With freedom of the press under attack by Donald Trump and his minions, what's it like for Indian Country?
Police more often than ever before have shot and killed unarmed persons and are rarely reprimanded or punished for it.
Our children are our hope, our strength and our future. They are not for the taking.
Stick to the lions, tigers and bears, and leave human beings like Native Americans off your list of mascots for your sports teams.
Thousands of Native American children were forced to attend boarding schools created to strip them of their culture. My mother was one of them.
People have to realize that colonization erased our histories, language, and culture.


A record number of Native Americans, including Native women, are seeking seats in the U.S. Congress. Here are the active candidates.

I always think when you’re finding your family history, you want there to be a haunted Scottish castle on a moor and maybe some kind of lost treasure.

It is time the Lakota people stopped demanding politicians specifically address tribal issues.

Gov. Kristi Noem (R) is putting the economic needs of a foreign company ahead of the future of South Dakota.

We seem to be a generation of people who have grown up and gotten old amid endless war.

Cherokee Nation is a matrilineal tribe, and reverence for women is deeply rooted in our culture.

Racial prejudice is racial prejudice no matter when it occurred.

We did not have cell phones, we did not have tablets, and we did not have television.

The testimony of Donald Trump's personal attorney represents a material change in the relationship between the president and all Americans.

The Confederated Salish are Kootenai Tribes are being left out of a deal pushed by opponents of a water rights settlement.

The racism will never go away, but talking about it helps me to cope with it and stay healthy.

Marijuana was given to the human people to do exactly what it does best: heal.

What border communities really need are solutions to address economic, health and climate problems — and the mesquite tree can help.

Kentucky, home to the #MAGA youth at the center of a viral video, was founded on a legacy of anti-Native violence.

The late Joan Mondale was an ally of the first order and one who is remembered with respect and fondness in many Native families and homelands.

This year, the Cherokee Nation will award a record-breaking $5.7 million to public school districts in Oklahoma.

What if there was an Indian Country primary? Call it an experiment.

Despite periodic promises to diversify staff, mainstream media continue to be dominated by White men.

Bill Dulaney, the man who encouraged the formation of what became the Native American Journalists Association, is terminally ill.

We need an assessment of the direct-service facilities within the Indian Health Service as soon as possible.

Racists wearing 'MAGA' hats and waving Nazi and confederate battle flags are capable of killing just because it is the law.

The Covington Catholic conflict and Esquire cover story helped me to see the mistakes I made.

It seems only western science can be championed as objective, reliable and neutral.

Both sides agree that government shutdowns are bad for the American people, bad for government and bad for policy making.

The so-called Green New Deal is here and its policy is the definition of socialism.

Oklahoma’s rich identity is so closely tied to its Native heritage.

It’s very clear that conservatives have one plan for dealing with the popularity of the Green New Deal.

Elizabeth Warren is a brilliant lawyer and an outstanding senator. Whether she is a Cherokee is debatable.

Let me take you back to the days of mom and pop grocery stores and full-service gas stations. Remember them?

America has plenty of money for corporate welfare and defense contractors. Why so little for tribal citizens?

The late John Dingell, former Democratic Congressman from Michigan, was a supporter of tribal treaty rights and Indian health care.