17)

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