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Mark Trahant: Old school budgets a better deal for Indian Country (12/19)
We just watched the last act of The Old School Congress.

Ruth Hopkins: Boycott a repeat offender of cultural appropriation (12/19)
Old portraits of Native men from the Allotment and Assimilation Era are displayed like cover models among Ralph Lauren’s latest line.

Brandon Ecoffey: Tournament shows hope of the Lakota people (12/18)
What takes place at the Lakota Nation Invitational could be used as a primer on who we are as Lakota people in this modern day and age.

Walt Lamar: Cooperation helps address crime in Indian Country (12/18)
A former head of law enforcement at the Bureau of Indian Affairs discusses ways to address crime in Indian Country.

Editorial: Showing caution for marijuana sales in Indian Country (12/18)
South Dakota newspaper urges tribes not to rush into marijuana despite a new Department of Justice policy.

Editorial: New York governor makes right decision to ban fracking (12/18)
It was impossible to declare that hydraulic fracturing is safe for the environment or human health.

Column: No rush on marijuana sales at Eastern Cherokee casino (12/17)
The Answer Man asks Chief Michell Hicks if the tribe will be selling marijuana at its casino.

Amanda Blackhorse: Fake chiefs and fake headdresses must go (12/17)
The way in which professional sports, Hollywood and the media has created and promoted their idea of a 'chief is a bamboozled version of our freedom fighters.

Column: Tribal voices often minimized in environmental debate (12/17)
Krista Langlois of High Country News looks back at some of the major stories in Indian Country this year.

Column: Chief Cliff still an undeniably spiritual place in Montana (12/17)
Author Jaix Chaix explores the legends behind a sacred site overlooking Flathead Lake.

Norm DeWeaver: Job market is a disaster zone in Indian Country (12/17)
Even as the Obama Administration was touting progress in Indian Country, the Census Bureau reported that the unemployment rate for the Indian workforce in reservation areas is 22.6 percent.

Mark Trahant: NCAI launches new campaign against racist mascot (12/17)
Nearly a year ago the National Congress of American Indians posted on YouTube the ad that could not afford to run.

Boyd Cothran: Torture justified by treatment of Indian prisoners (12/17)
Professor Boyd Cothran discusses how the treatment of Modoc prisoners of war in the 1800s was used by the Bush administration's policy on torture.

Opinion: DOJ marijuana policy in Indian Country raises questions (12/16)
Attorneys discuss the impacts of a new policy affecting marijuana in Indian Country.

Karla General: Putting words into action for indigenous peoples (12/16)
For the first time in the history of international human rights, indigenous peoples were seen as equals, entitled to all the rights guaranteed to all other human beings.

Doug George-Kanentiio: War of 1812 solved nothing for Mohawks (12/16)
By December of 1814 the war between the US and Britain was coming to a close.

Tim Giago: Think unity and fun at Olympics of Indian basketball (12/16)
When the Lakota people hear the acronym 'LNI' they know exactly what it means.

Steven Newcomb: US still holds colonial attitude towards tribes (12/16)
The U.S.’s goal is to use the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples to reinforce the existing and dominating U.S. federal Indian law system.

Column: Owner is the real 'obstacle' with Washington NFL team (12/15)
The true obstacle here is ownership, and when ownership is an immovable object, the fans are doomed.

Ivan Star: Being Lakota is something that comes from the heart (12/15)
Active use of the language and involvement of culture are indispensable to what makes a person Lakota.

Alex Jacobs: Nuclear industry leaves mark on Native communities (12/15)
Mohawk poet discusses the nuclear industry's impact in New Mexico.

Opinion: Tribal consultation policy goes against disclosure laws (12/12)
Attorney questions new policy released by the California Department of Business Oversight.

John Kane: New York tries to choke tribal tobacco product sales (12/12)
The Native tobacco industry will not lie down for the Governor, his courts or his cops.

Chelsey Luger and Gyasi Ross: Suicide can break a family's spirit (12/12)
This is the last in the Suicide Chronicles series and hopefully a model for one of those uncomfortable conversations.

Steve Russell: Congress sinks the boat unless we rock the boat (12/12)
If this is the best government can do, maybe shutting it down is not such a terrible plan.

Opinion: It's hard to ignore the racial problems with Peter Pan (12/12)
Our portrayal of American Indians matters.

Henry Louis Gates: DNA test won't lead to tribal enrollment card (12/11)
Many people have family lore that suggests they have Native American ancestry.

Jon Kyl: Land swap for mine on sacred Apache land isn't unusual (12/11)
Former U.S. Senator from Arizona supported the Resolution Copper mine when he was in Congress.

Gyasi Ross: It's going take time to remove racism from our DNA (12/11)
I didn't use the tools that were there. I let the Eric Garners and Michael Browns down.

Opinion: Cleveland baseball team does not honor Native people (12/10)
Anyone who puts forth that Native American mascots, in their current form, are a purely honorific representation is wrong.

Terry Rambler: Defense measure raids sacred sites for one mine (12/10)
Chairman of the San Carlos Apache Tribe explains opposition to a copper mine on sacred sites.

Steven Newcomb: UN indigenous rights document remains flawed (12/10)
The debate over the meaning and significance of the outcome document for the United Nations high level plenary meeting is not going to end anytime soon.

Victor Lopez-Carmen: College must respect indigenous students (12/09)
Member of Oglala Sioux Tribe calls on Ithaca College to improve its Native American studies program.

Opinion: State claims authority over bison held by Fort Peck Tribes (12/09)
Do the Fort Peck Tribes actually own the bison transferred from Yellowstone Nation Park?

Thomas Perez: Labor Department grants open to all tribal nations (12/09)
Going forward, the department will ensure that federally recognized tribes can apply for all of our employment and training grants

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