Letter: White-looking Cherokees rejected
"We have heard all the hoopla about the Cherokee Nation rejecting the Freedmen. Now, it seems if you aren’t dark enough, your aren’t one of them, either.

Why are some Cherokees who are in positions of power and secrecy – knocking down $100,000-plus a year, and getting rich off the millions the casinos rake in, plus the millions in government funds – supposedly for all in the tribe, while if you are too dark, or not dark enough, or don’t have the right last name, or are not related to one of those names, you don’t rate squat?

Federal assistance to the Cherokee Nation is part of treaties to aid and help all Cherokees equally, not some more than others. I knew when I saw them trying to reject the Freedmen that the too-white-looking ones were next, unless they have the right connections, last name, or relations. Tribal government has become a cross between a soap opera of who is doing what to whom, and micro-replica of our federal government, as to who is doing something similar to the rest of their own people.

If tribal politicians, who seem just like all other politicians to me, can violate their treaty with the U.S. as to the fair distribution of federal funding, and can play favorites, it is time for all federal funds to stop going to the fat cats, who keep most of it for themselves and dole out meager portions.

Help those among you in need, instead of stuffing more millions into the fat cats’ pockets. And only the Cherokees have the power to do this: Get political, attend political and tribal meetings, call for votes and referendums and special elections, and call those fat cats out on the carpet and make them answerable to you, the people of the Cherokee Nation! And if the answers aren’t honest and fair to all, vote them out on their ears."

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Joe Brownell: CN benefits questioned (The Tahlequah Daily Press 7/16)

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