Jodi Rave: 'Biggest Loser' seeks Natives
"Got personality? Do you have desire?

But more importantly, are you hefty?

A national TV show is searching for charismatic go-getters - and its producers are looking for representation from Native America.

After the last season of NBC's “The Biggest Loser,” a reality weight-loss show, Native viewers sent a mass of e-mail to producers.

“We had a huge response this year from Native Americans,” said Barbara Wulff, a casting director for 3 Ball Productions.

Native viewers wanted to know this: “When are we going to be on the show?” said Wulff.

“We thought, well that's interesting. So, we decided to get help get the word out and let them know that we are casting. They are welcome to audition.”

In about two weeks, the show will announce audition dates for cities around the country. Possible locations include Arizona and Oklahoma, Wulff said.

But contestants can always send in audition tapes and compete in the weight loss competition."

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