The Havasupai Tribe is falling behind in education, health and emergency needs because it lacks affordable, reliable and high-speed broadband.
Jace Killsback was considered one of the brightest and best. He just admitted to federal fraud charges.
The descendants of Lakota people no longer have control over their lives.
The Cherokee Nation’s website – – relaunched July 1.
The Green New Deal is nonsensical, unworkable and simply a departure from reality.

Among the traditional Mohawks there is a special appreciation for the strawberry plant -- called Niihontesha.

June 25, 2019, marked the 143rd anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn, aka Custer’s Last Stand or the Fight at the Greasy Grass, depending upon who is describing it.

It is rather apparent that Native people were not afforded the right to practice their spirituality in their own lands as 'promised' by the U.S. Constitution.

I am a survivor of genocide, a direct descendent of Pretends Eagle, a documented survivor of The Battle at Little Bighorn.

I consider the desecration of the Black Elk monument a racist act, an affront to an idea that we all must do what we can to see ourselves clearly and try to bridge the gaps between unlike groups.

Our history is not history at all. The blood of our ancestors continues to run through our veins.

Countless numbers of children being kept in U.S. custody are Indigenous from Central America.

A clear and shared vision among Democrats is the only way to compete against 'Make America Great Again.'

Our Cherokee people have contributed in every major battle and war ever fought in this country and continue to serve in the Armed Forces in some of the highest rates per ethnicity.

A slavery reparations hearing on Juneteenth represented the result of centuries of work.

Every day we delay approving the agreement, we hurt American farmers, ranchers, workers, manufacturers, and businesses.

When you litigate, it indeed becomes much harder to legislate.

So I told my wife the story of my service in Vietnam.

I congratulate our brave Native activists and those who dared to run for offices held by Whites here since the founding.

For too long we political scientists in Canada have been bystanders to discussions about cultural genocide and genocide.

Participation in Remember the Removal enables the riders to better understand the trials and tribulations our people faced during their journey to Indian Territory.

There are still many creative and very talented beaders in Indian Country.

Over the course of world history, D-Day remains one of the most pivotal moments.

Homes and buildings have been destroyed, roadways have been washed out, and many rivers and lakes have risen to record-breaking levels.

He wasn’t my patient, but he told his mother he was having suicidal thoughts and he needed to be seen right away.

'There There' by Tommy Orange has been described as one of the best books of 2018.

The children, many of them Indigenous, are dying. Where is the conscience of America?

Northeastern Oklahoma is an area with some of the best outcomes for American Indian children in the country.

Well, the 'Grandma' theme will not let me alone.

More people have been apprehended at the border in the past seven months than during any full year in the last decade.

For one of the more visible signs of a broken system, just look to the humanitarian and security crisis at the southern border, where the situation is rapidly getting worse each day and money is quickly running out to handle it effectively.

One genocide is never the same as another, and therefore a static law or a fixed concept of genocide is of little use to protect us from its horrors.

This land is not the land of the free, ask any Indian.

No matter who you are or what your circumstance is, you will always have a home in this tribe.

The murder and disappearance of Indigenous women and girls are occurring at stunning rates at both sides of the Medicine Line, with shared historical reasons.