APRN: Tribal leaders in Alaska bring their issues to White House
"Alaska Native tribal leaders are gathering Thursday in Washington for the Tribal Nation’s Conference with President Obama. Each of the country’s 565 federally recognized tribes was invited to send a representative. This is the second time the Obama White House has hosted such an event – the first was one year ago. And it’s the first administration to hold them on such a scale. Marvin Kelly, on the Emmonak Tribal Council, says he hopes this year

Alaska’s voice is heard loud and clear.

“There’s more representation from Alaska, more people,” Kelly says. “So hopefully, with all the other voices form the village, we’ll be able to bring out our concerns in a stronger voice.”

Kelly says his top issue is getting help dealing with the high costs of living and transportation in rural Alaska. Kelly attended the summit last year, and says since then, the Obama Administration did help out – by sending some of the Stimulus money to his community for building projects.

“A little bit,” he says. “You know like in Emmonak the Recovery Act, or the ARRA, we got six homes there. But you know, we probably would’ve gotten more homes if the cost of transportation would be less. Because it’s so high. Probably 50% is shipping.”

Kelly also wants the federal government to help in the battle tribes are waging with the state over subsistence fishing and hunting rights."

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Tribal Leaders Gathering to Meet with Obama (Alaska Public Radio Network 12/15)

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